Prediction: California Earthquake and Disney Shooting

I asked Spirit to verify the accuracy of the two predictions from yesterdays post. They showed one off and the other on. Then I asked to correct whatever mistake was made in the predictions below and they summed it up by saying “Florida”.

Its possible that the Disney shooting spree might unfold in Orlando Florida.

They also added the earthquake is expected today the 28th. As a buffer I would include the possible beginning of the 29th.

They show in big bold print the number ’50’.

With the Disney attack they showed the number ‘1’ which could mean in one day or on the 1st.

Yesterdays predictions:

I had a visual of Mickey Mouse. I had a visual of an individual shooting at people.

The implication is that a shooting spree unfold in or around Disneyland. I asked where? They said ‘here’ which implies Los Angeles. I asked when and they said ‘by the end of the month.’

This prediction differs slightly from the original, here they imply just a shooting and not a bombing. Either way its a horrible prediction. Previous Prediction: Predictions 6-20-17  I had a visual of multiple cartoon characters, mickey mouse, snoopy, Donald duck. Then everything turned black. I had a visual of what looked like a theme park like Disneyland, a bomb went off in the background, a mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her. on the side. “Around the 27th, 28th”  Then the visual opened up again to show Mickey mouse.

“Earthquake.. two of them back to back.”

I had a visual of multiple pictures showing various structures that were damaged.

Spirit implied the location as Southern California and Central California. Spirit said ‘San Clemente’ which normally does not have earthquakes, it is however a buffer between Los Angeles and San Diego, this implies that one of the two quakes happen in the Orange County area.

We still need to ask if another quake is coming to the Philippines as they mentioned in another prediction.

“Now” I asked for clarity and they implied a timeframe around the 28th. It could start later today or could come as late as the 30th.

We tried to get a magnitude but Spirit implied there was two and perhaps a smaller third earthquake. Their guess was somewhere in the range of 7.4-7.6


35 thoughts on “Prediction: California Earthquake and Disney Shooting

  1. Eric,
    Do you think the Disneyland prediction is related to the multiple terror-attacks you predicted earlier this year?
    Terrorists have seemed suspiciously quiet lately, so I’m worried they’re planning major things…and an attack at Disneyland would be devastating.

    Or is the Disneyland shooting something else….a random nutcase?

  2. Is it possible that the large “50” could be the 50th state… Hawaii?

    Any further info on whether a San Clement earthquake might cause nuclear fallout?

    Sometimes when I hear “earthquake” I worry that it’s actually a nuclear attack. San Clemente, with the proximity of Camp Pendleton and the nuclear power plant, would seem like a likely target.

    I wonder why spirit has to be so cryptic and can’t express more clearly. It’s frustrating to have to guess. : (

  3. Eric, did I read that there will be shooting/bombing in both places in Calif and Florida? I think I’ve seen some where and don’t remember which link that in the backpack which carries the tubes for water that has powder to make explosive bomb like that kill the Disney land. Thought I’d share from what I read somewhere. That was like 6 months ago.

  4. Magnitude Mw 5.0
    Date time 2017-07-29 00:02:42.0 UTC
    Location 40.86 N ; 125.20 W
    Depth 20 km
    Distances 947 km S of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 17:02:42.0 2017-07-28
    406 km NW of Sacramento, United States / pop: 467,000 / local time: 17:02:42.0 2017-07-28
    88 km W of Eureka, United States / pop: 27,200 / local time: 17:02:42.0 2017-07-28

    • And another one 4.7 south of California in the same hour as 5.1 in west coast of calif. This could be it. Good thing …no damaged.

      • My concern is that this isn’t it, but instead is the lead-up to Eric’s prediction. Hopefully not!

  5. Has anyone tweeted this Disney prediction to @OrlandoPolice or to @ChiefJohnMina of the Orlando Police?

  6. Eric,

    I wanted to mention something

    1.Officers nationwide are getting sick from carbon monoxide in their cars and
    Passing out.They are trying to fix it.

    2.There is a Christian concert next month outside Seattle,Wa that seats 20,000 people.It is free.That is definitely opposite of Manchester event

  7. This is a post from over two weeks ago; a lot of it hints at the Disneyland prediction, though I can’t figure out the soccer reference. Still, since today is Saturday, like in the prediction, I encourage everyone to be alert.

    Predictions 7-14-17
    I heard spirit say ‘attacks coming’ while seeing a visual of a sports game being played. Then it shifted to show mickey mouse.
    Two different attacks approaching, in the visual it seemed like soccer.
    I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.”

  8. hi eric Kenya vice President house is under attack .9 days to go Kenya elections r yu see civil war is coming .am in Kenya and am fear please ask predaction about Kenya election .Eric .

  9. Eric here are the somewhat measurable latest EQs in CA. There are numerous 2 magnitudes I didn’t add in between. Could these EQs just be a timeline that leads up to the larger one?
    4.4, 7km depth off the Northern CA Coast acrossed from Eureka.

    4.3, 9km depth Baja CA, Mexico

    5.0, 10km depth Offshore Northern CA (Ferndale)

  10. Two officers shot and killed this Friday in Kissimmee Fl which is where Disney World is. Two more in Jacksonville.

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  12. Also a note Anaheim Disney was the 1st Disney ever to be built.
    you Mention the 28th and the 29th here as well with the earthquake.
    you were talking about a black out in the latest post and here you say “then everything turned black” or it can also mean during the night time since Disneyland always shoots their fireworks at 9:15
    “Now” “I asked for clarity and they implied a timeframe around the 28th. It could start later today or could come as late as the 30th”. Thats in the next couple of days?


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