Predictions 6-20-17

We must come together and make an exerted effort to alter these predictions below. We need to make those in the UK aware of this coming train situation so that we can alter its tragedy. Then refocus our attention on the other events as well. It can be done, the future can be altered. Share this post with those that can make a difference and remind them of these Previous Predictions: Manchester Arena Bombing London Bridge Attack  /  Manhattan Explosion

The train prediction is coming soon for south Whales. I had a visual of tracks again and again as if implying that perhaps something was put on the tracks or something was under the train. Countdown 2..

Previous prediction:   I had a visual of a train or subway mangled, the train cars were flipped over on the side. “So many casualties and injuries, some will not make it.”

I had a visual of what looked like terrorist walking up and down an isle, people were seated on the left and right. (In some ways I question if they are talking about two different events, one train accident and one bomb attack)

Location the UK.  From there it became a bit foggy. First Spirit said ‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges Then they said South Whales. Then I had a visual of a lady crying as on old German train began to move down the track.

“There is a bomb” I had a visual of a crude bomb, that looked like a pressure cooker. “They will threaten the passengers.”

Pittsburg the ‘house’ is on fire it spreads pretty fast. In minutes.

Shooting at a stadium in France. (we need more details)

They are going to target German entertainment (we need more details)

Ohio.. Columbus.. Manchester opposite spectrum.. around June 27th. I had a visual of a crowd of people in a stadium.

I believe they are implying a copycat of the horrible Manchester attack that will happen in Ohio.

I had a visual of multiple cartoon characters, mickey mouse, snoopy, Donald duck. Then everything turned black. I had a visual of what looked like a theme park like Disneyland, a bomb went off in the background, a mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her. on the side. “Around the 27th, 28th”  Then the visual opened up again to show Mickey mouse.

Trump is going to fire Mueller.. while others say no.

I had a visual of a Typhoon that struck a set of islands in the Asian pacific. (I need to narrow down the nation, we are expecting this to be the next major storm)


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    1. From what I can tell, no one besides the perpetrator was hurt–and we don’t even know yet if he’s alive and in custody, or dead.
      The explosion was small, so if it was an attack, it didn’t work the way it was supposed to…thank God.

  1. So that will be interesting to see if Trump really fires Mueller. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that will affect his presidency. It’s just like Nixon and Trump could just end up doing an early resignation.

    1. Depends on what side you are on, if you are part of the population that voted for him you would welcome the move and you are the part of the population that didn’t vote for him then the move would not be welcome. So I’m thinking it won’t change the minds of most of the population only give both sides something to occupy the news cycle.

      1. Congressman Adam Schiff said, “If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don’t waste our time.” It’ll just reaffirm his guilt if/when he ends up doing it.

      2. Yes I think you’re right in that it won’t change the trump supporters but it will make trump look guilty to the impartial congress and rest of the government system.

      3. Sunshine, thanks for your comments. I don’t think the president will fire Mueller others who have there hand in the cookie jar will have him back off or he will resign.

  2. To me…sounds like “paranoid” as he wants to eliminate all doubts to give him peace of mind just as Mafia usually do. He has his reasons to sweep the dirt under rug.

  3. Explosion at Brussels Belgium train station
    I’m sorry I couldn’t send the link from my phone

  4. The Philippines has 7,000 islands.Unfortunately,my relatives don’t speak English well

  5. “Manchester opposite spectrum” sounds like this attack in Ohio is opposite/different, somehow, from what happened in Manchester.

    Facts about Manchester attack: a jihadist set a bomb off near an exit of a crowded arena, where people were watching an Ariana Grande concert. 22 people died, not counting the attacker.

    I can’t figure out what would be on the “opposite” end of the spectrum from that, maybe it means there will be less casualties, or the explosion could happen as people are going in someplace, not leaving it like in the Ariana Grande concert.

    Or maybe the crowd in Ohio will be gathered for a more serious event, not a joyous one like a concert. or it could mean it’s not a bombing, but a shooting. Just some ideas.

    1. Express Live! is a multi-purpose concert venue located in the Arena District of Columbus, Ohio. Opening in 2001, the venues operates year-round with indoor and outdoor facilities: the Indoor Music Hall and Outdoor Amphitheater. Wikipedia
      Opened: October 2, 2001
      Capacity: 2,200 (Indoor Music Hall); 5,200 (Outdoor Amphitheater)
      Former names: PromoWest Pavilion (2001-05); Lifestyle Communities Pavilion (2005-16)

      There are several concerts scheduled for Express Live around June 27th, 2017. One concert that got my attention after reading this post was The Megadeath concert on June 30th. A Heavy Metal concert is on the opposite end of the spectrum from an Ariana Grande concert. Just a thought.

      1. That is a good suggestion. Ariana Grande concert was called dangerous woman so there is a definitely a destructive name to both evens.

      2. Building on the opposite direction theory, possibly an older crowd rather than teenagers.

      1. Do u mean reflective like a reflection in a mirror? Like a mirror image of manchester event?

  6. Eric, re the train attack & the oranges: is there in South Wales an “Orange line” train system or orange colored trains? I ask bec in Boston, there is such a train line, though you see this happening in the U.K.

  7. The theme park prediction especially scares me…it sounds like kids could be targets. Eric, any idea on a location for this prediction?

    1. There seems to be two dialing predictions one that predicts the “good” store and the other implying Disneyland. It sounds to me like a location right outside of the park.

      1. Eric there is the Disney Grand Californian Resort and Spa with its own theme park entrance from inside the hotel. Inside their lobby is a store called Acorns Gifts and Goods. Could it be that?

      2. Disneyland in orange county?
        In your own backyard?
        Castle at disneyland?
        Children targeted ?
        Around sacred holiday… last day of ramadan?

      1. I recall you predicted something would happen in July to Trump. What was it.

  8. Orange railway station is located on the Main Western line in New South Wales, Australia. It serves the city of Orange. — Still can’t think of anything else even though you said the prediction is most likely about South Wales, England.

      1. I mentioned in the post about the Finsbury Park London attack that the van was reportedly hired in South Wales and the perpetrator lived there.

  9. Eric, I’m getting a deep feeling of foreboding in relation to the Syrian conflict. Have you been given anything on this?
    Though we rarely get mentioned in American news, we have always had support troops/air force active with Americans in conflicts, along with other nations.
    “Australia is worried about the suspension of the de-confliction line between Russia and the United States as a result of the downing of the Syrian jet in Syria which could expose Australia to the risk of potentially clashing with Russian aircraft inadvertently.
    This is a risk that other countries participating in the international coalition share. Australia’s protective measure of suspending its activities is likely to cause wider concern among the other participants in this campaign.”

  10. Regarding the animated characters you saw Eric, Snoopy is a Peanuts character and Peanuts characters are found at Knott”s Berry Farm. Knott’s, the oldest amusement park in the country, is located in Buena Park CA, . and just a few miles from Disney. The Disney and Peanuts characters might suggest the location of Southern California, with an emphasis on Disneyland as opposed to a different Disney park. There is also a Peanuts presence at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, but no Disney nearby. Did you see any characters that are associated with Universal or Six Flags? Perhaps the exact park is not “set” yet either, hence the mixture of characters.

  11. I live in south wales The London mosque attack Sunday was done by a man that lives in south Wales the van was hired by a company in my local town there has been a lot of publicity of the van hire company used in this attack that is in pontyclun were I am from it is also right next to a train station

    1. Megan what’s up with the people attacking the firefighters there? Firefighters are to protect people and property, I don’t get it.

  12. I was looking in Concerts for Ohio, there is a music festival on the 27th in Paul Brown Stadium. There are rock concerts on the 25th-30th different bands. 21 pilots, Megadeath, and others

  13. Eric, this one is resonating with me as I had a dream about it a few weeks ago. It was a parade or float at Disneyland bomb from underneath it went off and nails were flying through the air in 3D projectile. Then in the same dream I was shown another one at knotts berry farm. My dreams are vivid so actually saw the projectiles coming at me and through my arm. I wrote i off as me not interpreting something right but your post kinda worries me.

  14. Orange is a city in the region of New South Wales, Australia.They also grow oranges/tangerines/citrus in the region – they have 37 Citrus Fruit Companies. There is also a restaurant called The Green Tangerine in New South Wales, Australia.

  15. Previous post referencing this prediction: First Spirit said ‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges Then they said South Whales.

    1. The attacks:

      The first:
      Then the other two attacks:

      There are two attacks back to back.

      “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a box on calendar.

      I think the prediction of the pool and the castle make one with the prediction of disneyland.
      It would seem that the attack occurs at Disneyland in orlando, the park’s symbol. (This corresponds to a previous comment I had made

      Castle> the disneyland castle in orlando, the symbol of the park
      Package with an explosive> a bomb went off in the background
      A mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her> 3 young people> the blood of fathers and mothers
      Deadly game> pool> under water> disneyland (lots of games)

      The first: Deadly game .. I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side .. “around 15 .. package with an explosive .. In just a few minutes .. in 2.

      The castle .. castle .. under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

      I had a visual of multiple cartoon characters, mickey mouse, snoopy, Donald duck. Then everything turned black. I had a visual of what looked like a theme park like Disneyland, a bomb went off in the background, a mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her. On the side. “Around the 27th, 28th” Then the visual opened up again to Mickey mouse.

      1. There are two attacks back to back.
        “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a box on calendar.
        Tuesday> Tuesday 27 June or Tuesday 4 July (holiday)
        8 ??

        Scenario 1
        June 27:
        The attack in a stadium in Columbus
        The attack at Disneyland Park in Orlando
        July 4:
        The attack of the train in the South Wales in the United Kingdom

        Scenario 2
        June 27:
        The attack at Disneyland Park in Orlando
        July 4:
        The attack in a stadium in Columbus (goal the prediction “around June 27th” would be false)
        The attack of the train in the South Wales in the United Kingdom

        Scenario 3
        June 27:
        The attack at Disneyland Park in Orlando
        The attack in a stadium in Columbus
        The attack of the train in the South Wales in the United Kingdom
        July 4:?

        Scenario 4
        June 27:
        The attack in a stadium in Columbus
        July 4:
        The attack at Disneyland Park in Orlando (goal the prediction “around June 27th” would be false)
        The attack of the train in the South Wales in the United Kingdom

      1. These predictions have not been made

        Predictions 5-30-16
        I had a visual of a black van parking next to a water front, next to a bay, then I could hear a large explosion.

        Is it related to the disneyland prediction?
        Or this Prediction: Ship / Port Attack

        I had a visual of the US flag, then the visual shifted to the number 4.
        I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the North east, like Boston or New York.
        I had a visual I was staring down on a wet ground, as if water splashed on it, then black boots walking through a port.
        I had a visual of someone putting a bomb in car.

        4 > July 4 2017 ? > There are two attacks back to back.
        “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” …

  16. Just as I was about to go to bed, read this news report:

    The Duke of Edinburgh has been admitted to hospital for treatment for an infection arising from a pre-existing condition that has not been specified.
    The 96-year-old was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in central London after becoming unwell at Windsor, following his appearance at Royal Ascot. He arrived at the hospital by car in the evening, accompanied by his personal protection officer.

  17. Don’t know if this is relevant to anything but her majestys husband the Duke of Edingbugh is ill in hospital today

  18. Sorry…I meant a smiley face for PeteMeduim- NOT for the hospital situation for Prince Philip- Sending Prayers to to Prince Philip for his hospitalization..

  19. In my dream i had about a week ago i saw writing that read
    33 DEAD KINGS ………….LONDON.
    It is in capitals like that but I forget the bit on the middle. I never had dream like this before.
    I then went on Google searches kings London and found there is a kings station subway there.
    Im my dream it was weird how it appeared it kind of shocked me and i remember my mum in the dream also being freaked by it. Anyways thats all I got. It was so specific the 33. Sorry I dont know the middle missing bit its like that part was missed when I read from the dream. Anyways this was No joke. Hope im not getting like you because kinda not used to dream I that. Must read your blog too much.

    1. James we have 2 stations called Kings Cross (Subway system, ) and Kings Cross St Pancras which is a mainline station adjacent to each other. They are both major inter change stations.
      There are other examples like Kings college but hte station is the most likely reference.

      1. Hi Eric, look up Cincinnati Music Festival on facebook..they have a website listed on that..

  20. Can you describe the trains you seen in vision or the location as may help as I am from south wales

  21. I’m having trouble with the words as tangerine or Orange because that’s the state of Florida and whales are nearby Florida. So either south of Wales or Florida.

  22. Thanks Star 48 for the links of the Ramadan. Everyone stay home. Don’t be out in public. Pray for foiled.

  23. I had the same thought as lossie2020. Oranges are synonymous with Florida…especially down here. South whales…a fisherman reported that he saw a pod of whales near Bal Harbour just recently…super rare and half way between Miami and Orlando (home of Disney World) and Epcot (at DW) has a German Pavilion complete with a miniature German train. I don’t remember Epcot really well but I think it is much more lack in security than DW as they have alcohol and usually there are more adults because there are more restaurants. A little like Downtown Disney where there are no turnstiles or gates really from the outside world. You can just drive there, park and walk in.

    1. hi luna tic
      also there was a prediction a few months back anout whales somewhere south dying
      because of water temperature. maybe was tied in to an earthquake
      U think this could be related?
      Whales in ocean. Not Wales a location?

  24. Eric please read my comment on your 2-26-2017 prediction for Australia. Not sure if you’ve worked it out in the meantime but there was an incident in melbourne around the dates you saw. Plane crash. Huge flames. Sorry to post on wrong part I’m just new to the site 😣

  25. Eric,
    Does “countdown 2…” mean the train prediction will happen about two days after the date it was posted? Because it was posted on the 20th, today’s the 22nd, so that might be cause for concern.

  26. There’s a major stadium in Columbus, where the Buckeyes play. Problem is, I can’t find any events at the stadium on June 27th that would draw any crowds.

    I don’t think football season even starts until September. (But I’m not good at sports, so I’m guessing.)

    Unless the attack happens near the stadium, because there is a mall nearby, colleges, parks, a hospital, etc. Maybe people will take shelter inside the stadium if something happens.

    1. Sara there is this Polaris Mall which holds a free music festival during the summer every Thursday though I’ve not seen one specifically for the 27th.
      There use to be a Polaris Ampitheater somewhere in Columbus but was tore down and a roadway built among other things like an IKEA. I’m not sure if this is in the same area as the Mall. I only thought of this because of the “opposite end of the spectrum” phrase sounds like “polar opposites” to me thus Polaris? May be nothing. But as the Manchester Concert was big these concerts would be fairly on a small scale I’d think also. The Mall itself is fairly large. Here is a link for the music festival portion.—free-summer-concert-series

    2. what about soccer?
      “let the games begin” ?
      europe and US both have teams,
      are they playing each other at any
      point? gold cup? world cup?

    1. theres also a main street and a train and parade in disney. and fireworks.,
      so many possibilities

      1. the disney land in CA was originally part of orange groves
        disneyland was famous for selling fresh orange juice

  27. Eric, there are two indoor arenas in Columbus, there is Nationwide which is downtown in the arena district, and The Schottenstein center on campus of Ohio State university. I know that 21 Pilots are playing shows around Columbus this weekend they will be at Nationwide June 24th and The Schottenstein center on June 25th. Hopefully nothing will happen I’m praying that there won’t be.

  28. I can’t believe no-one has pointed it out, but if your spirit message is talking about a country, then it’s Wales- NOT whales(the ocean mammal)

    1. Bernie
      I agree and it said U.k
      so it does point to south wales even if it spelled out whales ..
      Location U.K. it says .

    2. Bernie, lots of us have talked about Wales, even though many have misspelt it as Whales 🙂

  29. Apropos of nothing, I just woke up from a really weird dream. I don’t know that it is significant but it was just unusual.

    I just dreamed that I was in a car with my dad and my brothers and I saw some large aircraft maybe a couple of thousand feet above us start to go into distress because of high winds. (I had to look it up when I woke up because it was so unusual looking, The closest thing I found was a military transport helicopter,oblong and large)

    First it flipped end over end, then it got blown over to one side, and started to drop, it then hit power lines and fell to the ground and exploded. It was pretty upsetting and I woke up completely awake.

      1. The plane prediction could be linked to these new predictions, too?
        Yikes, if that’s the case we’re looking at a plane attack, one in Ohio, Disneyland, and more in other countries.

    1. A military plane as part of the Thunderbirds had issues today in Dayton because of high winds and did end up flipping. The pilots were taken to the hospital. Sounded like they would recover.

      1. Wow, that is freaky! Thank God they will be all right. Thank you for posting that!

    2. I posted a similar dream about a week ago.

      Mine was of a military cargo plane.

  30. Hello Eric, I thought this was some interesting information: (some posted previously) <<>> .

    Their ‘Masters’ competitions are scheduled for:
    Jul. 11 Barnet Copthall Masters Distance Meet, Hendon
    Aug. 2 ASA Open Water Masters Championships, Rother Valley Country Park, Sheffield
    Aug. 10-16 FINA World Masters, Kazan, Russia
    Sep. 27 NER Masters, Harrogate (Entry Form)
    Oct. 23-25 ASA National Masters (Short Course), Sheffield

    Their Newcastle Swim Team schedule is:
    28th June-2nd July – European Junior Swimming Championships – Netenya, Israel
    19th-23rd July – Commonwealth Youth Games – Bahamas
    23rd-30th July – World Swimming Championships – Budapest, Hungary
    26th-30th July – British Summer Championships – Sheffield
    27th-30th July – European Junior Open Water Championships – Marseille, France
    23rd-28th August – World Junior Swimming Championships – Indianapolis, USA

    It could be that it is while the NST is swimming but not necessarily in Newcastle?

    This may not have anything to do with the prediction, but I thought I’d include it just in case someone can make a connection: The British Team is attending the LEN European Junior Swimming Championships 2017 in Netanya, Israel, 28 June – 2 July. The event will be held at Wingate Institute National Centre. There is also the British Summer Championships in Swimming, July 25th – 30th in Sheffield, Great Britain at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

    This seemed like a connection to the Tangerines and South Wales and the Train:

    Orange is a city in New South Wales, Australia.They grow oranges/tangerines/citrus in the region – they have 37 Citrus Fruit Companies. There is also a restaurant called The Green Tangerine in New South Wales, Australia.

    They also have a train station there, which also happens to have an orange coloured logo. >>> <<< This train also travels from Newcastle, which is in the New South Wales region. (AUS)

    Also interesting is that there was a German settlement in New South Wales, AUS in the 19th century and there is a large German population there now- also 23 German restaurants in the region.

    "‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges Then they said South Whales. Then I had a visual of a lady crying as on old German train began to move down the track."

    In Wales (UK) they have a train company called Arriva, which have their iconic orange tickets which they also have called tangerine tickets. They also have a stop in "St. Germans". There are no direct trains to/from Germany-Wales, but you can take a train and a bus/drive partway.

    Also, there is a popular German band called Tangerine Dream and they have a song 'Love on a Real Train'. (There is also someone who sells Tangerine Dream merch in New South Wales.) They are playing two different venues in Berlin tonight and tomorrow (June 23rd & 24th).

  31. Eric,
    Any idea when the shooting in France and the attack on “German entertainment” will happen?

    Are they expected around the same time as the Columbus and Disneyland predictions? If so, it seems almost like it could be coordinated by the attackers.

  32. Eric,
    Sorry for posting so many questions, but the Disneyland prediction said “around the 27th, 28th”. Does that mean this month, or the 27th/28th of a different month?

    1. The maintenance crew who work on the train lines in South Wales, UK are often referred to as the ‘Orange Army’ as they are dressed in orange safety wear. I live in South Wales. I am hoping that this prediction does not come any where near true.

  33. i somehow lost what i just posted..
    is anyone else having issues with this?

    1. There is a new level of security on the comments, my hope is to prevent another virus, but it slows down your ability to comment a lot of them now have to go directly through me for approval. Sorry

  34. Eric
    There has been a landslide in China a mt collapse ..141 people killed noted so far .

    the following prediction mentions Al Asssad possibly killed with the overall content of prediction it may be a time line
    It mentions massive quake for San Francisco at 8 or 9 ..
    Thanks for looking at it

  35. Eric the article for landslide says there is a possibility of a dam breaking as well ..
    prayers love and light to Chinese families of victims and any suffering from this tradgedy .

  36. I was going thru some old posts and
    found some things that might be relevant.
    6-29-14. 3, College, Boston
    Maybe 2014+3 is 2017?
    2-10-14. July, northeast,fireworks,
    boston, castle
    11-30-14. 3, canada ? Ontario, UK
    Then there is the reference to logan and charlotte
    Maybe they are airports. American airlines/ british airways code share direct flights from both airports to london.
    Then there is a reference to black socks on 8-30-14 which is odd.
    In 1919 the chicago whitesox had a scandal with some of the players they were referred to as the nlack sox.
    on that day the white sox played cincinnati reds so there is a connection to ohio. Maybe has to do with the baseball stadium?
    I also came across rock star with hand on a mike, people running, gunshots,
    explosion, july
    So there is the concert reference.
    Also boston university has a landmark
    stone castle on its campus
    Again, a lot of pieces, but also a lot of similarities

  37. and on july 4 the boston pops philharmonic will have a concert with fireworks at fenway park. Not ohio but it is an opposite from pop star concert.
    somewhere i also remember a post about charles being important to
    location and a boston attack in same place.[as marathon]?
    Maybe charles river in boston?

  38. Eric, SWC,

    Ref;; from this post..
    I had a visual of a Typhoon that struck a set of islands in the Asian pacific. (I need to narrow down the nation, we are expecting this to be the next major storm)

    Super typhoon.— STS LAN –heading toward 🇯🇵 Japan—intensifying

  39. Eric, SWC,
    Strongest typhoon to hit in 16 years to make landfall in Vietnam
    (Same ..diff name typhoon went past Philippines.)
    Ref::::from this post..
    I had a visual of a Typhoon that struck a set of islands in the Asian pacific. (I need to narrow down the nation, we are expecting this to be the next major storm)

    Typhoon “Damrey” is expected to slam into southern Vietnam around UTC midnight on November 4 (07:00 local time) with maximum sustained winds of 140 km/h (86 mph), likely the strongest typhoon to make landfall over southern Vietnam in 16 years. This tropical cyclone is expected to have a high humanitarian impact based on the storm strength and the affected population in the past and forecasted path. Up to 2.4 million people can be affected by wind speeds of cyclone strength or above.


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