Manchester Bee

I had a visual of the shadow of a castle in the background in a dark space, completing the countdown of a prediction: Predictions 5-24-17

The Manchester Bee! I had no idea. Its predictions like this that fill me up with so much hope and love. With all the darkness, I see once in awhile I am able to be a witness to something awesome. I have the honor of witnessing our Creators kind acts to his children all while erasing any evidence that he was ever there. Then there is this; for every one evil act there are thousands of noble individuals willing to act in opposition, willing to stand for what is right, reminding us all that at our core humanity can be a noble and righteous race and its this that will ensure that the darkness will eventually  fail.

Predictions 5-24-17   I had a visual I pulled out a bee hive from the ground to see bees fly in every direction


33 thoughts on “Manchester Bee

  1. Wow, Eric, that is truly awesome and inspiring how this prediction from Spirit unfolded. Watching the video brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Eric and Spirit!

  2. I had a visual of the shadow of a castle in the background in a dark space, completing the countdown of a prediction:

    The castle.. castle.. under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

    The castle can refer to the famous castle of Disneyland Paris.

    “Faced with the threat of attacks, Disneyland Paris deployed agents of a private security company, armed with handguns. An unprecedented measure.”

    1. I think rather that its reference to the United Kingdom, more precisely to the death of the Duke of Edinburgh (cf the castle of windsor)

      The baron.. duke will pass soon. (unfortunately that could be Prince Philip)

      “A loss in the ‘Great’ family. We welcome the person with open arms.. abdication follows.” (Great implies Great Britain)

      “The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.”

      May be its relationship to the period of great terror in England after the death of her husband.

  3. Eric,
    Which prediction of 5/24/2017 do you think is the one with the completed countdown? One of the attacks? Is the castle prediction one of the attacks? I’m kinda confused by that because you also suggested it might be separate.

  4. I just had a strange thought
    of the (marlboro mark maron barrow )post lasr year i think..
    could it be something to do with
    Marlboro uk? There is a castle there with a roman
    numeral clock. could it be connected to baron
    philip also in UK? Could the mark be not a name but a mark/ target
    in the UK? around the timing of death of prince
    philip? an attack near marlboro ?

    1. Your impression was pointing in the right direction since a few days later there was a knife attack near borough market in London.

      We also believe this prediction below might be related to the “Borough Market” in hindsight Marlboro and Borrow Mark sounds similar, some of you have pointed that out before;
      I had a visual of a pack of cigarettes with the brand name Marlboro. “Maron Borrow.. Mark”

  5. After the Manchester bombing, the far right racists in the UK started to increase their abuse towards peaceful Muslims. My daughter’s best mate, not a Muslim but a lovely Indian lass was almost run of the road here in my part of Scotland, she stopped her car in shock and then the car who caused this drew up beside her and said “I’m trying to kill you like your kind are killing us”. She was as you can imagine really badly upset and shaken. The support she has been given since then by many, many friends and strangers has given her hope that as long as there is good in the world, bad will never ever win. She has reported it to police who are searching for the driver and his mate.

    1. Dear god, that’s attempted murder!! I hope they catch the driver. Someone like that shouldn’t be loose on the streets any more than a jihadist should.

      Elaine, please tell your daughter’s friend that a woman from America sends love and compassion and strength. And tell her that I hope she never has to deal with that kind of hatred again.

    2. Oh my word how horrifying! Prayers for your friend’s daughter. I’m so glad there is an outpouring of love and support. Sending prayers for calm and peace.

  6. Eric- I’m confused… does this mean you think the castle thing won’t happen, or that it is about to happen?

      1. I think they are, too. I feel like I’ve been picking up on something castle related too- especially last 24-48 hours. Though not sure if it’s just because I know your prediction. Today’s it’s felt like castle and rock together somehow. I have no idea what it means.

  7. Eric; does Spirit see any US attacks? You are right most people are good; but sometimes the bad acts take too much of our attention! There used to be a paper with only good news in it; I wish they would bring it back! I just heard a report on Trump on news calling out “backchannels” sounds like one of your predictions; but it concerned Obama, weird

  8. I normally do not follow this
    but light of mary dayd
    a great catastrophe wll
    occur at sea so it looks
    like something is lining
    up with your water predictions.,

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