Predictions 10-2-17

In the last post Spirit wrote Cracker followed by premium. That implies one large quake. Last night I asked for details.

I had a visual of an island location followed by large numbers 1 10

Later when I asked where they showed Va.. are they saying Vanuatu by Australia and New Zealand. The numbers 1 and 10 could be countdowns, if that’s true we should see another prediction around the 4th. Spirit is now planning to focus on providing as much information as this dark month passes. They have put a hold on all questions. They have also put a hold on email questions with the exceptions of the ones we already have. You are still welcome to get a phone reading anywhere in the world, email us at to set it up. We should be back to normal in November. I would also encourage you my fans to share the most accurate predictions recently as we refocus on providing messages of what is coming next. 

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Dunkirk style evacuation of Vanuatu thanks to Australia. Praying they can get everyone evacuated on time. Could that be related to the Roman numeral 5, or “V” Spirit mentioned a while ago. Though I think that had to do with meteors.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Looks like October is going to be a difficult month.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes it does

  3. BeachHut Avatar

    Dutchsinse’s weekly forecast is on hold until tomorrow as a couple of his big forecasts from last week are still hanging over. I’ve listed them elsewhere. Vanuatu is certainly one of them, and that location is where one of his large quakes was supposed to be (as well as Mexico, still). In fact there is a huge amount of activity rumbling away in that whole region, with more deep quakes promising more trouble still.

    However, he also has a long term watch on the NW Pacific coast, waiting for the slow slip to stop at which point there will be a very large quake. It could be any week now, or many more months, but it’s coming. One location he has mentioned several times regarding that coastline is Vancouver Island, which might be an alternative ‘Va’ and is (obviously) also an island.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks BeachHut. I’d not thought of Vancouver, but absolutely. Also, I love your written interpretations of Dutch’s EQ predictions/warnings. They are fantastic. Thank You. 😁

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Thank you! I hope to post the new one on these comments.

    2. petemedium Avatar

      Hi Beachie, have been rather busy and haven’t had a chance to say thanks for your interpretation of Dutchsinse’s predictions. Very, very much appreciated. Pete

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Hi Pete, no worries. This week’s issue is out now, as they say.

  4. lossie2020 Avatar

    BeachHut, just looked up the live earthquake map….it’s a little different this time. Several quakes in OK, 2 in Missouri and 1 in Tenn?
    Few quakes along the dots btw Idaho to Utah. Multiple small quakes in California and NW USA.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Correction. SOUTH CAROLINA, not Tenn. 13 plus quakes in Canada which was 13 hours ago.

  5. lossie2020 Avatar

    BeachHut and Dopeanddiamond, I received a call from my doctor that my xray is normal. There was no reason what caused my lowerback pain and left side upper leg. My last thought it could be very sensitive to the earth. Wow

    1. Lia Avatar

      Hi Lossie – good that your x-ray was fine… your back pain may be due to internal tension – look up TMS Back Pain as coined by Dr John Sarno. His work saved me from horrendous, chronic back pain. Be open- minded to his theories and be pain free.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s great news, no worries

    3. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      Glad everything is ok.

      My pain came on very fast and went away just as fast. Though it lasted for about five days. It was very odd. I went back and relistened to Dutch and his predictions. I swear it was related to the tension built up in NY state.

      This has been a lesson for me to pay attention to what my body is telling me. I never thought i was sensitive to the world around me but I will be tracking the cues my body is giving me.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Reply to dopeanddiamond. Wow..Glad you okay. Crazy week. ♡

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    5. BeachHut Avatar

      Very glad to hear there’s nothing serious physically wrong.

  6. Rita Ravin Avatar
    Rita Ravin

    Maybe VAncouver? Rita

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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh that is a very good point, they have another prediction about an earthquake near Alaska!

  7. Victoria Avatar

    Could “cracker” and “premium” be related to the Vegas shooting? At first, people thought the shots were fire crackers, and the premium could mean that it is the biggest mass shooting in the US history?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately they have used the message before and it’s always preceded by quake

      1. Richard Williams Avatar
        Richard Williams

        Eric, what do you think Spirit means by “premium” in relation to earthquakes? I understand how “cracker” would relate to them, but not “premium.”

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They see it as high level prediction it’s a rating system on the prediction vs say a minor quake

  8. Johnny Avatar

    First thought when i read Cracker then Premium couldn’t help but Imagine Nabisco Premium Crackers 😂 although i already know what cracker means just had not read premium before or its been so long i can’t remember at the moment. Thanks Eric for sharing insights about the future hopefully getting these messages out can definitely alter tragedies…because i cannot recall in the past years lile 90s 00s predictions to be read and found online almost anywhere but not everyone is accurate and even though you sometimes have a step back thats okay no one is perfect and you try hard and do great at other predictions! Just giving you my thoughts since other moments reading here on your blog for so long not really giving my thoughts and thanks for what you share with us on here never been to a blog like this. Thanks again! Blessings to everyone! Hopefully things atleast get a little better for of us! 😏😔🙏🏻🕊💜

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for your thoughts, I look forward to the day when you, me and everyone else alter these nightmares one after another after another.

  9. Lori Avatar

    I’m probably way off base, but here in Virginia we’ve been known to get “mild” quakes. Va is the state abbreviation. In 2011 there was a 5.8 followed by a 4.5 aftershock in Mineral Va. near Charlottesville. It caused damage to structures as far away as D.C. Although Va. is not considered to be at risk for a “major” earthquake.

  10. BeachHut Avatar

    Dutchsinse’s weekly forecast from Mon 2nd Oct

    OK, last week’s forecast has been a bit hung-jury with the largest expected quakes still not showing up. We may still be surprised, but Dutchsinse has mostly downgraded the panic for now, and a lot of the pressure has been venting through the greatly enhanced volcanic activity instead in all the main active regions. The following forecasts are due during the next week, but bear in mind there may still be a risk of one of the previous biggies. Once activity kicks off, that leads to newer forecasts updated through the week. Things can change in the space of days. No further deep earthquakes are apparent for a while, upon which everything will generally ramp up again.

    ASIA – The large earthquakes predicted last week have been compensated by the major volcanic activity across the region north of Australia, some of which have led to evacuations. Agung (Bali) and Ambae (Vanuatu) have still not officially blown yet, while elsewhere on Bali, Sinabung on Sumatra and Mount Dukono are all officially erupting. The earthquakes that did hit the region were 2 magnitudes less than those forecast a week ago.

    The largest expected quake this coming week is in Papua New Guinea with a 6.5, probably by Thursday / Friday. South Sumatra / Java area can expect a 5.7.

    North of New Zealand can expect a 5.0 around the Kermedac (sp?) Islands, with quite a lot of activity on North Island leading to a 4.3 -ish at the Cook Strait.

    Japan and surrounds can expect four different quakes this week, though I only heard 3 described fully. Tokyo should get a maximum of 5.3. The North Honshu coast, a 5.0. The Kuril Islands North of Japan get a 4.7. There’s also one South of Japan which he didn’t specify, but in the same general magnitude as the others. Nothing huge.

    North Philippines / Taiwan and Guam get another medium round of quakes. India / East Nepal to the Myanmar border are due a 5.0. China continues to push across giving Iran another 5.0, which is likewise releasing some pressure in its Southern volcanic areas.

    EUROPE – BY the end of the week, another round of activity should mean a 5.0 in the Aegean Sea between Crete and Cyprus. That leads to a new swarm in Italy and across the Adriatic, or possibly a one-off 4.3 to 4.4. Then the English Channel near Normandy (so I suppose really I should call it La Manche) gets a rumble again which seems to be a new vulnerability.

    USA – Off-coast pushing has led to a lot of 3s in recent days in California. A 3.5 to 3.6 is expected off the West Coast which will then lead to an increase of activity on land and beyond. Lots more swarming but nothing big as yet. The slow slip off the North West Pacific coast is still being a tease, sometimes evenly spread, then slowing down, then having clusters at the far ends (Vancouver Island / Olympic Point and North California). There are rumbles in the vicinity of Mount St Helens and Yellowstone. This slow slip could go from snoozing to big quake in the space of a few days, so is still very much on watch.

    I would again like to highlight that Vancouver Island has been mentioned numerous times regarding the developing quake pressure in the North West Pacific region, and it immediately came to mind with Eric’s latest earthquake post. Either there or Vanuatu count as ‘’Va’ islands on the earthquake radar.

    CENTRAL / SOUTH AMERICA – The expected big Mexico quake seems to have been dissipating its pressure down south and across towards the Caribbean. Volcanoes in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica are busy. Four volcanoes add up to an expected 5.4 in South Mexico / Guatemala. This is where the release was expected before, now just at a lesser magnitude. Dutchsinse warns though, that in this region, seemingly low magnitudes can still cause a lot of destruction and some deaths (presumably due to the poorer buildings) unlike the Tokyo one of similar magnitude forecast above which shouldn’t be a worry, due to Japan’s better infrastructure. It’s not always about the number itself.

    When the volcano Reventador calms down, Ecuador can expect a 5.5-ish. Valparaiso in Chile is downgraded from the large one forecast last week, to a 5.5 this week.

    More deep earthquakes are on the way which will turn the activity up near the surface. Dutchsinse also mentioned a CME which increases activity. But that should be it for the next few days – later in the week the outlook could change depending on what happens first.

    Eric, I’m a little confused when you say the next earthquake prediction will be the 4th. Will the 4th be an update on a possible future date for the prediction, or a predicted earthquake itself? Dutchsinse’s forecast feels a bit all or nothing this week. Generally, activity is lower but with the minority threat of a sudden big one left over from last week. He’s not really expecting it but I suppose he has to cover his back. He’s been caught out like that before. Just because his forecast is for 7 days doesn’t mean the planet’s flicking through its diary and pencilling in an agreed meetup.

  11. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric Swc
    I just recalled Venuatu initials are Vu..and According to this list below Vatican city is Va.

    im thinking the quake warning is not Venuatu ..

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