Predictions 3-29-16

The words in blue represent my opinion separate from Spirits word.

China earthquake in minutes. Heavy, horrible damage. In the south end, ‘unan’.
Are they saying Yunan?

I had a visual I was walking on a beach at night, the ocean was moving quickly onto the beach.
“South America.. rubber band snaps”
Where Spirit?
They implied southern South America, Chile or Argentina, the question is which side. This also mirrors the timeframe of the meteor strike, they later said ’72’ which I took as 3 days, and that is also around the 31st.

I had a visual of a wolf sitting in the gutter.
Wolf in the past has represented lone wolf. Gutter I have no idea?

“The angry older teenager.. Austin.. Texas.”

“The bloody Sunday.. your bloody Sunday is coming soon.”

They are reminding us of an old prediction but which one? By ‘your’ I have to assume they are saying the US.  The only prediction that fits is below, two could be seen as two months later:

Predictions 2-14-16   “Daesh  (ISIS)  in New York.. attacking multiple locations.. on a Sunday or Monday the plans set.. when football would normally be played.  Such a horrible nightmare, like a war zone” – Spirits Voice

I had a visual I was looking down at a digital watch that read ‘2’.

Are they saying 2 days from now? Or literally around 2:00

I had a visual of a US flag drooping down on its pole, I had a visual of a US flag on a wing of a plane.
If a flag waving represents a proud honorable moment the opposite is true here, normally when they present a flag it usually has ties to the military as well. We need to ask for clarity and details.


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  1. Christophilos Avatar

    I like the new format separating your comments from what you receive. Thank you.

    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      Yes…I like it also, Eric. Much easier to read. Thank you!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will try to do that from now on. My opinion has a track record of being off.

  2. Popi Avatar

    About Yunan thats what they write:

    (Placename) a province of SW China: consists mainly of a plateau broken in the southeast by the Red and Black Rivers, with mountains in the west, rising over 5500 m (18 000 ft); large deposits of tin, lead, zinc, and coal. Capital: Kunming. Pop: 43 760 000 (2003 est). Area: 436 200 sq km (168 400 sq miles)

  3. twiceblessed Avatar

    Hi Eric!
    All of the references I have found regarding the phrased “Bloody Sunday” are about civilians/civilian protestors who have been attacked by military/police. If “our” Bloody Sunday is coming, it would seem that it would likely involve protestors and military/law enforcement. Here are some notable “Bloody Sundays”.
    The St Petersburg massacre on Bloody Sunday in 1905 is considered to be the start of the active phase of the Russian Revolution . No true death count was taken, but estimates were between 1,000-4,000 people killed.
    The Stanislawow Ghetto Bloody Sunday massacre, a massacre of 10,000 to 12,000 Jews before the Stanisławów Ghetto announcement in 1941.
    Bloody Sunday (1965), the violent suppression of the famous MLK March 7, 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Alabama by state and local law enforcement.
    Numerous British Bloody Sundays, all involving military/police and civilians. 1887, 1911 and 1972 just to name a few.
    2 Bloody Sundays in 1920 and 1921 during the Irish War of Independence.

    1. twiceblessed Avatar

      * “your” not “our”

      1. pat45 Avatar

        twiceblessed, I feel this relates to Ireland, at the moment it is getting a bit tense, with talk of old scores and old enemies to settle.

  4. myseventh Avatar

    The reference to football, is this the US version football or what many in the US call soccer?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think from Spirits perspective, it could be either game.

      1. Amy Avatar

        Spirit says – “The bloody Sunday..your bloody Sunday is coming soon.” You say the only prediction that fits is the 2-14-16 prediction and that 2 could be seen as two months later – which would put it in April. Spirit says – “Daesh in New York..attacking multiple locations..on a Sunday or Monday the plans set.. when football would normally be played….” I’m thinking that if we go by this at this time of year, they would be referring to soccer, so I looked at the MLS (Major League Soccer) schedule. There is a game scheduled in NY on ‘Sunday’, April 10, 2016 at Yankee Stadium which would also be 2 months past that prediction date of 2-14-16.
        Just my thoughts.

  5. Sandy Avatar

    “Bloody Sunday”… Could the number 2 indicate 2 different locations? Perhaps 2 bombs? Second half of 2 football games? I feel the number is significant, but not necessarily a time. Might also be the 2nd attack (as in Brussels)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think they are talking about the US attack

  6. kelly714 Avatar

    They are implying where football would normally play. Would have to research the stadiums for upcoming events.

  7. kelly714 Avatar

    The copa tournament Soccer will be hosting games in 19 cities in the USA biggest since the world cup in 1994. Currently there are 24 stadiums in different cities bidding to have then play. I believe they are here from June 3rd till June 26th.

  8. Popi Avatar

    I had a visual of a wolf sitting in the gutter.

    Maybe its like a sniper??

    1. Cheryl Avatar

      Gutter, where does gutter water go? In the sewers.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Popi, Cheryl. I was wondering about a sniper situation also. And does the wolf in the gutter visual have to do with Austin TX and a van or mini van? If it’s a teenager there is a James Bowie High School which are the Bowie Bulldogs (dogs barking?). Though the coach Flynn…there is a Head Coach Ryan Flynn with the Texas A&M International University, but that’s in Laredo, TX not Austin, I believe. Also could the gutter reference be referring to someone who is just mentally unstable? I think of the saying “get your mind out of the gutter”. I feel like I may be getting two predictions mixed up somehow.

      1. Popi Avatar

        Hi Jules,

        Yes maybe you’re right! I did not know this expression

  9. Donna Taylor Avatar

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, there are numerous commemorative events and a great deal of tension surrounding them. Tensions in the UK relating to Northern Ireland have never really ceased. Half of all terrorist events that took place in the EU between 2014-15 happened in Northern Ireland, yet few seem to reach the mainstream media. Earlier this month a prison guard was killed when a bomb exploded under his van. More recently devices have been detected in time to thankfully avert fatality. Here is one recent article which may be of interest

  10. benmadigan Avatar

    let us hope and pray the prediction does not refer to ireland, though many “bloody Sundays” in the past have done so. Which is not to say I hope it refers to someone else. Let us all pray it can be averted

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe they are referring to a previous prediction that mentions Sunday.

      1. benmadigan Avatar

        thanks eric – that’s a relief!!

  11. Marjie Harrison Avatar
    Marjie Harrison

    M 4.8 Earthquake
    175km S of Turpan, China
    An earthquake with magnitude 4.8 occurred near Korla, Xinjiang, China at 14:57:12.10 UTC on Mar 29, 2016 …

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  12. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could the Texas prediction be referring to this previous prediction for Texas? I noticed it also has the number 2 in it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I believe they are warning the old prediction is around the corner.

  13. Mari Avatar

    There is a gutter of mercy in Mecca the Gutter of Mercy in a dream, it means your wishes will come true. I have no idea if this is relevant but its only thing i can think of

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Just a thought. Could that have to do with the post on 3-10-16, where they will try to destroy the stone temple in the Middle East? Mecca? Is it the “Kaaba” I think in Mecca? Does anyone on here know more about that?

  14. aldo from argentina Avatar
    aldo from argentina

    the meteor its comming! 30-31 2016 oh my god

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Here is was thinking this was over, but they did always talk about two of them.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Prayers sent for all of South America Aldo.

  15. rhona Avatar

    Swc Eric have some info in china….
    Hunan is a southern province in china in 1556 830,000 people were killed Shensi -Yuan mag 8 felt in Liuyang in Hunan
    Im implying unan could be Hunan or Yuan which are only 540 odd miles apart.
    Also i wonder about South China Sea as a possble epicentre local….
    Star 48 you wilk know where im coming from when i say i heard Sukiaki play on radio again this morning so im expecting more for Japan…
    And while its flowing i woul like to refer back to rubberband possibly being Luquine of Qui fault …Bariloche as meaning (people from behind the mt .) in refer to 3-1-16. Comes from behind…and the fault pine separating Chile and Argentina..
    I also would like to put frwar Buenos Aires as a possible location fir Argentina as quake tsunami threat in partnership with meteor strike..many of us have suggested Buenos Aires in relation to this prediction…..
    Thanks everyone for reading my thoughts on these ubjects
    Stay safe blessings

  16. rhona Avatar

    Hi EricSwc..some info on china
    Hunan is a southern province of China.
    836,000 people were killed(Shensi ) -Yuan mg 8 felt in Liuyang in Hunan..
    Also south China Sea comes to mind
    Star 48 you will know where im coming from when i say i heard Sukiyaki on the radio yesturday so im expecting to hear from Japan soon..
    In ref to rubber band 3-1-16…as mentioned previous Liquine of Qui Fault separates Chile ans Arge ntina… Barloche (people fron behind the mt) is the meaning if this towns name which fekt and suffered damage from a Chile erthquake i provided kinjs fir ib predictiins 3-1-16..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link to the news please

  17. viv Avatar

    Being Irish, I sighed a deep sigh of relief when the guns and the bombs were silenced in the late 90s in Northern Ireland. It seemed, for a while at least, that we had reached a new era of peace and reconciliation. Lately however,(by that I mean the last 12 months) events have taken a turn for the worse. There is very little mention of these incidents in mainstream media. I hope a misguided and blinded few drag us all back into bitter bloody days. Praying for peace and spiritual help for this troubled spot. I pray we never see a Bloody Sunday again. Neither on the mainland of Britain nor the Island of Ireland. May peace abound.

    1. star48 Avatar

      hi I have been watching…a heating up of “potential troubles”
      Do not feel no one notices or cares…I do..
      The political issues.. The bringing up of hate…especially the anniversary..
      I sometimes think evil is definitely poking a stick.
      You have my best wishes…keep positive…find like minded individuals..
      Remember Eric mentioned 2 have been dispatched to watch over Ireland!

      1. viv Avatar

        May God bless you and yours Star48. I believe than at the darkest hour in the blackest night, we are never alone. It’s so frustrating to see a return to old ways. Evil rears its ugly head in the most surprising places. But angels and guardians watch over us all. Our beautiful Emerald Isle cannot live through this blood again. We too, must make conscious choices to raise the Earth vibration by being kinder to each other and to ourselves.

    2. star48 Avatar

      Eric, viv, Ireland. What is to be done?
      been watching still no a Prime Minister…after 2 votes…when there is this vacuum what happens next?
      Is this solvable ?

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, Viv, rejection .
        More tension..people are not being considered.?
        Ireland’s acting PM Enda Kenny, Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin in talks after proposal for partnership government fails – RTE

  18. rhona Avatar

    Eric this is my third attemp to pist this comment which i have reduced considerably im not sure if its man y end or yours would appreciate if you could check it out …thanks
    Hunan is a province in southern China.(sheni) -yuan has experienced a terrible quake killing 185,000 people in 1556 mag 8 ..just the relatiinship the names have to uan prompted me to post
    also the Sth China sea could be a contender and im picking up Japan again…
    This one ref to rubberband a bit left field but a mention wouldnt hurt ..Buenos Aires is renowned for making watches and goids from rubber bands

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I got it and read the last one already. Are you refreshing the page? (Sorry if that seems to be a dumb question..been there done that.😳) Is it just not showing up for you in your email? Mine don’t either anymore, but they are usually still posted. I’m not sure why it changed. It seems others get them though. Blessings, hope it gets straightened out for you.

    2. star48 Avatar

      I got one of them..I went to site and have read all three..
      I look forward to your comments…big Grin here!

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I know you did a lot of research on the S American earthquake…on Eric’s recent post for South America and where is the earthquake with Spirits answer…5, 5, 5. Do you have any thoughts on what that could be? Sorry it’s not really on the right thread. Hope you are feeling well. Blessings

  19. rhona Avatar

    Spirit Warrier Ckan SWC..Sunday blody Sunday might well be a demonstrtion tradgedy considering there is a Dublin Ohio 11 mls from Columbas the Furguson shooting comes to mind…
    Dublin being a cryptic location a ref ti Irelands experience …
    Also there is predictiion 8-26-15 that mentiins a young person with auto rifle weapon atroscity…(Cilumbus)..

  20. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, hi..
    .you have two references? Dublin , Ohio? And Columbus?
    I want to make sure….

  21. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 not sumb at all …nooo i dudnt refresh ny page thanks for the tip…i do remember you nd Star had sone issues…just glad it seens sorted now…

    Star 48 grining back bd its wonderful ti be cognitive after surgery .At least ny family say in still me cekebrating prayerful support skillful surgeons nd after care bruised to nax but thats sign of life lol….

  22. rhona Avatar

    star 48 yes two ref but they tie in together Dublin is saying a general location link and columbus could be more specific….

  23. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

    Have you seen the news? A “Flyover” has collapsed in KolKata, India.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Wow, Popi .
      You are fast! 6 shot…2 troopers …your amazing….I am glad your on top…

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Popi, Star48…you are both fast! Glad to get all of the articles and news updates. I saw one Police man has passed. Very sad. Praying for the Family.

  24. star48 Avatar

    Popi, I think that number may be incorrect…that I mentioned…

    1. Popi Avatar

      Hi star,

      They are saying “more details to follow ” but until now its a confusion 🤔


      Is it sure that the spirit is talking about China? I wonder because the word Yunan and Yunanistan means Greek and Greece in Turkey language,the only words I know in this language.
      But as you said its ancient spirits and this name goes back to ancient Greece. (Means Ionian) because we had population living to the coast of Turkey (

      1. Popi Avatar

        Thanks , unfortunately when I am stressed I am watching the latest news😒 As they come up from the notifications on my phone, bad idea of course 😀And lately I am really on a high stress period! I am propably crazy!

        I really hope all the people are ok

        1. star48 Avatar

          Popi, I know we are in the same soul group…
          The energy is ramping up …that is not normal stress…
          Just be at peace..we will make a difference — be kind to yourself…take deep breaths
          Agape ‘.

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Popi you are funny. Not crazy. Probably one of the saner ones on here. LOL. 🤔😳 😇Blessings.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        They said Asia, then china, then unan.

  25. anthony Avatar

    There you are. Picked up dream of floating object when I landed in arizona. Its a 4 cannister drone.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Anthony, hi..
      .where do you picture this drone?

      1. anthony Avatar

        Gone to California to find out. The closer I get the more info.right now all I can say is west coast

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Interesting. Keep us updated Anthony. Wonder if Erics picked up on anything.

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Star48, here is the four canister comment from Anthony. On March 31,2016

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Anthony did you ever get more on this four canister?

    3. star48 Avatar

      Anthony? Where are you?
      You went to CA. — last you said you were looking for information on the flying drone visual…after AZ…
      Starting to get a little worried…can you check in?

  26. Popi Avatar

    Star, Jules, ❤️ Agape
    Its just because my husband got on kidney dialysis and my life for a year now is upside down!
    I do believe that things eventually will get better for the world as we reached to a critical point for a huge turn 😊

    1. star48 Avatar

      my prayers for you and yours…and a big hug…
      It is hard being a grownup…
      I have been aware how hard it has been for many ( myself included)
      the last 4 years or so….challenges, loss,changes…
      It will get better…
      My great- grandmother had a saying..I use …
      ” even the leaf of the tree does not move without the will of God”
      When I was younger I did not understand…as I have experienced life; now I see.
      It does not mean I understand 100% of the time…I accept that there is a reason.

      1. Popi Avatar

        Thank you Star🌟❤️
        Your great grandmother was absolutely right! I agree and as I am getting older I can see the pattern! I assume that as everyone of us, interact with our souls source (God) we slowly understand our participation to good or bad things and the change we need to make. This is actually the reason we are here now, to observe and transmit!
        I feel for your losses and your difficulties … Hugs🙏👫

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Star48, I love your grandmothers saying, so true. I think God and Spirit have put us right where we need to be, in our lives, and others. Not that it’s always easy. 😬🙏🏻🌹😇 I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I’d really like another adventure. LOL Blessings

        1. star48 Avatar

          when ( strangers ) people say to me,
          how are you today? I always say ” Life is an adventure” and smile..
          Usually that causes them to pause and smile…and say “your right…”
          Then I say …sometimes there are good ones and sometimes not so much…how is yours?
          Than I leave them laughing.. Blessings…

          1. jules104 Avatar

            That’s a great approach Star48. Laughing is something I find myself doing sometimes when I imagine the Spirits trying to nudge me in one direction and I keep going the other way. They are probably pulling their hair (if they have any or any left) out. Saying where is she going now? What in the world is she doing now? You know? Just the visual is hilarious to me. I suppose it’s all a part of the adventure. Blessings.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Popi. I will be praying for you and your husband. You are such a shining light for your spouse I’m sure. Sending healing light and love your way. Blessings

      1. Popi Avatar

        My dear Jules thank you so much 💋❤️

  27. rhona Avatar

    SWC I have more info on unan…it means South of the lake Dongting be a location for chinese quake it has high seizmicity..

  28. rhona Avatar

    popi star 48..SWC i like the idea of a group hug…Popi my thoughts and prayers are with you x

    1. Popi Avatar

      Rhona thank you!❤️ Great idea😊👩‍❤️‍👩

  29. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 hi i wonder if you could help me out i cant find or missed the ref for 555 where is it which thread ..sorry i would like to read it i cant even recall it.
    yes thank you for asking i am feeling quite healthy though as i have mentioned very bruised but its healing..
    my family are very happy they dont have to worry about aneurism rupturing any more. too…it is amazing imagining having a stent implanted in my brain..thank god for our medics..yeah!..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, it was a reference on 4-1-16.
      It is written out five,five,five.
      An you sound and are doing GREAT!
      Just be kind to yourself…still doing prayers for your recovery.. Re the stent ( just imagine you have an invisible dual to tune in the universe!
      Grins and hugs….I am sending you a picture of a flower…what color is it?

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Oh Thanks Star48 for replying. Yes here it is also. And it was also in the form of a V, Roman numeral earlier on. I will look for that post. Blessings and healing Light 🙂

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Here are some more Rhona having to do with the Roman Numeral V. (specifically on 11-16-15) Hope it helps.

  30. rhona Avatar

    thanks Star its yellow and it smells like talc thats it ( iam healed and getting better every day in every way ) louise hayes…and thank you god for drawing the breath of life back into me i say often…
    yes i remember the v one and italian poulation i mentioned but the 555 eluded me i will take a look…i am aware 5 heralds change in numerology but there is definitely more to this…want to get to this one…
    bless you gentleman……

  31. rhona Avatar

    hi Jules yes i will take a loik and see if i can get a locale ref back to my previous research on Italian poulatiin in Brazil….it might turn up a lead if i investigate it properly…
    im being a useful grandmother and making an icecream soccar ball for my grandson ..thiugh the way the pannels are slidung off it would have been better to do the oval with stick figures lol

  32. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules 104 found an interesting link to my previous locale of sai paulo for meteor…..
    now i also believe there are no accidents synchronicity has come into play…i typed in 555 Brazil and got many ref links to Sao Paulo. try it…..
    and there is this one link to 555 hwy 40,-87.098865&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwiO3M2onPTLAhXH5KYKHXDkAMMQFggYMAM&usg=AFQjCNGGUTnwgD4xST0vkzFofNZfPGZxIA
    a couple if links.revealed Cantunae…Pazzarca…and this link Cep 17051 -555

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well this is weird. I googled 555 and it comes up as some sort of timer or something. Need Star48s brain on this one. LOL

      Also I see what you mean with the 555 Rhona. I also wonder if it could be as simple As Spirit was trying to make a point that it’s 5 is all. Hmmmm…

  33. rhona Avatar

    ok here we go i just cross ref 1-27-16 location of portugese is where meteor will hit….when i researched it previously with italuan ref for v it lead ti Espirito Santo which is 600 mile from SaoPaulo but right on the coast …as meteors hitting thats not a huge distance goung to cross ref hwy 40 into Brazil c what we get….

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow great research Rhona. Also I see highway 40 but it runs across US and that’s in Brazil, Indiana USA. Never knew there was a Brazil here in US though.

  34. rhona Avatar

    Swc hi….more info on brazil meteor for you Jules yes your right but it alsi has a spur that runs into Sao paulo …and through Paraguay i woul post link but have another link in my url.
    also area cide for brazul is +55 and Brazil is briken up inti 5 regiins being
    3north east
    4 central west
    5south east …interesting
    also Fortaleza Cerea srate is ranked 5 its right on the coast all thode 5s phew what a mission…so what are your thoughts my mund is boggled … know it is a general licale devided by over 1000 miles between sao Paulo and Fortaleza…maybe i will liik at numbers for Rio De janiro…

  35. rhona Avatar

    Jules google ( 555 Brazil ) and (brazil hwy 40) pan america
    see if that helps..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh wow I’d never heard of that. Sorry I had fallen asleep here in US. I know it’s opposite for you there in Australia. I think you could have something there with the São Paulo area. Praying for a lessening of impact wherever it lands. Or a burning up upon entry would be great to. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  36. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 yes its the oppisite for us but we have 8 am australian time and aprox 5 pm your time where we are both in the sunshine or at least awake…yes i do have a string feelung about saoas no liss paulo area roughly…hopefully the losses are minimal though that sound flipant when no loss of life is minimal to family and friend ….i wiag we had mire feedback in the changes we make and im sure we do …but that is living in blind faith and we are very good at it pioneering change one day we will have proof of it

  37. rhona Avatar

    i wish the i and o were further apart on my phine and spell check is useless and my curser us worth cursing when it wont land where i want to correct text…so sorry some of my posts maybe hard to decipher ..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona you are funny. My Sister in Florida is always complaining about the darn “auto correct” along with the simple texting also. Sometimes we just have to laugh at what comes across the wireless. But I understand you perfectly. No worries. Blessings.

  38. rhona Avatar

    thanks Jules 104 at least your sister uses wireless mine wont even touch it who is the wiser woman then…tjen when you do get hold of her she says you never ring me or hello stranger ugh…sisters ..remember that rosemary Clooney song….

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh sorry for that Rhona. My sisters and I love our texting and skype sessions. Especially since they live on the east coast and I’m here on the west coast. It always lifts our spirits. Sometimes though you just can’t get people to use the new technology available to them. I’ve been guilty of that in the past. It took me a while to get a cell phone and now I feel I couldn’t live without it. LOL. Blessings Your Way 😇

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, there is always hope..
        I helped convince a 92 year old to get an IPad so she could use FaceTime.. She did and she loves it. ( it is bigger than her IPhone she said so she could see ). She had never used it on the phone too small… She feels connected and accessible now…
        As she says why not…use this tool…I could have it for 3 days or 3 years..or more?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          That’s great Star48. 92 years old and using FaceTime. Wow! I am sure it brings them much joy to be able to connect with their loved ones and vice versa. There needs to be more people like yourself helping others out in this way. Blessings

  39. Popi Avatar

    I have a french friend , she is 90 y and I was amazed because she took some lessons and now she is sending me emails! Technology is everywhere now😊

    1. star48 Avatar

      it does a heart good, when you see the smile that transforms their face!
      For my friend she kept saying…it’s like magic.
      But the good part is she hurt her back and was recovering..I swear she got better faster, because everyone stayed in touch with her..she glowed..

  40. rhona Avatar

    Jules ,popi ,star 48 great stories my sisters neighbor is 89 and we helped her do the same she now pays all her bills and keeps in touch with family in uk
    i logged her on to flight tracker ehen her son was flying in from uk she was amazed and said i wish i had this 30 years ago i wpuld have always known where the boys were …so heart warming to be in this spirit family…love your spirit guys

    1. Popi Avatar

      So sweet Rhona! It feels good to see all these old people to overcome loneliness! Technology keeps them in touch with the people around the world!

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona/Popi. Oh gosh that’s just wonderful stories everyone has. I wish they’d had this technology 30 years ago…but then again, sometimes the world seemed so much simpler then. Oh by the way…thought this was strange Rhona, there just happened to be a commercial on my tv today that mentioned São Paulo. I was like…did he just say São Paulo? 😳🤔🙏🏻

  41. rhona Avatar

    synchronicity perhaps Jules 104…
    maybe we both asked for confirmation ..i did …how about you? im almist cinvinced it un that area ir a naval base near there given Erics ref to a naval ship being on fire …V35 perhaps oh i wish we knew we just keep plugging away
    i hope when we are 90 odd we can handle the techo if the time how exciting waving our hands at everything…xx hello hello

  42. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    I sometime wonder if bigger events are foreshadowed, in this case the prediction by Spirit about Austin TX and the angry older teenager. Does this point to a much bigger event that will happen soon that Eric is trying to convey from Spirit?

  43. star48 Avatar

    Rhona , Jules104, SWC
    Side note. Have you heard anything from Anthony?
    Last comment I could find was on March 31st.. Have you noticed a comment ?
    Starting to get a little worried…last I could find he had a vision of a floating drone while in AZ, on his way to CA…than ? Did I miss something?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      No, I don’t think you did. I was wondering also Star48. Think he had said “following” or something. Strange…

  44. […] Predictions 3-29-16   “The angry older teenager.. Austin.. Texas.” […]

  45. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 i have searched as well and found nothing apart from previously mentioned ….
    Anthony touch base with us good buddy..
    blessings where ever you are

  46. rhona Avatar

    Star48 Jules OH My GOODNESS, as I was typing good buddy to Anthony I imagined the song Convoy …10/4 goid buddy….It just played on the radio five minutes after i posted comment..He’s out there on the road somewhere …there is an absolute message from my guides in there askung them to get in touch with him and keep him safe …

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, I thank you for the information..
      your guides have just made me feel better…
      He is alive…I am happy..

    2. jules104 Avatar

      That’s really weird Rhona. Where in the world is Anthony? Hello Anthony hope all is well.

  47. rhona Avatar

    Im hoping this is not being intrusive to Anthony ‘s privacy but here is a convoy incident link probably need to leave it to spirit…. forgive me if i overstepped the mark…..

  48. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 my guides are coming in thick and fast ….remember my post in sisters and i mentioned the song from Rosemary Clooney ? well it just played on radio …they must be telling me to tune in as my son just walked in with a T shirt with Osaka Japan sprawled across the front h said it was a gift as its not what he would normally choise for himself….m expecting something strong frim Japan now but i will be aware of any other messages that could help us out with anything here…hoping anyway …that dual connectiin with stent maybe ad Star 48 suggested lol….just thought i would share

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s really interesting Rhona. Keep us updated. Praying for Japan.

  49. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 that how i took it too…my guides Curly Larry and Mo yes they are hillarious at times ….are going humm in harmony as to intro song thats ehat friends are for
    sleep well wake happy..keep smiling

  50. rhona Avatar

    Hi Eric Kajikistan just had a 6.7 quake i have included this link that explains the proximity ti China boarder maybe sth China next

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, hi…
      I thought so too…than the Yuan keeps sticking..
      I looked at the global map the countries touch…but the EQ has really affected, Other countries..
      India ,Pakistan, Tajikistan,
      What, Do you think,?

  51. rhona Avatar

    hi Star 48 yes im still of the thought that yunan (unan) is still to occur …didnt eric mention Asia maybe that encompasses the countries that felt the tajitiskan quake to be honest im also watching sumatra area and java .Japan as spirit mentiinef before is on my radar and wont budge ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, it is almost hilarious,
      ,,that EQ has been downgraded attributed to
      Tajikistan ,Afghanistan, now Pakistan…I started laughing when I saw the different agencies,
      Give conflicting info…it’s its…I cannot say the words,,unfit for print..
      Lots of activity..going on even had small swarm of volcanic harmonic tremors off Utah monitoring stations. Not enough to get excited about just enough to say
      ..oh okay, I will monitor..
      Also a line of EQ’s from Canada down a diagonal line to Utah/NV
      Again not enough or big enough to say…”What?” Just small …
      You put all this together and I am monitoring a little closer,
      I think major…is coming…somewhere on or around the ring of fire…

  52. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 your so right and it made me smile that it is Chineses xinjiang siesmic monitoring system that it all registers on ..spirit said China…….
    also there is a massive connection of fault lines through the afghan china tibet area its glacial …there is the Karakorum fault that is 1000 km long and reaches tibet..i have an article of research into this if you would like to read .it is extensive and quite long .let me know if you wish to read…i have a map of yunan for a visual ref for all to look at i totally get the humour its like roll the dice and see what area goes off first …throw a dart at the board and you cant miss its all so active …

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, hold information,,,for me..I will read it at another time…I need to orient myself better..
      I was looking at Yunan , yunfu ,Province of Canton,Guangdong..
      Need to study map and topography and if similar names..but I will get back to you when ready.
      Thanks for offer.
      My cousin is a prof of Geology/..volcanologist..need to talk to him.,
      So much activity is getting a little unsettling,,for me. Your right about darts..everywhere…

  53. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 no worries ..what a great opportunity to be able to speak with someone as your cousin ..
    best wishes to both of you…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think you might be right.

  54. star48 Avatar

    Viv, news report.
    .2 men in Dublin questioned about explosives..

  55. star48 Avatar

    Eric, “Rubber band”? 7.4 mag EQ. Off Ecuador

  56. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Eric
    tsunami alert info for Ecuador and Columbia..–
    Apparently no threat to Hawaii, or British Columbia…

  57. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, upgraded — 7.8 mag.
    On edge of land on interactive map not off coast as it’s reported.(click interactive map under picture will be able to see location)

  58. star48 Avatar

    SWC, update..power outages
    See..Reports of power outages in numerous areas around Ecuador following strong quake, aftershocks

  59. star48 Avatar

    SWC, damage around San Marino.
    Also this area
    And this picture
    See Photo: Collapsed road seen in Guayaquil, Ecuador – @EcuavisaInforma

  60. star48 Avatar

    SWC, damages to airport.
    See Photo: Reports of damage at airport in Manta, Ecuador – @cantadocuencano

  61. star48 Avatar

    SWC, damage in Quito
    See Reports of earthquake damage at indoor sports arena in Quito, Ecuador – @malenasofiamf

  62. star48 Avatar

    2 earthquakes in 5 range” —both in an almost perfect straight line..
    M5.0 – 60km E of Caucete, Argentina

  63. star48 Avatar

    earthquake in 5 range in Argentina…practically lines up with the other.
    M5.2 – 52km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

  64. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Chile.
    Unprecedented ‘red tide’ crisis deepens in Chile’s fishing-rich waters

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  66. star48 Avatar

    Us flag drooping…
    Us forces mounted unsuccessful mission to rescue…hostages in Afghanistan.

  67. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Chile EQ 7.7. tsunami alert…Christmas day!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Is this telated to the 7 7 7? The 7.7 eq ?

  68. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Picture of freeway collapse..

  69. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Tsunami alert cleared..

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