Predictions 1-16-16

I had a visual of a beach shoreline with very large bolder rocks. Then the visual switched and I was shown a map of an island mass. There where two parts of the land mass, which implies either New Zealand or Japan. Then on the south side of the map there was the earthquake symbol of several rings extending outward.
I had a visual of a crack quickly form across a sidewalk, with a loud popping noise.

I had a visual that it was about to become 7 o clock.
A message that another terror attack was about to happen.

Its still unclear what 7 even means. We need to go back and check the old predictions and see if 7 is apart of any old predictions that discuss terror attacks.

Predictions 1-6-16   I had a vision of a train arriving, on the window of the train was the number 7. It slowly crept into the train station.

Belgium: I had a visual that an alarm was going off, but then the police showed up and the alarm was silenced.

Clearly a message that several of the predictions discussing the terror attack in Belgium have passed as foiled events. However Spirit questions the very first vision about a bomb going off, but we will continue to verify. Bottom line the majority of those predictions have passed.

New York: I had a visual of two football helmets coming together. “Eric that is your timing for the attack.”

Russian Airplane attack: “Very soon, very much coming.”

Predictions 1-5-16   466 in bold.
“Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.”
I had a visual that a bomb was moving through an airport terminal, or baggage area. Keep in mind that 466 could be seen as just the number 466 or a message ‘for 66’.

Predictions on 12-4-15     “Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

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50 thoughts on “Predictions 1-16-16

  1. Eric, thanks so much for verifying those Belgian predictions! Please keep us updated on that bombed building you mentioned. Hope those other predictions that you mentioned don’t end up happening and somehow they are stopped. Let’s pray!

  2. Hi Eric,
    The number 7 Subway line goes from Queens to Manhattan…All the way from Flushing-Main Street to one stop past 42nd st. Times Seuare.
    This is an extremely crowded subway. I pray nothing happens.

  3. Anyone wishing to discuss the two football helmets or any of ELPs predictions, I have set up a website at There is a chat/shoutbox available and a forum to post in. All free, no spam or advertising. The site is only a place for open discussion and does not replace Eric’s site here. Still come here for his predictions and to talk with Eric.

    • Hi Lou

      How did you choose the name? Are you Greek? Do you know what Aggelos means ? It’s Angel and in Greek it’s written as you present it!

      • Hi Popi, I am not Greek but I do love Greek olives. 🙂 I have 3 jars in the refrigerator now. 🙂 The name came to me in a dream actually. I had to go look it up to understand the name.

  4. Eric I don’t actively participate on this site but I am fascinated by your predictions and how accurate they are. I felt the need to come out because i am really concerned about Spirit’s prediction about an attack happening in Super Bowl. The reference to 7 and the trains pictured all seem to point it happening in the SF Bay Area where the Super Bowl is taking place. If you read this article it says that the ticket holders will get to the Super Bowl by train! How and who can we notify about this? This must be stopped! I’m scared some tragedy is going to happen 😦

    • Alma you can comment whenever you want! A few things here. It is very common for them to use an unrelated event to discuss the timeframe. However there is another very old prediction that discusses a terror attack in or about SF. It never happened and was assumed to be a failed prediction. We will be asking for more details as the timing draws closer. The hope is to focus on those events that are just about to happen.

      • Timing could be the Superbowl as pointed out by Kim (first post) and location pointed out by Alma (above) but then you mention on the 1-4-16 prediction “New” thinking it could reference New York. It’s plausible that the timing is 7 Feb but the location and event still appears unclear. Just an observation.

      • Thanks so much Eric. If I can contribute anything useful or insightful I will chime in. I am just sick of these terrorists getting away with literal murder. It seems like last week we got hit 3 times in different parts of the world. Three days in a row! It seems like they are trying to prove to the world that they are powerful and can get away with it. I am just hoping that they all eventually get caught. Hopefully with enough warnings the authorities take action before anything else happens.

  5. Just a question
    Can the prediction of big boulders on a shoreline and island mass be Cape Town South Africa. We have Robben Island, Madagascar.

  6. Eric,here in New Zealand we have the Moeraki Boulders which are unusually large and spherical in shape and are found on the Otago Coast in South Island..I thought of them straight away after seeing your post as they are unusual and unique to the South Island .Deborah

  7. I am Wondering about the Caribbean, there are 2 huge Islands consisting of Cuba for one and Haiti/Dominican for the other. This area is experiencing multiple midrange earthquakes of late, and I am sure they must have rocky shorelines.

  8. Eric I found a place called “Boulder Bay” off of Auckland New Zealand. There are two islands right next to each other and large boulders on the shore line. If you zoom in and out you can get a better idea of the area. Thought it strange it is actually called “Boulder Bay”. I will research some more and see what else I can find. I was wondering if this could be related to the old post for NZ, AU, Plymouth.


  9. Thought I would pass this picture on of Newfoundland Canada. The entire Eastern shoreline in full of boulders. In addition they have many islands.

    • doesn’t look like boulders to me. Boulders, I actually live near the Moeraki Boulders, and there is no earthquake coming for out area. We’re actually looking at asia, Japan or Thailand with an accompanying Tsunami, there are many who are preparing and being prepared to pass from this event. IT is the way they have chosen to leave and the time they have chosen

  10. Hi Eric
    Could you ask your spirits who will win the premier league this season so I can put a bet on
    Personally I think Manchester City will win it but you can’t rule our arsenal or Leicester City
    Thanks eric

  11. Reply
      • Eric, no damage.,, too deep…….in the water. No tsunami .,
        And 120km WNW of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand.(. Way north of north island )
        This could just be one …not the one spirit mentioned..

      • Star48, I’ve heard/read on the dutchsinse site that a really deep earthquake usually triggers or causes another more destructive shallower earthquake in another area further away. Do you have any knowledge of that or know if that’s true? Blessings.

      • Jules104, you are correct..
        .that has happened frequently. A precursor on or near the area plate.
        Experts can say the opposite .
        My opinion is that a shallower earthquakes are in the immediate future.,
        Remember my opinion …not the experts…they follow many differant drummers..

      • Thanks Star48. Always love to hear your opinions on things even though you may not be a so called “expert” on the matter. In my opinion…the earth is in a time of great change and so the “experts” may have to think outside of the box somewhat. Can’t wait for the day to come when the experts can pinpoint exactly where and when the quake/tsunami will happen and act accordingly by warning those in that area …saving many lives. Blessings.

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