Japan Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Please pray for all the victims and families of Japan.  The last part of the messages was assumed to be New Zealand?

Predictions 1-22-16  I had a visual of the word ‘Japan’ then they showed a bottle with the word Japan. The visual switched to show an earthquake. “It will be fairly big.”

Now they are pointing to a direct location. Not sure why they used a bottle.

Predictions 1-16-16   I had a visual of a beach shoreline with very large bolder rocks. Then the visual switched and I was shown a map of an island mass. There where two parts of the land mass, which implies either New Zealand or Japan. Then on the south side of the map there was the earthquake symbol of several rings extending outward.
I had a visual of a crack quickly form across a sidewalk, with a loud popping noise.

I had a visual that it was about to become 7 o clock.


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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59 Responses to Japan Earthquake

  1. Lori H says:

    Hi Eric, this report: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ indicated it was a M7.1. Maybe that is where the 7 on the clock came from?

  2. melbrake says:

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, of the first and second Japan quakes were predicted.

  3. star48 says:

    a Landslide from this EQ..
    “Saturday earthquake triggered a landslide in the village of Minami Aso, Kumamoto, Japan, where mud flows and rocks swept away homes – AFP”


  4. Ivetta says:

    This quake and several others are probably precursors. So maybe the glass bottle is to signify if the volcanoes blow. Total random guess, I guess lava would have been a better clue than a bottle. Regardless, there’s most likely more to come in Japan.

  5. star48 says:

    Eric, Video with updated information on YouTube.
    also includes pictures of Landslides and gives information oh how much earth movement has been calculated..
    How I found this Video it was shown on a FB page..Dutchsinse (the one with the heart on logo.)
    Since not all of you are on FB..I did a search and found it..

  6. star48 says:

    SWC, FYI..
    7.8 on coast of Ecuador…tsunami alert only concern Ecuadoe Columbia..
    I put info on Rubber band thread, South America spirit commented on.

    • star48 says:

      3-29-16 is the Rubber band thread.

    • Mary says:

      Have noticed it as it kept swaying every hour or so in Japan now in Ecuador has 7.8 magnitude. Now my concern is Calif or west coast of USA will be next as there are huge movement on the rings of fire along the NZ/ Australia, Japan, Alaska, CA and South America. FRANK Hooverbeat on dutchsine.com is corrected about the planets alignment as he noticed it occurred from time to time. Maybe not always but it occurred in past history. I give him credits for that as he is committed to his fascinating as how the earthquakes created.

      Also on April 8th, in Oregon as reported that the residents heard the loud “boom” as there is no fireworks or anything that caused loud boom. It was nearby the ancient volcano that could made that loud boom. With in a week later, the Japan had huge quakes. Something snapped along the Oregon to south America and to Japan. It’s like in the triangle shape as it shaped and formed the inner crust that molded the shapes of the upper crusts. It’s all natural process as it formed million years of outer crust. It’s awesome cool as how the earth created in million and billion of years.

      Another thing g to keep in mind as I believe in Cayce predicted that partial of Japan will be undersea and there will be new ground or island. So will the west of US coastline will be undersea.

      Praying for the people in Japan and Ecuador.

  7. rhona says:

    Swc 7.4 in Ecuador ….maybe cotopaxi is to rumble …here is past prediction…Perdenales close to epicenter is 234 miles from cotopaxi and 173 from Quito https://worldwidepredictions.com/2015/07/16/notes-on-7-16-15/…….

    • star48 says:

      Rhona, it was upgraded.. 7.8 mag. Deeper at 19.2 KM.
      April 13 th volcano report..

      Santiaguito (Guatemala): A violent explosion associated with a partial dome collapse occurred Monday morning at the Caliente dome. The eruption generated an ash column that rose several kilometers and a pyroclastic flow that traveled through the canyon draining from the dome complex to the SE.
      Since this event, the dome has returned to normal activity with only occasional smaller explosions. Weak effusive activity continues to generate rock falls on the dome’s eastern flank.

      Fuego (Guatemala): Another paroxysm (the 6th this year so far) started last night at the volcano. Intermittent strombolian explosions merged into lava fountaining reaching 400 m height and increased lava effusion has been feeding a lava flow that had reached 2 km length into the Las Lajas ravine (SE side).
      In its bulletin this morning, INSIVUMEH reports strong tremor accompanying the rise of new magma. An ash plume has been rising to 5,500 m a.s.l. and drifting 25 km drifting to the S, SW and W, where ash fall is occurring. Strong shock waves from the explosions at the summit can be felt in several kilometer radius.
      People in the area should avoid being near in or near river beds, particularly on the SE side, because of the likely occurrence of pyroclastic flows – glowing avalanches triggered by the partial collapse of the steep lava flow, which can reach several kilometers length and have been produced during most of the volcano’s recent similar eruptive phases.

      I will check on Cotopaxi…

    • jules104 says:

      There’s something strange going on because I was just wondering about if the volcano would be an issue now Rhona. Like I think it then open next email there it is. Think it open next email there it is. Strange but we are all connected right? Praying for everyone there and hoping it’s finished, no volcano eruption.

    • jules104 says:

      Rhona,Star48. Have you thought of the V? Roman numeral five? Could it be volcano issues instead maybe?

      • rhona says:

        Hi Jules104 …have any of us mentioned the earthquake intensity scale for ” V ” ..the intensity for a quake 4.9 to 5.9 is a roman numeral v a 5.5 quake woul give us thre 5’s if the meteor created a 5.5 shake .. What are your thoughts on this

      • jules104 says:

        Hi Rhona, I was trying to go back and search all the posts on the V. I thought there was a recent one where the Spirits said 5,5,5 I can’t find it though so maybe not. And I think Eric had a comment on what his thoughts were of what it was related to (location?). Anyway I forgot this prediction goes all the way back to May 2015. The earthquake intensity scale could be it though. I just saw there have been earthquake swarms at Yellowstone area now. Oh I meant to add that I had read earlier the President of Ecuador was in Rome when the earthquake happened and had to cut his planned visit to the Vatican short to return for the emergency in his own country. Thought that was weird. But I feel I am just finding Roman numeral Vs all over in anything now. 😳 Intensity scale seems more likely.

  8. Deborah says:

    7.8 earthquake in Ecuador. A tsunami threat has been issued.


  9. star48 says:

    Rhona the Volcano reports are not 24/7 for us..
    Here is Smithsonian report..Sanjay. .( Ecuador)

  10. rhona says:

    Star 48 thanks for the update on volcanos …i tried to have a look at Cotopaxi the government is still contoling media releases am i right…S.Sw hmm i have a little hunch about a quake quite some distance from volcanic activity rember the string theory ..i will do some rsearch and intuitive estimates ..keep us up to date with Cotopaxi when you have something …

  11. rhona says:

    Jules 105 good point it might well have to do with a volcano level v( 5 )alert.putting much light and love to ecuador
    Star 48 i im thinking Oceanic Trench because os S Sw movement of magma it just tickles a theory of magnetic echo …off coast Peru or Chilli …what are your thoughts

  12. rhona says:

    Hi Star 48 im no expert and what im suggesting intuitively is based on the principle of the earths magnetic forces and how at present the magnetics seem quite active at present with all the volvanic and large quakes going off triggeringelectrimagntic currents and sparks sending currents all iver the place bouncing off and attracting each other all at the same time
    the word echo is my word or it
    Here i have included a link that better explains what i cant… http://www.google.com.au/url?q=http://education.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/magnetism/&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjV3_Dd75XMAhUP8GMKHfyeDaUQFggdMAM&usg=AFQjCNEpbo-J850NikCtYgr4BViy0Wnehw
    There is also another one called Dynimo theory i will post if you wish to read
    i hope this helps what im trying to convey ..

    • jules104 says:

      Thanks for the article Rhona. I find it interesting that it’s also talking about magnetic pole shifts. There’s so much we still have to learn about our planet.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Rhona, really appreciate that you found this article about the magnetism. I knew it had affect on human beings such as headaches, nausea, arthistris. etc. I knew something was up with the planets. I have very little understand as how it works but it’s incredibly amazing as it what can do by invisible.

      blessings to each and all!

  13. rhona says:

    sStar 48 meant to say magnetic echo in form of earthquake around Peru or Chille in particular an off shore response .. Im basing this on the magnetic flow of lava s..sw…and those areas being the most likely to respond geomagneticly

  14. rhona says:

    Star 48 im hope i can monitor the magma flow direction of other active volcanos to test my amateur theory …i understand its mire complicated and there are other fwctors involved but interesting
    thanks for your interest your always so supportive…

  15. rhona says:

    Jules im glad you enjoyed. Magnetics is a great force and it seems understanding its behavior is a challenge scientists will be studying for a long time to come …yes the pole shifts its amazing …no wonder we get unbalanced sometimes may our own magnetics haveing a polar shift lol..

  16. Jim McAdams says:

    I have seen how Japan will be destroyed. In the year 2630 there will be several nations that attack the US with nuclear weapons, Japan is not one of them. US defenses intercept every nuke.3 days later a comet the size of Utah hits the US.splitting tectonic plates at miss river Causing a titalwave over 300 feet high moving at incredible speed. Japan is destroyed.

  17. rhona says:

    Hey Jules been there done that…the kids tell me to reduce my iron intake and ditch the magnetic bracelet ..lol..

  18. rhona says:

    Mary im a supporter of people sometimes feeling magnetic energy in their bodies ….its been documented that some people have problems with m.r.i afer tests …if we didnt have a magnetic field wevwouldnt exist….i get atmospheric headaches from.thunder storms approaching …some places issue warnings for people.suffering migrain during low atmospheric pressure …one advantage of getting older migraines have disappeared though my daughter and son get them… In bad weather .
    When i had my procedure…i said to hospital staff thunder storm.on its way…they said ni way as blue skies and weather reports hadnt mentiined it…but my body told me .sure enough twi days later we had a thunder storm.
    I read on the other thread about how you suffer symptoms you must be very connected and you can ease this by imagining your energy roots goung into the earth and taking up mother earths grounding energies…it does work go around bare foit it is a natural blood thinner that science has proven …google it fasinating read

    • rhona says:

      wow Star 48 thats amazing a string of quakes thery are stumped …magma movement? but the experts would know if it was that ..wouldnt they? and the fault line being longer and closer to Aoa volcano .i think thats the nameit sound ominous

      • star48 says:

        Eric, SWC,
        the Japanese JMA..has halted all reporting of aftershocks.

        The Yomiuri Shimbun
        The Japan Meteorological Agency has stopped announcing the probability of aftershocks in Kumamoto Prefecture because past occurrences are not providing the guide they did before, according to an agency official.

        The decision to stop announcing estimates is unusual, since the JMA has always released probabilities, with the exception of earthquake swarms.

        Aftershock probabilities are usually calculated based on data compiled from past cases, like those indicating the downward trend in the frequency of aftershocks. The JMA would typically make announcements such as, “Over the next three days, there is a probability of aftershocks measuring lower 5 or higher on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7.”

        After a magnitude-6.5 quake jolted the region at 9:26 p.m. on April 14, the JMA released one announcement that there was a 20 percent probability of aftershocks measuring lower 6 or higher. Afterward, however, the main quake struck at 1:25 a.m. Saturday, measuring 7 on the intensity scale and with a magnitude of 7.3.

        Seismic activity subsequently spread to Kumamoto Prefecture’s Aso region as well as Oita Prefecture. The JMA has not released any aftershock estimates since.Speech

      • jules104 says:

        Well that’s rather concerning Star48. Thanks for the link.

  19. rhona says:

    Mt Aso ! correction … praying and love light to All Japan …

    • star48 says:

      Rhona, Jules104,
      the halting of reporting of aftershocks and where they are…to me is ominous ….( my opinion) how can anyone not put out the facts…so theory and analysis be concluded..
      The stopping of information.,..is very troubling, and should be noted by all…

  20. star48 says:

    SWC, drone took pictures on 18 th it pictures exposes surface fractures.
    Very clear and informative..

  21. star48 says:

    update…..article stating 1000 aftershocks..very unusual.
    Also steps that are being taken to date.

  22. star48 says:

    SWC, another Volcano eruption in Japan..
    Photo: Smoke rises from a reported eruption of the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima, Japan –
    See. http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/volcanoes/

  23. star48 says:

    SWC, a report on Japan.– just out..
    .. Linked chain of EQ could happen anywhere..

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