Predictions 1-22-16

I had a visual of the word ‘Japan’ then they showed a bottle with the word Japan. The visual switched to show an earthquake. “It will be fairly big.”

Now they are pointing to a direct location. Not sure why they used a bottle.

Spirit talked about Diana as a timeframe which implies Monday as it was the original name of Monday. We are expecting a prediction around that day.

“The ‘group’ of leaders are doing an egregious corrupt act, shady, and its about to be outed.. money.. Someone will be fired. ” — Spirits Voice

By group I assume they mean parliament or congress.


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    1. Hi Star48. Hope you don’t mind…That is what happened to me also, but it started a while ago. I wasn’t getting replies, posts, etc. I believe I may have missed some very important replies, news, updates from you at the time. One of them I came across later having to do with your loved one who past. I wish I had known and would like to convey my sincere condolences for your and your daughters loss. I apologize now though rather late, for being out of the loop during that time. I wish you many blessings and hope Eric can get the issue you are experiencing fixed. 🙂

      1. Thank you Jules104 for your compassion.
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        1. Hi Star48. Glad to see that you got it all taken care of. I think I do get most messages but I try to take a look at the posts and comments every once in a while just in case. Yes Thank You invisible hands of WordPress. 🙃🙂😉Blessings Always

      2. Jules104,Eric
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  2. Why cant the spirits be more direct? Why not say Monday instead of hinting with a clue like Diana? They might not have time where they are but they know we do and surely it would not be hard for them to say something will happen a certain month or day.

  3. eric regardless, I really do appreciate all the help, the spirts give, no matter, where they are from, as, there is a lot of different places, that spirts are from. no one can expect them, to be more human like, as the human form, and the way we use words and sounds, are very primitive, to most spirits, keep up the great work, helping and also teaching all of us, as well!

  4. I had a dream last night…i was watching TV and the news came on. The female newsreader said “there has been an earthquake measuring 10 in New Zealand”. As youve mentioned in your previous prediction youve said a quake will hit NZ.I live in the Wellington metro area and its 161 years since weve had our biggest ever quake of 8.2 on the richter but a quake of magnitude 10 is off the scale….watching my dream very carefully.

    1. size doesn’t really matter when you take into account the fact that the christchurch 6.3 was the most powerful earthquake on record with a PGA of 2.2 times the force of gravity only beaten by the Japan earthquake, although because it was out to sea the christchurch earthquake remains the strongest on record that has hit under where people are living.

      we are in for at least one large earthquake this year. Not sure where just yet, just know it’s scheduled and people should top up their kits, The earthquakes do seem to be heading more into the north island. Wont be this one, Japan or thailand with a possible tsunami and large amount of people readying to pass with it.

      I remember an article a year or so ago in the local rag down here about the alpine fault, saying that when it goes it would be around or above a 10, and that it would be felt in australia, I remember at the time it was a kiss your butt goodbye earthquake, LOL. I do think a 10 is possible for us, I remember being told by my people that it was possible and I would leave right before it happens. There seems to be a very large quakes coming this year and solar flares in the talks coming as well, all just part of the planets vibration increasing, but an interesting year it wil be.

    2. I did too but not in NZ. I had strange dream almost too real yesterday morning. I dreamed of my mother’s home in Oklahoma. It was flooding everywhere, and I tried to protect the giant black horse from drowning. We tiptoed on higher grounds where we can see from flooding. At the end, the storms settled and the horse was fine. We made it through monster storms. I believe it’s the symbolic in Dreams but I don’t know why the black horse cuz I don’t own one.


  5. SWC I came across two messages in.a bottle sent from Japan…..
    One was frim an Elementary school girl from Kokubu in sept 2011 here is link
    the other is a villiage called Hiraturemura in 1784 i wll post a link.on it next post….i cant.find the villiage and it seems others have had trouble too….good read though…
    I was wondering if maybe spirit was hinting at location with first story….any thoughts…
    Blessings x

    1. Wow great researching Rhona! I was trying to google and getting “googley Google eyes” I say to my grandkids when they have watched enough of the boob tube. I just couldn’t figure it out. Was thinking the same as you..hinting at something. Hmmmm…very interesting. Blessings.

  6. Hi SWC here is the link.on the Hiraturemura message in a bottle 1784
    Just scroll down to you get to it….lots of other goodies there too…….

  7. Hi Jules 104 Googley eyes lol an oldie but a goodie lol….
    Yeah i feel a hint there especially since 2011 is the Hirota Tsunami date….may something to do with location or another Tsunami generating quake…
    Sending over lighting energy and prayers via spirits knowledge of where they see this occuring….

  8. sorry here is for the 1784 message in a botle …again there are several stories un this link so just scroll down and i believe its 4th or 5th story…

    1. Thanks’s very intriguing and fascinating as how long the messages inside the bottles floating around the world. Amazing results!

      Could be as what Eric mentioned the bottles in Japan. Just wait and see if that what the Spirits meant to say.

      Blessings to you all, Eric and the Spirits!

  9. Star 48 yes i was thinking the same …noted before often… Japan is not far behind when alaska rumbles..

  10. Harvey im really glad you enjoyed reading messages in a bottle…as you said amazing..
    If it pans out to be in that area of Japan it is an interesting way to convey the hint…I confess to feeling sad at the thought of Japan being pounded again…may the warnings be timely for them or where any major quake hits…
    Blessings to you and yours..

    1. That’s so horrible, we need to pray for Taiwan. It is possible that the crack in the sidewalk is this event, and I made the mistake of adding the two island masses. For now we will leave it as a failed prediction, because it did show Japan in the visual.

      1. Eric, as you wish.
        Keep positive and the SWC will help spirit and you taste victory in the future.

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