Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion

This tragic prediction has happened. Pray for the safety of all those involved.


Predictions 9-22-17  I had a visual I was up high in the sky looking down at a port or Strait, a rig or platform was engulfed in a flames.


19 thoughts on “Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion

  1. Wow that’s crazy. They also have records that go back to 1362!? Well things are definitely picking up around the planet aren’t they. Thanks for the link Star48.

  2. Star48
    Oh wow so iceland is not going to be left out under any circumstances. .watch and see just how active she becomes .
    thanks for link ..
    The prediction Eric had about icecap volcano exploding hasnt happened ..has it ? ..

    • Rhona2,
      No, the volcano in icecap or snow has not happened yet..
      I thought maybe Alaska?..was hinted / impressioned at by Eric..

      Side note:: had a dream I was with CIA guy and a Dr. ( don’t laugh)in a VW bug)
      We were in serious discussion about some danger.and deciding how to proceed..
      .sitting in the car.
      .when one of the ours saw a tsunami wave coming..it was behind me..I could not see it..but I told the others that we would be okay..as the VW could float..
      We were okay.,a wild ride but okay..
      Strange dream..this must be the 4th or 5 th tsunami dream/ vision in my memory.l
      So I would say one is coming soon..or big change coming soon,(Harbinger)

      • star 48
        I think your right that Eric hinted at Alaska for volcano icecap..I had a search and all i came up with was some from 2014 that mentioned iceland. .
        but that was Bardabunga time.
        and I thought there was one more recent like last 6months or so .
        so yes I recall Alaska …will look .

      • Star48
        It just struck me re reading your dream
        CIA and Dr
        could be hinting that Drs need to investigate bug ..
        just a thought

      • That’s a good catch by Rhona on possible bug/plague. Or maybe it occurs after the tsunami. Like what’s in the water? It’s toxic?

  3. Star48, Rhona. It’s late here but gave in and went into Christmas decorating mode. 🤶🏻👧🏻👦🏼🎄 So….Just saw that deep Fiji. Now 6.7 Loyalty Islands 13 km depth. I noticed lots of activity in South America also. Then the South Indian Ocean EQ. Hm.
    Star 48, that was a wild dream. I love it.😆 And a vw bug. I’d say you are right though a tsunami is coming soon. Sri Lanka? So many options. Hope not here.🙏🏻
    Could be the Iceland Volcano is Eric’s northern area that’s cold prediction then eh?
    Blessings You Two🙏🏻

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the link on Earth rotation slow down for 2018. .wow 5 periods yhey are expecting 25 to 30 times intensity
    .😨😲and they are giving a 5 year heads up for nexxt 20years ..Easy they say ? well we better buckle up ..
    happy you thought the bug idea was a possibility. .

    New Caladonia gave a big 7m at 12km
    there have been after shocks of
    5.1m…x 2 and a 5.8m more will likely follow as it reduces in intensity one would hope that will be the trend .


  5. Star 48 Jules
    Mexico Flag ..im hedging between Off shore Oaxaca and Tijuana. .long distance i know .
    hoping not Mexico city .


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