Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion

This tragic prediction has happened. Pray for the safety of all those involved.


Predictions 9-22-17  I had a visual I was up high in the sky looking down at a port or Strait, a rig or platform was engulfed in a flames.


569 thoughts on “Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion

  1. Wow that’s crazy. They also have records that go back to 1362!? Well things are definitely picking up around the planet aren’t they. Thanks for the link Star48.

  2. Star48
    Oh wow so iceland is not going to be left out under any circumstances. .watch and see just how active she becomes .
    thanks for link ..
    The prediction Eric had about icecap volcano exploding hasnt happened ..has it ? ..

    1. Rhona2,
      No, the volcano in icecap or snow has not happened yet..
      I thought maybe Alaska?..was hinted / impressioned at by Eric..

      Side note:: had a dream I was with CIA guy and a Dr. ( don’t laugh)in a VW bug)
      We were in serious discussion about some danger.and deciding how to proceed..
      .sitting in the car.
      .when one of the ours saw a tsunami wave coming..it was behind me..I could not see it..but I told the others that we would be okay..as the VW could float..
      We were okay.,a wild ride but okay..
      Strange dream..this must be the 4th or 5 th tsunami dream/ vision in my memory.l
      So I would say one is coming soon..or big change coming soon,(Harbinger)

      1. star 48
        I think your right that Eric hinted at Alaska for volcano icecap..I had a search and all i came up with was some from 2014 that mentioned iceland. .
        but that was Bardabunga time.
        and I thought there was one more recent like last 6months or so .
        so yes I recall Alaska …will look .

      2. Star48
        It just struck me re reading your dream
        CIA and Dr
        could be hinting that Drs need to investigate bug ..
        just a thought

      3. That’s a good catch by Rhona on possible bug/plague. Or maybe it occurs after the tsunami. Like what’s in the water? It’s toxic?

  3. Star48, Rhona. It’s late here but gave in and went into Christmas decorating mode. 🤶🏻👧🏻👦🏼🎄 So….Just saw that deep Fiji. Now 6.7 Loyalty Islands 13 km depth. I noticed lots of activity in South America also. Then the South Indian Ocean EQ. Hm.
    Star 48, that was a wild dream. I love it.😆 And a vw bug. I’d say you are right though a tsunami is coming soon. Sri Lanka? So many options. Hope not here.🙏🏻
    Could be the Iceland Volcano is Eric’s northern area that’s cold prediction then eh?
    Blessings You Two🙏🏻

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the link on Earth rotation slow down for 2018. .wow 5 periods yhey are expecting 25 to 30 times intensity
    .😨😲and they are giving a 5 year heads up for nexxt 20years ..Easy they say ? well we better buckle up ..
    happy you thought the bug idea was a possibility. .

    New Caladonia gave a big 7m at 12km
    there have been after shocks of
    5.1m…x 2 and a 5.8m more will likely follow as it reduces in intensity one would hope that will be the trend .


  5. Star 48 Jules
    Mexico Flag ..im hedging between Off shore Oaxaca and Tijuana. .long distance i know .
    hoping not Mexico city .

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. I’ve heard it’s overdue. A “cozy” 99 % chance of 6.7 or greater any day. Have you noticed the small quakes that have been occurring right around the edges of the Bay Area lately? It’s made me wonder about that N CA quake prediction that hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Star48 Jules 104
    Im posting info from singer .now im not sure if this is correct because im new at getti g these type of messages.normally its flashes and insights over the years ..
    so here goes
    Murchison Texas came through …
    I have no other info other than it will be with 2 to 3 weeks ..
    im swaying toward weather ..but i will stay open and see what comes through ..I did not know there was a Murcheson in Texas till i looked it up..

  7. Rhona I thought of the Baghdad flag you got when I saw these quakes pop up earlier. That’s great you are getting clairaudient. Wow. I’ll have to look up that area Murchison, Texas. Never heard of it. Did you get the feeling it was weather then? Keep us posted.

    1. Jules 104
      Thank you ..as we all do I have Eric in my thoughts constantly
      .Im hoping we get an update on his condition
      sooner than later .

  8. Star48 Jules 104
    Star hayward fault article warning ..Its coming in
    as a type of nudge maybe from spirit that its not too far off .. we havw been keepi g 2atch for a long time on this one ..It reminds me of Rubver band prediction .
    Thank you for the link ..

      1. so cool Jules …haha Thank you ..
        Forgot about that castle / dolls house one ..hmm
        If we are talking about it ..Im reckoning a watch ..

    1. oh my goodness Star 48
      Thats just over the top freaky .there is way too much weirness going on ..im getting realky concerned ..there is an answer i just dont have it ..poor farmer ..im shocked .

    1. Wow had not realized how much more powerful that is then the San Andreas Fault. And nobody is EQ proof ready in that area I’m sure. 😳

  9. Star48 Jules 104
    Star New Madrid Fault wow even though we a cluey and read up on it ..its quite sobering to read the article you posted on it .
    goodness between Madrid fault ..Yellowstone and California turning into a giant lake ..hope it all doesn’t hapoen in same year of any decade
    to come . that would be most of USA under disaster relief …doesnt bare contemplating .
    yikes 😨😦😲😱

    side note Just got flag SanFrancisco
    “Sitten on dock of a Bay ”
    This is a 3 flagger if its sizable i asked singer to do ..so thats the first .
    blessings you two
    are you both any better😷😩😶😊

    1. Thanks Rhona. Oh I sure hope it’s not the, “after a gathering”. Yikes…but I’ve been getting an odd feeling something surely is about to go. Keep us posted. 🙏🏻🌟😇

  10. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for the links and updates. Family arrived yesterday so may be out of pocket somewhat. Will try and keep up. 😆🤗🙏🏻😇🌟

      1. Thanks for the link Star48. Interesting about the different types. There are actually a lot of pretty healthy wild turkeys here on the coast.😆 Who’d have guessed.🦃👩🏻‍🍳

  11. Jules104,
    Understand..about out of pocket…have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃with your family and friends..
    I will be cooking myself..a mini feast..🦃
    so will give thanks 🙏🏻for you and Rhona..and your mentor ship and friendship..

    I am thankful 🙏🏻that Eric is back! and thriving…! Still praying..🙏🏻😇for his recovery..

    1. Thank You Star48. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. 🦃
      Yes same here. Absolutely thankful for the both of you!❤️❤️🌟🌟💫🤗🤗
      Thankful for finding Eric and his site and all of our wonderful friendships here.
      I bet your “mini feast” will be fantastic. 😋 Yumyum. 🦃🍗🍠🌽🥖🍏🥟

      1. A slight aside….(not if I’m cooking) I get to reading and time gets away from me sometimes…I have had to cultivate a love of charcoal….😀

    1. No hadn’t seen this for Northern Oregon. Very interesting. Did you see any Volcano pop ups for “Great Sitkin Volcano Activity” from USGS? Got one in my email. Pressure increase I’m sure. Volcano alert level raised to “Yellow”. Just a matter of time I think. Somethings got to give soon. 🤔

  12. Star48 Jules 104
    Though im not with you or in your country for Thanksgiving I wish you a happy Thanksgiving .Singer is chimming in and gives ..
    “Amazing Grace ” and Star he says Charcoal is great he likes well done…
    I believe he is poppungvin to seexeach of you and he says there will be little signs he is there .Next to xmas which he adored Thanksgiving is special to him ..
    Enjoy You two .
    Im Thankful for both of you and my whole existence .
    xxxx 💞 🎵🎶🍗🌽

    1. Rhona so funny. Thanks for well wishes. While on the way to picking up Family yesterday, I decided to go further north and cut over east to airport in Eugene. There is a huge billboard with Elvis playing his guitar on it. Someone playing as him somewhere. My immediate thought was to laugh and think of you and how odd it was for that big billboard to be on the Coast there, and was he sending a message. So tell Singer I got it and hello from Oregon. 😇🙏🏻🌟🤣 Still laughing. My sister wants to know what I’m laughing at. Oh well. Hugs 🤗

      1. Jules 104
        Oh my thats hilarious 😂😂😂🎵🎸🎸🎸Yes thats it his way of saying Hi ..
        oh wow I’m laughing so much . what a hoot ..
        you were meant to go that way oe he knew you would ….

  13. Star48. ..
    Thanks for fireball over Japan .it seems Leonid is not over yet with its firey show .

  14. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the redioactivity in thundersorms .
    article ..so good tgey are getting ahead with carbon dating due to these studies .
    and discovery .
    so interesting. .
    the mind has more questions than answers but thats science. .hey ?.
    and The volcanism ..hmm deep quakes lead to shallow larger ones comes to mind. .haha .
    yep thats great read too .
    side note
    Kuril Ises …4.5m at 379 km
    that could be one for Russia or Japan coming up .

  15. Star48 Jules 104
    Jules I noticed a 3.2M AT 198km off shore sth west of Vancouver also ..a tad north of
    the 4.7m you mentioned off Oregon..so a watch round there for sure .
    listing a round of deep quakes
    Columbia 4.0m at155km
    peru 4.7m at146m
    NZ 4.8m at 191km a hit for Dutch im think he mentiin this spot above and east of catchers mit
    Philippines 4.6m at 333km
    Fiji 4.5m at 515km
    4.3m at 117 km
    4.3m at 232km
    Alaska has had a couple over 100km low mag 1to 2..

    1. Rhona thanks for those updates. I saw that deepish one for Alaska also. And there was a 2.1 hit in Newberry Caldera, Oregon. That’s going across east from here in the Cascades near Bend. Old volcanos. Must be lots of pressure coming in. Hope Dutch adds a new update soon. Blessings

  16. Jules 104 Star 48
    wow jules that travelled east to cascades near bend ..ansolutely pressure release .hoping .
    another deep one
    Russia Preobrazheniye..between Russia and nth Japan in Northern Sea of Japan .
    a watch …4.3m at 38okm .

    1. Star48. Oh my golly, watching the simulation video and that was way too close for me. Ayyiyi! Thanks for the link. Does seem unusual.

  17. Star48 Jules 104
    yep I found it it was with reply about mystery booms to Jules ..
    sorry posted Bali Agung update twice .

    1. Rhona2,
      that is okay..I was posting it on my Facebook feed..at the moment you put on this post 2 no time…😀😂
      Good to keep a watch on it as increase in eq’s..as well..hope it is not just clearing its throat!

      1. Star48
        Yes Mt Agung could be clearing its throat ..great way to put it ..
        We just had on our news a couple hours ago, that she erupted again. Thats 3rd time in a week .
        There is nothing so far on news feeds or volcano discovery .
        great footage of the fire ball over Britain
        still ongoing by look of it .

      1. Star48
        oh wow things are hotting up for Agung prayers for all at her mercy if she does decide to blow high and hard .
        Thanks for linked article ..

      2. Thanks for update Star. Flee to where?😐 Praying for everyone’s safety there. Rhona that slow boat to China is coming to mind now. Where’s the boats?
        Just now update, USGS posting it as, 6.0 PNG

    1. What a mess eh? Hope those tourists can get out safely and back home. Just noticed pop up an EQ 5.8, 60 km depth PNG. Dutch warned area I saw last night. That and Sumatra area. Lots of pressure.

  18. Star 48 Jules 104
    😔😶😩😲links from clip board all over the place ..so sorry they are jumbled ..
    I think its not picking up the odd one then the sequence is thrown out .

  19. Star48, Rhona. Here’s Dutch’s latest update. Really good lots of warnings. Possibly bigger ones coming round this time. The warned areas start around minute 20. Solomon Sea Area is a big worry with more. He names possible Mexico City. Rhona didn’t you have something for that prior? Here’s the link. Blessings You Two. 🙏🏻🌟😇

    1. jules 104
      Yes singer said Mexico city .
      and i was hoping not .
      Thanks im about to listen to Dutch

  20. jules 104 Star 48
    Yes its the 19th November post ..He gave a flag ..i said I wanted one more if its Mexico city .does Dutch’s warning count as a flag .?😮😕

    1. Rhona not sure about Dutch flag.🤔😉 Well the warning was for all the way over to include Mexico City, and that set off warning bells since you’d already made a mention of it. Maybe won’t be to bad. Praying not.🙏🏻 Lots of other areas in that one update.😬 A bit of a worry for area up above Australia I think. Guess it’s a wait see.

    1. star 48
      Yes I agree with Jules heated water from what ?..
      Deep Warmer currents ..surely they will investigate ..and maybe there will be a follow up article ..would like to know what they find ..

  21. Rhona, Star48.
    5.3 EQ Whittier, Alaska 15 km depth. Dutch has two warned areas off WA and OR I believe then down to Southern CA. Maybe will be pushing down from Alaska then. Hopefully will stay in 5s off shore. 🙏🏻

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      I Recieved Juan da Fuca. .this morning .
      as my feet hir the floor on rising .
      I have asked singer to confirm .

    1. jules 104
      Hey …Thats a thought ..good catch ..
      Dutch also warning about Bay area .
      So S.F. or San Jose ..either is possible Jules .
      Nothing from singer yet ..
      Side Note ..Putting up xmas decorations ..
      tree looks great ..Im having a white xmas theme this year ..minus real snow ..oh well we can imagine 😇🎋🎍🎄❄❄⛄⛄⛄

      1. I agree either are possible. They are so close could be one in the same really. Seems SF has been getting tremors all around that bay area lately.
        Oh I bet your Christmas decorations will look wonderful. I just love the Christmas holiday season. So much cheer and all the pretty decorations and kids with sugar plums dancing around in their heads. 😆🎄🎅🏻🍬🍒🍭👀👦🏼👧🏻🌟 Yes we can always imagine! 🌬❄️☃️🤶🏻

    1. Oh that is creeping closer Rhona. Hm. Well no flags for you from Singer on that though right? Hopefully that’s it. Praying it creeps elsewhere! 🙏🏻 Praying for everyone’s safety in and around Perth. Keep us posted if it creeps any closer. 🤗

      1. jules 104
        Thanks Jules ..
        No singer has said nothing about Perth or West Aus…..
        im not worried just curiously intrigued by its creeping fashon ..i have never seen that before here ..
        Though im almist sure i felt small movement about the time it happened .
        normally my feet feel it like a buzz .
        but nothing …actually i have only had those symptoms once or twice since singer came in ..much more comfortable for me …I used to get them regularly before a world quake .. .
        have been a little nauseous and its weather related for sure ..
        nothing i cant handle ..
        just annoying so i ask spirit to help settle and i feel better as it passes .
        hmm thanks for reading my little prattle

    1. Rhona no reply box on above commment so commenting here.
      I love the prattles! 😄
      I’d be curious about that movement creeping over towards Perth also. Best to keep an eye on what it’s doing now for future reference eh?
      Oh that is interesting that you don’t feel so much buzzing in your feet since Singer showed up. Glad you are able to ask for some help so as to feel more settled.
      There have been quite a few tremors and quakes in that little round about area up there near Anchorage. Hope nothing bigger to come. I’d say 15-20 seconds probably felt like a whole five minutes for those experiencing that EQ. I keep imagining my Christmas tree doing a shimmy in a quake. Yikes!

      1. Jules 104
        Funny but not funny ..Me too I said to hubby ” oh man I had better secure these ornaments onto tree well this year. .or if we have a tremor it will shimmy shake them off .😂😂😂
        same page Jules .hahaha

  22. Star 48 Jules 104
    second flag for China ..
    ” Slow boat to China ” ..
    so it could refer to Napal or boarder areas .
    Tibet ..

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. There’s just a lot going on lately and lots of pressure everywhere it seems. Definitely something going on below.

        1. Eric,
          The space rock – dubbed “3200 Phaethon” after the Greek God – will come “quite close” to Earth on December 17.

  23. Star48 Jules 104
    a flag from singer
    “Going to California ”
    so thats secon CA flag …I asked for 3 flags as it draws closer .

    1. Rhona thanks for flags. I feel the Southern CA EQ prediction could still be coming up maybe. There’s been a lot around LA lately though. Guess it could be Northern too. Hm think I covered the whole state. 🙂🙃 Okay I’m sure you will post when there is a third flag. Blessings🙏🏻

  24. Star48 Jules 104
    Just checked deep quakes
    Banda sea Indonesia 5.7 at 173km
    Kuril Isle 4.8m at 205km
    Bonan yes Magama Japan 4.1m at 511km oho..
    these all are over 100km in 3’s and 4’s
    Mexico x3 of them
    Argentina x3
    Chile x5
    Costa Rica
    so another round of deep ones .

  25. Star48 Jules 104
    Star thanks for info on Fireball and Popo ..
    These fireballs are going to kero coming i think for another few weeks ..

  26. Star48 Jules 104
    Hi you two ..thought i would let you know
    NSW (new south wales ) and SA ( south Aust)
    are heading for severe storms and massive flooding .
    NSW is to be most of the state weather bom is saying ..a 10 out of 10 is how its being described .
    SA had ove 200,000 lightning strikes.
    Maybe this is one of Erics Floiding Predictions .
    Its not Brisbane ..but maybe location is off..



    1. Star48 Jules 104
      oh my goodnesd i have no idea why i quoted NSW..
      Its Victoria in the sth east of Australia .
      Melbourne .
      well good luck to all of them .
      prayers its not too destructive. .

    2. Rhona that’s what my thoughts were. A flooding prediction. So it’s Victoria in the South then. 10 out of 10 doesn’t sound good at all. Praying for them down under. 🙏🏻🌟

    1. Oh sheesh somethings coming up soon. I’ve been feeling like South America is going to have a Volcano or EQ or maybe it’s the meteor like Eric mentioned. It’s been really active.

      1. Star48, I was noticing some big downgrades earlier also. Sheesh. That Delaware EQ dutch warned on a week ago I think it was. So um…

  27. Jules 104 Star 48My reaction too was like Delaware😕😕hmm
    Jules yep was aware of San Jose in Sth America … makes Pin pointing an illusive feat when there are multiple places in the world with id names.
    I get a kick out of and Melbourne in the states and i think there is a Brisbane ..im sure u have seen other aus names there .

  28. Star 48 Jules 104
    Sydney and Melbourne in Florida
    Brisbane California
    Perth New York .
    hmm hahaha thats

  29. Star48 Jules 104
    last 7hours of deep ones
    Fiji 4.7m at 568km**
    mexico 4.9m at 149km
    Chile 3.0m at 109km
    Sth Peru 4.6 at 167km

  30. Rhona, Star48 here’s Dutch’s latest from this afternoon. He should have another update at 10:00 pm. He’s saying what’s happening now looks a lot like what happened last December with the two 7.9s near Soloman Islands and PNG then the big 8. inChili after on Christmas Day was it?

  31. Jules 104 Star 48
    Singer just gave North to Alaska .
    but that is also what i asked him to play if Juan de Fuca should be going to rumble . or off Oregon Coast
    so its a watch either way

  32. Star48 Jules 104
    Singer has been coming in with “siezure”
    . .its been 3days of constantly repeating the word ..At first i thought a medical implication ..
    but i got no..then he said Land .
    Im now wondering if its Iran in aomw way .because he said Bagdad ..it may not be a quake . east
    so wait and see .Im thinking seeing as things are heating up in middle east he may have been onto it a couple of weeks ago ..
    If so this signals another change in info he is giving me ..it may be getting broader ..
    blessings .

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Given the complicated situation between Iran and Saudi Arabia ..im not sure why singer would bring Bagdad in when its Iraq.im a little baffled where this is going …
      well its a wait c maybe im so wrong .

    2. Rhona I looked up east Baghdad and found this about the, “East Baghdad Oil Fields”. Also it seems there’s a lot of attacks going on in east Baghdad but that would be from more of a politics/religious/tribal aspect.
      Maybe these oil fields have a “seizure”. The pressure coming in is so great??? What’s east and next to Baghdad (Iraq)? Oops… Iran! Had to look it up. Guess it’s been a while.🤓Could it be something caused by what happens if Iran goes to war? Hm now I’m curious. Keep us posted.

    3. Rhona you probably already figured this out… land being seized. Land seizure! The East Baghdad Oil Fields?
      On another note…I’m just feeling there’s about to be a big quake somewhere real soon. I need to watch latest Dutch I guess.

      1. jules 104
        Yes I didnt really think when i first posted about oil fields .
        sounds really bad but i had to google stratigic positìon of Bagdad.
        i know theres the oil field stuff.i just dont pay no mind so it didnt come to me imediately..I have blanked those wars out ..aweful isnt it ..i should honor the men and women who have suffered..i do just try not to yhink anout it .
        so yeah could be right .
        Im not rulung out a quake though either .

    1. Wow yes agree with Rhona Star48. Eye opener for a lot of people I hope. Well now that you are getting EQs where there haven’t been any for millions of years. I think it’s only a matter of time before the public is up in arms over the irresponsible way they are drilling/fracking, wastewater injection etc. More is not better sometimes. I just hope we can “fix” it somehow.
      Thanks for the link Star.🌟

  33. Star48
    Oh wow what an eye opening study and revelation for them ..
    there we go just as we have all been worried about it induced quakes .
    Now the info is coming out liability could be a huge issue in the future …
    Thats just incredible and alarm bells must be ringing ..

  34. Star 48
    Look out east coast of Brazil for meteor.
    When you look at how they have progressed across the states ..now the latest one shows it could move further east and be on course for hit or siting in Brazil ..The Meteor prediction is about to unfold as Eric pointed out .

  35. Star48
    ohhh that old Dinasaur prediction.seems these articles are of old faults waking ties in with spirits prediction .
    ancient faults stirring there is a cycle implication ..like weather cycles why not tectonic cycles .thats scary and food for serious thought and preparedness ..
    It will be disatrous if thats whats happening. .
    we all know there is not really any true safe zone but this really puts a new alert flag up ..
    do you agree ? …Like we said there is no such thing as a sleeping fault ….

  36. Star48
    oops meant to comment on that asteroid list ..
    yes is therexanother list like two sets of books.
    I guess people might well panic if truth be known..sometimes i wonder ..do i agree with the general.public not knowing everything?
    only in certain circumstances i guess .but that is ambiguous .
    and gees its a tough call some of the time .
    but i lean much more to truth ..but you get your crazies that would do crazy stuff.
    oh dear I just realised that is what you mean?.right star.?.another list we dont know about?.
    or have i misunderstood ?.

    1. Star48
      wow Mother nature has her processes ..Thats amazing a silicone type seal on the coldra.
      that magama is not ready for release ..
      it must go through a refining type process of sorts maybe ..truly masterful by mother nature.

  37. Star48 Jules 104
    Last prediction from Eric mentions Imperial .
    Thinking Imperial Valley CA and Imperial canal could be a watch zone ..Thinking also San Andreas Fault terminating (Loosly) ..at Brawley Fault zone/ San Jacinto..maybe she is going to cause a push ..Salton Sea area comes to mind ..
    Im really working fast on this one with love and light on the stregnth of Erics dates being 4th or 5th possibly …

  38. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Okay …found a anomaly..from space and fits upwelling in New England..
    Now, the G2 storm coming…
    Something i s up!

  39. Rhona, Star48…I’m totally in agreement with both of you. I can feel it.😬 So I’m not sure what it’s going to be….Tsunami, EQ meteor strike, all three???…but somethings coming. Just last night I was going through Eric’s predictions and they led me to a CA EQ and S America Meteor. I was tracking the number 2. Don’t ask how I got there. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Just ended up there. Seems that all of these predictions end up revolving around some type of massive natural disaster. My question is the timing. Will there be repeats, are there repeats happening already? It’s a big jumble in my brain right now but I sense they are all related with Spirit giving us these clues and the keys they have mentioned previously. Anyway the Anza Gap slow slip comes to mind to include the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park which includes Imperial, CA. Rhona you are already onto it. That brings to mind the desert quake prediction. And ”Bodego” word. This word is usually accompanied by “slippery”, Slow slip? I was going to say, “that does seem far fetched” 😳 I’m sure a coincidence.
    And now the solar storm, (Dutch touched on that yesterday in a short update) happening during a deep EQ event and our coming out of a full moon closest to earth time period. And this is just me, but I am picking up on the “far reaching” prediction. Probably just too many predictions on the brain.🤯😆 Blessings.

  40. jules 104 Star 48
    Yes Bodego …borrego ..you are there too with it ..I did think of that one too ..
    Repeats im so with you ..i know there has been some …will look for some and let you know ….

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Exactly what we are worriwd about ..very real possibility ..skipping along fault lines ..That why spirit said to Eric hard to pin point where shock waves are coming from .spontanious sychronicity of stress release waves sub terrainian travel trigger.

    2. Oh I am with you on the skipping across faults Star48. And I believe it with Japan sending everyone into a World recession. Toyota and Boeing?😳

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Star here is hoping Deception Island just keeps her cap on ..
      wow such far reaching effects ..
      Super Moons will definitely influence some earth movement ..in my opinion .
      Thats unreal..

    1. Oh wow that’s not good but glad none of the school children were hurt. There is something else coming I think. I still wonder about all the 9s that popped up all over the world in Eric’s prediction that time.🤔

  41. Star 48
    Spanish quake and Malta ..Cyprus. .all
    remind me its possible Croatia ..wasnt it singer mentioned ..i recall when he said it I researched and thought hmm thats odd .not highly likely . but yeah it could happen.
    There are odd cycles commencing .

    1. Star48
      we have just had a warning on our radio that
      many traffic lights all over metro are have been knocked out of timing sequence .
      could be effect of solar flare…
      will have to recheck but werent they supposed to hit 5th and 6th ..? very odd announcer said !
      whuch it is we dont get that so wide spread usually individual teaffic light stations ..not this .

      1. star 48
        I also felt quite off balance this morning
        a little more vertigo than usual . wodered why ..it matches up . something is hittinf perth area .

      2. Star48
        sorry just read your previous G2 storm post .
        Yes 4th and 5th for northern hemisphere being 5th 6th here
        easing by your 7th it says ..
        so maybe thats the answer to our traffic lights . radio playing up too loosing its signal frequently .

      3. Rhona2,

        I understand…power grid fluctuations..magnetic variations affect..us, mammals etc.,

        I usually have no issues sleeping…however my sleep has been off…unusual for me..
        Could not sleep..my sleep pattern changed…
        As if waiting….

    1. Rhona2,
      I think it was the NZ reference…not the Plymouth reference…
      If I remember correctly it was south east ..not at Plymouth on the coast…
      So no, it is still open.,l

      1. Thanks you Star 48
        New plymouth still open ..I kinda remembered it that way too.
        will look again.

  42. Rhona, Star48. Another deep one, 4.5 Banda Sea 323 km depth.
    Also I had a thought lastnight. The VA or Va. could that be Ventura, CA wild fires? Dutch pointed out its a large area for drilling/fracking. It was the exact spot for a warned EQ. for the time period. He’s wondering about a cracked casement pipe then an explosion or such from earth movement causing the fire. Prior to that I had watched December’s Farsight Project Remote Viewing. They have a part on a large out of control fire coming into or around a city. It all starts from something that happens in the forest. The girl really focused on this thing that happened in the forest first. When I saw the fires and then Dutch’s mention I immediately remembered this specific remote viewing. I can’t find the recent Va or VA Eric had on his predictions. I thought it had to do with an earthquake though. What do you think? Ventura- Va?

    1. jules 104
      Va could well be Ventura ..it all correlates .
      yes though i do recall it being an earthquake
      that it was to be .
      Dutch even noting the possibility ..
      I think your on the right track or it seems so .
      good work Jules .
      The puzzle continues to have us working it ..

    1. Star 48
      FLORIDA seems the trajected path is on target for Brazil ..
      side note
      saw this 4.1m at 168km
      for Mont serrat it says its near Plymouth .
      so there is another Plymouth in the mix .

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        So Sorry Star just scolled up and saw your Reference to Plymouth and Mont serrat ..synch in a way as i didnt see your post we are on same page 😉

  43. Jules 104 Star 48
    I just want to start this post with heartfelt prayers for Ventura and LA ..i just heard they are expecting hurricane force winds .
    Spirit be with them love and light to dropping of wind force .

    side note .
    I was researching Montserrat and there are Flamingos prolific there as well as incredible bird life .
    ” Where the bird sits ” comes to mind .
    here is a prediction with Flamingos and our posts are interesting .


    adding a list of birds of montserrat
    Interesting when you tie in with Plymouth .

    1. Thank you for the prayers sent for Southern California fires Rhona. How horrible to have this happening let alone during the holidays.
      Yes where the bird sits and I see there are turkey vultures there amongst many others. Wow. That is really interesting with the Plymouth tie in, I agree. Good catch.

    1. Star48, thought I’d replied earlier but maybe forgot send?? This is really concerning. A depression growing 18” a day, glacial leakage, worse than Mt Vesuvius? Needs watching for sure.

    2. Star48
      oh my this has me remembering the
      Icecap prediction…
      Oraefajokull is only 200 from Reyjavik
      not only that but the scary part is the last
      volcanoes toxic cloud that caused the famine.The flooding is a huge worry 😨
      oh dear prayers heading to iceland ..
      Thank you for the link ..

      1. That was exactly what I thought of the Rhona, the prediction for north where it’s cold. I tried to find that prediction but couldn’t. Do you remember which one it was?

    1. Star48
      the locals must be amazed .
      and weird no seizmic activity registered ..
      the vegetation theory ..hmm maybe ..
      hope they find out ..i would live to know too.

    2. That’s concerning. Think I’d be a bit worried also if I were the locals. Methane gas? Would that cause smoke? Lots of bulges going on too I guess.😳🤯

    1. That’s the same thing they had here but earlier in the season. The water here is always cold if you ask me.⛄️ But it sounds like it’s not normal over off their coast there.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      yes Back to back .
      CA could be next ..Its pointing to that now .

      will let you know if i get anything. A watch in place .

      bkessings .

  44. Star48 Jules 104
    I noticed in Erics latest prediction
    spirit says Russia will take land that doesnt belong to it ..Seizure ..
    That ties in with Singers Seizure tip off for land ..Posted above 1st od December at 5.15pm .
    He is onto it .

      1. jules 104
        No i did what Eric does and i presumed it might be over that way bagdafd with what the currant climate is over there.I was trying to pin point it ..
        Singer just said seizure of Land .
        so i need to keep my opinions under wraps hahaha .😊

  45. Star48, Rhona… do you think the 9s popping up all over could be attack’s around the world or EQs around the world? Hopefully not both. 😕 Definetly a lot of EQs in odd places popping up lately.

    1. jules 104
      I wouldnt be surprised if its a 9 for Japan .
      not sure if its for quakes though …maybe as you said both quakes and terror ..

  46. Star48 Jules 104
    singer just gave
    “California Girl .”.so flag number one .
    I have asked for two more when quake is iminent .
    blessings you two .

  47. Star48 Jules 104 Micronesia
    Usgs has it at 6.6m at 62km .
    Geoscience Aust has it at 6.3m at o.okm

  48. Star48
    on your last 3 posts
    The hum of earth ..as anove so below comes to.mind ..music of the spheres .in this xase asthenosphere etc .
    she lives she breaths she is alive .
    she resonates with her childrens vibrations ( us ) .
    all that energy that. exchanges between her the universe and us .

    Hi net is a handy tool for the future of earthquake awareness .

    The liquification study. .well seams like Europe is dragging their heals on this one ..
    I would have thought all that done too by now .
    thanks for another round of interesting info

  49. Star48 Jules 104
    I was just reading about Japanese trench when singer came in synch with ” Sukiyaki ”
    So yes Japan is a watch coupled with Eric’s
    mention of Japan .

  50. Rhona2Jules104( in Colorado 😍)
    Swarm in Iceland..another volcano..,
    Event details

    Earthquake in Iceland on December 10 2017 03:56 PM (UTC).

    A series of earthquakes have hit the area around Barbarbunga volcano, Visir reports. The earthquakes have numbered a hundred since yesterday evening, with the focal point revolving around Skjaldbreib mountain. The first earthquake measured was 3,5 on the Richter scale at 19:20 yesterday evening. There were two other large earthquakes later that evening, measuring 3,2 at 19:50 and 3,7 at 21:25. These tremors follow a larger earthquake, which was measured at M4,1 yesterday morning. Experts from the Icelandic Meteorological Office believe that these are not signs of an imminent eruption. There have not been earthquakes as large as these in the area around around Skjaldbreib since 1992, according to information from the Icelandic Meteorological Office. There have been regular earthquakes in the area recently, and experts are examining the area around Barðarbunga closely. Barbarbunga is located north-west of Vatnajokull, Iceland’s largest glacier. It is considered a highly active volcanic area, having last erupted between the years 2014-2015.

    1. star 48
      Bardabunga makes her presence known again perhaps .even though they say no eruption around skjldbreibl is expected .
      maybe expect the unexpected applies here.
      Thanks for article though you expalined it really clealy in your post .good to have visual references.

    1. star 48
      yep most remote volcanic island in the world
      Bouvet ..releasing some pressure i hope.

      1. Hi,Jules104.
        Yes, I believe that the mega monster that Eric/Spirit has mentioned and is still coming.
        Between now and 1st of the year….

        Apparently spirit is preparing us for mega tsunami..eq’s and terror attacks..( meteor too?)
        Sounds as if we have to hike up our boots…maybe have a change if socks too…😜

      1. Jules 104 Star 48
        Jules im leaning that yes the start of lager ones in the area and i do believe its the prelude not precursor in itself but yes the start of a lead in to sri Lanka ..
        im still feeling a repeat of 2004 ..or simililar ..

  51. Rhona, Star48. I’ve been trying to figure out the “bacon” riddle. To save ones bacon? Bring home the bacon? What do you think? Grandma…pneumonia, cancer, blood poisoning? Hm🤔

    1. Jules 104
      I thought that too something about a job or .
      bring home the bacon ..
      hope its not Bacon as in trouble with police .
      and then he lands in hot water .but gets out of it o.k. .

      1. Jules 104 Star48
        playing dodgeums with the quakes hey .Jules
        be safe …
        Star48 thanks for updates on volcanoes..esp. Italy .


    1. That’s a great example of water diversion possibly related to EQs or volcanic activity, climate change, changes in general (land slide). And really, really concerning! Sheesh that’s a lot of water diversion. What happens if what’s holding the lake in place just collapses all at once? And could that be the possible rushing water seen in recent prediction? 🤔

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      Star 48 so many of the regular Volcanos still blow there threats .
      Russia Venuatu Philippines .Indonesia ..

      Good grief that landslide in India caused some headaches now..altering the flow…

      meteor. .so one has made landfall….that would have been an experience for all in vicinity ..Amazing how people take off with the fragments. .its happened here too .Too tempting to have a piece from outerspace .
      Still have Brazil on Radar .
      blessings for updates thanks

  52. Star48, Rhona. “Thunder Bay”… this brought to mind an old prediction of a bay shaped like a “C”. I believe it had to do with an attack on a ship? An explosion? I just remember discussing the bay in Canada shaped like a C and it was called Thunder Bay. Maybe I discussed this with myself in my head?😆😳 Does this ring any bells to you two? Just find this explosion interesting seeing the area it landed in.
    Also I’ve heard that these pieces of meteorites go for a lot of money to scientist who want to study them. Maybe one of the reasons why people grab them up so quickly.

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      I have vivid recolection of us discussing Thunder Bay ..but the freaky part is it was to do with a meteor making a big bang noise .
      Its crazy because it wasnt recent. .it was way back ..hmm..and the c for a bay ..
      Thats all i can say about this one Jules its like we have gone over this ground previously …but the meteor just happened .
      sorry couldnt clear it up more just added more confusion. .

  53. Rhona, Star48 just a quick FYI on the related old prediction referencing Thunder Bay.
    Just quick glance through the old ones. Ohio State shooting shows up (recent Ohio prediction), and gay individuals targeted bagged rainbows come out under Orlando Shooting Spree. Didn’t you just add something on thread having to do with that old prediction Star?
    It just seems odd. 🤔

    1. Rhona thanks for info. That’s strange all the EQs in Australia.
      More deep EQs. Not a good sign. It is feeling like a conveyor belt anymore. 😧

  54. Star48 Jules 104
    Hi Ivwas just looking at quake map for today and it struck me as i saw obe in Sumatra and India a coupke hrs apart.
    Maybe tge predictiin for Tsunami for Indian ocean which mentions Napal and India ..
    infact ..is both Back to back ..one on land India then one ocean Sumatra affecting Sri Lanka. .
    oddly this prediction below says half deepnl in water ..maybe symbolic of half land half ocean resonating from one to the other triggered ..
    just a thought. .but it also goes into VA And Washington and west coast usa so nay be Japan and another back to back Sri Lanka perhaps …


    1. jules 104
      Unbelievable ..evidence something is going on down on the ocean floor ..
      dutch is so cool explaining …
      now im concerned like everyone ..its fresh and a warning ..

  55. Star48
    Thanks for heads up on solar flares .
    wow to those sink holes. .imagine discovering
    Them for the first time. .simply wonderous …
    No picnicing there ..😀

    1. star 48
      Aha San Clemente Island 3.om
      mmm not too far from Tejuana and our previous discussions ..
      a watch ..

    1. Jules 104
      Thanks for dutch update ..
      Oh its all coming together all the warnings .
      Japan just had a 4.7m at 10km depth Iroman
      I think ..

      1. Star 48 Jules 104
        that should read itoman…
        Here is 19th Dec 2017 Japan quake map 5 for today .

        give it a monent to load up and then you can also click on each onefor location beacon .. .You probably are up st speed with that though.☺

  56. star 48 jules 104
    I see California is having a lot of low mag from north to south .
    from the Bay down to San Diego ..
    a watch .

    1. Star48. .im onto it ..
      was just going to post to you two ..oh my goodnesss its huge ..
      will do..keep warm and safe ..
      blessings 😯😕

      1. Eric sorry Just read your question .
        Besymianny volcano on Kamchatka.
        is 1050miles from Alaska Aleutians west ..
        not far for such an event ..

    1. Star48
      Im jumping for Joy with you ..yay ..thank goodness …
      praying it stays on ..😊😊😃😄😙😘😚

  57. Hey You Two…Oh my glad your power is back on Star48. Praying it stays on. Brr!🌲🌬☃️❄️
    Thanks for posting that onto thread Rhona. My thoughts were Alaska thread also. Did you catch the plume off our West Coast on dutch the other day. He thought possible eruption somewhere in Pacific. I’d say lots of pressure coming in. Also TX and OK got hit yesterday. Maybe a transfer over from the Kamchatka Volcano. I’m hoping they are not hiding larger quakes right now. 😳
    Sorry about lag on my part. I got two critters at home now that school is out for the holidays. Keeping me busy. 👧🏻👦🏼🏃🏼‍♀️👀🤗

    1. Jules194,Rhona2′
      Conserving power..Power off 7 hours now and counting…
      Looks like 2 no day of challenges..
      So please excuse ,,will hopefully be able to charge soon…❤️

      1. Oh sheesh I hope you have a fireplace Star48. Praying they get it back on soon. Stay warm and yes conserve your battery. Keep your iPad next to you someplace warm. Nothing drains a battery fast like cold temps! Found that out the hard way.😐 Praying your power comes back on soon. 🤗🙏🏻🌟 Think warm thoughts. No I did not say drink. 😆😉🥃

    1. jules 104
      oh dear its heading that way to forfill the prediction ..love light and prayers to mother earth around Japan .
      and the Kamchatka Volcano must be influencing as dutch pointed out .

      1. Jules 104 Star 48
        Japan beginni g to wonder if after or forshocks ..
        Chichi shima 5m at 10k.
        chichi shima 5.2m at 7.8km
        Mishinoomote 5.1m at 30km .

      1. I noticed there were a lot over there popping up on my iphone app and thought of what Singer and you mentioned previously. Praying for Japan.🙏🏻🌟

  58. Star48 Jules 104
    Singer is giving Mexico ..
    Mexico by Elvis Presleyb..
    so flag for south Cal Mexico border or Mexico itself ..

  59. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Power just came on ..9:35 am from yesterday..around noon…
    ( had to eat something…now charging phone..and after iPad….so will be able to read your posts soon….cautiously 😊 happy

    1. Oh wonderful news Star48! I hope you are staying warm up north there. That’s a long time without power. 😬😳 Thanks for updating us during your time of snow storm blackout. Just like you to be thinking about others during your time of need. 🙏🏻😇🌟🤗

  60. Jules 104 Star 48
    Thought i would gather all singers flags for last month or so ..
    Japan of course top of list .
    Just recieved 3rd flag for San Francisco with song “San Francisco ”
    there was one on 21st Nov 2017
    and 27th Nov 2017
    Mexico has had 2 flags
    China was warned and they had on 5+ a couple days ago
    Fire ball ….
    was reading our posts on Brazil Fireball on this thread and as i 2as teading there was a song playing called “Fireball ” blaring from radio.
    so its not a miss yet .
    blessings guys

  61. Star48 Jules 104
    Canada 5.9 m at 221km
    mow itsxon globalincident link if you scoll down you will see as canadian resourses siezmogram picked up


    I tried to find on another feed but nothing..
    to the point ..It remind3d me of Erics old 2015
    prediction In Notes
    3-18-15…he says 104 and a clock but doesnt kniw what clock represents ..If we take 104 as 1040 on clock that is 2years and 9 months which is now December 2017 .have a read ..


  62. Star48 Jules 104
    Another Canada 3.2m 229km This time off shore Vancouver. .
    Now the first one that was 5.9m at 221km was on land several hundred kilometers from there .again European feed not reporting cant find elsewhere ..
    accept glibal link which when i post isnt fixed it turns over new so wont stay as a permanent record .


    so a watch up there ..

      1. Star48
        well I will be Thank you for finding it
        The Yukon one ..yes they are playing games again I know what I saw ..They really need a kick in the pants ..
        I did notice the low 2.5..worldwide ..
        Something is on its way without doubt .
        again thanks star..
        sorry delay in reply havent been able to check all day ..prep for xmas day ..cleaning up yard and house for christmas lunch ..🎅🎅🎅💖🎍🎋🌲🌲🌲

  63. Star48, Rhona here’s dutch latest. Speaks to all the deep EQs over in West Pacific and the slow slip on our US West Coast. There’s a lot going on.😬🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟

  64. Star48, Rhona. Thanks for those links. Interesting the sierra negra volcano activity Star. Rhona I saw that Argentina deep one pop up and thought…uh oh. Praying for peace and calm both above and below over the holiday season. 🙏🏻🌟🎄😇🕊
    Rhona Merry Christmas!🎄🕊🌟 🙏🏻Star48 Merry Christmas Eve!🌟🎄🕊🙏🏻
    Blessings You Two 🙏🏻🌟🕊

    1. Jules104, Rhona2,Eric
      Merry Christmas! 🎁 I wish you the most blessed and wonderful Christmas..
      I will be thinking of your joy being with friends, family and loved ones.l🌲🎅🏼🤶🏻❄️⛄️

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      wow A slow moving xmas star thats awesome ..
      Jules Star48. .
      Thank you for your Xmas wishes .may yours be full of Peace Happiness and Abundance .
      merry xmas you two .🎅🎅🎅💖💓⛄⛄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎍🎋🎋

  65. Jules 104 Star 48
    Had a great day yesturday xmas hope yours is winding up well and yes time to relax ..
    Jules notice that there were some around various locationswoeld wide Redoubt volcano ..a other tongo over 150km deep .yet still liw Cal ..

  66. Star 48 Jules 104
    Rose canion and Newport Inglewood faults
    are worrying me at the moment
    .there is a a swarm going on between LA And San Diego. .I admit i havent had a good look to see if its related to them or not..I will check it out ..reminds me of Roses prediction ..

  67. Rhona, Star48. Here’s Dutch’s update from the 26th. Lots of swarms going on over on West Coast like you said Rhona. Minute 10:00 or so, check out the slow slip events tremor page. It’s got me a bit worried. I’ll look for the Roses prediction. Thought that was a terrorist attack though.

    1. jules 104
      oh wow 3 quarters of Oregon .Its got me a bit worried too and Dutch by sounds of it ..
      He seemed a little more than concerned .
      and its Coos beach …Eugene …he was mentioning as well .Lakes Tahoe. .
      take care ..
      watching with you

  68. Rhona, Star48. Sorry slow replies. Just recovering from flu bug. 🤒🤧😷 Oh how I dislike being under the weather.
    Rhona here’s dutch 10:00pm update for 26th. It shows stack of swarm for area between Northern SanDiego and South LA Basin area. Is that the area you were pointing out your concern for or another?
    It reminds me of Eric’s prediction for that area in between and for Southern CA. Though I am a bit concerned for the whole US West Coast at this point. Here is that update. Swarms for S CA. at about 11:50 minute. Blessings.

  69. Wow Star48. It almost looks like they’d collide. Or should I say “We”! Too close for comfort if you ask me. 😳🙏🏻🌟

  70. Rhona, Star48. Have you noticed Alaska has been getting some fairly deep EQs. lately? I see they got a 5.1 in Atka now but I just noticed San Diego Urban area and LA are seeing small ones also. I think somewhere on this West Coast is about to get a bigger EQ. Do you two have any thoughts? I’d say CA but not sure if it’s N or S. I’ll check and see if dutch has anything new. I just started getting that off feeling yesterday again. 🙃🙂

  71. Star48, Rhona. Considering what’s going on right now with all of the tremors on the West Coast right now…what do you think of this? Eric’s old prediction from 3-18-15 “Earthquake Coming” had to do with an earthquake on the northwest coast. There were the numbers 104 which he didn’t know what they had to do with. So I was googling the 2018 129th Tournament of Roses Parade which includes the “104th” Rose Bowl Game on 1 January. Do you think that could be a reference for a time marker?

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      Jules yes the Rose Bowl Parade is definitely a watch ..good point ..especially reading 3-18-15… 104 and 104th that is a flag in essence it seems ..
      will be sending love and light thank you for brining it forward ..
      Also I found this one on roses being cut down .
      what do you think ..

      1. oh pressed post instead of clipboard icon sorry ..
        Here is link for roses cut down .

        side note Afganistan just had a deep one over 200km India could be next ..
        then sri Lanka ..im on watch ..https://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=638240
        There was also a 5.3m in Mariana Islands ..above Aceh and some distance from Sri Lanka they have had them before but im feeling some intuition with this one .. .
        Im beginning to wonder if Tsunami that affect Australia might well be north western coast of West Aust given Sri Lankas position ..hoping Perth is safe ..

  72. Jules104
    Jules hi ..no didnt forget link just thouhht i would mention as a side note ..you mean mariana yeah?..
    its Nicobar …
    I gave add3d now ..sorry shiuld have anyway ..😊😊😊https://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=638215

    Hope Star is O.K.

      1. Oh I didn’t see that one. I remember us talking about that area being a possible trigger point for a tsunami too. Thanks Rhona.

  73. Jules 104 Star 48
    Timor 4.7m at 100km
    Timor is 767km from Darwin Australia poulation 145,916..
    im wondering if This could be a contender for tsunami. .it would affect Sri Lanka but not as much as Sumatra would but would wipe a destructive trail in Indonesia.
    we will c and watch ..

  74. Star48, Rhona. Son visiting from Seattle. Was out of the loop.
    Praying for Indonesia and Australia. Think it will be more North Rhona. Going to check out dutch see what he’s got for us too. Blessings and Happy New Years Eve in Australia Rhona! 🎉🎈🎊

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      Jules so happy you have your son with you and his wife..
      Happiest of 2018 to you and yours ..
      Star 48 all the very best for 2018 with prosperity and peace ..
      blessings you two 😙😘😚🎉🎊🎉🎉

      1. Jules 104
        Yes they are two seperate areas Jules .
        The Banda Detachment that you posted is Indonesia. ..
        The one I posted is Bay of Bengal for India and could affect SriLanka ..and sumatra Indonesia with the Tsunami…
        Its complicated geography around our Indian ocean and Indonesia easy to get confused ..

  75. Star48, Rhona. Happy New Year and New Years Eve! May 2018 be a wonderful, prosperous, amazing year for you both. I will be thinking of you as the clock strikes 12:00. Hugs 🤗🎉🌟

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,Eric,
      Happy New Year and New Year’s Eve 🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾❤️❤️❤️

  76. Rhona, Star48.
    Deep EQ. 4.5, Java Sea, 545 km depth.
    Here’s another. 4.6 Sulawesi, Indonesia, 126 km depth.
    5.0, Chagos Archipelago Region, 80 km depth
    3.7 Hayfork, CA, 29 km depth

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        Yes Star Noticed that and we were talking of it last night ..great Fantastic Auspices 😇😊 I feel really good about this year ..many blessings and new treatments available ..along with new dicoveries …

    1. Rhona I’m not surprised on Mexico flag. It’s been pretty active and I was wondering about that area too. I’m a bit worried for Mexico City. Hadn’t you brought that up earlier with another flag from Singer?

  77. Here’s an odd one I thought.
    4.7 North Pacific Ocean. 10 km depth
    Pretty far off Coast but across from Eureka looks like. Then South America had a 4.7 SE of Easter Island off Coast. 10 km depth. That looks to be on a tectonic plate area. I’ll add that next. (I already got one awaiting moderation since I added two links at once. Two deep EQs over in Indonesia. Bali Sea and Flores Region.)

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      Jules I vaguley remember talking Galapogos recently but we have spoke of the area a few times ..Yeah Jules your right that is second flag for Mexico. .Im goung tobtake this as a 3 flagger so ine more to come ..yes please not Mexico City ..praying for lessening of energy .
      North Pacific Ocean seemed like oh o.k. response from me too ..

      1. Rhona here’s another 4.6, Farkhar, Afghanistan, 193 km depth
        I’m still wondering if there could be more than one large EQ with tsunami. Maybe spaced out over different time periods? Hope not.

  78. Jules 104 Star 48
    found Bali and Flores sea deep ones on emsc cant find on usgs ..not listed at all on global link maps …
    i dont get it ..they can just skip over deep ones ..like they never happened😯

    1. Rhona I had added those together this am but they are still awaiting moderation. I think it doesn’t work when you add two links. I started with EMSC. So I hadn’t realized the others never picked them up. The professionals don’t seem very professional lately do they. 😕

    1. Jules104
      Last year (2017) lots of activity around there..within 20 miles of Shasta..
      So must be some magma movement?

  79. Star48, Rhona. Here is the new Farsight Project Remote Viewing for Jan 2018. The new stuff begins around minute 19:15. The first two are having to do with a plane crash in a big city during a snow storm or blizzard. The other is a water event. Which seemed like a tsunami/hurricane or a volcanic eruption in the Ocean or a bomb going off in the Ocean. The 4th is some sort of violent gathering of people. Here’s that lin.

      1. I noticed that also Rhona. All these different countries and places having swarms and activity makes me wonder whether there could be more than one large EQ coming still. It makes me think of all those 9s popping up all over the world.

  80. Jules 104
    I just had a look at far site..
    The Tsunami and cloud did seem like a volcanic explosion. .and
    The area could be Japan or Vancouver area ..
    The cold bit had me thinking that ..but no snow. . must be northern hemisphere ..
    im going to do more research see if i get anything to help.
    stay safe

    1. Rhona so this place was suppose to be next to the water right? For some reason I am thinking this will be a place that is not use to the temps getting that low. It will be an odd thing somewhat I think. Just my thought s. I’m going to relisten to the remote viewing.
      Also, did you read Eric’s latest post. Truth 8. The end part for the number 4. I just read that’s in one of the links I either added or read today. It had the same thing and I remember since it caught my eye. The number 4. Strange right? I’ll look for it.

      1. Jules 104
        Im a little late answering thus one .
        I read Earthquake coming soon ..the 64 65 is a puzzle too .. ut yes the 4 jumps out at you ..wonder with all the news talk about Kim and n Korea you are probably in time line for Tsunami ..like the shock waves its tied in sone how ..
        hmm could be 4th January Thursday .
        all I know is im wTching everywhere its like having eyes i. the back of your head .im trying to be systematic and simultanious with the love and light ..like lets just set the whole planet aglow with light ..cant miss then 😁😇😇😆

  81. Jules 104 Star 48
    side note Kamchatka Peninsula sits on a subduction Zone as well .😨😲😩😶

    1. I saw that in the article and thought the same. That’s pretty interesting. I didn’t know all that. Well another area to watch for a massive volcanic explosion then.
      Hey remember Jody Senkirks old prediction in the Island areas below the US? The Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. That’s what I thought about also.
      And I just recently added an article on on the main thread somewhere on Kim Jon Jungs threatening an atmospheric nuke test over the ocean. Wonder if that would do it. Pull the water up. They’ve been banned internationally for a long time because of how destructive they are and long term consequences of radioactivity. “And even bigger explosion.”

  82. Rhona, Star48. Sorry for all the links on N Korea but for some reason I’m feeling an urgency. Here is one for the CA earthquake or tsunami (shock waves) and at the end Spirit talks about War with N Korea. I’m beginning to wonder if they are connected somehow. Kim Jong Un needs to go soon, like yesterday. One of the old predictions mentioned March and the one mentioned Feb which seemed odd since the Spirits went that far out. The Spirits also said we had 11 months to convince people to listen. Okay I know the Indonesia EQ is the present concern but wanted to add for future thoughts on N Korea.

    1. Jules 104
      No need for apoligies Jules who isnt worried about that nut ….
      Im also rememberi g Eric seeing him handcuffed ..and deposed…Hopefully before he does anything more stupid than his norm if thats possible ..oh yeah it sure is ..nothing is out of bounds for him ..
      putting much love and light prayerfullt there .
      If you sensing some urgency . we are onto it ..right …

  83. Jules 104
    I read through the two predictions on NK you posted ..
    Im actually hoping some wnergy has been removed from his intentions and these predictions can fail ..Im making it my main focus to see this unfold potentially as him being arrested or thwarted ..We need to be realistic I know ..but I have to keep bringing my focus back to how we want it to be ..Its not easy ..though ….visualising violet flame of st Germaine to kim jong Un and north Korea and letting the light do its work ..hopefully there is enough of us doing this.. I believe there is .but time will tell ..I know you Star and many SWC are onto it ..sometimes it seems overwhelming with all the disasters predicted ..but we can do it ..we can help ease things ..
    blesdings hugs

    1. I agree Rhona. But I keep running into the same things with N Korea, plane crashes, land slide and earthquakes/ tsunamis when I research past predictions. Somehow it’s a timeline or connected I think. But yes visualize violet flame of St Germaine for sure. Too many of those who are pushing for Wars and weapons.

    1. Star48
      Just watched the videos on your post from meteor over U.K. ..So they are still coming ..
      so many sightings ….

  84. Rhona, Star48. What about this? Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s usually really cold there. (My Mom was from St Paul, Minn.) They will be playing in the indoor stadium so no snow or ice but still geographically cold. Playing on February 4, 2018.
    Did you notice in the Jan remote viewing drawing by Melanie Hall girl she looked to be drawing a plane underneath or inside a building and at one point there is what looks like a stadium drawing. I need to go back and look at that.

  85. Star48, Rhona. Okay nix the last one for Minnesota. Though I think there may be a potential for the Super Bowl to be a target on Feb 4th.
    I went back and watched the remote viewing and it is obviously an airplane nose diving into a bridge. So could that be the San Francisco Bridge prediction? She kept saying how cold it was though. I guess it could be cold there but I’d think of NY or Boston someplace like that first. Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Portland’s been getting snow lately. She doesn’t mention mountains but Princess Jane does. Melanie mentions it being flat. Maybe the back to back attacks? I think these may be two different situations. One maybe the accidental “gears” prediction? The other intentional “bridge” attack?
    Here that is again. I just forward it to those spots. Too much to watch again. What do you think?

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Star oh my a watch for sure 3.9m and 15 quakes ..she could be waking up ..though they are saying they feel there is no immediate danger ..wow it doesnt seem so long ago 1981. ..showing our mature years ..its crystal clear in my memory and i know yours too.
      side note
      Japan notabke 5.4m at 15km Izu Isle .

      and Kamchatskiy

    2. Star48 I had to chuckle when you added. My daughter and I were just talking about that when yours came in “over the wire.” I said well there’s my update on the matter now. 😆 My most reliable news source, Star48.
      But really… they say no worries… and don’t they know that just makes everybody worry?! I think lots of pressure coming in off the Coast taking the path of least resistance straight away out through the Volcano. Well I hope nothing stirring in there. Thanks for all of the links. Quite interesting stuff.

  86. Jules 104
    Yesxthat sicily one is quite deep for there it could as Dutch has taught us lead to a 5m
    I 5hink he warned Italy last update but not sure .

    1. Jules 104
      Thanks for article on Bay area quake ..I posted the feed link but had no details. So great to get yours ..There were heaps of Testimonies in the emsc feed ..
      Here is hoping Hayward fault settles and its not a precursor…

      1. Rhona my immediate thoughts too. Precursor. Lots of people describing “rolling” effect. Wasn’t that in an old prediction? Seems I just read it somewhere the other day. 🤓

      2. Rhona2,jules104,
        I was up and posted at 3:51 am about eq in SF area..
        You did not see it?
        Are you talking about the snow bomb cyclone in Mass?

  87. I’m not liking this weather. Hurricane force winds, snow, rain, then bitter cold freezing temps. Everything’s going to be encased in ice. Lots of power outages already and water mains breaking. I’m a bit worried for planes but from what I see most flights have been cancelled in and out of these areas. Some only delayed.😬 Praying for everyone to stay safe. 🙏🏻

  88. Rhona, Star48. Watching the weather channel. I learned something new thought I’d share.😉 Salt water and electrical wires don’t mix. It’s called, “Leakage Current”. The salt increases the ability to produce a current, thus a fire. 🌬🌊☃️👨🏻‍🚒 Fire Department called out for high tide in Mass shop where hot water heater was being affected. Praying there’s no other incidents during this storm. 🙏🏻 Scroll down to “Leakage Current”. Thought it was interesting. 🤓

  89. Star48, no didn’t see it but I wasn’t up at 3:51am 😳😴😆 Holy Shmolly Star. That’s earl! I just saw on my EQ app and posted this am later. Hadn’t checked the thread or emails at that time. But I do see on thread now, no worries.

    1. jules Had a read of prediction 2017-10-08
      yws it does seem a time line ..though he does reach out to the future a little it seems like the weather is starting now but he is implying it will be extended for a few seasons ..
      a still think its a marker as you said and if the car turns up well that’s a huge flag ..most of it is occuring now I agree…good catch Jules ..
      noticed he mentioned February ..
      Saying “spirit doesn’t normally go that far out ” which says to me its a biggy…
      Im putting all love and light into these Tsunami predictions lets hope they lessen ..

  90. Press briefing with USGS on Bay Area EQ. He said 8 miles or 12 km depth was actually deep for an EQ on the Hayward Fault. 🤔 He also states this could be a foreshock.

  91. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh wow a catch up..
    Star saw that we posted that SF quake minutes apart ..synching but you were not sleeping 😕…
    The Indonesia quake is in Nicobar area again and a little North east of the one a couple of days ago … at the deepish depth it could be a 7m on its way ..

  92. Star48 Jules 104
    Sorry another post .
    meant to comment in USGS briefing ..
    Thank you for adding to thread ..They are quite concerned i feel ..and mentioning it could be a foreshock. … .ok. hope people are listening .
    more love and light to Hayward fault and hope she slips gently ..with ease and no big jolts ..

  93. Jules 104 Star 48
    Is it just me or have you noticed a low harmonic wave of tremors from Alaska to sth Cal in last 4hours mostly ranging from 0.9m to 2.7m very low rannge but all down west coast..its happening like a ripple ..
    thoughts ?

    1. No I think you’re right. All the way up to the round about in Alaska. I checked the slow slip page dutch uses and what I noticed is nothing in N CA now. Is that due to the EQ this am? There have been quiet a few recently for N CA so I’m not sure what that’s about. Hm.🤔😳 Here’s a link for that page of tremors in the PNW. I just refresh it every so often and I have to make it smaller to fit my phone page. Hope it works.

      1. Jules 104
        Thanks sooo much that is a great link for showing clusters swarms ..didnt think about that one. .😆😆

  94. Star48 Jules 104
    I just checked out the map and its Two Clusters Alaska and Cal couple in Wa near Canadian border ..Navada piped in couple times too. .just a longish silent zone in PNW .
    just giving me a feeling in pit of tummy..

  95. Rhona, Star48. Just popped up Dutch’s latest 10:00 pm update. I haven’t watched it yet but should be interesting I think. Here’s that link.

    Also, Hawaii and Turkey seem pretty active I noticed.

    1. Jules 104
      oh wow Dutch is really driving home poor Italy and the deep quake in Adriatic sea.
      The slow slip on west coast ..yes thats what is causing what I was seeing ..
      Carribean being noted ..Chile.. Argentina Border …end of weekend volcano eruption in sth America …He is just so informative ..even east coast is coming into it ..
      Thanks for his update report ..

      1. Rhona I agree very informative. It was odd watching the USGS Rep. But I’m sure they are restricted to what they can and can’t say as they are “Professionals” and it would be irresponsible of them to get everyone in a panic. I just wish they’d acknowledge some of dutchs work and stop fudging the magnitudes or totally dropping them off the feed, working against moving forward. I think that is mostly attributed to the main guy at the top in the PNW though sounds like. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Wow I would have loved to see that in person and hear that sonic boom Star48. It really lit up the sky. So far we’ve gotten lucky nothings slipped through without burning up or doing much damage. Praying it stays that way.

  96. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star Quadrantid meteor shower jyst maybe the one to deliver Brazils meteor strike .

    Kamchatka Volcano the area is an absolute watch hopefully easing some pressure build up ..
    Side note you two ..I found this wiki article on
    Sagami Bay Japan
    I have had a little alarm at how there has been a couple of quakes very close to Tokyo
    and given what Izu Isle has been doing lately too .
    In 1703 there was Genroku quake
    Edo quake 7mag
    in 1923 Great Kanto 7.9m and a 33ft tsunami ..1.9million homeless
    Have a read though you may have prior knowledge ..if you click on above mentioned quakes in blue of course as thumb nail ..its a real concern for me the Japan Tsunami may not be Sendai again but down near Sagami Bay ..Sagami Trough
    the Fault line runs into triple junction and connects to Japanese Trench as well its a Subduction zone with Philippines Plate.


  97. Star48, Rhona. Thanks for the links. That Volcano is a watch up there for sure Star48. Lots of pressure releasing lately. Can’t imagine being able to watch Something my like that from afar even. Our West lamer is simply amazing and terrifying alll at the same time!😆Rhona I got this off of your link. “Boso Triple Junction”. The only example of a trench, trench, trench Triple Junction on the planet. I swear we three have spoken about this area before. Do you two recall it? Think you are on to it Rhona. Here’s the Boso link.

    1. Jules104 Jules 104
      Thanks Jules it sure is a contender for Japan Tsunami ..a Triple Trench Junction ..scary stuff when you read about it ..poor Japan ..but they are so excepting ,what else can they do but be prepared as they live with these threats every day ..praying for and sending love and light to Boso ..

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      oh wow they would be freaking out alright
      these darn supermoons and alinments ..
      Its still over the top and a bit of a worry we have had supermoons before that havent caused such prodound receding. .

      Jules a bit of levity. .
      That deepish Venuatu quake was a bit shallow for there wasnt it ?😶😆

  98. Star48 those tides receding in Ecuador are a bit erry. I’d be running the other way thinking there was a tsunami coming. We have been experiencing our King Tides here off the Coast right now. There’s a definite difference.

      1. Okay I’ll look for one in the am.🧐🤓Fell asleep during poor dutchs update.😳 Fairy dust time I guess. Nite, nite 😵😴

  99. Jules 104
    Fairy dust ..thats cool ..i. out at dinner with the kids ..
    😴😴😴 nite nite

      1. Jules 104 Star 48
        Hi you two . it was a really peaceful and fun evening all in good spirits ..
        How is the thread hunting going Jules ..
        I had a quick look ..France Train Bus Accident …or Explosion Houston. .
        They are predictions happened. .
        what do you think ..

        1. Rhona2,
          I am confused..(not unusual🤣)
          What ref? Already mentioned in comments.? On what threads.?
          Or are you referencing possible timeline?
          There have been a few comments that seemed the answer to the post..even referenced by Eric
          However never posted..

    1. Star48
      Oh wow There is no such thing as a a dormant volcano ..and there is the proof ..
      Those poor people on the crater rim village ..They dont say if they have been safely brought down ….It’s indicitive of changes going on down there as we have suspected ..
      just goes to show no room for complacency. .
      The Dinosaur prediction comes to mind ..

  100. Star48
    now im confused 😶😊
    I was putting forward two Threads we could possibly use as back threads for us .
    France Train Accident he comments on weather it fits and there are 3 posts from others
    Explosion in Houston is the same and three Posts from others ..is that what your asking Star?
    Im not sure ..
    Sorry for confusion. .

    1. Star 48
      These dont have a posting date I just typed them into search box ..and it takes us to them ..

    2. Rhona2,
      Hahahahahaha,,side splitting laughs and giggles..

      Did not understand..they were potential new threads…for back channel

      I prefer France Train accident as only Francoise is on it…
      I am still chuckling…
      I guess I am not getting enough sleep..will do better…😁

      1. Star48
        Oh my goodness im Chickling away with you ..soooo funny ..😂😂😂😉
        You had me going ..had to read qhat i wrote about 4 times ..then i realised last lines has happend what do you think
        wasnt clear and misleading .
        Good…How about we use that one then
        If Jules is on Board with it ..
        Will meet you over there

  101. Jules 104
    DO You agree we will meet at .
    France Train Bus Accident ..
    It a good thread to use ..
    Are you doing ok…is all alright there ?
    Bit quiet ..you are …😊

  102. Star48 Jules 104
    OH No …France bus wont fully load onto my phone tried everything …so it wont let me bookmark or quick access to home screen .

    Explosion in Houston worked .
    can we use that one
    sorry you two ..

      1. star 48
        Its France Train Bus Accindent …I dropped the Train bit cause i was in a hurry ..😆😆

        but ai cant use it ..

  103. Hey You two sorry I’m late. Sheeshers I was busy taking down the Christmas tree most of the day. Okay I’m onto whichever one you two decided on. Thanks for finding one. Which one then? 🤔😆

    1. Jules104,
      Waiting to hear from Rhona2 now about France train bus accident or? Houston..
      I leave it to you two..

      1. Star 48 Jules 104
        O.k. im Going for Explosion in Houston ..
        c u both there if acknowledge agreeance ..
        Jules Hi ..Happy you got thise Decos down and away..
        its a task but a relief once done ..

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