Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake

Spirit what prediction is coming next?

I had a visual of a bird with overgrown feet/legs and a large beak.  This message was followed by the prediction about the earthquake:

In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
The 25 will be lost to this.

The prediction implies an earthquake around the 12th, perhaps the 11th.

Are they talking about the Flamingo bird presented on Notes on 10-14-14 or is it a symbolic message about New Zealand as their nation bird is the Kiwi Bird?

Though I originally believed this is a prediction was about the San Francisco earthquake, it is very possible they are talking about the New Zealand earthquake prediction:

Notes 8-1-15    “Sorry Eric, its 1130″
“NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

The Spirits clearly presented an earthquake arriving soon, the question remains which, New Zealand or San Francisco? If you live in New Zealand or San Francisco I encourage you, caution, both predictions are slotted for November. I will try to bring clarity on which earthquake is coming first.

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  1. Anne Amato Avatar

    Well…the Kiwi Bird, as New Zealand’s national bird, certainly would fit your prediction about overgrown feet and beak…but a relatively tiny bird. The “Flamingo” originally mentioned is only represented by one country…the Bahamas….it is not even a state bird in the USA. Australia has a large national bird, the Emu…and it has flamingo-like legs, but normal beak.

    1. Brenda Avatar

      What about the Sarus Crane found in Asia and Australia

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes, we should be looking for other ‘bird’ locations.

  2. Greg Avatar

    There appears to be two major earthquakes predicted – one in New Zealand with the epicenter in New Plymouth on the north island and one in Northern California / San Francisco with that one being the worst as far as lives lost. Both sit on the Pacific Ring of Fire and I believe sit on the same tectonic plate. There has been quite a bit of earthquake activity in South America of recent which also shares the same plate. It’s possible that both locations could get an earthquake fairly close together. The bird puzzles me as do the numbers.
    Eric, would it be possible to use a system where spirit shows you a symbol within 2 days of an incident? Then maybe they could drop using all the other number systems. It seems 48 hours would be enough time to alert folks via the various social media outlets. I’m just wondering as I have no idea how spirit sees time.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will be asking them for clarity, today. Hopefully we can get a better picture of what is coming.

  3. Adrian Fry Avatar
    Adrian Fry

    The casualties indicated in both posts is “25 will be lost to this”….. A typo error??.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No its not a typing error, keep in mind these spirits don’t actually speak English, so when they say something they do miss the verbiage sometimes, like a foreigner talking, for the sake of making sure their message is word for word I write it as they say it.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Eric….it’s almost like the deaf language. Trying to speak in English but limited as what they know what and how to describe. It makes sense.

        Blessing to you and the Spirits.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks, they have a reputation for missing a key word, or saying it backwards.

      2. Mary Avatar

        Wow..that’s neat. I worked with deaf students and tried to understand how their brains process in their language as being deaf. They too say things as backward. Interesting.

        Blessing to you!

  4. anthony Avatar

    The bird is ibis representing thoth.

  5. jules104 Avatar

    Eric here is a website with pics of the birds around the San Francisco Bay area and Northern CA. I don’t know if it would help to identify the bird if you could. There’s a lot of them but easy to scroll through.

  6. rhona Avatar

    Eric and site family ..Emus sir alot when they are not running…Where the Bird sits…comes ti mind… Also the Cassaworry is a large bird in North Eastern Australua..perhaps spirit is giving a double pun for location…given past activity around Fraser Island etc it could be along queensland coast…I agree the quakes for NZ and Aust.San Francisco are probably not far apart time wise…blessings….

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I think you may be right on the timing Rhona.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was my thought too, why bring up both, why have such a vague message, 3 to 4, maybe they both happen around similar times??

  7. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 hi blessings and love to you..beautiful birds ….i have aa affinity with feathers they seam to turn up in the most odd places when i need support from spirit…eg change room floors…petrol bowsers…and they are usually unique…so i have a little collection with a story attatched to each .very comforting at times…
    I have added a link with emus and Cassawarry birds…..,Cassowary,Ostrich.html&sa=U&ved=0CBoQFjAEahUKEwjI0NTWlYLJAhVDIaYKHfKbCjA&usg=AFQjCNHV6IdjlmGngvV0p1veXtK9E08FNA blessing to you and yours

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona, So funny…I was going to send you a link to bird pics on the East Coast of Australia….but I see it’s the same one. LOL The only thing I noticed with those two birds was that their beaks are not very large. What about this stork, the Jabiru? Here is a link to the page. My daughter also collects feathers. What is that saying, birds of a feather flock together? I bet you have some wonderful stories attached to your feathers which you’ve found along the way. That sounds like such a neat idea. I may have to mention that to my younger daughter. I will be praying for those in harms way. Blessings,Ibises,Spoonbills.html

      1. Mary Avatar

        Jules, it fits perfectly described as kiwi that has the long beak. It could be New Zealand as the Spirits tried to say.


      2. Mary Avatar

        ITS NOT MAKING SENSE!!….ITS EMU THAT LOOKS LIKE FLAMINGO. ITS NOT KIWI CUZ ITS SHORT LEGS and small size. Is Emu represents Australia??? Then it must be Australia, not NZ.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Oversized legs is the best description.

  8. Mary Avatar

    Eric, I feel strongly as I see frequent earthquakes in the central of USA such as Kansas, Ark, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas all in a day. That was about 2 days ago. Again strong actives along western side of US and calif, Alaska as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand. (Recently, I Read About NZ’s frequent earthquake is very unusual high near by Napier. So it could be anywhere in NZ. I used to live in nearby Wellington, NZ for 2 years in the 90’s. Earthquakes was seldom and common but it’s unusual high these last decade.) Also strong shake in Chile. I see the dots connection trace to north America as well as Japan and Australia/New Zealand. The current largest quakes are mainly in Chile, Japan, and Australia in that area. It’s all around within the rings of fire. My best bet is Calif, Australia and NZ. All of them have large legs with large beads. NZ kiwi can’t fly. It stays on ground and very rare bird. It has the brown feathers. Calif is flamingo. What type of bird in Australia? Is it Emu?

    1. Chaos Avatar

      not sure where you read about Napier having unusual high frequent earthquakes near napier. the number of quakes happening around NZ aren’t unusual, and we are a country that has a huge amount of quakes. over 12,000 in canterbury after the big quakes. Not sure what you mean by earthquakes were seldom in the 90’s ah no, I’ve lived in NZ my entire life the only difference now from the 90’s is the media report more of the earthquakes but we are having around the same amount.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks “Kiwi” for your feedback. I read somewhere about the unusual high numbers of earthquakes in NZ now days. By the time we lived in NZ in 1994 to 97. It was very rare. It occurred before Mt Rupahue (spell is incorrect and goes by the sound) that erupted in 1995.

      2. Chaos Avatar

        I remember one place we lived in the north island in the 80’s we were getting about 50 quakes a day. volcanic. actually can’t think of a place where we have lived that we haven’t had quakes, the nature of NZ huh.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I only saw the birds feet, that was like our flamingo, but it dawned on me later that the kiwi is like that too.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Wow…it then could be both Calif and NZ.

      2. Nick Avatar

        Pukeko? They live here in NZ and have goofy looking legs/feet

      3. Kimberley Waldon Avatar
        Kimberley Waldon

        Roseate spoonbills. Found in Chile. Looks similar to a kiwi I guess. Colour like flamingo.

    3. Mary Avatar

      Crazy as there is unusual increased earthquake activities in KANSAS and Oklahoma. I’m keeping my eyes opened. Something is up. As there is a major quake coming by up soon. It a very unsettled now.


  9. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules unbelievable sync…yes please do.tell your daughter and i have some very funny amazing stories attached to them ..i also have a bunch on a chrysal in my car the colours are amazing and grandaughters eyeing them off..hoho….yes i do agree with the beaks thanks for that link…my feet have both been going off buzzing for two days its usuall one or the other and short buzzes so im expecting like Eric more than one.biggy east and west of and including Aus….we can only do what we are doing and i do believe it makes the energy a little less destructive….all and light to the world and its inhabitants i adore this plamet and its people…blessings…

  10. Mary Avatar

    There was 30 quakes in Nicobar Islands, India region for the last 19 hours. Southeastern Missiouri @ 2.8 magnitude in 6 hours ago.

    I’m monitoring and stay alert.

    1. Chaos Avatar

      It is a high seismic zone, earthquakes are common there, as they are in New Zealand. There are actually several million earthquakes globally a year. If you are in an area where there is going to be a quake it is because you agreed in spirit to be there, everything is as it should be. Don’t focus so much on things, just enjoy life and live it to it’s fullest, too many people are putting energy on natural events that are part of this planet rising it’s vibration

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks to recognized that it’s very common in India as I wondered about that.

        Blessing to you.

  11. Mary Avatar

    Recent reported on dead whales, dolphins, turtles in France, India, Canada and New Zealand. Yesterday reported dead pilot whales in NZ. Millions of missing shalom in British Columbia, Canada 2 or 3 days ago. France reported whales dead few days ago. Many dead turtles, dolphins and whales in Indiaon Nov 3rd.

    Another thing to keep in mind when dead fish, whales, turtles alike upon the beach could be a sign of coming up earthquakes. Also, another sign is when seeing unusual lights like ufo could be the coming up of an earthquake within a few days. It’s strange but it happened once in awhile. Not often. So that’s something to watch for a sign.

    I heard about the strange light in calif. It said that it was the missile test, meteor or ufo. What I seen in the video…’s strange and looks like the meteor. It can’t be the missile test or ufo. That’s my opinion.

    1. Chaos Avatar

      the whale stranding in NZ corresponds with earthquakes that happened around that time in that area.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Hey, I’m curious. What part you live in NZ? We lived in Lower Hutt. 😉

      2. Chaos Avatar

        south canterbury, actually two hours away from christchurch so we felt the anything over 5 that they had. Was reading last year an article that I call the kiss your butt goodbye article where they predict the alpine fault will be a magnitude 10 and felt in australia when it goes.

      3. psychic Chris Avatar
        psychic Chris

        A few days before the feb 2011 quakes there was a news bulletin about hundreds of dead fish washing up on an nz beach…that was IMO A sign

    2. caseyatthebat Avatar

      It’s a unharmed missile. U.S. Navy launched it off the Calif coast- reported on national and local news.

  12. caseyatthebat Avatar

    Late Breaking News!

    At least 1 reported dead, 2 wounded in shooting near NYC Penn Station
    At least one person is reported dead and two wounded in a shooting inside a subway station near New York City’s Penn Station. (FOX)

  13. Deborah Talbot Avatar

    We have a website in New Zealand called geonet and you will see we have earthquakes every day but interestingly New Plymouth had a 3.3 earthquake yesterday hope its not a precursor to a big one..Thanks for the warning!

  14. DaveL Avatar

    I’m thinking the 7:02 might be 7.2 on the Richter scale

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting thought. However, every time they have presented it like time, it has been representative of time.

  15. kikimoniqueE Avatar

    Hi Eric , im just wondering if the feet you saw might be a Turkey’s feet? As Thanksgiving is around the corner!

    1. kikimoniqueE Avatar

      Also the 25 is on a Wednesday

    2. kikimoniqueE Avatar

      Also the 25 is on Wednesday

    3. Mary Avatar

      I think Eric mentioned of long beak, right?

      My thought is Emu and kiwi as those are related “cousins”. Em in Australia and kiwi in New Zealand. Emu has long legs and beak. Kiwi has similar feet as Emu but shorter than Emu. It also has long beak.

      I kept seeing “25” Anniversary as Eric mentioned in his older post. Is this something good to do with the Vets festival? How long is their celebration? Where is the Vets festival?

      1. kikimoniqueE Avatar

        Mary you are right he did!… i just keep seeing turkeys for some reason…and they do have a flap that elongates over their beak to make it seam larger than it is.
        i also believe there will be 2 quakes to hit… hence the #2

      2. Mary Avatar

        Also I read in Eric’s post mentioned double 2 somewhere. Could it be twice or second earthquake? Maybe 2 different places at the same time? Just saying.

      3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        The holiday really puts dates in quesiton

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think so, clearly they were odd looking and in one vision there was a large beak. Maybe we should look at it more symbolically.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Eric, if you see the odd looking bird. Kiwi is unusual odd looking bird.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I only saw the legs and feet. Later they showed a beak. So that leaves it open.

  16. Judy Avatar

    If you are talking about flamingos, South America has them, including Chile has Flamingos.

  17. mary Avatar

    im thinking if anything for india? i saw funny formation of clouds today in the sky and was wondering if it had anything to do with an impending earthquake , since there have been short earthquakes in andaman nicobar already and i was observing clouds in the sky for earthquake clouds… just a thought………….

  18. mary Avatar

    wish there was an option to post pictures so i could post a picture of the earthquake cloud i took today that too the cloud was of different colours found it very strange seeing something like that for the first time …

    1. shebrokebad Avatar

      Hi Mary. My sister witnessed strange clouds in Australia yesterday, as well as a coloured halo around the sun. In her photos the sun looked like an eye in the sky. Definitely interesting. It’s Wednesday morning in Australia right now.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Uh oh…that might be it. Watch it up to 3 days. That’s the sign of earthquake in your area. What part are you in Australia? .

    2. Mary Avatar

      Mary, if you see the rainbow like colors then that’s the sign of coming up earthquake where you seen.

      1. Chaos Avatar

        no it is not. and rainbow colours in the halo are pretty common, it has nothing at all to do with a possible earthquake.

  19. Judy Avatar

    This is interesting about the Flamingos. I notice that Chile keeps having decent sized earthquakes. They are found in Africa, Middle East, India and South America (Chile), South Florida area.

  20. matilda Avatar

    yes thats interesting but sadly in india there is no hope if whatever happens we have to rely on god to save us, we get no help from government they just desert people like nepal government did, his daughter is such a big actress in bombay but couldnt help the poor people of nepal the koiralas prime minister of nepal im talking about, we dont have facilities to warn us of cyclones earthquakes etc we resign ourselves to fate………. thats fate of people of india………..

  21. matilda Avatar

    the indian government sucks no one accepts new ideas or helps to develop them even rich dont help all are selfish so even if those clouds were there i can only pray for our protection thats what i believe in we cant rely on anyone in our country like in foreign countries you have alarm system etc for everything and people help here no one helps all run away and see to help themselves selfish attitude very few are really good

  22. Mary Avatar

    Now it makes sense….it will be in NZ and Australia. It’s this today or tomorrow. Its Possible!

  23. jules104 Avatar

    What about the California Condor? It has turkey like feet/legs. Could it be symbolic for Thanksgiving?

    1. Mary Avatar

      I am so sorry as I tried to share the link as watch for signs for earthquake coming up. Again I Am So Sorry. :/

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Mary I’m not sure what the apology was for, or if it was meant for me or someone else. Either way, no worries. I love all of the back and forth communicating going on right now. 🙂 Blessings

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its also possible they aren’t talking about the earthquake it could be a reference to one of the “Turkey” predictions, as in the nation.

  24. Mary Avatar

    Now Chao, it tells warning signs before a quake. It even mentioned of unusual clouds and rainbow alike. It shared many different ways to watch for a sign of earthquake. Hope it helps.



    Christchurch Earthquake 2011

    Reading signs before a quake


    Last updated 15:58 03/09/2011


    Does nature warn when a big earthquake is coming? Do animals hear this warning when we don’t? VICKI ANDERSON talks to a scientist who is investigating possible earthquake precursors in the days leading up to the September 4 earthquake.

    If your pet goes berserk at an inconvenient time, be inclined to humour it: it might save your life.

    That’s the advice from Dr Neil Whitehead who, after the 7.1 earthquake in Darfield on September 4, 2010, researched whether there were real precursors of the event.

    A website was set up, and survey categories based on similar previous studies in Kobe, Japan, and Izmit, Turkey, were selected. Kiwis were invited to offer their observations at

    Christchurch people helped with several hundred replies to the internet survey, he says.

    “Their detailed time reports allowed statistical tests to be done and establish for the first time that animal responses in particular were real and not just due to selective reporting. Their reporting of earthquake lights was also in unprecedented detail,” Whitehead says.

    “The most interesting information was strong statistical evidence that animals, particularly dogs and cats, reacted somehow at varying times before the September 4 quake, this had been only anecdotal for previous earthquakes,” he says.

    There was also strong anecdotal evidence of people experiencing a feeling of pressure, or sometimes headaches before the quake and aftershocks.

    “There was timing evidence that precursors were not due to foreshocks, and were consistent with electromagnetic radiation, presumably extremely low frequency, otherwise it could not reach the surface from the epicentre.”

    Based in Wellington, Whitehead is a research scientist who spent 27 years with Crown Research Institute GNS Science and its predecessors, and four years with the International Atomic Energy Agency (United Nations). He is now an independent consultant. His most recent official post was Visiting Professor at Hiroshima University from 2005-2006.

    “I spent nearly a year at Osaka University from 2002 to 2003 with the late geophysicist Professor Ikeya and showed statistically for the first time that some publicly reported precursors were valid, though not helpful for prediction,” Whitehead said.

    The 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, resulted in unusual electronic precursors being reported, which led several researchers to speculate about the possible role of electromagnetic radiation from the ground.

    Ikeya embarked on a programme of interdisciplinary research, with many students and several research colleagues, including Whitehead, during the late 90s and up until 2005.

    Whitehead says Ikeya’s research explained many phenomena before and during earthquakes as linked to electromagnetic radiation produced by piezoelectric effects on minute quartz grains in rock.

    “This was particularly true of his animal research in which he showed the sensitivity of many animals to very low-frequency electromagnetic waves. These very low frequency waves penetrate large thicknesses of rock and can exert their effects on the surface.”

    Ikeya published results of experiments that showed Japanese catfish, electric-field-sensitive fish, eels and sharks are much more sensitive than land animals.

    In one experiment, Ikeya set up a network of aquariums containing catfish in science classes in schools and used CCTV monitors to detect unusual motion.

    Twenty hours before the Geiyo, Japan, 6.7 earthquake in 2001, he detected very unusual movement, but a year later made another prediction based on the catfish, which wasn’t borne out.

    No Christchurch aquarium reported unusual activity by fish on display. But the Christchurch earthquake was an opportunity to test some of the ideas of previous studies again, under “somewhat better conditions”.


    A typical ground precursor was a unique noise, particularly various bangs, often from several days before the September quake.

    Three respondents reported unusual silt in usually clear streams before the quake, including in Hagley Park. One American being punted on the Avon the day before the quake saw silt and said an earthquake was on its way, but the person punting the American said they “never had earthquakes in Christchurch”.

    One couple near the mouth of the Waimakariri reported that the river appeared to be at least briefly flowing backwards. This mirrors a report for a Japanese earthquake on the Seta River and the 1812 New Madrid earthquake in which the direction of the Mississippi briefly reversed. There is also a video of the reversal phenomenon from Sichuan, China, associated with an earthquake.

    However, the tilt required would be high, and although this is also mirrored by a report near Oamaru about unprecedentedly low tide, Whitehead says more research is required because wind and tides may also create this impression without tilt.


    A typical sky precursor was strange cloud formations, but also considerable remarks about the “earthquake weather”: very still, warm, weather. On 4.30pm on the Friday a week before the quake, one resident reported seeing two “bizarre fan like rainbow clouds”. “They started at the water and were side by side, never seen anything like it.”

    There were many reports of unusual clouds. However, everyone saw something different, and it is difficult to give a uniform standard for comparison of cloud formations, which are never associated with quakes.


    The typical animal precursor was: “I was woken five minutes before the quake by the extreme behaviour of my pet. It has never behaved like this in all the time I have owned it.”

    Between 3 and 4pm on Friday, September 3, the day before the quake, one respondent reported 40 sheep in a round cluster beside a tree. “After 10 minutes I noticed the sheep still in a circle but they had been moved further over and 35 cattle were now in a close circle around the tree, they were not moving as if waiting for a storm coming. It was strange seeing both types of animals close by each other just silent.”

    There were several reports of horses being extremely agitated before the quake. In Ashburton on that same Friday afternoon, another respondent said: “Every paddock of sheep I drove past had the animals running to or already congregated in the corner of the paddock furtherest from Darfield direction. It was very odd and drew my attention to it at the time.”

    Typically, dog owners reported that they were woken from sleep by cat or dog behaviour in the hour preceding the quake, most often in the 10 minutes before.

    Whitehead says that, for some reason, the final hour before a quake is totally different from all the others, and that the data he received “strongly suggests a real phenomenon being reported here”.

    Among the reported data were stories of owners being pawed awake (mostly by cats) and usually on the face. This was usually said to be unique behaviour for the animal.

    Many reports were from owners who had been woken by extreme barking and their dog wanting out of the house. In seven of these cases, the owner let the dog out, but was standing in or very near the door when the earthquake occurred. “They were inadvertently led to what is probably the safest part of the house,” Whitehead says.

    In Kobe, dogs tried to make owners go outside with them. Cats bit owners to gain attention.

    A widespread observation in Christchurch was birds outside making a tremendous fuss before the quake, but remaining silent for the 10 minutes immediately before.

    Birds in cages inside were also reported to “go wild” a few minutes before the quake.

    A Christchurch resident reported seeing a duck sitting on the ridge line of the slate roof of their two storey house the day before the quake.

    “It seemed very weird to me as ducks have webbed feet and I thought it was a very unusual place for a duck to sit. I photographed it as I thought it that strange.”

    Elsewhere in Canterbury, pet rabbits reportedly thumped warnings for up to 90 minutes, late on Friday, September 3.

    Whitehead says precursors would be most convincing if they occurred not just before the main shock but before aftershocks as well, though the energy in aftershocks has been only about 0.1 per cent of the initial energy. “The only type of precursor in which this was reported, was for pets,” he says.

    For the month before the quake, Wellington and Christchurch newspapers, the Dominion Post and The Press respectively, were surveyed for lost/found animals, and SPCA files online similarly, which gave Auckland data as well. The Auckland data was used as a kind of control.

    The aim was to see whether more than usual animals strayed before the quake, which had been claimed for an event in California.

    The results for both Wellington and Christchurch reached “statistical significance” and inspection showed the number reported for Christchurch was double the preceding four weeks’ figures, and 30 per cent higher for Wellington.

    Some local vets were surveyed to see whether there were more than usual consultations the week before the quake, particularly stress-related cases. Orama Wildlife Park, Southern Encounter Aquarium and Willowbank were also contacted to check for unusual animal behaviour.

    Veterinary clinics in Christchurch contacted saw no discernable reported increase for the week before the quake. Nor was unusual animal/fish/eel behaviour reported from Orana Wildlife Park, the Southern Encounter Aquarium, or Willowbank. Nothing was reported for eels, supposed to be unusually sensitive to impending earthquakes.


    The most typical electronic precursor was TV interference, unusual and sometimes unique the night before the quake.

    On Friday, September 3, between 4.30pm and 9pm one respondent reported: “TV1, picture frozen. Tried other channels. The words ‘No Service’ came up. One time it got stuck on a picture of a religious ad of Jesus with no words on it. I said ‘look, God is looking at us’, after one minute we switched it off because it was starting to freak us out. The image stayed with us, just felt like something was different. We are not religious so it was strange.”

    Another person noticed that both their watch and clock radio had stopped at 3.17am and Whitehead says that is “rather persuasively a real precursor”.

    Others reported much static electricity in the week before the quake.

    A bookstore reported that static was such that “customers’ hairdos became bouffant and stickers persistently detached from books”.

    Whitehead says the best common explanation for these is static electricity fluctuations. The supposed very low frequency electromagnetic waves could have been involved.


    The most common reported “other” precursor was a feeling of pressure, sometimes manifested as headache (also felt before aftershocks), and a significant number of people felt a very deep vibration for many days before the quake which eased off afterwards.

    In this category many respondents reported various experiences they thought were connected to the later earthquake.

    These ranged from those usually classified as “psychic” to physiological symptoms. These types of experiences are usually reported in this type of retrospective survey. The most convincing are those which led to respondents taking unusual action in the day before the quake.

    One man was hunting in the mountains for deer. He was all set to stay the night and keep hunting on Saturday. He had been planning the trip for weeks.

    “After dark I had a real fear that my family was in danger, packed up my gear walked out in the dark, drove back to Christchurch stopping to have a quick snooze on the way, all the time thinking ‘this is crazy, I have been planning this hunting trip for weeks’. I got home went to bed (wife very surprised to see me back two days early) and, a couple of hours later, earthquake!”

    Another person, who works with severe dementia patients at Princess Margaret Hospital, reported that all day patients were upset, “out of the ordinary upset”.

    Other respondents reported intense feelings of itchiness before the earthquake.

    Whitehead says a New Zealand soldier who has served in Iraq, remarked he awoke before both the quake and subsequent aftershocks, which Whitehead believes may mirror his training to be hyper-alert to threat.


    Whitehead says earthquake lights were strongly doubted in the earth sciences community until they were, in the last several decades, captured on film.

    Now there are many records and videos on the internet. The mechanism is still obscure, but the colours are most like ionisation of air as one would see in auroras, Whitehead says.

    Many witnesses from Christchurch reported seeing these. The Lyttelton Road Tunnel cameras caught blue flashes after the quake. A similar sight was captured by security camera at Princess Margaret Hospital.

    Other reports included:

    “I was outside on the back lawn at my house in Wigram. I had returned from Europe only 36 hours earlier and suffering jet lag, hence why I was up at 4.30am. Everything was unbelievably quiet, no sound from any animal, human or even any wind to speak of. The sky was crystal clear with as many stars out as I have ever seen. As I surveyed the skyline a huge flash of bright white light – very similar to sheet lightning – flashed across the sky from south to north. As soon as it had flashed the rumbling began and the quake hit. This phenomenon happened again in the middle of the quake and the quake subsequently.”

    “I live in Tai Tapu and I saw the lights over Christchurch mid- quake from my bedroom window. I jumped out of bed and saw massive flashes of white/blue lights from the city. For a split second I thought Christchurch had been bombed.”

    “I went outside straight after the quake to listen to the car radio for tsunami warnings. The aftershocks were bouncing the car all over the driveway. Just as I got in the car I saw blue lightning both in the east and western skies. Thought Armageddon had arrived.”

    Whitehead says an important feature of one particularly detailed account is the coincidence of the light with earthquake pulses as they traversed the ground and says it is worth noting that the light was actually slightly in advance of the first shock, (later estimate five seconds) whereas records show voltage disturbances on high- voltage lines took at least 10 seconds to be initiated. He says the auroral appearance suggests ionisation of the nitrogen and oxygen in air.

    There are other examples of earthquake lights in New Zealand from October 17, 1848 and for the earthquake at Aimuri on September 1, 1888. Whitehead says an electromagnetic explanation seems possible.

    Is it possible to predict earthquakes? Whitehead says that in spite of sporadic successes the answer in general is “no”.

    The most spectacular success was HaiCheng, China 1975. Researchers used several converging lines of evidence to persuade authorities to evacuate the entire city of one million people. The next day a disastrous earthquake struck which would have killed tens of thousands. However, the same techniques next year in the city of TangShan led to evacuation and no earthquake in the predicted time period.

    However, the Chinese claimed some more successes towards the end of the 1990s.

    “There are still no reliable precursors,” Whitehead says. “China’s experience with attempting this, 1975 to present, is a 40 per cent success rate, but that is even worse than tossing a coin.

    “Research continues in several countries, with such things as changes in ground gases in water before a quake, electromagnetic emissions, some measured by satellite, and strains around geological faults. This has not translated to prediction, and some fear it may never.”

    * Dr Whitehead welcomes further information from Cantabrians about the September 4, or later quakes, particularly the devastating February 22 event. Visit chchquake. to take part in the survey and read further information from Japanese sources.

    – The Press



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    More Christchurch Earthquake 2011 headlines

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    LW   #51   02:32 pm Sep 08 2011

    I have 100% seen a pattern with my cats, who have been restless, wanting in and out of the house every hour or so the night before a quake/significant aftershock. I had semi registered their behaviour at the time but was more annoyed at the constant interruption to my sleep but then Bingo! We’ve had a quake or large shock hit in the early hours of the morning or during the following day. Usually my big fat man Panda is quite content to sloth the night away on the mink blanket on either mine or my daughters bed and the other cat is definitely an outside all night cat, but on these occasions they have both been restless, seeking attention from me, meowing at the side of the bed, leading me to the door to let them out or wanting to come in. On a standard night they might go out/come in once and that’s all I’ll see/hear of them, on a quake night it could be anywhere between 5-10 times. Now I take serious notice of their behaviour at night so I am somewhat mentally prepared for some shaking to occur. God bless my kitties!

    cassandra   #50   08:08 am Sep 06 2011

    @ cm #39, well you’re no fun. I don’t think you should play this game any more.

    Phil   #49   10:09 pm Sep 05 2011

    I would normally be as skeptical as lintee #47, however having now observed one of our cats predict a quake I think there is something to it. In the hour and half before the Feb quake we observed one of our cats change its behavior. It was odd enough for us to photograph the cat. That was about 20 minutes before the quake struck. It wasn’t till after the quake that we thought there could have been a correlation between the two. On June 13, I observed the same cat change its behavior again. This time I phoned the wife and warned her. This was at 12.46pm, 15 minutes before the 5.7 struck. I only have 2 observations which doesn’t prove anything, but I think its worthy of some study – at least to try and identify what it is the animals may be sensing.

    David   #48   04:06 pm Sep 05 2011

    Our dog Sam, went balistic half an hour before the September 4 quake. Usually I can contain his barking,but on this occassion he went “nuts”, racing all over the property, seriously out of control. Eventually he stopped and the rest is history.

    lintee   #47   04:05 pm Sep 05 2011

    If it was possible to read signs before a quake, we’d all be experts at knowing when one was about to hit. 8500+ quakes on, and we’re still all being taken by surprise on every single occasion. Sorry, but if Poopsie gets excited and then there’s a quake, it doesn’t mean they’re related. Not unless that’s the only time Poopsie ever gets excited, and it happens every single time there is a quake. We’re wired, as humans, to try and find patterns in things. Even in things that are random and unpredictable like earthquakes.

    Amanda   #46   03:55 pm Sep 05 2011

    LMAO – I’m with stu@44 and the hoff@37 – wierdly enough I’ve noticed the same thing happening at my place (and also when I’m at work come to think of it……..) holy heck – just remembered the same “earth moving” sort of motion also happened at the Halswell New World when I was there…… yeap there is definately a connection here somewhere 🙂

    Elle01   #45   11:27 am Sep 05 2011

    I remember the night before the Sept quake looking at the sky and thinking its either going to snow or be a big earthquake and felt really scared and ran inside. Have no idea why I thought earthquake. And yes the birds are back in my street as well! You don’t realise how much you miss them until they are gone.

    stu   #44   11:24 am Sep 05 2011

    Lol @ The Hoff #37… you know what?? Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed exactly the same phenomenon as you described…. A persistant ground shaking that I’ve never noticed before. Like yourself, I also observed this on all of the subsequent aftershocks. I now use this as a tool to predice when we’re having an aftershock and I’ve found it to be 100% reliable so far…. far more reliable than either of my lazy cats who’ve done precisely didly squat as far as warning me goes!

    rob   #43   08:58 am Sep 05 2011

    heh there. for what its worth i had toothache for two days before the earthquake in feb. my dentist said i’d need root canal treatment. it dissapeared on the day of the earthquake. it came back just before the last few rumbles. coincidence? maybe. ill let u know if it comes back. enjoyed the hug yesterday. stay happy.

    Fran   #42   07:57 am Sep 05 2011

    I did notice before a large aftershock one afternoon that that our cows who were at the time grazing a paddock I could see from my lounge window suddenly up and and walk away from the trees into the middle of the paddock in a hurry. I of course thought the buggers had broken out somewhere and got up to check things out and then BANG! as soon as it was over they slowly made their way back and continued eating. Also before septembes big one they refused to get up and walk to the shed as was noticed by other dairy farmers around Canterbury…..makes you think….

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    1. jules104 Avatar

      Mary, Thanks for the article. That is very interesting and somewhat funny at times. Great Read! Have noticed unusual behavior from my animals prior to tornado outbreaks when I was living in Arkansas. Noticed unusual greenish lights before the Loma Prieta earthquake when I lived out in the desert in CA. Come to think of it my cat has been walking around meowing for the last week or so, more so than usual. I even said this morning… he acts like he’s “twitter-patted”…but he’s been fixed for years. LOL Definitely something to all of that in my opinion. Blessings

    2. Deborah Talbot Avatar

      Thanks Mary,as I lived through all those terrible quakes in Christchurch was interesting to read that article.My brother in law notice as he went to work early on Sep 4th 2010 that sheep and cows were all lying on the ground just before 7.1 hit.I will never forget the noise of the quake that morning- unbelievable!!!!

      1. Mary Avatar


    3. Marie Avatar

      Great copy of article Mary.
      I’v also heard of many who saw the blue lights on 4th sept 2010. Personal Christchurch Quakes experiences- deep, dark, brooding low clouds and heat before 4th sept and 22nd feb, strange cat behaviour days before and morning of feb 22nd quake(strange enough to take a photo of), head pressure and throat palpitations up to 3 weeks before big quakes(having it mildly again now), unusual cloud formations( finger like projections for medium size quakes, rainbow coloured clouds(many witnessed this on northern motor way) before big ones) otherwise ripples for smaller- look up people!!, increased static electricity-shocks off of cars etc,) strange radio(and tv) disruptions a few weeks before( radio happening at the moment), cows rapidly leaving grazing- even on the west coast, numerous people having quake conversations when it wouldn’t normally be a conversation topic(it’s like people are subconsciously feeling something- many have mentioned to me about feeling like they are having heart issues and bleeding noses a few weeks beforehand, then stopping after the quakes), immediately before quakes dogs bark incessantly then suddenly stop. Strangely i’ve never noticed the birds quiet before a quake, only directly after. We are having a few reasonable size shakes around the country, at the moment.
      Lots of anecdotal signs that science can’t measure accurately yet. Strangely our geo scientists are also far behind the global scientific community, in understanding that a shift in plate on one part of the Ring of Fire has a ripple effect elsewhere. They even don’t agree that a big shake in our own country causes a few smaller shakes further down the line! “not related’ they say, when the rest of the world is seeing proof that there is a connection and pattern. Duh! We, NZ, are the inventors of base isolators for buildings in quakes, yet we have very few buildings that use them. We are a bit backwards at times…….

  25. jules104 Avatar

    On 12-11-14, the Spirits are talking about an earthquake and you have a visual of a tag with the number 12 on it. Could this be related to Christmas presents with tags on them so the 12th month?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a good point

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, Christmas timing of EQ…Mexico EQ. ( Flamingos in southern MX on gulf side)
        See.. 6.6. Mag.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I saw that in the news, with the earthquakes they always point to the ‘crackers’ which is a slide of the amount of damage. They seem to only be focused on earthquakes with damage. I am not sure if Mexico’s news fits that, but I am still waiting on damage reports.

  26. rhona Avatar

    Hi Mary two cups if tea latter and finished article most interesting read ….thank you for adding it….well i loved the fact we all have similar stories one way or another….our tv has frozen like that before a rumble near meckering here in WA in.last couple of months…when i read it it does correlate to the timing never thought about that before…blessings

  27. Mary Avatar

    The post of 8-1-15 stated “1130”.

    I wonder if that’s the date for Nov 30 for new Zealand, Australia and Plymouth.

    Also Dec 2nd for San Francisco, California.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Normally when they use 30 they are describing a month. 830 would be August. But it is possible.

  28. rhona Avatar

    Eric site family i was reading through notes 10-14-14 ref here about ” wed …1 left……people gathered together…i.saw a pink flamingo walking slowly..”
    Wed may be a wedding and the bride walks slowly the guests gathered .1 survivor .It a news item after San Francisco quake..there are wedding venues with live flamingos.
    Still not giving us a date though is it..maybe a Saturday with weddings and sunday as well..

  29. star48 Avatar

    the Mexican EQ…scared a lot of people over 3 countries…no major damage- bldg or people
    Your right does not fit? Still we are on the threshold.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  30. star48 Avatar

    EQ. 5.8 17 kilometers from Christchurch, NZ. In the water..depth @ 5 miles..
    Shallow quake. I do not know if this is the one spirit was mentioning ( New Plymouth is on the other side of Island..- could be a foreshadow .

  31. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    3 EQ’s in NZ owned area..(In ocean north of NZ North Island. —
    between Tonga..near Kermadec Island
    I am sure there will be more aftershocks..

  32. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, New Zealand update few hrs later..

  33. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    5.8 EQ –188 km —22.4 km deep.NNE from Gisborne…,NZ.

  34. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    EQ hit 7.1
    USGS downgrades New Zealand quake to 7.1, at depth of 30.7 km (19 miles)

  35. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Update..tsunami panel meeting..(.no alert for Hawaii)
    New Zealand earthquake felt from Northland to Wellington; follows magnitude 5.7 quake day prior – Stuff

  36. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, update in tsunami threat.,

    Potential tsunami threat for New Zealand following magnitude 7.1 earthquake, civil defense agency says; people warned to stay off beaches – @NZcivildefence

  37. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    background information..largest EQ in years..

  38. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Small foot-high surges are recorded at New Zealand’s East Cape after 7.1 earthquake – TVNZ

  39. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    All trains to Britomart, New Zealand, suspended after earthquake triggers tsunami warning – One News

    Many aftershocks, 5.7,5.8 many in the 5’s

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You for all of that info on the EQ updates Star48. Hopefully foot high surges will be all they experience.

  40. star48 Avatar

    7.8 EQ in NZ…aftershocks.6.5,6.1 etc
    Tsunami wave hit more possible

    Eric, EQ in November. In NZ.
    7.8 EQ with aftershocks in the 6’s still continues. 6.1, 6.2 6.5
    First Tsunami wave arrived more to come.

  41. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    I believe this tees up CA. EQ…
    Tsunami map released in alert..
    Map: NZ government nation-wide map of tsunami threat levels shows all coastal areas affected; highest waves expected between Marlborough, Banks Peninsula – @NZcivildefence

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I believe so too Star48. Tees up CA. Do you think the “Marlborough” could be related somehow to the old prediction with the word Marlborough? Praying for everyone in New Zealand.

  42. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    Eric, the whales washing up in NZ. The prediction about an earthquake for “Plymouth” as I mentioned on the other post, NEW PLYMOUTH is a large coastal city in NZ that sits at the foot of Mount Taranaki on the west coast.
    It is the 13th of feb here today in New Zealand and I see you have marked the 14th for a prediction. Could this be for NZ?
    I ask because on your other post you also said you saw two OO’s and they looked like “rings” .. New Zealand is based in the Pacific “ring of fire” as it’s called.
    I’m worried we are running out of time here to get clarification from Spirit.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I hope the new post helps.

  43. james Avatar

    late post
    location wellington
    july 2018 or 2018
    3 to 4yrs from date posted
    25 lost is 25 minister members of parliment beehive

    1. james Avatar

      or 2019. typo

  44. Kimberley Waldon Avatar
    Kimberley Waldon

    Roseate spoonbills. Pink like flamingos. Found in Chile.

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