New Zealand Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all those in New Zealand. I am unclear what 3 means.

Notes 8-1-15    “Sorry Eric, its 1130″    “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

I am very sorry to report a huge mistake on my part, this earthquake is not coming ‘now’ but in November.  I apologize for this mistake, I asked you to share this prediction only to learn that I might be off on my timing.

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Eric, you missed annotations on this post…..12-8-15!!
    The Spirits clearly presented an earthquake arriving soon, the question remains which, New Zealand or San Francisco? If you live in New Zealand or San Francisco I encourage you, caution, both predictions are slotted for November. I will try to bring clarity on which earthquake is coming first.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will be asking about that.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Yes, I had to take 8 aspirin in the last 24 hours last Friday and slept mostly on Saturday morning. I started get real tired and sleepy last Thursday and went to bed early before 8pm. Earthquake occurred in NZ this morning. I’m feeling fine now since the quake. Now I’m very worried as what if Calif or Japan be next after NZ. Praying for all be safe.

    1. Mari Avatar

      hi mar
      shoot… I was in bed with massive headache
      Sat nite and all day yesterday. I happened
      again. Mine comes right after yours goes
      holy cow!
      stay well

      1. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari, now I’m feeling fatigue and having bad headache again. Possible another big one coming up soon.

    2. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

      Hi Mary, how you been feeling?

  3. Mary Avatar

    There are several posts mentioned of Calif quakes in Oct 2 and Nov 8, 2015. Oct 22. 2016. There’s more posts mentioned of Calif quakes. Who’s know when it hits Calif after NZ quake. May take a day or 2 or a week.

    1. Tempestmm326@gmail Avatar

      Hi mar
      And there were weird lights seen over
      new zealand before quake. Remember we
      had seen that before with some other quakes?
      Like meteors falling?

    2. Mari Avatar

      hi mar
      sorry if this posts twice
      There were reports of lights flashing over
      new zealand before earthquake. Like
      meteors falling.. Do u remembrr we noticed
      same thing a while back before other quakes?..

    3. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

      Hi MAry. I’m interested that you get headaches with quakes coming! Do you know if it’s a new quake you are feeling or just another large aftershock? .. there have been many of those!

      1. Mary Avatar

        Hi Ocean! Yes I get headaches before the big ones come up. I noticed first I get tired easily then had huge headaches till the big ones hit. The pressure relief and have no headache and I’m fine after that. I noticed the staff and students in middle school complained of headaches on same day before the quakes occurred. Right now I’m feel very tired and headaches coming back. It’s possible another one is coming up any day. hopefully I’m wrong.

        Peace to you.

        1. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

          Very intuned with the earth you are! Mana wahine (strong powerful woman) I do hope it’s not here, I’m not sure we will cope with another buggy to be honest.
          Thanks for your response though

  4. Mary Avatar

    Now I’m getting really worried for Hillary Clinton as if possible assassination in Eric’s predictions. On November 14 is the Super Full Moon in the house of death which is Scorpio. It’s the warning death sign for Hillary Clinton. Pray she be protected by Saint Michael by assassination. Keep her safe and avoiding death on Nov 14th.

    My birthday is Oct 29th. Pray nothing will happen to me with health.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Grateful nothing happen to Hillary.

  5. Mary Avatar

    Poor New Zealand!! It’s continued shaken all day and night. Its crazy……Praying for them that the NZ will stop shaken.

  6. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    Yes, I am concerned about the San Jose earthquake prediction as well. So far, the San Jose prediction has not happened….and I hope it doesn’t happen.

  7. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    The prediction was 8/1. The earthquake 11/14. I would say the 3 means 3 months? It fits perfectly

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi aleafinthewind77. I thought the same thing but then realized the prediction was from 2015…though it sort of makes sense, that three months. I just hope it’s not in three locations and there’s more coming.

  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC..,

    Excerpt from article..Scientist puzzled and researching.,
    Double tectonic shift..

    As a result, New Zealand’s earthquake appeared to be causing aftershocks on two separate fault lines, he said.

    “What they are seeing is aftershocks in two very distinct locations and that is what is indicating, OK, we’ve had two earthquakes here,” Pascale said.

  9. star48 Avatar

    Mysterious green and blue flashes appeared as EQ struck..see video

    1. Mari Avatar

      hi star48
      i just posted mary same..
      and i remember now u amd i had
      made references to same a while back. Like maybe
      in spring? From my memory…
      we noted arizona and russia
      and southern california maybe south america
      i think
      weird huh? U think there is a connection?
      it seems like something strange to me.,,

    2. Nick Avatar

      I was there – didn’t see any lights beforehand. From what I saw, it looked like a large amount of power lines and associated equipment sparking at the same time of the earthquake. Been keeping the power companies busy with non-stop repairs. Lots of aftershocks, and hoping this quake doesn’t trigger the Alpine or Subduction Faults.

  10. Luna tic Avatar

    Eric and SWC, There is a area of disturbed weather and may form into a tropical depression later this week in the Caribbean. Keeping and eye on it. My prayers and good thoughts to those from New Zealand.

  11. star48 Avatar

    Flooding cuts off Wellington, New Zealand, with stretches of State Highway 1 and 2 closed – NZ Stuff

  12. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    New Zealand authorities set to use up to 50 helicopters to evacuate tourists from area affected by 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Kaikoura – Radio New Zealand

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Do we know how many casualties there were.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, so far it is two fatalities…
        The 50 helicopters are for moving A thousand plus tourists trapped.
        roads are impassible at this time.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  13. Tot Avatar

    The quake was horrible. We are fortunate to be some distance from the epicentre.

    1. Rhona Avatar

      Tot im a little late in replying to your post …but wishing you safety for you and yours till this grumbling settles and all on East coast and beyond …
      keep us informed in how your doing

      1. Tot Avatar

        Thank you so much Rhona!

      2. mari Avatar

        hi rhona
        i am not sure if u are in this area but if
        u are or for anyone on this site who might be i just heard
        a warning about keeping pets safe from
        rise of venemous snakes
        Warning to pet owners after increase in sightings of venomous #snakes in #Adelaide’s northern suburbs

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Be safe, I do hope everyone stays safe. I am very sorry we could not give a better warning.

      1. Tot Avatar

        You do your very best Eric!

  14. Rhona Avatar

    Eric its just a thought but maybe in 3 could be another big quake for Plymouth or Aus three days after this previous N.Z. quake ..
    about 16th Nov …
    I certainky pray not ..
    All the very best of my wushes N.Z.

  15. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    I saw something on my newsfeed that jumped out.. a U.S WARSHIP currently visiting New Zealand for 75th navy celebrations is due to enter the country tomorrow…
    that wouldn’t have a connection to these ship predictions you were seeing Eric?? Here is the link..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will check it out thanks.

    2. star48 Avatar

      There is a alert on breaking news that it is being diverted to the EQ zone to assist..also hundreds of stranded tourists..900 plus.
      Ep when full article is released will pot as comment..

      1. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

        Yes it’s going there today (16th nov) not sure if the date has any significance.?
        Could it be that something happens to the ship that ISNT a deliberate attack? E.g destroyed from a natural disaster?
        We are still on tsunami alert here and earthquake aftershocks are in the upper 5’s. The last official count of aftershocks felt was 913

        1. star48 Avatar

          Wow, are you getting any rest?
          That is so unsettling…especially aftershocks coming from two faults at The same time.

  16. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    Hi Star48. No rest. The after shocks are day in and day out and they are not small after shocks. That and the fact that there was just a huge storm and also the area is faced with a huge deluge of flooding so we are restricted to our homes at the moment.
    NZ is used to shakes and they happen almost daily, most of them not being felt but we have just hit the 1000 mark with how many felt after shocks there have been!

    1. Mary Avatar

      Hi Ocean! Is there any report on an active volcano in NZ? Because the earthquakes can be connected to the volcano. I remember experience the quakes in Lower Hutt. Then later Mt. Ruepahu erupted in Sept 1995 if I recalled the time correctly.

      Man, hopefully the aftershock slow down to cease. It’s a lot in 2 days. Praying everything get back to normal.

      1. Nick Avatar

        Short answer: No increased activity

      2. mari Avatar

        hi mary
        hope you are well!
        its weird u asked about volcano..
        i remember a prediction a while back about
        people on a military ship seeing orange yellow like a fire going
        out and told u my thought was could the ship be near a volcano
        that just erupted..
        Let me know if u hear about any volcanic
        activity in area

    2. star48 Avatar

      N.Z is stunningly beautiful.
      the fault system one of the reasons..mtns,valleys.etc…
      I am a CA native so I understand the double edged sword.,
      However you have been hard hit with all the EQ’s and storms.
      My thoughts are with you and your magnificent country..

      Side note…I was always intrigued years ago when I saw that old movie.
      “Green Dolphin Street”. That had the great EQ…and tsunami..

      I always considered myself to have been fortunate to have explored and experienced it in the 1980’s…

  17. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    Hi Mary, minor volcanic unrest at ruapehu and White Island! Nothing major to report though..
    Eric, it’s interesting that “Plymouth” comes up in your prediction, could this be a reference to the town New Plymouth? That is a town in New Zealand on the west coast. Out of the earthquake zone, however it IRS only 50km away from mount taranaki (the volcano)
    Perhaps you could get clarity from spirit if Plymouth and Australia relate to further earthquakesor volcanic activity?

    1. Mary Avatar

      Ocean, keep eyes on volcanoes in NZ since earthquakes. It can elevated the active in volcano.

      1. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

        Our volcanoes has been dormant for ages tho? Some of them hundreds of years! However I’m concerned about mount taranaki. (In New Plymouth area) Eric mentioned Plymouth in his prediction. Do you think we could expect eruption and earthquake ?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I will put it out there to them. I was wondering about the Plymouth part of the prediction?

          1. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

            YEs, New Plymouth sits on the alpine fault on the north island of NZ.
            It also is in the same area of mount taranaki which is a dormant volcano but is apparently well over due to erupt. I see on Geonet that there have been small quakes in New Plymouth lately.
            Perhaps you could ask Spirit if there is a volcano near the place they mentioned and if it’s coastal? Because I strongly believe they are referring to this location and if that’s the case then we are in serious trouble because a quake could trigger an eruption or vice versa ?

  18. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    Hi Eric and SWC, just some observations to post. The storm in the Caribbean basin is still expected to develop into a tropical storm later this week. If this is on target with the 11/22/16 Assassination prediction then the San Jose quake could be next. The prediction said in 01…could that be saying one month? Then the assassination would follow. I am posting a lint to the 2/12/14 President prediction as 117 is noted and also the 11th is marked. I wonder if this prediction is related to the list of predictions pertaining to this future event?

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      San Jose residents report feeling an earthquake yesterday but USGS doesn’t acknowledge that there was one. This is the kind of thing that Dutchsinse has reported on about the USGS not showing all of the EQ’s.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Luna tic. Here is one of his videos talking about good possibility it was related to the Taney Seamount off the Coast of San Francisco. Possible new underwater volcanic eruption. Starts at about 11:15 minutes if you don’t want to watch the whole video. This happened off of the Oregon Coast also a bit back in 2015, the Axial Seamount may have been erupting according to researches. There’s a lot of activity lately all over the planet it seems to me. Lots of really deep EQs., and Volcanic activity.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It might be, I will ask about the storm again.

  19. Em Avatar

    Report of an explosion in downtown Chicago, one person dead. They’re saying it’s a gas explosion, but who knows…
    will update.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info!

  20. flamingo Avatar

    Explosion was not in Chicago it was in Canton, Il which is approx. 200 miles south west of Chicago.

  21. Rhona Avatar

    SwC islamic State calls for terrorist attack Australia ..
    prayers love and light to police citizens for awareness and safety
    hopefully thwarted …

  22. Rhona Avatar

    SwC old article about Aust but new threat issued Nov 2016 ..
    sorry should have checked date …

    1. Mari Avatar

      hi rhona. hope u have been well!
      I am just looking for some connections.

      Article u posted has these:
      Terror threat australia
      Stab, Shoot, poison,
      in Bankstown
      & Biondi & Broadmeadows& Brunswick

      Post from 10-15-15 has these:
      Ship port navy
      Australia. Danger
      Around 15-18 november
      Directly south of sydney

      Post from 11-16-15 has these:
      Australia horrible bloody 18

      The links are these
      Bankstown , Bondi etc are south pf Sydney.
      Stab, shoot, poison are all bloody and horrible.
      Nov 15-18 is this week
      ? Where does 34 fit in..
      Military ship USS Sampson is in port in
      zealand this week.
      Do u think there is any connection in these?

      1. Rhona Avatar

        hi Mari..Im really well ..thank you for asking ..I hope you and yours are too..😊 Thank you for your research and concern … the 34 was originally 34 days from date of first post of prediction which Eric worked to the 15th or 18th November ..but often with spirit it can be a year out especially in the earlier days though 2015 is not so long ago
        but it has been noticed some things are out by a cycle of a year …
        so yes I think you are onto it there ..
        oh my we did have an attack at a commonwealth bank today ..where an individual doust petrol on himself and set it alight injuring others in the process. .though it hasnt been linked to terror as yet ..and that occured on 18th ..
        such horror by youth seems to point to something more tragic. .
        a day or two either side would be possible.
        The naval ship im not sure …
        Mari the predictions you mentioned came to my mind too as it seems they have not occured yet
        .. praying sending love and light to our eastern states for vigilance ….and thwarting ..
        blessings and safety to you always

    2. Mari Avatar

      hi rhona
      i am so glad u r ok and i hope things remain
      well for u and family.
      thank u so much for explanation of
      34. i really couldnt piece it in and
      I am learning nit by bit
      so much going on. NYC has a strange
      energy. Very similar to post 9/11
      and thanksgiving parade upcoming
      is a big concern. Nothing is as it seems i think.
      I feel like there are layers covering the truth
      like peeling the layers of an onion and that
      something big will be revealed and we will be
      shocked to hear it but will not be able to
      change it. Like it has to play out a certain
      way. I was just told by a spiritual friend
      that i have a native american spirit guide!!
      So excited that i finally have a guide. Well probably
      has always been there so i guess i mean i am
      happy to know it has manifested to the next
      level so i will forge ahead. Thank u for
      your insights and stay well

      1. Rhona Avatar

        mari thats wonderful news you have been able to have your guide
        revealed ….now in your conciousness intuition from them will multiply ..and little gifts too watch for feathers in odd places ..
        Im understanding the peeling the onion back ..yes i too have felt this ..though im feeling change could come for the better .. what ever it is its not very tastefull is what im
        getting …
        thank you for well wishes ..yes everyday im getting better and better …
        Its my Birhday today so im feeling that birhday buzz you get 🎉🎁
        somethings you never grow out of .
        the child within loves it yay 😆
        stay safe blessings

        1. star48 Avatar

          , the 18 th here in. Idaho…
          .I remembered your birthday is the 19th!
          I would like to be one of the first to wish you a Happy Birthday! With wishes of many many to come…😘🍾🎂

      2. Rhona Avatar

        mari its the 19th of Nov here though pist says 18 so yeah my b day is 19th 😆

    3. Mari Avatar

      hey rhona
      no reply button below so……
      Happy Birthday!!!!
      And best for a very happy year!!
      🎈🍰 Mar

      1. Rhona Avatar

        mari thanks yay 😆 😆 😆 Happy days ahead x

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Yes jumping on to wish you a lovely, spectacular Happy Birthday down under Rhona. I hope you had a fantastic time on your special day with many more to come. 🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈🎀. Blessings.

    1. Rhona Avatar

      star 48 thank you so very much …yes i will take your wishes with me this year …a true and genuine spiritual family member always sending warm feelings ..x 😘
      I also remember your shared memories for 19th …
      blessings star have a peaceful night

    2. Rhona Avatar

      star hope its ok using your teply box
      Jules thank you for wishes ..
      mari …
      so special went to garden cafe for lunch and wedding party with New zealanders turned up …
      A young lady asked me to help her ..
      I was in car park ..and lol..she couldnt pull the zip of her dress up all the way up at home ..
      so of course i obliged. .
      so greatful…they had photo with me and wedding party and hug from them with leys around there was beautiful ..spirit at work there ..spirit know how i Live N.Z..

      1. swampy11 Avatar

        Rhona, happy belated birthday! Haven’t been on for a few days. Hope you enjoyed the celebration!

      2. Rhona Avatar

        Swampy Hi
        thank you very much …I love birthdays celebrating the day we came to the planet to hold the light ..
        It was most enjoyable ..
        Your well wishes are appreciated …blessings to you and yours

  23. Em Avatar

    I’m sorry for a grim comment so near Thanksgiving, but there is cause for concern. The FBI and intelligence are concerned about terror attacks near this holiday. There are events that are occurring that are similar to those preceding 9/11. There are also several football games and parades that will be taking place that day. In addition, there there will be millions of people out on Black Friday shopping. We look weak and unstable in the eyes of the world with this new presidency, and as we seen before, terrorists and our enemies love to take advantage of that. Something is coming, I can feel it. Everyone please be safe over the holiday.

    1. Cee Avatar

      Thanks Em – adding my prayers for a peaceful, safe, happy Thanksgiving holiday…

  24. Sara Avatar

    You haven’t posted in awhile…is everything all right?
    (Probably just Thanksgiving preparations, and I totally understand that.) Just checking.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Sara.. Oh no we are just now ramping up. Everything is fine, thanks for asking. We are also expecting a prediction to unfold in the next day or two. All is well.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Any idea which prediction?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I believe there is two, however no, they are just confirming that ‘this is what they were talking about’.

  25. Francine Avatar

    Thought this might fit in with one of your predictions.

    Two assassination attempts thwarted on Egyptian president:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are looking into it? Is that the Assassination? I will ask them.

  26. Mary Avatar

    Eric and SWC, may want to keep eyes on Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade In NYC. Expected 3.5 millions participate in 2 1/2 miles.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Star, Jules , rhonda, SWC, do you remember in the older post mentioned of a parade? Perhaps in NYC? Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is coming up soon. Google “ISIS news” and download it. ISIS singles the Macy’s parade.

      Pray for peace.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Mary. I remember an old one that was about a parade. I think we were looking at it maybe being in San Diego then if I remember right, or I was. But that prediction hasn’t happened so you could be right about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I wonder if Eric has picked up anything on it? I thought about the, black socks scattered all over, old post yesterday when I kept seeing the Black Friday ads. Did that one ever happen? Do you remember that one? I just figured it was a reference for ISIS but maybe not. I also am thinking about the old post of, after a gathering of Americans, and thinking that could be Thanksgiving. Not really sure why I’m thinking about these but I am. I feel sort of on edge lately, but it could just be knowing these crazy people target large crowds and holiday events. I hope and pray everyone is taking extra caution and being vigilant, reporting things out of the ordinary during the holiday season.
        Praying for the families of the Police Officers who were shot and those who passed over the weekend in St Louis and San Antonio. I hope the find the suspect in TX quickly. Stay safe Mary. Blessings.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Good point.

      2. Rhona Avatar

        Mary good point ..and as Jues pointed out Thanksgiving and the black socks …
        Please stay safe it wont be for want of prayer love and light ..
        god speed the day when this is all past us especially for the young ones .. Amen …

  27. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Canterbury, New Zealand, civil defense issue warning as landslide dam on Towy River at ‘imminent danger’ of over-topping – NZ Stuff

  28. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    The depth of this EQ is worry some…204.3km.
    5.0 -91 km NE of Maketa,NZ

  29. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    I find this interesting… it’s not a common occurance for Australia to experience earthquakes and I see just lately they have had a string of very small insignificant ones which leads me to wonder about the predicition…I stated “New Zealand, Australia and Plymouth- in three” could that mean that it will happen over a period of three weeks?
    Next week It will be three weeks since the large NZ earthquake took place and in that time, Australia have been having little ones.. could we expect the next one to be (once again) in New Zealand?? There’s a town called New Plymouth there…

  30. Tango Avatar

    I’d say 3 means march. This year actually. It will be middle New Zealand big enough Australias south will feel it. Plymouth is New Plymouth city in New Zealand where there is a volcano. It will erupt due to this megaquake.

  31. Tango Avatar

    Also 1130 can mean approx number of deaths. This quake will be a megathrust.

  32. oceansintuitivehealingblog Avatar

    Eric, can you ask the Spirits about this? We have had 400 whales strand themselves yesterday and the day before at the top of the South Island.. that’s always been a precursor to a large quake in this country

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that very sad. I will ask

  33. Dan Avatar

    actually 3 separate groups (3 times) of whales beached top of south island. around 700 in total.
    we are approaching march so lets see if 3 meant march. the month. this would be soon after the whales beached. lets see if new Plymouth volcano erupts. its been getting small quakes in that exact area.

  34. star48 Avatar

    M 6.1 – 64km ESE of Waitara, New Zealand

    2018-10-30 02:13:39 (UTC)39.054°S 174.977°E ?..227.3 km depth ( deep)

    Not that far from New Plymouth…precursor to a higher Magnitude? Possible when that deep..

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