Notes 8-1-15

“Sorry Eric, its 1130″

“NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

I am very sorry to report a huge mistake on my part, this earthquake is not coming ‘now’ but in November.  I apologize for this mistake, I asked you to share this prediction only to learn that I might be off on my timing.

The ‘Now” part of the prediction might refer to the 5.2 Rainbow Beach, Australia on 7-31.

We will regroup in November, while we focus on the airplane and Greece prediction now.

They also showed a zero or circle. A major prediction is about to happen.


73 thoughts on “Notes 8-1-15

  1. Could the zero or circle represent te blue moon we just had? I’ve read so many theories on the signs and significances that supposedly are attached to this moon. I also see the date September 15th in lots of the events tied to these theories. Jade Helm is scheduled to end on September 15. Thoughts anyone?

      • Hi Lori, thanks for sharing the link. I’ve heard stuff like that but I’m curious as how can they really KNOW as when and what will occur. I’ve heard that the events will happen but not sure when exactly it will occur. Know what I mean? It’s very intriguing.


      • There will be no nuclear wars. All governments with these weapons have been shown countless times these weapons can be shut down. I wouldn’t give your time to websites or people who wish to push their fears.

    • That’s odd. Think it has to do with the budget? Honestly I don’t know but rather odd. Maybe it hasn’t impact to their countries like it did to USA as 9/11. Just my thought.

      Blessings to Star48!

      • If you have a chance to see the beautiful full moon tonight. It’s huge as a giant pumpkin with the big eyes and smile. And it’s dusty red color.

    • Think it had to do with the Jade Helm? I’m confused. Who are they really?

      I’m sorry to hear it happened. It has to stop.


      • I too am confused about this whole jade helm and its troubling me i hear all kinds of things like something big is going on they are even talking about 5 particular walmarts closing temporarily all for exact same reasons due to plumbing sounds all to weird whats the deal.

      • Thanks Travis. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Same stuff like you said. It’s so confusing. Hope it’s something not to worry about it.

  2. Eric, Collegues , there is another active area in water off historically Australia, below Tasmania.
    Macquarie Island surrounds.. Macquarie fault..
    See most recent earthquake..

    In the past it has had On 23 December 2004, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter magnitude scale (one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded) rocked the island but caused little damage.[7]
    On 12 April 2008, a 7.1 earthquake on the Macquarie Fault occurred near Macquarie Island.[8]

    • Hi star 48 thanks for posting the info ..i know it sounds a but oh yeh…but i also was researchung mcquarie fault and jotted it down in note pad a day or two ago …im hoping im tuning in again with more clariry after being off for sometime …my guides did point out between aus and new zealand but i wasnt sure till Eric and spirit posted ..its all confimation …blessings.

    • Thanks star 48 will be hammeting another nail in that string art board lol..seriously though monitoring the patterns…

  3. Hi star 48 collegues Solimons just had a 6.9 now thats a cracker isnt it.? I have been getting Montana….SanFracisco…Minesota???…oh well there is another cracker coming will post if and when i get safe be vigilant always sent in love and with pure intention ..blessings

      • HiStar48 ..Montana came up in a song on the radio and spirit saud post it…so i did then Sanfracisco and Minnesota wre in songs back to im figuring they are trying to get me to listen and take the hints seriously…i know it is not likely to predict all quakes this way lol but its amazing the feeling i get when there is a message in there…i dont believe Montana is going to be a biggy but i am content and encouraged to keep an ear out for more…they time it perfectly…blessings to you and yours..

    • Star 48 yes i look at the tectonics around there its amazing…its seems to be Tonga..PNG..etc yhen a rumble at Raoul in answer…ive been watching Chile she has been havimg those low swarms 2-3m every day for a couple if weeks and.there is the build up of unreleased stress from 2004 i think it was…and its all happening south of the last biggy there which is where the stress is most intense the seizmologists say….the pattern is there…Also its been very very quiet for 2 days over the north south continent america on the iris map its a pause…what are your thoughts everyone…

      • Rhona, I noticed
        6.4 in Solomon
        I also commented on 5-27-( Drum set ) posting about Nevada’s
        EQ’s over 5,600 that started @ July, 2014 in Nevada..did you see that? Ongoing..

      • Hi star no i didnt see that i wil check it out..and post back latter…its still really quiet over north south America 3days since anything above 4m …im thinking of Jules at the moment praying all is well with her move inColorado…Blessings Jules if you read this ..I hope thats ok star to put that hello there for Jules?

      • Rhona, she has been on my mind too…
        so my hello is out there too.
        About the quiet…it is getting a little disturbing… the way the date should read 5-27-14..

  4. Star48 , i agree about it being disturbing ,its a little too quiet over all for it to be quietened energy fom prayer love light and holding the energy..then again there has been a mountain of prayer sent there…so maybe it is not going to be as huge as thought..i can sense the stillness in my being …i will look at the corrected pist you gave me now…i hope Jules pists a hi soon..

    • Star 48 i need to research the Navada swarm more its puzzling…i had a dream 8-11-15, this is hiw it went…..going up escalator and earthquake struck-spirir said “its ik its not going to harm you..its not here “ was at a shopping mall……
      Sharp teeth (escalator)
      Going up ( high mag.quake go to high ground)
      Quiet time at shop hardly anyone around
      “Just hold on..dont react (spirits voice )
      There is the same stillness in atmosphere here in west aust..has been for 3 days…Like a drum roll ..boom boom…something big is about to happen just as eric said a major prediction is about to it Japan not sure all i do feel is the quietness is like a collective preparedness of our spirits ..we can only wait and see …thoughts anyone ? Star what do you think…

      • Rhona, I have felt the stillness..
        the moment between breaths..I have been alert ….waiting..
        . Should happen soon? I am glad I am not alone in this state.. Blessings…..

  5. star 48 its Jules 104 …there is a posting from her within the hour of us wanting to have a hello from her…its on the Jimmy Carter thread for 8-12-15 at 8-48…thats synchronicity for us …yes how god is that? sleep well…blessings

    • Rhona, thank you I had forgotten that one.,and according to thus site there where 2 magnitude EQ’s. At the same minute. Interesting..
      .Friday August 14 2015, 01:06:55 UTC Offshore E of Fraser Island, QLD. 4.0 10.0
      GeoScience Australia Detail
      Friday August 14 2015, 01:06:55 UTC Offshore Eastern Queensland, Coral Sea. 4.0 0.0 GeoScience Australia Detail

  6. Star 48 suffice to say spirit showed me your grieving….yesturday a photo came up on my phone of a bride and groom with mountauns behind them and said its Star….see how we are all developing our own links …my thoughts re with you and yours thank you for sharing …

  7. Rhona, strange events.
    Japan just had 5.2 the same minute 3 earthquakes happened in Lakeview, Oregon.. They are across from each other. I am interested in your thoughts?

  8. Hi there has just been a 6.6 earthquake in Solomon Isles ..Star 48 i posted a comment on Oregon Japan quesstion you asked on 6-19-15 thread …sorry …and a comment on Ecuador volcana At Qito going off today…sendung live and light i hope she dient blow side of mountain off and everyone is taking resposes to thw danger…my all over the place cant hold the text still so i.cant see what im typing..check in latter with all if you …blessings

  9. Star 48 everyone above i posted thread above wrong it should be 7-30-15…i expressed deep concern for Japan Eric coleagues tried to pist a link and it wint work Japan volcano on level 4alert near a nuclear powet plant

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  11. Eric,
    size of more waves size downgraded..

    Map: New Zealand tsunami threat downgraded; people in green and white areas on the map can return home, land threat remains for blue areas – @NZcivildefence

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