Fireball Crashed into Alantic

It looks like this prediction has happened? On the 6th not the 5th. In the ocean by the south side of Brazil. On Predictions 1-27-16  they did warn us the meteor event was about to happen.  But how does 2 fit? If it is the prediction its great news as no one was hurt.  This also changes my focus, this set of predictions would be followed by a massive earthquake and now I need to focus on messages related to earthquakes. They have recently showed a visual of a rubber band snapping in Argentina and part of me believed that could be a reference to a snapping earthquake.

Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike  I also asked about the meteor prediction. Where would the meteor land?
“In the location of the Portuguese” — Spirits Voice
At first I thought, Spain. Then as we tried to narrow down the location to a city they mentioned the scope of land was very large to cover. I realized they must be talking about Brazil.
“Destructive to the town, such a sad loss of life.”
I had a visual of glass being swept up. There was glass and debris everywhere.

Predictions 1-27-16   “1000s will be injured.”    “Brazil in the south end.”

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 1-27-16   Finally Spirit warned us that a major prediction is about to happen.

“Right Now”

“Three.. one”

Are they saying the 31st? Or is it a countdown? I will ask for clarity on which prediction is happening ‘right now’. But if it is a countdown and they are talking about the meteor strike in South America we should expect it around the 27th-30th.

Brazil and South America please take precautions for this very destructive event.

“1-4-5” — Spirits Voice, Are we talking about the Meteor, or the terror attack below?


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  1. Hi Eric!!! On March 5 a meteor will pass by very close , like 0.004 LD. In spaceweather web page it can be corroborate.

      1. Hi! Today I went to and they change the info. It appears in other color also.

  2. Sometimes a large asteroid or meteor has small ones orbiting it. The large one due March 5 will miss us, but but some pieces may not. I hope no one is hurt if the pieces (meteorites) fall to Earth.

  3. I’m not convinced that this prediction has occurred. Should wait for early March. I’n not a scientist but what if someone traced the point of explosion back along it’s trajectory to land to see what towns were along the coast. Maybe theres a relationship.

  4. Eric I think the rubber band visual is in reference to a major earthquake. On 2/16/16 you mentioned being shown a rubber band breaking and now snapping. After researching this I’ve found that geologist consistently use a rubber band to simulate what happens during certain earthquakes. Just thought it was interesting the Spirits showed you a rubber band. Its called “the elastic rebound theory”. They have elastic, plastic and brittle deformation. With brittle deformation you would have a break and a catastrophic earthquake. In one of your previous posts 2/19/16 you saw water pouring in all at once for southern South America, Chili and Argentina. I’m wondering if this could be from a tsunami which follows. I’m not a geologist but keep seeing most likely scenario is strike slip fault and or subduction zone. I wish we could figure out where these would be exactly based on the plates faults so people could be warned.

  5. SWC has anyone else noticed the earthquake swarm in Eastern Western and Central Turkey all around same time central 13-37
    East 13-27
    West 13-28

    Depth ranging for above and others in the swarm from 18 to 4
    Star48 your usually onto it what are your thoughts….

    1. Hi Rhona. What do you mean by 13-37, etc. sorry if it sounds like a dumb question. I did notice three earthquakes in Argentina today 4.6, 5.2?, 4.6…I haven’t checked in the last couple hours for any more.

  6. Hi Jules yes that isnt.clear…..thats the time they occured….so close to each other something rippled through there elastic band….Im intrigued I will post a link….

  7. Hi Jules104 its.important when looking at this link to note the times and.depth as sometimes the same event is duplicated….having said that im.sure turkey is in for something i just dont know what…
    I did see Argentina and beleive its hotting up as Eric and spirit predicted…here is the link…
    blessings x

    1. Oh I see what you mean rolling through Turkey. I like that incident map versus USGS earthquakes. I was thinking about the “four winds” when I saw it. Was that you who said that recently? I’ve been a little worried about the date of the 27th, my tomorrow. Don’t know why. Seems like maybe Spirit has brought that number and the 31st up in long ago predictions. Could just be that and it’s stuck in my head not meaning anything. LOL. Have you had any “thoughts”on those dates at all? Blessings and Light

  8. Jules 104.. It was me.that mentioned the four winds …then simultanious…
    Now that you have brought it back to me i have looked at lattitudes and longitudes …i noticed Turkey and San Francisco, Japan Afganistan, run between same lattitudes . Im still looking at longitudes …
    I feel it will.probably be 4 points that form a cross and happening one after the other ..I cant quite pick it up but its right there on the tip of my thoughts .
    I really dont have anything on 27 or 31..but if you cant shake it there something there…
    I.thinking maybe the middle of the cross could be and accumulation of energy meeting ..i.dont know

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