Predictions 10-10-17

The 10th (today) is marked we are expecting a prediction to unfold.

I had a visual of several cracks happening back to back.

Where? I had a visual I was half deep in water, then it shifted, I was pulling out leaves with my hand.

Then the visual shifted again. I saw several people, talking to each other and all of them began to run in one direction.

l had a visual of gun fire shooting in all different directions, it was a massive shoot out, or perhaps it was the start of battle or war, the implication was Latin America, the location was jungle like.

I had a visual of someone who had a red laser target on their shirt, then a gun was being pulled out.

Yesterday I had a vision of multiple cracks, today I had the vision of several cracks. It’s hard to believe we would have several large quakes back to back, but that is the implication. VA and “leaves” could imply Vancouver Canada. If that’s true that brings us right back to these very old predictions about a massive Tsunami that strikes the North West coast of Canada and the US. But we also have the India prediction. Tonight all my focus will be on clarifying the locations, because it’s a bit  confusing.

One thing is clear they have been talking about earthquakes for the last few days, either we are expecting one big event, or serveral moderate ones.

Previous prediction:

The Tsunami:   Hawaii, Vancouver, British Colombia, Washington State, all will be affected. The tide will flood the shorelines. British Colombia will take the brunt of the destruction.

Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate.

Large earthquake.. Ecuador.. 17.. 21.. very soon.. dangerous.. deadly.” I had the feeling of the ground shaking under my feet between 2 & 3 PM yesterday the 14th.

“The partial Tsunami?.. where the beaver sits.. V.. U..”


I had a visual of a very large wave rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami, they must be talking about this previous prediction: Predictions 12-27-16

“A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”



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  1. Thomas Wyllie Avatar

    It is fall. There are many leaves in Virginia. VA.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When we first started doing predictions they referred to Canada as the place of leaves, or the place of the leaf

      1. Brittany Avatar

        I always think of maple leafs when I think of Canada.

      2. Joy Parks Avatar

        It is our national emblem. Right there in the centre of our flag. 🇨🇦

      3. Joy Parks Avatar

        But so is the beaver. The country was founded in the beaver fur trade. It was on our first stamp and several iterations of our coinage. We even have a famous fried pastry known as a beaver tail.

      4. tempestmm326 Avatar

        makes sense. lots of
        maple trees . I think they had
        a hockey team called the
        canadian maple leafs.

  2. mhb Avatar

    Re “The partial Tsunami?.. where the beaver sits.. V.. U..”

    Vancouver and beaver, there are several beaver named restaurants in Vancouver, one named The Beaver Bar and one The Flying Beaver. Plus there s OlympicVillageBeaver w Twitter hander @VancouverBeaver.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s interesting

    2. Trina Avatar

      Corvallis,Oregon has OSU home of the beavers.

      I too had a dream the same night as the festival shooting,someone saw a red dot and on their shirt and shots rang out soon after.

      1. mhb Avatar

        It did sound like a school mascot to me when I first read the prediction. 🙂

    3. Jillian Avatar

      At the entrance to Vancouver Harbor is a peninsula with Stanley Park, which contains Beaver Lake, Vancouver Aquarium (VA related to a quake?), and plenty of fall leaves.

  3. Johnny Avatar

    Something is most definitely going to happen! Hopefully not as big in any part of the world i think we have had enough tragedies i hope there can still be some good in October! Prayers! May the Lord bless us all around the world! 🙏🏻💜🕊

  4. jenmac76 Avatar

    I appreciate all the work you do Eric! I live in Vancouver B.C. And feel very much you are talking about here! Hoping and praying that it isn’t too bad and people stay safe!
    Thank you

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  5. BeachHut Avatar

    It’s worth repeating too that there was the ‘Va’ island in the recent earthquake prediction, that made sense as either Vanuatu or Vancouver island, which Dutchsinse regularly mentions in his monitoring of the North West Pacific coast. If anyone’s not seen previous posts, that coastline has a ‘slow slip’ of constant very minor movements. There is huge pressure built up over the last 9 or 10 months, and when the slow slip stops, there will be due (within only a few days) a very large quake off the coast. This prediction sounds very much like what Dutchsinse has been waiting for.

    I will type up his weekly forecast in the morning.

    1. katzhi Avatar

      BeachHut, thanks for condensing Dutchsinse. I try to follow his earthquake forecasts, unfortunately, the site crashes my laptop.

      Thank you Spirits and Eric for your predictions.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, water..
    6.7 mag. 6 miles in depth..Bouvet Island region
    No tsunami anticipated..

    1. Sara Avatar

      There have been a lot of smaller quakes in Alaska and the west coast lately, too. The earth is definitely active.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Sara, hi is a link just for -10-10-17
        Showing activity..

  7. lizardbrain78 Avatar

    I live about 3 hours east of the Oregon coast. But I am planning to move my family to the Oregon coast next spring. This prediction terrifies me. Please please more clarity

  8. Karen Avatar

    Eric and others, wasn’t there a prediction about power grids or going dark? I haven’t the time to search for it this evening, but I recall (or perhaps I made it up in my mind?) reading a prediction like this and came across the article as I’m trying to catch up with the new predictions and news as of late.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Karen ,hi.
      That thread is 9-14-17. ..

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They talked about a blackout thanks

  9. tempestmm326 Avatar

    what about beaverton oregon or
    vancouver washington?
    could the VA possibly be WA?

  10. tempestmm326 Avatar

    VU. Bellevue washington?

  11. BeachHut Avatar

    NEW EARTHQUAKE FORECAST Dutchsinse’s weekly forecast from 10th October. This is good for a few days, but events can trigger events further along in the time frame, I will update if I can, if something more ominous looms later in the week. Dutchsinse says that he is waiting for a new round of deep earthquakes this week, which will trigger larger earthquakes near the surface, so later this week could get lively and change a fair bit. But here is the forecast so far.

    ASIA / AUSTRALASIA – Mid range 4 deep quakes mean a bigger one of 6.5 in the middle of the silent zone, around the Vanuatu area. Aoba and Ambae volcanoes are still going, Vanuatu is still fully evacuated waiting for the proper eruption. The Kermedacs get a 4 to 5 followed by a new 4 in the Cook Strait of NZ (This pattern repeats pretty much weekly, and will continue).

    Japan has three volcanoes going on Kyushu. New activity, very significant, acting as compensation to the seismic pressures. When a volcano dies down it triggers a quake in the same area. Kyushu can expect a 5.3 which will create a new silent zone around Hokkaido in the north which can then get a 5.4 to 5.5.

    North Philippines / South Taiwan will get a 5.4 to 5.5 then Guam follows suit with a similar magnitude. (This too is a repeating pattern.) The area around Agung on Bali is still evacuated. Nothing’s happened yet but it will – the mountain is inflating and bulging (it sounds downright freaky, like the trees sliding downhill in the Railway Children). It’s gonna blow. But that area will get an earthquake too, a 5.3 to 5.5. A new deep earthquake of 4 to 5 is expected in the region, which will need updated forecasts later.

    Multiple 4s across China mean Eastern Nepal around the South China border can expect a 5.3 to 5.4. When that happens, Pakistan will get a 5.

    EUROPE – Another 5 in the Aegean Sea. Then a 4 in either one of three places: Central Italy, Romania or Bosnia/Cro/Slo) (He successfully de-coupled Slovenia from Slovakia this week. Hvala Vam!)

    North America – The North West Pacific slow slip is still ongoing (which is good). South California can expect an upper 4 to lower 5 in the LA to San Diego stretch. There will be another quake off the west coast, this time in the 6s, which even the USGS won’t be able to hide. This should mean that South California will be hit by a new mid 5 quake later in the week.

    New England can expect some rumbles and small quakes. No damage expected, but newsworthy. A new range of 4s in Idaho, around Yellowstone and in Oklahoma. Pretty big for the midwest. Dutchsinse is also expecting a new deep quake towards Alaska.

    Incidentally, during his years of constantly monitoring activity, Dutchsinse says that he has observed an occasional correlation between certain seismic activity and freak wildfires that have occurred. A few days ago there was a line of quakes north of San Francisco, centred around Clearlake volcano. The unexpected and monstrous fires now ravaging wine country exactly match the earthquake activity. Something very similar happened a few years ago in another area. It sounds like an embryonic new hypothesis, but that’s all so far. Tentative but interesting.

    CENTRAL AMERICA – There has been continued activity between Baja / Gulf through to Costa Rica., with volcanoes erupting repeatedly providing some compensation mechanism. There is a silent zone west of Popocatepetl so the Mexican coast there can expect a 5. Gulf of California / Baja can expect a 5.3. Experts are still expecting another big one in the Oaxaca region, but they expect a 7 + quake, whereas Dutchsinse has taken the expectation down a notch and forecasts about a 6.3.

    CARIBBEAN – Since the big one in Mexico a few weeks ago, pressure has been blocked across the Caribbean region. Puerto Rico used to get moderate to minor quakes regularly, but they have stopped. PR and the Eastern Caribbean should become a new activity spot in the coming weeks. A 5 is expected this week in the Barbados to Venezuela region.

    SOUTH AMERICA – Reventador in Ecuador is venting some pressure again, when it halts there will be a 5.5 towards the Colombia border. There will be a new upper 5 quake in the Valparaiso area of Chile, which may be out to sea or may dip over the border with Argentina (It’s a bit skinny down there!).

    That’s it for the next 72-96 hours at least. More triggering activity is expected which can change things rapidly. I’ll try and keep up.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Beachie, that report of Dutch’s forecast is awesome. He should employ you as his PR person. You make it so much easier to understand. Thank you muchly. Pete

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Oh thank you Pete! *Blush*. I only came back to report that a ton of these forecasted quakes have happened already. It’s going to be a busy few days.

    2. WonderNelly Avatar

      I’m quite sure it was an honest mistake but Mexico is in North America not part of Central America. I’m not being rude just pointing it out since you mention Baja Ca & an earthquake in that area could directly affect California.

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        This has been discussed before. The pressures go all the way down the continent to the Isthmus, there aren’t any borders in nature. All the earthquake activity recently in Mexico is in the Southern part directly impacting on the central narrow isthmus and has the most immediate impact on the Central American region. Of course Baja California affects California in the US. I don’t understand why you think I’ve got that wrong, or why anyone wouldn’t be aware of that? I’m only summarising what Dutchsinse says. In his videos his forecasts roam all over the place and he’s always hopping from one region to another, one continent or country to another. He’ll talk about Washington state and then mention Vancouver, He’ll talk about California and then plunge down into the Gulf. Everyone watching knows what he means, they don’t get pedantic about Vancouver being in a different country or the Gulf not being in California. The natural geography is more important than the administrative labels.

        You may believe you’re not being rude but the tone was rather strange. I understood what you were doing though.

        1. WonderNelly Avatar

          My apologies.. thank you for explaining, I have a better understanding of what you were saying in the post now.

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        Thanks Nelly. These earthquake forecasts don’t slice up neatly into official regions and that’s reflected in Dutchsinse’s videos and whatever I write up here. A week or two back my notes led all the way from China through to the English Channel, all as one interconnected story! I had to make decisions about how to describe it. I nearly made Iran appear as part of Europe. Everything’s connected.

    3. petemedium Avatar

      Beachie, I noticed a pattern with quakes etc. Today is Saturday 14th in Aussie, and just like past weekends, almost for a month, activity is starting to increase. The big one in Mexico was on our Sat from memory. Not sure of the reason, but I’m back to watching the earthquake monitors….and of course Dutch’s predictions. Pete

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        I just tried to watch the latest update but couldn’t concentrate at all. I think I gleaned a new 4.5 – 5 for South California, a new 5.6 – 6.6 north east of Japan, and Mexico will get hit again by a sizeable release in the next week or two.

  12. Cmt Avatar

    There is a Vancouver Island University, maybe that represents the V U?

  13. Cmt Avatar

    Mw 4.5
    Date time
    2017-10-11 09:26:08.0 UTC
    48.38 N ; 127.90 W
    10 km
    364 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 02:26:08.0 2017-10-11
    335 km W of Victoria, Canada / pop: 290,000 / local time: 02:26:08.0 2017-10-11
    170 km SW of Tofino, Canada / pop: 1,700 / local time: 02:26:08.0 2017-10-11

  14. Cmt Avatar

    And this could represent where the “beaver sits” in your prediction, The flag of Vancouver Island is a defaced Blue Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton, … and below is a beaver sitting on a small island surrounded by calm water.

  15. Sara Avatar

    Any updates on the possible terror attack in the northeast?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Where is northeast exactly?

      1. Sara Avatar

        I don’t know; one of Eric’s recent predictions said a terror attack was coming up in the northeast US–he suggested New York state or Vermont.

        But I haven’t heard much about it since then.

        A news story broke that looked like it’d been thwarted, but it turned out that the event in the news article had already been foiled a year ago, and we just found out about it now. So that news story is likely not his prediction. Which makes me wonder if more plots are planned.

    2. MTN Girl Avatar
      These predictions involve an attack on New York & other large cities, it’s football season again, & there’s a lot of controversy involving football right now.

  16. rhona2 Avatar

    just a point of interest
    The Water Lily is the National Flower of Sri Lanka
    It grows in ponds of not too deep water… and maybe ties in with ” Half Deep Water”
    and leaves
    Just a thought

  17. Sue Avatar

    4.5 earthquake hits Vancouver island

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that I hope that is it

  18. KAM Avatar

    I’m expecting something bigger on earthquakes onces those earthquakes transfer and become shallow unless it is release from volcanic activity.

    M 4.5 – 38km WNW of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands
    2017-10-13 09:17:49 (UTC)
    18.270°N 145.445°E
    437.8 km

    M 4.6 – 56km ESE of Owase, Japan
    2017-10-13 04:47:15 (UTC)
    33.918°N 136.785°E
    350.9 km

    1. KAM Avatar

      M 4.1 – 217km SW of Hachijo-jima, Japan
      2017-10-14 00:00:27 (UTC)
      31.811°N 138.042°E
      402.9 km

  19. star48 Avatar

    Beach hut,
    Mexico 5.5 mag–713km SSW of San Dionisio del Mar, Mexico

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Thanks star48. I’ve had a coupe of days off from earthquakes, my concentration was shot to pieces. I’ll try and update the situation today.

  20. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC

    Militants..rob bank..attack church.,7 dead

    EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — In a brazen daytime attack, about a dozen Islamic militants robbed a local bank, lobbed grenades and traded gunfire with security forces guarding an unused church in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Monday, killing seven people, including three civilians, officials said.

    The militants drove into the city center of el-Arish in the morning, then split into two groups. One group traded gunfire with the guards outside the Church of Saint George, security and military officials said. Services at the church were suspended months ago, following a wave of attacks on Christians in Sinai.,-attack-church-in-Egypt's-Sinai;-7-dead

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC

    🇱🇰 SRI LANKA..
    Meteor..pieces fall in ocean—

    Bright fireball ,,,Sonic 💥 Boom over Sri Lanka
    See video..

    Numerous people from the Southern Province of the country reported loud explosion associated with the event while residents along the Matara coast say they witnessed an object emitting a bright light and falling into the seas off the coast.

    According to the Arthur C Clarke Institute for Moder Technologies, yesterday’s bright light and explosion was most certainly a meteor.

  22. star48 Avatar

    Canada 🇨🇦 (Leaves?)
    Ref:: from this post..
    Where? I had a visual I was half deep in water, then it shifted, I was pulling out leaves with my hand.

    Canada’s capital Ottawa has broken its annual rainfall record on Monday, October 30, 2017, two months before the end of the year.

    As of 08:00 local time, Monday, October 30, 2017, Canada’s capital Ottawa received a total of 1 213 mm (47.75 inches) of precipitation since the start of the year, breaking its previous record of 1 174 mm (46.22 inches) recorded in 1972 for 39 mm (1.53 inches).

  23. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Malaysia 🇲🇾 worst history..
    7 dead

    “At least 7 people have died and over 10 000 were forced to evacuate after severe flooding hit Penang and Kedah, Malaysia over the weekend. Authorities described flooding in Penang as the worst in state’s history.”

  24. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Earthquakes in New Caledonia region..(2)

    1st. 6.4 magnitude..

  25. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Earthquake in New Caledonia region

    2nd 5.6 magnitude

    1. star48 Avatar

      CORRECTION…Should read. 6.6 magnitude

  26. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Ref from this post..
    I had a visual of someone who had a red laser target on their shirt, then a gun was being pulled out.

    Gunman dead after shooting from..high rise Reno condo tower.

  27. star48 Avatar

    Earthquake..6.7 mag..
    Central atlantic ridge..6 km deep..

  28. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    had a visual of gun fire shooting in all different directions, it was a massive shoot out, or perhaps it was the start of battle or war, the implication was Latin America, the location was jungle like.


  29. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Precursor to this post?
    6.0 eq hits Ecuador 🇪🇨

  30. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Ref..,l had a visual of gun fire shooting in all different directions, it was a massive shoot out, or perhaps it was the start of battle or war, the implication was Latin America, the location was jungle like.

    Article reports..
    14 peacekeepers and 5 others killed in Congo..

  31. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Peru ..large Eq.

    One of the cracks?
    Earthquake..7.1 mag..Peru

  32. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Where? I had a visual I was half deep in water, then it shifted, I was pulling out leaves with my hand.

    Then the visual shifted again. I saw several people, talking to each other and all of them began to run in one direction.

    The biggest swell of the season – one of the biggest on record, say officials – peaked Monday on Oahu’s North Shore. Conditions were extreme enough to prompt the closure of the parking lot at Waimea Bay Beach Park. Lifeguards performed 34 rescues and 1,745 preventative actions on Oahu’s North Shore, and 68 rescues and 865 preventative actions on the west shore.

    The swell arrived Sunday with surf about 12 feet, but that all changed overnight. Lifeguards opened towers at Waimea Bay and Rock Piles and began patrols at 8 a.m. from two rescue watercraft. “Very large swell. We’re looking at right now 40- to 45-foot face value and a solid 20- to 25-foot Hawaiian,”

  33. […] list of predictions: World Predictions 3-11-19World Predictions 3-8-19 WPredictions 10-10-17 Notes on […]

  34. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::l had a visual of gun fire shooting in all different directions, it was a massive shoot out, or perhaps it was the start of battle or war, the implication was Latin America, the location was jungle like.

    I had a visual of someone who had a red laser target on their shirt, then a gun was being pulled out.

    Ecuador 🇪🇨
    Ecuador moves government out of capital as violent protests rage

  35. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate.

    2 cyclones
    Two deep cyclones were spotted forming over the North Pacific Ocean on January 20, 2020– simultaneously occurring between Asian and North American continents. The twins are expected to head towards the northwestern US and southwest Canada, bringing severe winds and rough waves into coastal areas.

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