Predictions 8-19-17

In the face of the rise of white nationalism.. he is back no longer retired.. the previous president.. opposing racism.. building a bridge between old and new leaders.. becoming an opposing voice where there is currently silence.. the fractured democrats without purpose, unite, unwilling to move backwards

I had a visual of Obama wearing boxing gloves.

At a later date. The military one will rise to the highest office.. he will bring back nobility to the White House.. unite the divided country.. and be seen as one of the greatest US presidents of all time.. his leadership runs longer than eight years.

In other news

We are expecting that Alaskan earthquake/volcano now.

They again pointed towards Alaska, or North but failed to use the words Alaska

Spirit again brought up the flooding coming in Europe “The water has nowhere to go.”

They also mentioned a “stand off” unfolding.

The location was unclear however later they would mention Spain.

We still have one looming piece of this nightmare they presented. A visual of a school bus surrounded in mud, rain pouring down with children all around.

Its possible that it could be a separate situation like a horrible accident, rain symbolically represents tragedy or sadness.

I also had a visual of a mangled or damaged bridge.


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  1. So it seems like the school bus prediction could be a natural disaster & not a terror attack. Do you feel this prediction is linked to Colorado, or a similar sounding location? This does coincide with the weather patterns we’re seeing in parts of the nation, & many schools are back in session now, I hate to think of any children in harms way.

      1. Eric,
        In the original prediction about the “Logan” incident, you mentioned the spirits said, “Just when you think it can’t get any worse…the children”.

        To me, this suggests the Logan prediction happens on the heels of other horrible events.
        And since we just had two attacks–one in Spain, one in Finland–maybe you’re instinct about the Logan/school/children attack connecting to the recent prediction about a school-bus is right.

  2. The “longer than eight years” is interesting. Wouldn’t that imply some sort of crisis that would require a president to stay beyond term limits?

  3. It is nice to know something positive is coming for the office. 🙂

    Hopefully it won’t be too long from now, the military one..I don’t think it could be Mattis (or might be) I wonder who it is?

    1. Could it be the current chief of staff John F. Kelly? He is a retired marine corp general.

      1. By being chief of staff he could see what it takes being POTUS and decide he is up for the job.

      2. My first thought was general Colin Powell. He is a great leader under the Bush administration whom I always thought should have run for president.

  4. Could the volcano/earthquake be on Iceand? I know Katla has shown some activity lately.

      1. It’s silent with no quake activity for the last 12 hours or so in Northwest of USA. Keep eyes on.

      2. My little error…actually no movement in Northwest of USA more than 14 hours…..the longer it silent then the big one will pop.

      3. These last few hours, there is a couple small quakes in Northwest of USA. Hummm….don’t know which direction the large EQ will hit.

    1. The youtube earthquake analyst Dutchsinse who has excellent accuracy, has been warning that things are looking worrying in the North West Pacific area this week, though I haven’t watched any for a couple of days so I don’t know where that stands right now. Incidentally, he says the pattern of seismic activity in the eastern Med recently exacty parallels the pattern in the run up to the devastating earthquake in Italy this time last year, and that Italy could be in for another fairly big hit.

    2. Latest Dutchsinse headline: 8/18/2017 — Global “earthquake unrest event” underway — Large EQ’s possible this week — BE READY

      He’s great but his videos are long and it can be a bit of a trawl to get to the meat of the forecasts. It’s late now, I might watch it in the morning and report back.

  5. It is very encouraging that new blood may be around the corner. I have been rolling out the line repeatedly, that the current maelstrom is like a cleaning out of the old to make way for a newer fresher way of doing things, a new paradigm. This prediction sounds like that comes to pass. How wonderful! I have to confess though, that my naughty imagination, when I read ‘the military one will rise’ the first person that popped into my head was Chelsea Manning, lol!

    I know a lot of people were disappointed or underwhelmed with Obama’s time at the White House, that he didn’t seem to live up to the beautiful rhetoric, although he may have been constrained by Congress etc. How interesting it would be if his real legacy comes in his retirement.

  6. Hi Eric, not sure if there is a timeline for the Obama prediction…with his name mentioned I feel much more peaceful.. your prediction gives so much hope for our future…praying that another JFK will lead our country out of chaos to hope…

    1. Me too, Linda. I have so much pent up frustration I think I’ll cry for a week if we ever get out from under this mess of an administration. I remember reading somewhere about Obama’s presidency lasting longer than eight years.

      1. I even remember reading that the last president is black. So I really don’t know if their predictions are true.

  7. Eric is it the military one that will last more than eight years?
    Maybe Obama will become sort of like Princess Diana, the people’s princess, maybe Obama will stand up and be known as the people’s president, even if he isn’t the actual president. If that makes any sense.
    So much flooding in many places, so hard to know where anything could occur.
    I hope the children prediction can be narrowed down. It would be amazing if someone could stop this from happening, even if it isn’t terrorist related.

  8. The main military ones in WH: John F. Kelly (Chief of Staff), James Mattis (Secretary of Defense), and H.R. McMaster (National Security Adviser). I don’t view Pence as the ‘military one’. The older prediction about Pence being in danger (laying unconscious on a stage) makes me think that — if it occurs, hopefully not — ‘the military one will rise to the highest office’ to fill Pence’s role as president as he recovers. I believe his ‘leadership runs longer than 8 years’ doesn’t mean he will serve more than 8 years, but rather he will still have a leadership role in the next president’s term or that the next president will be inspired to copy his or her leadership tactics off of those implemented by the ‘military one’.

    1. If trump leaves office and pence becomes president and can’t serve then I think the speaker becomes president. I can’t imagine pence would run for president on his own and be elected after all of this.
      It does raise the question if the military person is VP and the president can’t continue, he becomes president and then could run for president in the next two elections, meaning he would serve for more than eight years. Hmm.

      1. So a VP taking over for a president can only serve two years of that term AND run for election and re-election. If the VP serves out any longer term, even one day, they are not allowed to run for the second term. So in essence a person can be president for 10 years. Fascinating.

  9. Interesting that we just learned that Pres Obama plans to “re-emerge” as a politician in the fall.

    This is a great sign, an indication that the forces of evil currently promoting themselves in Washington DC will not win. There are intelligent, American voices that will counter them.

    I hope that you are wrong about the military guy – the last thing we need (other than another Russian-inserted president) is a military person. Eisenhower was a dud, nothing moved forward, and we don’t need anyone else pretending that the US military needs to be “built up.” We need an honest leader, not a person who thinks war is the answer to everything.

    1. IrishEyes, you have a misguided view of those of us who serve in the US Military. We do not want war. War is very very painful to us! It scares us more than you will ever know. If anything, we will do anything to avoid war. But we will defend you, our friends, our families if called to do so. This country could use an honorable person in charge, one who knows the horrors of war and will do his or her best to avoid war. But who’s eye are wide open to the realities of this world. Someone who does not put themselves first but instead those people they are elected to serve. That person I described is a military person.

      1. RMF, we don’t agree. My experience is that people use the prism of their own past to decide things. Military people will promote military solutions. That is their experience. So thank you for your thoughts, but I am far from “misguided” in any way. You have no idea of my knowledge of military people, so here you are: I know of two Americans who have taken their military pensions and moved to Australia, because that will be a safer nation to be in when the next war starts. I would suggest that you observe more closely what is really going on rather than viewing the military with romantic notions.

        1. Coming from an entirely military family I respectfully disagree. My brother died because of the horrors of war. The idea that military people will promote military solutions in my opinion does not fit with what my brother believed. He was passionate about his career, he believed in honor and nobility as pillars that guided him,but because of his experience war of any kind would be the last possible option because he knew the horror it brings with it.To add most leaders who beat the drum of war usually have little to no military experiences

      2. rmf, First….I Thank You for your service.
        Now I’m not really sure who the next president will be, but what I do know and have observed through being married to someone in the military, who is now retired and who’s son is currently serving in the military, has been deployed to the Middle East and now serving in Japan…is exactly what you are describing. The generation that is rising up now has seen the horrors of war up close and personal and experienced that and what it has done to their friends, family members and what it has left behind. I believe that with this experience, there is for most a maturity and realistic view of it all. There is a shift of consciousness that is happening, is still ongoing in my opinion. So I do agree with you on the matter of most military men and women do not want to go to war. I’ve heard it first hand from my son and other military members. Now to just get everyone else on board who sit on the side lines out of harms way, democrat and republican alike, making these important decisions which so greatly affect others.

  10. So Obama will come back as Presidebt
    or just be more vocal?

    When will Trump leave?

    1. In Eric’s older prediction that Trump won’t complete his term. Either this or next year, he may be impeach or resign. That was back in 2016 and early this early posts.

      His character is very controller and lack in leadership as he doesn’t know how to work together as a team. He just basically telling others what to do. Just not the right person as the president. He thinks he could do it and it’s harder than he thought. Hopefully sooner or later someone like Obama will take on to straighten out the government systems. I have no bitterness toward Trump. I see that he tried and it doesn’t fit his character match. He tried, and I was surprised how far he made it to the election. He worked hard and was “go get it” attitude. I think he cares for his country but just not the right one for him.

      1. It’s crazy reading on daily news about Trump and the White House staff and family members. It’s almost like the daily soap opera as there is so much drama. I would call this as “Trump soap opera”. It’s all about themselves and what do they do for our country? Interesting perspective.

  11. I think our regards towards Obama depend where in the world we are. His legacy in the middle east and it’s result in Europe is one of utter horror. A human catastrophe that Europeans are dealing with. It’s daily life to be picking up the bodies of men woman and children out of the sea. To see groups of refugees living in the streets and train stations with no facilities even running water. Drug dealers every where, mass rapes, bombings, machete, knife attacks and being mowed down. It wasn’t like this before Obama came to power. Many world leaders are in the mix for creating this mess, not just Obama but as an outsider to America I remember Obama’s inauguration speech. He was going to offer the hand of peace to the Muslim world. Based on their experience I would be very wary of Obama’s hand of friendship and skills around unity.
    He interfered in our Brexit vote and was perhaps the cause of tipping it to an out vote. The UK public did not appreciate his threats.
    Traditionally the military taking over a country hasn’t bode well for the people.
    I have the greatest respect for both Eric and his work. Every single person on the planet has a vested interest in America getting their act together and kicking the war mongers to a place where they cannot operate.
    This is a positive prediction and I truly hope it transpires into a military take over that brings a sense of calmness and justice to the world.
    The litmus test for me will the new president tell the people about the upcoming earth changes. What to expect, how to get to safe places in time and how to survive once there? Or will it be business as usual keeping the status quo in place under a military presence?

    1. I know what you mean….I don’t care for Trump at all, but there was also a lot about Obama that I didn’t like–I felt he was in denial about many threats facing the country and the world, and he tended to trivialize concerns of other people.
      (For instance, saying people against unvetted refugee resettlement were “afraid of widows and orphans” when in reality, they were concerned about the mass-rapes in Germany and attacks elsewhere, partly exacerbated due to unvetted migration.)

      It’s not just Trump, Obama, and Clinton who IMHO haven’t been good leaders…Congress on all sides has been doing a lot of infighting. I hope whoever this new leader is really does bring unity back again.

      I was thinking, if he was in the military, that might actually be a good thing. Military leaders know firsthand how dangerous the world is, they know how to operate under stress. They are good at working together and are trained to find solutions.

      As long as the new leader isn’t a warmonger like Kim Jong Un, and really knows what he/she is doing, then that might be just what we need.

    2. Totally disagree. The Nobel Peace Prize won by President Obama was voted on by Europeans – and was well deserved. We in the US were in the grips of a deep recession/depression – I was out of work for 2 years, and it was terribly difficult during the Bush2 years. Then, Pres Obama invested in this country and brought us back. I got on a federal training program, gained skills and started working again. Of interest – I was just laid off again, so Republicans bring layoffs, that is my experience. Pres. Obama had noting to do with refugees – this is totally Putin’s creation. Putin intends to destroy strong countries, and is working internationally to achieve his goal of world domination. Pres Obama stood up to him, too many example to mention – then Putin destroyed out 2016 election and installed Trump, who did not win the vote or the electoral college, but Russian hackers changed the vote counts in at least 5 states, perhaps more, the research continues. We were hacked, our real president who knew all about Putin thrown aside by corruption, and we are still digging ourselves out of that pit. But we will dig ourselves out. As for the UK – get a grip. Brexit was another Putin plot, and you were had with lies. Do some work and overturn it, stop it. The destruction of NATO and the EU is part of Putin’s plan. Stand up and be a patriot and do not let him win. And stop blaming Pres Obama – do your homework and learn what Putin is doing in every country that produces oil – educate yourself.

      1. I didn’t mean to cause offence IrishEyes regarding Obama. What I was really trying to say but could have phrased it better is why do people want to go backwards? The past and it’s key players has brought us to where we are now and that cannot be sustained. It’s time to move the conversation forward and to think through how we can restructure in a way that is far more harmonious for the world.
        Obama is divisive and this is not what is needed in the current climate.
        Donald Trump is divisive and this is not working out either so time for a different way of being.
        When I read Donald Trump what I pick up from him is totally different to how most people view him. I only pick up his emotional feelings nothing else.
        I do wonder what would have happened if the good people of the USA had accepted Donald Trumps Presidency and given him a respectful chance. Nothing more than that, if he blew it he should of course be held accountable but it is a shame that the transition was anything but peaceful and is dividing the Americans by the day. Here in the UK despite the Brexit vote being almost split down the middle the in camp were gracious and accepted that things were going to change. It is only the political and money classes that are having a problem with it.
        Let’s not let the hocus pocus of politics divide us. There’s much more interesting conversations to be had.

  12. I hope and pray that this ‘military one’ is not a neoconservative war-hawk who puts the profitable benefits of interventionist policies before the people of his own country. These interventionist, nation building policies throughout the Middle East are bankrupting our country, taking lives, and making millionaires out of those who have a special interest in more war. I’m not anti-military by no means, however I just think that having a ‘military one’ as president is not the right choice for combating the economic inequality crisis that the citizens of this country are currently facing. I believe the military one’s policies will unfortunately be more about giving massive tax breaks to the 1% and increasing an already absurd/bloated defense budget — all of which will undermine the working class as they’re forced to carry an even greater economic inequality burden from the polices just mentioned.

  13. I don’t doubt Obama will return to the public eye, the Democrats are in disarray and lack leadership and a common vision.

    I honestly can’t think of any military person that could be president or any situation that would allow them to serve for more than eight years. We managed to make it through the war of 1812 when D.C. was burned by the British and we still had elections during the Civil War and WW2.
    Circumstances will have to be tragic to delay them.

    Thanks for your blog Eric.

    1. Amazing to see Democrats attacked in this thread. Looking at the huge money spent by Putin, the Kochs and the Mercers to keep the most qualified presidential candidate in our history out of office, and to install an unqualified puppet desperate for attention, we learn about the real forces that have infiltrated US politics since the Citizens United SCOTUS decision – which must be our first step in restoring a genuine US democracy. Eliminating anonymous sources of huge corporations and foreign powers buying US congressional seats, the White House and now a seat on SCOTUS is the necessary step to returning to a US where our votes really count again. The Democrats are the only party that can make this happen – the Republicans are already owned, body and soul, by the corruption that is trying to destroy us.

    2. This prediction starts in the fall, we will see 😉, just because the democrats are United over their old leader does not change our current leaders, but the hope is a change in tone.

  14. Obama did not deserve the Nobel Prize. He did absolutely nothing to earn it except get elected.
    There were many more…….every other candidate to be exact…….that had more notable achievements to earn the Award than Obama. He only earned the award because he was not Bush. He ran his presidency on Peace and the he spent 8 years fighting a fruitless war in Afghanistan, reintroduced troops to Iraq and then he and Hillary proceeded to bomb Syria, Libya and Tunisia as well as Yemen and Somalia. It was Obama and Hillary that destabilized the Middle East and created the conditions we have today. Then he ran our national debt up from 9TN in the Bush years to 19TN when he left office and took several small steps to diminish our civil rights. He is the least qualified person to earn the Peace Prize since Al Gore won in 2007.

    1. Totally disagree. I see that posting propaganda against all Democrats is a recurrent theme in this thread, and it is so sad to see. It is clear who built up this country for Americans and who is working to tear it down for personal profit. Facts matter – the Middle East has been a hotbed of political trouble for centuries, so pretending it is the fault of a couple of Democrats is ludicrous. Facts matter – get some. As for Republicans – we know about Iran Contra in the Reagan years, two fake wars in Iraq under two Bushes – and we also know that outside forces want the US to take the blame for troubles in the Middle East. Nope,, not going to stand by and see lies told. As for civil rights – look at the gerrymandering, voter suppression and the atrocious Citizens United SCOTUS decision, all are GOP programs aimed at suppressing the vote in Democrat counties. The US is under attack from the Republicans, working with Putin – time to wake up and see reality.

  15. Oh no…please, enough with the Obama bashing. Speaking of Afghanistan, trump will be on the air Monday night to speak of his plans for that country. Looks like he is going to escalate matters…pray for America

    1. I’ve heard stories about women who lived under the Taliban in Afghanistan…awful stuff. Whatever happens, I just hope the Taliban don’t regain control and oppress these women. I hope whatever plans are will be good for the people.

  16. Eric could the military person be a woman? My first thought for a military man was John McCain but it doesn’t really make any sense since he was diagnosed with cancer and is up there in age.

  17. hEY eRIC,

    Last night in meditation, Spirit said, “Trains, Barcelona…Again…again….we are sorry”. Figured I would share it here, as I came on to your page this morning and say the stand off in spain. Sounds terrifying….praying for all the people of the world

    1. The northern part of Ireland is seeing terrible flooding, roads blocked and homes wrecked – very unusual, even for a country used to rain. They were hit by heavy rains from Hurricane Gert, and were not prepared for it. Sending good thoughts to all the people affected.

  18. Eric..of course focused in on the death of your brother…so sad to think about the aftermath of this on you and your family….I am so sorry that you, also are a victim of the war…within and out…my heart aches for you and your parents….sigh

  19. Eric, SWC,

    MADRID (AP) — The Latest on independence efforts in Spain’s Catalonia region (all times local):

    7:45 p.m.

    Around 500 people are marching in central Madrid to support the Catalonia region’s bid to hold a referendum on independence from Spain and criticizing the government for launching a crackdown to stop the vote.

    The protest in Madrid’s Sol Square mirrored those in Barcelona and other Catalan cities that brought thousands to the streets on Wednesday following police raids and the first arrests so far of regional officials.

    Spain’s Constitutional Court has suspended the vote as it assesses its legality.

    Regional authorities have vowed to go ahead with the vote despite the arrests on Wednesday of at least 12 regional officials and government workers.

    3:50 p.m.

    Spain’s Interior Ministry says police have seized nearly 10 million ballot papers that Catalan regional authorities planned to use in the Oct. 1 independence referendum, which Spain says is illegal.

    A ministry statement said police also confiscated polling station signs and documents for voting officials in a raid Wednesday on a warehouse in a small town outside Barcelona.

    The raid came as part of an ongoing police and judicial operation by Spanish authorities to try to halt the referendum called by the pro-independence Catalan government.

    Catalonia has about 5.5 million eligible voters. Polls consistently show the region’s inhabitants favor a referendum but are roughly evenly divided over independence from Spain.

    2:10 p.m.

    Catalan pro-independence supporters have scuffled with Spanish Civil Guard officers escorting a government official arrested as part of a crackdown by national authorities on Catalonia’s plans to hold a secession referendum.

  20. SWC,
    Extreme weather Greece..
    fter storms severely damaged roads, buildings and the drinking water supply. No deaths or injuries have been reported. A government statement said Wednesday that military and civilian teams from other parts of the country have been sent to Samothrace to help repair the flood damage. It said efforts are focusing on repairing the island’s road network and water supply. Samothrace’s health center and municipal buildings also suffered heavy damage from the storms late Monday and early Tuesday.

  21. Eric, SWC,
    Flooding in Iceland..
    One hundred and twenty people were transported out of Southeast Iceland via helicopter yesterday by Search and Rescue teams following extensive flooding, RUV reports. Most of the individuals transported by helicopter were foreign tourists who had been staying in the towns of Myrar and Suoursveit, Southeast Iceland. Rivers in the area are still experiencing high water levels, with more rain expected today. Representatives of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, and police are meeting this morning to plan further response to the flooding. The bridge over Steinavotn river has been damaged by the rising water levels and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration is preparing a temporary bridge in its place. Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Transport Jon Gunnarsson, and Hreinn Haraldsson, director of the Department of Highways, are expected to visit the area today in order to observe the damage, if conditions allow for travel. As of publication, Road 1 is closed between Jokulsarlon and Hofn due to road damage. The closure is expect to last at least one more week.

  22. Eric, SWC

    Alaska Volcano eruption., powerful..

    A powerful eruption started at Sheveluch volcano, Kamchatka, Russia at 23:29 UTC on October 10, 2017 and lasted 20 minutes.

    According to the Tokyo VAAC, the volcanic cloud reached a height of 10.4 km (34 000 feet) above sea level at 23:50 UTC and drifted to the west at 9 km/h (5.7 mph).

    NASA Aqua/MODIS satellite imagery acquired 01:53 UTC on October 11 show an ash cloud reaching a distance of about 180 km (112 miles) to the north of the volcano.

    The explosive-extrusive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 10 – 15 km (32 800 – 49 200 feet) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.


  23. Eric, SWC,

    Background on Catalan.
    ..( adding your understanding of previous comment)
    from Boston Globe on 10/19/17..(fast forward..

    Article segment :::
    First, I’ll leave it to you to read about Catalonia’s interesting past as a vassal state, a principality, a republic under French protection, a commonwealth, and more.

    Let’s fast forward (wink) to 1978, when a new Spanish constitution, establishing a democracy after Franco’s dictatorship, gave Catalonia political and cultural autonomy, with Barcelona as its capital. (There are 17 regions of Spain with autonomous powers.)

    In 2006, Catalans approved a new statute of autonomy taking control over their own system of justice and financial matters, establishing Catalan as the official language, and symbolically declaring the region a nation. Spain’s Constitutional Court overturned those aspects of the statute in 2010, setting up the current brouhaha.

    In 2014, Catalonia held a referendum in which 80 percent of voters supported becoming an independent state. The following year, its parliament approved a plan to secede from Spain by 2017.

    The Catalan government announced in June that it would hold a referendum Oct. 1 asking citizens if they wanted Catalonia to become an independent republic. Chaos ensued. A Spanish court had ruled that such a vote was illegal, so Spain started seizing ballot boxes and promotional materials, and raiding Catalan government offices. On the day of the vote, police closed some polling places and clashed with protesters; hundreds were injured. But many voting stations stayed open, and more than 2 million residents — 92 percent of votes cast – said “Sí!”

    The president of Catalonia decided not to officially declare the secession, saying he wanted to start talks with Spain and international mediators. Spain said forget it: Fall in line or face the consequences.

    It appears those consequences will start this weekend. For the first time since the constitution was established in 1978, Spain could revoke a region’s autonomous powers. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

  24. Eric, SWC,
    Flooding in Europe..

    A powerful storm swept through several Central European countries on Sunday, October 29, 2017, killing at least 5 people and injuring several others. The storm dumped flooding rain and produced hurricane-force winds that knocked down trees and power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity and widespread travel chaos.

  25. “Senate removes phrase ‘white nationalist’ from measure intended to screen military enlistees”

    “The Republican-controlled Senate quietly cut the phrase “white nationalist” from a measure in the National Defense Authorization Act, which was intended to explicitly address the threat of white nationalists in the military, altering the language of a House-passed amendment before passing the massive military spending bill Tuesday.”

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