Predictions 9-14-17

The value of the dollar plummets.. basic food items, gas, products, seem to rise.   Other nations position themselves away from the US, isolating its position.   A gaping hole grows. The mistake bringing the US to this situation is already in play.

Another horrible storm (Hurricane?) in Mexico.. extremely rough in the south. Spirit pointed to an area around Tabasco. In September

President.. someone tapped (taped) it.. Who tapped it! He is showing shade in the conversation, very bad words, Obama a target of the verbiage.

Hacking.. some one has control over the systems. (The implication was serious, reflecting something like power plants)

The credit people.. trying to convince you everything is fine.. it is not.

I had a visual of an electrical box, then large sparks came out of the box that in turn created a large explosion, setting the entire area around it on fire. There was a huge inferno.

I believe it was at a factory of some kind.

A horrible plane crash is coming. Gears. (perhaps landing gears?)

Eric you are in error this is not a terror attack, just a very tragic plane crash.

Eric prepare yourself for some backlash. That doesn’t sound good.

I had a visual I was standing outside, there was a massively large TV in the middle of the park. On the screen they showed one massive Hurricane. The Hurricane was heading towards Florida.  I was shocked that another Hurricane would arrive soon after the last one.

Spirit has confirmed that another Hurricane will hit Florida. The Hurricanes damage will have a great deal to do with the fact they have not recovered from the first one. They have great concerns that the people will not listen to the evacuations, which would be a horrible mistake. We will now focus on the details in the coming days.

I also believe that this prediction below is separate from the school shooting that took place and is about the horrible tragedy that took place in Malaysia. My heart pours out to all those who are affected by this horrible tragedy. Symbolically rain represents sadness and mud represents being stuck. It is unfortunate that I did not pursue the details, I assumed that it was related to the school shooting. So very tragic.

Prediction: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

The facts reported on 9-13 by AP : “Twenty-three people, mostly children, were killed Thursday by a blaze that tore through a Malaysian religious school, trapping them in a dormitory with metal grilles barring its windows.
Pupils and teachers inside the Islamic study center in downtown Kuala Lumpur screamed for help as neighbors looked on helplessly.”






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  1. Thank you Eric and SWC on updating hurricanes. Poor Florida and those who won’t listen to evacuate probably are worn our from the first one and doesn’t want to go through it again. So sorry to hear that. If I lived in Florida, I would leave again away from the monster blenders. So so sorry it will occur twice.

    Many thanks to you and Spirits. I have no doubt of your great gift and ability to communicate with the Spirits. Thanks for helping to warn us to live in peace.

      1. Thank You ERIC and SWC!
        God Bless you and all of your Amazing Pin-pointed predictions and getting the word out!
        You and Spirit are Golden Blessings in these tragic and dark times!
        I am SO VERY THANKFUL for YOU and SPIRIT!
        A mere Thanks are never enough.

    1. Just made it back to my home on the west coast of Florida, much damage all around Florida and Georgia and their is no gas. Keeping up the hurricane panels in preparing for the next one OH BOY!

      1. Hello Perry!
        I am sending you love and prayers-
        Please take care- Just try to take it One day at a time!
        And yes keep your Hurricane panels and preparations UP!
        And please Evacuate again as the situation intensifies!
        Sending you love and prayers. KEEP SAFE!

    1. Hi mariakaos, the latest from the Hurricane Centre show Jose loosing power, and the two possible in the video reversing so that the second one is likely to be more powerful than the first. If the second one lines up with the new moon then it will be a bad one I think.

      1. The new moon is 20th on my calendar. Like you Pete I will keep an eye on this one no pun intended. Both storms could blow out of course but with Erics prediction being October we are getting closer and this may be the third storm not Jose that will make a horrible impact.

      2. I thought it could possibly be the second one too at first (Lee), but it looking now like it’s going to be Maria.

        1. The Spirits have debated two different timelines one that ends September, and then another around Columbus Day. God I hope they aren’t talking about three storms

          1. Eric, High holy days..
            Sept 22,2017—-Rosh Hashana II (New Year day
            Sept 30,2017—-Yom Kippur

    2. Yes mariakaos, too close to Eric’s prediction to be a maybe. Watching with interest, and hope that the three of us are wrong.

      1. The next storm is called Lee and there is another one formation that may become Maria.

  2. Going to be very difficult for other countries to distance themselves from US financial issues since US dollars are generally the standard currency basis for international trade. Every night we in Canada are told what our dollar is worth next to a US dollar (was as low as .73, think it went up a bit). We have only recently crawled out of the mess your economy caused us in 2008. Any significant devaluation of the US dollar will have global repercussions.
    But frankly more radical economists have been warning that the US was due for another depression, posed as a recession to calm panic. So based on the chaos of the current administration, this wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 11:53 AM, World Predictions wrote:

    > Eric Leigh-Pink posted: “The value of the dollar plummets.. basic food > items, gas, products, seem to rise. Other nations position themselves > away from the US, isolating its position. A gaping hole grows. The > mistake bringing the US to this situation is already in play. Anoth” >

  4. The plane crash could be caused by a problem with the landing gears–maybe that’s why the spirits focused on the word “gears”. Or some other malfunction in the plane’s construction.

    As for the hacking–Equifax was hacked recently, exposing up to 40% of Americans’ social security numbers. Maybe the same people who did that also plan to hack other systems.

  5. Hi Eric, I remember in an earlier prediction you mentioned that we would see another recession, is this new prediction of the dollar’s value connected?

  6. Eric,
    Are there any upcoming terrorist-attack threats? I don’t know why, it’s probably just me, but I’ve been having a bad feeling about that lately.
    At first I thought it was related to your plane prediction, but if the crash is actually an accident, then I don’t know if there’s really anything to my feelings. Sorry to pester, just checking.

  7. Do you know if this backlash will come from a credible source with a large viewing audience? Like an online news site, YouTube news channel, or TV news channel?

  8. The hacking is not related to Equifax. Equifax was an inside job. The hacking is in regard to a massive flaw in the Bluetooth system. There are several zero day exploits currently active. This means that everything, and I mean everything, with Bluetooth can be infected.

    Imagine walking down the street and you have blue tooth on. Someone has an infected system on their phone and doesn’t know it. Their phone connects link without permission to your phone and you are infected. Now imagine you do to a concert, it starts with one phone, and all are infected if you have Bluetooth on. The government has known since April but just announced this week.

    This is exceptionally dangerous because of MITM attacks. A man in the middle attack means you have an infected phone and your phone is then used to do something without you knowing it. Just like the massive IOT (internet of things) DDOS attack last year that knocked out internet for half the country. This is serious business and the implications are huge. Imagine one cell phone shutting down a power grid of freezing stock market trading.

    Shut your Bluetooth off. Sync your fit bits and such as when you are only at home. Do not connect to public wifi, even with passwords required like at hotels and the like. This is where this stuff starts and spreads.

    Article on current Bluetooth virus

    Internet of things ddos attack from 2016

    1. To add onto this comment since I cannot edit, I suspect something like this could have caused those two military ships to crash in those separate accidents. There have been four accidents this year all in the same general region.

      In 2016, there were two incredible minor incidents. One where a ship came into dock a bit to fast and nicked a floating light causing nothing more than a paint scuff and the other was another tiny docking issue.

      These boats are out 24/7 all over the world. Two major incidents months apart is a massive red flag.

  9. I have been reading some economic articles. One quotes a market analyst as saying that the dollar is getting weaker due to two key factors. One is the inflation rate which has been showing an increase in 2017. The August consumer price index also shows that food and gas prices went up a little more than expected, and this seems to be due to hurricane Harvey increasing gas prices and damaging crops. The other major factor according to Richard Perry, market analyst at Hantec Markets, is the fact that the anticipated Trump tax reform has not happened yet. He mentions that if those two factors can be turned around the dollar would strengthen.
    There are a lot of articles that mention the DACA program benefits the economy in general and that ending it will lead to economic problems. Immigrants provide many benefits to the economy even if some people feel threatened by them. So I am hopeful that they find a way to keep the children of immigrants safe and let them help the economy.
    Another factor that could be important to the US economy is the increasing tensions between North Korea and the US. Many economists reason that if the tensions escalate to war not only would the US economy suffer, the global economy would be negatively impacted. It seems that North Korea is focused on manipulating other governments if possible by threats and intimidation but it seems to me this behavior can only lead to military action at some point. No country wants to be constantly threatened. Japan today had sirens and alerts sounding as another missile was fired over their heads today. This leads some to wonder if a passenger jet could get hit by one of these test missiles.
    For the hacking prediction, I am wondering if Russia or North Korea would hack into the electric grid to show they could put us in the dark anytime they wanted to. If Russia did it Putin would probably claim it wasn’t his government, it was patriotic Russian hackers again like he did before. Kim Jong Un would have no problem taking full credit for such action. Maybe China hackers are also possibility. I am not sure how the Chinese government would spin it.

  10. Eric three small earthquakes struck downtown San Jose
    Meanwhile reports of an explosion at London Tube Station

  11. A friend from London just called me. She said she is safe but that there was an explosion on a subway car at a station near her homr. She said people are saying it was a “cooker bomb.”

    I do not have an article to link too but I believe her 1000%. She said the name of the station and it sounded like Clarkson station.

    1. dopeanddiamond,
      I’m glad your friend is all right!

      Please tell her that all the good people in the world wish for safety and peace for the British people; and we support them in these tough times.

      1. I will tell her. She was never in any danger in her home but was very afraid seeing people running away and hearing yelling outside her door. She had only woken up moments before.

        She is British but went she grew up here. Very sweet girl. Her parents are professors at a college near me and she wanted she me wait until they were awake at 7am eastern and call them tk say she was ok. She said she would be too emotional and would make them worry. Horrible thing to have happen but luckily the bomb failed and far less damage than it could have.

  12. Eric, I noticed a news story about U.S. government agencies which have been using Kaspersky Labs for their cybersecurity. The advice now is to find alternatives due to concerns that the Russian company could be getting its fingers into important systems. I have no idea of the technical potentials involved, and to be honest I’m surprised that the U.S. agencies would be relying on Russian security companies considering the political tensions and ‘Cool War’ (not yet at Cold War status, but still chilly enough to keep your salad crisp).

    It might not be relevant to your hacking prediction, but I mention it just in case. As I say, I have no technical understanding in this area.

  13. BBC breakfast news . breaking news this morning
    Explosive device in a carrier bag detonated on the London tube system this morning
    Early reports state no fatalities as yet but people injured

  14. Eric, SWC,
    TERROR attack..
    See ref from this post..
    “I had a visual of an electrical box, then large sparks came out of the box that in turn created a large explosion, setting the entire area around it on fire. There was a huge inferno.”

    See, Explosion in Subway(tube) in UK…Fire..from bucket…
    Burns 18 injured…( so far)
    Bucket explosion

      1. Sadly, these single person attacks get things that the dying terrorist organization wants – no cost, free publicity, and the creation of fake “martyrs” killed by police that keep other brainwashed individuals interested in being similarly famous once dead. I think if the media stops including details like the attacker’s name and photo, that would be a good start in limiting the damage that hate is trying to do.

    1. Senator Warren is so awesomely persistent and tough on the corporations that care so little for their consumers…I am grateful for her standing up to them.

  15. Eric and everyone, this has made news the last few days on CBS, ABC, AP, PBS NewsHour and a few other stations. Possible attacks on US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba of sonic sounds in hotels and homes that is causing brain function problems. Posting both PBS and Associated Press links (AP). Does this match any predictions? Seems to be some sort of weapon.

    1. This does sound like a science fiction story. I have used ultrasonic equipment in the lab to burst open bacterial cells and break DNA strands but it only works if everything is immersed in liquid. Sonic waves don’t do much damage traveling through the air in most cases. It does sound like new technology no one knows much about…or it isn’t totally sonic, maybe some combination of sonic with another type of energy?

  16. “Other nations position themselves away from the US, isolating its position. A gaping hole grows.” I am wondering if this means that the rhetoric that Trump has been using against North Korea is going to isolate the US. He called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” today in a demeaning tweet. I think this type of irresponsible rhetoric will leave the US isolated. We look like we have a demented leader. I mean we do have a demented leader…

      1. In that case Trumps “America First” rhetoric and policies cause the other countries to not be as interested in trade with US.

  17. Hi Erick….as you said in 2016 a huracane will affect Puerto Rico. Huracane Maria is expected to pass as category 3..very strong.

  18. Eric,
    Reference …Power plant..New

    A power failure at a Brooklyn Con Edison substation caused ?massive ?delays to several subway lines ?including in Manhattan ?Sunday, prompting Gov. Cuomo to demand a probe into the energy provider. The outage, which occurred around 1 pm, sent Con Ed service crews scrambling to make repairs at the substation in downtown Brooklyn and to power lines in Red Hook. “There was a transmission disturbance that caused a voltage dip,” said Con Ed spokesman Michael Clendenin. “That’s what caused the signal problem with the subway.” Clendenin noted that even though the dip was momentary and would have caused lights to dim, it would also require the MTA to reset its signaling system on some lines. In a statement sent out just before 5:30 pm, Cuomo slammed the outage as “completely unacceptable.” “The apparent failure at Con Ed substation Sunday afternoon was completely unacceptable, affecting Brooklyn NYCHA residents and passengers on Subway trains across the city,” Cuomo said. “Con Ed must be held accountable for the multitude of issues with their infrastructure that are too frequently impacting the lives of millions of New Yorkers.” Cuomo – who has come under fire for the state of the subway system, which he ultimately oversees – also said he was directing the state Department of Public Service “to conduct an immediate investigation.” A spokesman for Mayor de Blasio did not immediately respond. According to an email from the MTA, the disruption was caused by a manhole fire and normal service resumed around 5 pm.

  19. With Manafort being a target of Mueller’s investigation, there is a chance he could turn witness against others who were part of the Trump campaign such as Kushner and Trump Jr. This may lead to your other prediction about a younger person associated with Trump being indicted. Can’t remember when/where you posted that…

  20. I just thought of something about the double hurricane for Florida. I may be wrong, we still have about a month and a half of hurricane season. But the island of Puerto Rico has a town called Florida. And they just got hit back to back. First Irma, now Maria.

    Just a thought.

  21. Eric, SWC,


    The blast is thought to have taken place at the converter plant run by Scottish Power next to the Hunterston B nuclear facility. Emergency services have raced to Hunterston power station after reports of an explosion at the Ayrshire electricity-generating facility. Fire crews rushed to the site near the nuclear plant on Thursday afternoon. It’s understood an onsight assessment is being carried out to establish the cause of the blast. No one has been hurt in the blast and it it believed there is no danger to the public. Locals in the area took to Twitter to report the incident. The explosion is thought to have taken place at the converter plant operated by Scottish Power next to the Hunterston B nuclear facility. The converter station switches the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) so that it can be used within the existing electricity transmission system. Buildings near to the site of the explosion were evacuated but work at the nuclear station was unaffected. The converter plant is not part of the nuclear facility. Hunterston B power station has generated electricity since 1976. It is currently operated by EDF Energy and is due to run until 2023. Hunterston A nuclear power station was adjacent to Hunterston B and is currently being decommissioned.

  22. Eric, SWC,

    Ref from this post..

    Explosion…at factory..
    Authorities say an explosion at a plant in Arkansas has sent three employees to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson says emergency responders were called Tuesday afternoon to Alcoa Corp.’s facility in the Gum Springs area after an explosion in an office area, and that the three workers were transported to area hospitals. Watson says the explosion appeared to be related to a gas line in the facility. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Emergency Management told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the building caught fire after the explosion, but it was extinguished relatively quickly. The plant processes and recycles material from aluminum smelters, and Alcoa’s website says 60 people are employed there. A company spokesman says the cause of the incident was under investigation.

  23. Eric, SwC

    Ref:Another horrible storm (Hurricane?) in Mexico.. extremely rough in the south. Spirit pointed to an area around Tabasco. In September

    Downgraded from Hurricane to tropical storm..Pilar.
    “Tropical Rainstorm Pilar is expected to raise the risk for flooding downpours across western Mexico into Tuesday. Pilar became a tropical storm Saturday night before weakening into a tropical rainstorm on Monday afternoon. The slow-moving storm will continue to stream downpours onto the western coast of Mexico enhancing the threat for flooding and mudslides”

  24. Eric, SWC,
    Factory fire…Dow..
    t took a team of over 50 firefighters over 30 minutes to control a three-alarm structure fire at a northeast Charlotte plant Wednesday morning. According to Charlotte Fire, firefighters responded to a fire at a Dow Chemical plant on Orr Road a little before 8 a.m. The blaze was contained in about 40 minutes, according to fire officials. No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Hazmat crews were called to the scene to assist with the fire. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police closed Orr Road in a half-mile radius of the fire in both directions.

  25. Eric, SWC,
    Transformer exploded..
    St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin reports crews responded to a fire near the Shell Convent plant in the 10000 block of Hwy. 44 in St. James Parish Tuesday night. We’re told by the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office that a transformer owned by Shell exploded and caused an electrical fire at an Entergy substation near the plant. The substation is the main electrical feed for the Shell Convent plant, which some may know as the Motiva plant. This transformer explosion caused the plant to lose power and prompted an uncontrolled shutdown at the plant

  26. Eric, SWC,

    due to flooding…..Mudslide…

    A woman and a baby died and eight people are missing after a mudslide in an indigenous area just north of Guatemala City, Guatemala’s disaster response agency said Thursday. The mudslide happened late Wednesday in the town of Tamahu, in the northern Alta Verapaz region, a spokesman for the CONRED agency told reporters. It had been triggered by heavy rains and a swollen river. Police, soldiers, firemen and volunteers were searching for the eight missing people, who are feared to be buried under tons of mud, the spokesman said. Two hundred people and 25 homes were affected by the mudslide, and authorities opened a shelter to house them. Guatemala is experiencing its rainy season, which runs from April to November. The heavy precipitation has caused flooding and mudslides that so far have claimed 21 lives, affected 213,000 people and damaged or destroyed bridges and thousands of homes.

  27. Eric, SWC .

    Ref;Hacking.. some one has control over the systems. (The implication was serious, reflecting something like power plants
    See. Excerpt..
    WASHINGTON — The cybersecurity company FireEye says in a new report to private clients, obtained exclusively by NBC News, that hackers linked to North Korea recently targeted U.S. electric power companies with spearphishing emails.

  28. Eric, SWC,

    Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

    Heavy rain that started Wednesday, October 18, 2017 caused major floods in parts of Trinidad and Tobago, leaving numerous submerged homes, roads and farms and thousands of marooned citizens. The threat for moderate to heavy showers, additional flooding and landslides will continue across the country over the weekend and into next week.


  29. Eric,
    Hacking.. some one has control over the systems. (The implication was serious, reflecting something like power plants)

    Hackers attack /target industrial sites..

    Last week, researchers at Dragos released new details about a threat group they call Xenotime. They said the group has developed hacking tools to compromise and disrupt industrial safety instrumented systems — hardware and software controls that are used to ensure the safe operations of large-scale nuclear, chemical and other industrial plants and allow for emergency stops to take place.

      1. Eric,
        Excerpt from this same article..

        In 2014, hackers from China breached the federal weather network at NOAA and disrupted the flow of some satellite imagery and data products.

  30. Eric,
    Ref;;;The value of the dollar plummets.. basic food items, gas, products, seem to rise. Other nations position themselves away from the US, isolating its position. A gaping hole grows. The mistake bringing the US to this situation is already in play.
    ( is it starting?


    Stock market in correction
    Down 10% since Sept,,

    These losses also add to a sharp drop seen throughout this month. Through Thursday’s close, the Dow and S&P 500 were down 5.6 percent and 7.2 percent for October, respectively. The Nasdaq, meanwhile, had lost 9.1 percent.

    Several factors have conspired to knock markets down this month — some earnings disappointment, fear of rising interest rates, a brewing conflict between Italy and the European Union over budget spending, criticism of oil power Saudi Arabia after the killing of a dissident journalist and finally, worries that world growth is losing steam.

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