Alaska Volcano

This prediction is unfolding.

Predictions 6-3-17   I had a visual of this massive amount of bellowing smoke from a volcano. There was a specific threat to the boats or ships down below.  The implication was Alaska.

(CNN)An Alaskan volcano that has erupted several times since last year spewed an ash cloud up to 30,000 feet, leading to an aviation warning. The Bogoslof volcano erupted Saturday, sending ash over the Aleutians Islands, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) said. Quoted by:



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  1. Karen Avatar

    So many earthquakes. Perhaps Mother Earth is trying to send us a signal.
    I pray for everyone who is affected all around the world.

  2. rhona2 Avatar

    Volca o explosion biggest ever for years ..
    Bot Alaska but Kamchatka. .
    50,000 ft ash plume ..

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