17: Massive Fire and The Assassination P2

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: Massive Fire and The Assassination

Vision: ‘A circular target burning red.’  Which has in the past represented fires especially forest fires. This one was massive.

Spirits Voice: “Fires all over” “Way to many”.. “Everywhere” .. “Across the Ocean”

More info on the Assassination of the President

Spirits Voice: “The black car is now”..”He dies during surgery”.. “Coleman”..Who’s Bad”..”Blue lines”.. “President murdered”.. “Oil and Foil”.. “End to a his reign”.. “Memorial”

It’s clear that a President is Assassinated. Who or from what nation seems unclear. I believe ‘who’s bad’ is them correcting my guess-work in prediction 12 and questioning my assessment that the President is unsavory. Perhaps the man in black is the murderer. Blue lines could be the place, as in a flag.

Written: 716 – The 16th is a marked date. Its unclear which prediction they are referring to.

14 thoughts on “17: Massive Fire and The Assassination P2

  1. Could it be North Korea. The flag has a red star like a target and blue lines on the flag

    1. Could be. I spent a good two hours looking at all types of flags from every part of the world only to learn that alot of them have blue lines, I am planning to try again tonight but we will see, sometimes they want to move on to the next set of predictions.

  2. Could it be referring to Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela? He just died after a two-year battle with cancer. He underwent surgery as late as this past December to treat the cancer, and according to news reports, some members of the Venezuelan government believe that Chavez’s illness was an assassination attempt by “foes”, as they say. The Venezuelan flag has a blue line running through the middle of it, and last November, Venezuela gained a seat on the UN Human Rights Council (in reference to your other post on this prediction).

  3. Its an interesting take? My thought was that perhaps they might be talking about two different Presidents, Hugo in relation to surgery, and another that is killed. I say that because many of you have pointed out the glaring contradictions in the message. They talked about the president passing it never crossed my mind they could be talking about two.

  4. Interesting. So there may be a more “obvious” assassination attempt coming up?

    I also wanted to mention that the phrase “Oil and Foil” might be linked to Chavez: “[Chavez’s] death will also trigger a presidential election, which must be held within 30 days, to decide who controls the world’s greatest untapped reserves of oil”. Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/05/hugo-chavez-dies-cuba

    Maybe I’m pulling things out of thin air, but it sounds spot-on!

  5. Isreal. Two blue lines in the flag. Obviously a middle eastern country, could do with oil. President of Isreal? Black car, maybe a reference to oil powered car. They have ‘green’ cars…. I think the fires might be related. Iran is working with nuclear tech, unclear what the intentions are against Israel. The symbol in the Iran flag looks red and strange, almost like fire. Fires? Maybe bombings? Iran bombs Isreal and assassinates the president, new war?

  6. I believe these are 2 separate predictions. At this time I can only comment on the first. I believe “a circular target burning red” is the ring of fire which has been heating up over the past couple of years. “Fires all over” “Way to many”.. “Everywhere” .. “Across the Ocean” There are volcanoes everywhere in the ring of fire which crosses the Pacific Ocean. Volcanic eruptions also can cause forest fires and have caused many. A new mega volcano was recently discovered forming under New Zealand. 90% of all earthquakes and 75% of all volcanic eruptions happen in the ring of fire. Here is an article regarding the ring of fire heating up over the past couple of years. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/15-signs-that-the-ring-of-fire-is-waking-up-as-we-head-into-2013

  7. Is late to comment this but this Prophecy was on february then March 5 died Hugo Chavez. Chavez Venezuela Oil and is not Foil is Fuel i mean Petroleum. And many people say that he was poisoned when united nations speaking one day after Bush said he smelled sulfur have been the devil (Bush) the day before. Many say he was inoculated radioactive particles to induce a cancer death and the words were for his intuition. The Blue lines are cause had a surgery in Cuba and Cuba retains a flag blue lines

  8. your visions are related to the same President: Chavez was killed- “or died”- by his own “friends” during surgery in December. Cuba wasn’t capable to treat his cancer since the beginning…
    They wouldn’t say Chavez died in December, but later. They needed to cover the truth as Chavez didn’t attend the presidential nomination (he just won the elections in October before his surgery in December). Chavez was already dead when the people took the Oath on his name: it was a big show.
    Cuban flag has blue lines
    It’s kind of normal Chavez’s got ill, he used to speak 11 hours non stop on tv, not even going to pee! Always very angry and aggressive speeches…

    Please Eric, let us know any detail about venezuelan situation. They are on medical emergency: no medicines or treatments, food supply shortages, continuous military corruption, violence and murders.
    There’s some voodoo spells on them? there’s a solution? when the regimen comes down?

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