Prediction: Australia Flood

I had a visual of an entire city under a layer of water, trees brought down, houses damaged, raging water pushing away everything in its path.

“Australia.. Brisbane hit hard”

“Brisbane.. 18”

The number 18 could be seen as the 18th of May but more likely its a countdown putting it sometime between the 6th-8th of May.

I would encourage all of those in Australia to please take caution, the visual was very disturbing, the damage it caused was extensive. Though they did not say it, everything points to a cyclone.


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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21 Responses to Prediction: Australia Flood

  1. K says:

    Oh dear! It’s odd that they are predicting a cyclone so far south at this time of year. After post-Cyclone Debbie recently passed through the area (after being downgraded thankfully) I did a bit of reading and it turns out that cyclones do hit this far south, though it is very rare.

    Brisbane is also prone to flooding during extreme weather events. The most severe flood being 2010/2011.

    Are they predicting a cyclone to directly enter off the coast near Brisbane or are they suggesting something similar to Cyclone Debbie where it enters from the north, drives down the coast and downgrades to a severe storm and drops tonnes of water?

    • The cyclone part is a guess on my part based on the level of destruction. It could just be one massive storm. They implied the storm would hit Brisbane the worst, so IF it is a cyclone I am expecting it to hit Brisbane before moving onto other locations.

      • Russ says:

        Hi Eric.
        I’m watching the temperatures in that region around S/E QLD/N/E NSW.
        I have my own home there & two investment properties.

        It’s just been bollocked by an ex-cyclone who’s “corps” still packed a punch.

        It’s the mid autumn now & the temps in that region are still having odd warm spikes which is unsettling because a cyclone generally needs temps to be above 25C (77F) to form.
        Anymore insights into this prediction as May approaches?


      • I will do my best to keep everyone updated

  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve literally this week just left Brisbane (2,000 west) and felt very happy to leave. Not a good vibe. I’m due to rerun to pack up my appartment between the 12-15th May. Will definitely keep an eye out on the weather, but seeing as it’s too late in the year for a cyclone I’m guessing a tsunami. I lived on a peninsula north of Brisbane and was always terrified of a tsunami as it would take everything!

    • K says:

      I own in Sandgate. Quite worrying if something like this comes to pass. It would be catastrophic for the bayside suburbs. All fairly low lying. They would be wiped out.

  3. Tot says:

    I wonder what it could be as May isn’t cyclone season.

  4. rhona says:

    Eric SWC
    BRIsbane River is a huge flooding threat if another Quake hits the Fraser fault with a high displacemwnt of water .
    Here is previous quake link for Fraser Island
    even aound Venuatu and fiji could cause a serious Tsunami threat I believe ..
    and there has been some serious deep 5 and 6 quakes around there in past few days .
    so a higher 7 or 8 could strike Fiji Venuatu in next few days s it usually occurs a couple of mag higher after that depth you get a shallower higher one ..though it may travel west of there to papua or Indonesia .
    praying not south west to Queensland area ..will add a link below of recent data on deep quake ..

  5. Jen says:

    Hope it’s not wivenhoe dam – the cause of the 2011 floods

  6. Mari says:

    is there any unusual celestial event coming
    up that could trigger a tsunami in this

  7. Mari says:

    the 18 mignt not be a countdown
    Prediction on 4-12-14 has two things in commin
    with this prediction: tsunami and 18
    the predictions are almost exactly
    2 years apart

    what is the connection between these
    2 predictions that would have 18 in common?

  8. Mari says:

    unless 18 is reinforcing the dates and is a countdown
    from the prediction date .
    18 days from 4-12 is around
    April 30. And 18 days from
    todays prediction is around
    may 7..

  9. Mari says:

    Prediction on 3-13-17 references
    tsunami with these numbers
    14 22 30 2 if u add the number sets together
    you get 5 4 3 2
    a countdown and 2 months
    gives date around may 13?

  10. Mari says:

    3-21-17 in this prediction we have “T”
    and 2:00
    and it references old prediction of
    1-8-15 having number 7 that u say could mean 2017
    so we have 2 references to it happening in
    2017. coul the T be tsunami?

  11. La Rene. says:

    A long shot .. but North Korea is threatening to fire another Nuclear Test Missile, and they said in 2012 it would be aimed at Australia. Last week Pine Gap said, they have been on Alert since 2012. A Missile along our Coastline could cause a Tsunami ? or China, who is according to the Australian Govt last week, is responsible for stopping North Korea Missiles. Could be China trying to stop a North Korea Missile and it lands alongside our East Coast causing a Tsunami.

  12. jules104 says:

    I don’t mean to be an alarmist but I find this concerning given the prediction and the fact of there being so much EQ activity around that area lately. Is it possible to ask Spirit about this Eric?–but-no-need-to-panic-just-yet/news-story/36d89630296e7f5e3cb36e2dbdc861e6

  13. Mari says:

    Tropical depression forming in altantic.
    Can cause potential cyclone but they didnt
    say where it would be. But said will not agfect

  14. Jessica says:

    Sorry, posted this link on the wrong post! This potentially ‘developing’ cyclone fits your timeframe of 6 May

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