Prediction: Hijacked Plane


The bombing is coming.

The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.

The port under attack

Also coming.. a typhoon is forming.. now.. it will swipe Taiwan and then crash into China.. China caution.. caution.

Though smaller than a beast it will hold a huge punch.” — Spirits Voice

I had another visual of an airplane on the tarmac.

Its unclear if they are saying British Air or are they implying a UK Hijacking. I don’t know what the number seven represents, however again they are implying three different attacks, perhaps on separate days. — Eric



180 thoughts on “Prediction: Hijacked Plane

    1. British Airways does indeed fly 777’s. These are long haul planes used for international travel. They can hold 300-450 passengers, depending upon configuration. Also, remember that Britain had their own 9-11 in 2005. It happened on 7/7 and is referred to as 7/7. These terrorist bombings occurred on the London underground tube and transportation corridor. Perhaps this is a reference to the 7/7 attacks implying an addition attack with the magnitude of 7/7 is on the way.

  1. Hi Eric

    Do you feel the port reference is seperate from the British plane reference or somehow connected? Thanks.

  2. WOW I had a dream 2 days ago… there was a small plane pulling a banner. I was unable to see what was written on it. Behind the plane and in front of the banner was the number 41.
    My 4 year old granddaughter was with me, as we watched the small plane, we saw a big huge jet falling nose first from the sky, it seemed like it was a few blocks away. I grabbed my granddaughter and ran into the house, I threw her on the floor of my family room and flipped the couch over us to protect us from any flying debris(I just looked up British airway 777 and the jet in my dream was this exact jet) I pray this is just a weird dream I had but now I am not so sure.

  3. Yes sorry. I was trying to say there is a Boeing 777 but posted before looking at spelling errors.

    1. Not sure how it is in
      europe but here in the. US
      777 planes are usually long flights 10+ hours or more
      i have never had one on a flight
      shorter than that so i also think
      777 refers to plane type. And we say here i am
      going there on a triple seven

  4. BA0777 – Stockholm Arlanda to London Heathrow

    Departing Monday 08 August Flamingo what country are you posting from?

  5. There is a British Airways flight #27 (from Aug 3rd post) Boeing 777, out of Heathrow to Hong Kong.
    I am wondering if the 7 7 7 is for a plane though. I’ve been looking and I keep seeing a lot of 5s and 7s. Like the 5-5-5 that was presented a while ago. It’s just a thought. Could it be a type of time line or pointing to an old prediction? Though it’s possible that it’s just for the Boeing 777…or both.

  6. SWC,
    British Airways flys into

    SFO ( San Francisco. —LAX ( Los Angeles)
    SJC ( San Jose) —SAN (San Diego)
    Will check 777 configurations…
    I found British Consul General
    1 Sansome St., SFO
    Andrew Whittaker — acct.@UKAWhittaker/Twitter

  7. 15:35 8 Aug LHR
    8 Aug
    SAN Diego
    British Airways
    This is the only direct flight form the UK to San Diego tomorrow.

      1. More likely if it is a BA plane that it is leaving from the states. Long flight from UK for a hijacked plane.

        1. Mariakaos, I wonder how we can find out what flights that are 777-300 or other craft
          Configurations, are scheduled to go out of San Jose,, LAX..
          I was thinking it is probably one of the smaller airports..LAX is pretty tight…
          So San Diego ( military personnel )or San Jose..( Silicon Valley)
          Could be targets? What do you think? Is it possible?

  8. SWC,
    I know this is off the wall —
    I was communicating with someone..who’s guide .
    .suggested a flag .. A song….On the way to San Jose! Than tagged —Queen
    So I am putting this out there…
    as all clues especially from spirit can be helpful…
    I would be remiss not to at least put it down..for your imput….
    If I did not and something happened……

    Can someone At least direct Mr Andrew Whittaker to this posting..
    I am sorry, I do not have Twitter acct…
    I would be most grateful…at least give him Direction to Eric…blessings

    1. Stsr 48 would that someone be me Rhona and the singers flag …? do you not remember …im sure he gave me San Jose at the end of a post

      1. Rhona, hi..
        .I left out the name reference. — for privacy. ..
        oh well !
        Yes, it was your and singers reference, -/❤️❤️
        It really kicked in when I noticed BA started going into San Jose…777
        (Silicon Valley territory)

        Than A saw a reference for 777-300 plane -/ named “Queen of the Skies”
        That was servicing San Diego…

        For spirits sake..thought I would put it down…so I have been pleading, cajoling ,
        To get some of these 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 readers to respond!
        To help to just inform anyone of the posting…

        *****Jules posted Just now to FAA,🌹🌹

        I found the Twitter account of the new Consul General in San Francisco..
        The a Embassy is closed..consulates state they are not official sites for notice..

        *******Em, was the only one that responded.🌹🌹
        .she found the acct..hopefully….Spirit/Eric/Singer
        Will know that we are doing the best we can do!

        😳😳😳😳I still do not have the outbound flight info from San Diego to UK?

        No one noticed..I only had Lax info!

        And San Jose info!

      2. Jules Star 48 sorry guys we have always mentioned the singers flags heaps of times and It was posted on another thread I dont understand not wanting to give the info ..Its not private… thank you for being careing .and considerate
        hope we can foil this though I have not been much help this time sorry…

        1. Oh Rhona you’ve been heaps of help! And you are sick with the flu bug so just your wonderful words of support iis more than we expected. I reread Erics post and feel this will be more than on plane over more than one day for us. The typhoon occurs then he sees another plane on the Tarmac. What do you think? San Diego, San Francisco, New York, DC as possible targets in US? Praying not. Blessings

      1. Jules104, no,
        I did not notice..I was distracted trying to get, someone to help! Thanks for catching it..

      2. Jules 104 Im leaning towards 278 as you mentioned it has 27 and the 8 …terminal 5 ….San Jose …
        The 1 could be the one hour inti flight time …do you recall the plane the one where the numbers on predictiin ended up being hrs inti flight

        1. Rhona, I remember that prediction but I’m not sure if I can find it. I will try later. Maybe it will shed light on this one. I hope nothing happens tomorrow. I did see a prediction with the 4,4,4 earlier. And it makes me wonder about the 5,5,5. There was the 4,6,6 but now a 7,7,7. Was there a 1,1,1 a 2,2,2 or a 3,3,3? There is a code here I just feel it. I do remember the “3 is key 3”. I am going to get some shut eye. Blessings Rhona.

  9. Star, Maria, Jules,
    This seems a little off, too much a once. The spirits being so adamant about so many predictions must mean that something of great magnitude (that will affect several countries) will occur within days. So we think this is going to tie right into the U.S. predictions about California, possibly tomorrow? Thank you so much for your guy’s hard work btw. Been busy all day. Here to help connect the dots.

    1. Em,
      I got the Twitter acct of Young guy Consul General in San Fran. Andrew Whittaker..
      He just started in July…replaced outgoing consul that was there 5 yrs..
      So he is knew..and understands. Twitter…
      By the way
      .all the other offices are really mills only for passports, visa, trade inquiries.
      .that sort of thing
      Need to get him to look at post or website or contact Eric!
      I do not have an acct..would not know how to do it…
      I asked….but no one has replied! It is frustrating…so many GHOST readers..
      We need action ..please I would do it if I could..
      .heck I had a hard time messaging on FB..hahaha👀 Can you help at least make him aware?

    2. Em,
      I truly do not know if it is tomorrow or 48 hrs or 72 hrs..but real soon..Eric,would have more of a handle…we have enough time to warn them..,
      It may be a tipping event to mitigate a true disaster…

  10. Em,
    the Twitter acct is the only true ctc I have for him..if you send it to SFO consul general site it will go through a chain of assistants…
    that usually handle every inquiry including – visa, trade issues, passport, missing persons, reports of deaths and ,getting them back.
    As you can imagine…it handles all business for CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY. On and on…

    1. have you tried creating a twitter account? All you have to do is sign up with your email. Really, I don’t want to mess anything up. This is too important.

      1. Em, you would not mess it up!
        How can letting someone know that there is a posting about a possible British hijacking –be a problem?
        You did not write it –you did not post it..I thought media was for alerts?
        The guy is probably 2 or 3 yrs older than you!
        I am not exaggerating when I tell you…i would be hopeless…
        I would need to practice..for awhile to even feel I could do it properly.
        Make sure they got it ..,
        it’s taken me 3 months to get my AtT unlimited service straighten out..
        A direct account set up ( 5 attempts )still not 100% right! Hopefully by the 10th)
        So if anyone messed it up it would be me!

  11. Em, or anyone with Twitter please..

    Site link them or give them Eric email address or ?

    Andrew Whittaker — acct.@UKAWhittaker/Twitter

    1. Star48, SWC…I just sent an email to FAA San Diego website, with link to Erics site and prediction info on possible upcoming hijacking.

      1. Jules104,
        thank you so much!
        My heart is full…I am hoping spirit/Eric will be happy with our attempts to bring awareness..
        Blessings to you..

    1. Em,
      Let him know there is a post about hijacking…than give web site link to post?
      Say ctc is at top ..and send him email address..just in case..
      Sorry to put such a burden on you…

      ********I truly would not be asking *******Except for this………….

      Eric comment from the other day is important..!

      August 5th or in 5 days on August 8th, we are expecting the start of multiple attacks targeting the United States. The question remains what does ‘1’ mean? I am starting to believe there will be gaps of time between one attack and another.

      This is the first time Spirit has a direct message for you to act. This is their first real attempt to fight back on the future they predict and they are asking for your help directly. So please help us put this post, this prediction out there for all to read. The more awareness we bring the greater the opportunity we have to change this nightmare. The future is ours to conquer.

      1. Star48, Em…just caught up. I don’t know how to do Twitter either. I’m beginning to think we r the dinosaur in Erics prediction. I will ask my kids. I agree Star. Need those ghost readers to show up or just do the Twitter, FB, whatever elE there is out there.

      2. Eric, Jules!
        I just tweeted at Andrew Whittaker, linking this prediction and asked him to contact Eric Leigh-Pink and linked Eric’s email.

        1. Em,
          I cannot thank you enough! You have my gratitude ….
          Many Blessings….for your courage….and help….

      3. Star,
        I just tweeted at Andrew Whittaker, linking this prediction and asked him to contact Eric Leigh-Pink and linked his email.

      4. Star48, Em…Just sent another updated message to FBI on British Air hijacking, with link to site, predictions. I hope its shifting!

  12. SWC 6 hrs and 50 min till take off …prayers love and light to Heathrow and which ever plane …..

  13. there was a hospital bombing in quetta pakistan
    53 people were killed and 50 injured
    could it be related?

  14. Delta Airlines system outage worldwide…… all flights grounded. Unknown what the issue is.

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for the info. I saw a lot of delta flights when I was looking up flights from Heathrow to San Diego or it may have been vice versa. I just remember thinking, there’s a lot of Delta flights.

  15. (QR) Qatar Airways 5641
    (ORD) Chicago, IL, US to (LHR) London, EN, GB
    Operated by (AA) American Airlines
    En-Route – Delayed 191 minutes
    Boeing 777-200
    Flamingos dream 41

  16. SWC,
    this was on another thread.
    Requested it to be reposted on differant thread.
    . Hope this helps..
    Was not Saudi or Airplane…or attacks coming…

    August 7, 2016 at 10:52 PM
    Jules104 ,
    I found that number reference you were looking for the other day?..


    “It would be 3250 deep.” (the exact wording was thirty-two and fifty.) They also gave the message of 77 and mid August”
    By the way 27 is in there too.

    Do you want me to put on thread on attacks for you?

  17. SWC,
    here is Rhona comment…
    August 8, 2016 at 12:01 AM
    Star 48 jules 104
    when reading 7-20-14 ..” I hada visual of numbers 2 and then 3 blinking into each other (Plane flight lights ) That does fit with 27 ” flight 273 …it goes on to describe lush greenery (Heathrow?) and water ….Terminal 5 water feature
    q= Thoughtsa2snbHOAhVDmJQKHeg1DFYQtwIIGDAE&usg=AFQjCNHQC2PbBxIEy5wk7IzjRNsZDlxj8Q

    1. star 48 thanks so much …but I had already posted before you and Jules suggested I do on other thread …Its a couple of posts up from yours …thought I had best let Swc see it..
      again thank you

      1. Rhona, no problem..
        Just posting stack of pulled articles..
        Glad you caught duplicate..

  18. Ciclon Javier down California reaches 9 to 10 August , rain and wind .S.d near. It is the rain when attack military base,in 1?

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    1. This what i suggested. When the rain comes and also when the rain pours, alot of attacks.

      1. I remember that Kelly. Maybe it’s a double meaning. I think sometimes it has to do with the feeling of a situation but could be literal also this time. Praying its foiled.

    1. Sonndra, I think remember that post too, but it doesn’t look like it’s raining in San Diego anytime soon.

      1. You’re right, Em… unless the humidity gets higher and there’s a brief summer thunderstorm…or a tropical storm in Mexico…that happens. I’ll make it a point to keep up on the weather south of the border as well as SD.

      2. Em, I just checked extended weather for San Diego and no rain. BUT today Hurricane Javier (downgraded to tropical depression) is making landfall on northwest coast of Mexico and bringing rain up Baja California ALMOST to San Diego, and lots of rain just east of San Diego through Arizona and New Mexico. Surrounding and close, but “no cigar”.

          1. Star48….yeah, a little humor helps relieve the stress of trying to figure out the clues. I was trying my best to get that rain into San Diego…hahaha! Thanks for the link!!

  19. There is also a flight with BA – BA777 from Stockholm to London.

    If the 777 reference has anything to do with a plane/flight.

  20. Eric, everyone
    This is crazy. A 16-year-old girl was just arrested in Paris for allegedly planning a terror attack today, August 8th.
    I think that this is an amazing example of how powerful prayer and other efforts are to alter tragedies like the ones we are seeing every day.

    1. Wow, wonderful news that she was thwarted!! Perhaps more authorities are reading these predictions now, with all of Eric’s clues!

      1. Em,
        what an example what social media can do…
        it can catch the bad guys! Before there is action….
        Thank you for sharing….

      1. Jules, Star, SWC, Read 5-28-16 post about the people sleep in chairs at airport during the lock down on computer. It’s the back to back prediction. What’s next?


        1. Hi Mary. That could be. I think Spirit is saying it’s still around the corner but Im not sure. A lock down and a shut down are fairly close. And there were a lot of people sleeping in the airport. I think they are still having issues today even. Hm right? Blessings

      2. Jules, I’ve seen a lot of people commenting about that prediction/post. Maybe it’s a prelude of what is to come with all the other predictions.

      1. Thank you, Rhona. …all is well and super busy getting ready for back to school. Blessings to you! ♡

  21. Eric, SWC, FYI
    Explosion reported..
    Firefighter, police officer, 3 residents hospitalized after explosion and fire at apartment in City Heights section of San Diego – NBC San Diego

    1. Star,
      Do you think it’s possible that the Delta Airline mass grounding has something to do with these attacks? It seems pretty extreme for a ‘system outage’.

      1. Em,
        I read quite a few source articles…and they all mention, internal issues with legacy hardware..
        With Delta…
        People had originally thought the problem came through electrical issues,
        but that was unfounded..
        I agree that it is horrendous..but you know systems …

        Especially when they clugged legacy systems with newer ones..
        Yes, world wide problems –especially when you through in a hardware issue…with the software..
        This case was definitely hardware related..
        If anything changed or there is any information that hints at anything else..
        I will let you know ASAP..

      2. Thanks, Star. Will be checking the news frequently today. It seems like the dates that the Spirits have predicted for these attacks has passed, but we know they are still around the corner. Hopefully Eric will be able to confirm the dates soon so that we can do everything we can do prevent them. He added that Canada is also a target in a the upcoming surge of attacks.

        1. Em, SWC,
          latest. Info..

          Delta Air Lines COO Gil West says airline still seeing instability in some systems following Monday outage; says outage was due to ‘malfunction’ at ‘Technology Command Center… causing a surge to the transformer and a loss of power’

      1. Star, Em, I’m just hearing on the news that the fire was caused by a resident smoking near an oxygen tank.

        1. Sonndra May,
          thanks for followup…no jokes of dropping the bottom…
          it is a strange occurance..the reply should have been underneath the comment..
          You and Em and the others are on top of the wave,,,,
          I am feeling very good…about going and doing a few things…
          I will check out right now…
          And Be back @5. PST…if that’s okay…?

          I think I kind of overdid my monitoring past few days..
          Too many hours…I sometimes feel like a traffic controller! I do it to myself.,
          So working on another sort of mix it up a little?…
          Tootles ..

      2. Ahhhh, I see… it was just several comments beneath the SD fire post. I guess I’m still learning my way around.

  22. Emirates has 3 daily flights to UK and they have the largest fleet of 777s in the world

    1. Wendall, Thanks for the great news! Yes, wouldn’t it be really great if the British Air threat has been thwarted!

    1. Whoa. Good catch/update Star48 & CMT! And certainly Brussels fits right in with all the clues!

  23. Planes land at Brussels, Toulouse after reported bomb alerts – Belgian media
    Published time: 10 Aug, 2016 17:41
    Edited time: 10 Aug, 2016 18:22

    Two airplanes which were heading to Zaventem Airport in the Belgian capital, Brussels, had reported bomb alerts on Wednesday, according to national broadcaster VRT.

    Emergency services had been deployed at the airport, VRT reported.

    According to VRT, which cites the Belgian federal prosecutor, the threat was “serious enough to take action.”

  24. Does anyone know if we have confirmation yet for a rough date when these events are going to occur? This month has been very scary. Almost every single day this month there has been news of terror plots averted. There’s also been a lot of suspicious packages and bomb alerts that have thankfully been false.

  25. Eric, SWC,

    Ref….Airplane on the Tarmac.

    System outage…US….also Mexico…(monitoring )

    Photo: Customers wait in line at British Airways check-in counter at San Francisco airport as officials deal with system outage – @akintsy

  26. Eric, SWC,
    “Meranti is on track to pass north of Philippines before tracking near southern Taiwan late Tuesday and Wednesday, EDT. Destructive winds will be most likely in southern Taiwan, but excessive rainfall of 10-20 inches along and east of the island’s spine of mountains. Meranti should loose intensity before a landfall somewhere in southeast China, either Guangdong or southern Fujian, by Thursday, EDT.”

  27. Eric re the British air, not sure if this is related but the security services have announced that a terrorist scientist may be planning to release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere of a coastal area in the UK, they are trying to find out more information. Could that be why spirit said British air? because of the toxic pollution?

  28. British airways Phoenix—- July 7 month, 747 plane, leaves at 7:40 time. Phoenix —- cowboy hats

  29. Eric,
    Ref:::I had another visual of an airplane on the tarmac.

    Hijacker killed in standoff on tarmac.

    Feb. 25 (UPI) — A man suspected of attempting to hijack a Dubai-bound plane has been killed following an eight-minute standoff with law enforcement in Bangladesh.
    The passenger flight bound for Dubai from Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka made an emergency stop in the southeastern port city of Chattogram about 40 minutes after takeoff Sunday evening as a man wielding a gun allegedly attempted to enter the plane’s cockpit, The Daily Star reported.

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