Predictions 4-1-16

“Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.

“Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”

I had a visual of a cross at first it seemed Christian, but then I saw myself walking down a hallway of a hospital. As if the hospital was the target.

76 – Historically that means the 6th.

We need to go back and ask the month. Are we talking about this coming Wednesday? Then I need your help, I would like names of hospitals, as many in Brussels as you can give me. We need to try and narrow this down.

Perhaps the cross is for the hospital?

Where is the South American Meteor?   “Five.. five.. five.”

I had a visual of the word ‘Penn’ then it switched to a man adjusting a gas mask on his face as he looked in the mirror.

Are they talking about the state or the White House.  

I was interrupted during my meditation before I could finish seeing where the man with the mask was going.

We have the complete information for Brussels . We need to ask for details, then with your help it becomes time to try and alter this horror through awareness. We cannot allow this prediction to happen.



154 thoughts on “Predictions 4-1-16

  1. Oh no… I propose we split the things we need to do:
    I can send emails to the news papers, somebody else the news stations, the police,hospitals (in Belgium but also Europol)
    Another three volunteers and we do it quickly, do you agree Eric?

  2. Could the cross signify a Catholic hospital? I know that Catholic hospitals here on the East Coast have crosses in the rooms.

  3. A fairly well respected channel, had a dream that was confirmed by his source/guide that within a month’s time/early May there will be a devastating attack on Belgium and France that will kill 1,000 people.

  4. Eric a lot of hospitals have a chapel or prayer room for relatives to go when people are very sick/dying, not sure if they have the same in Brussels, could that be what you saw?

      • Eric,
        Sorry to bother with more questions, but for us to be able to help decode your vision, give us more info:
        -Describe the cross you saw.
        -Where did you see it? In front of a hospital in Belgium? Like if you saw it in the entrance, for instance.
        I don’t have your power, but I somehow can see like a big white cross in front of a building, like a hospital entrance, with a lot of flowers underneath. Tell me if this was your vision, so I can dig further in the Internet to keep on trying! And maybe this way someone has seen it and gives a personal insight.

    • No, not everyone. I haven’t seen it. Just wish it won’t happen as its not necessary with nuclear threats. Please I urge everyone to pray to reverse the nuclear threats.

  5. Here is a list of Hospitals off of Wikipedia in Brussels:
    Brussels-Capital Region
    CHU Brugmann – Brussels
    CHU Saint-Pierre – Brussels
    Clinique Saint Jean – Brussels
    Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc° – Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (university hospital of Université catholique de Louvain)
    Hôpital Erasme° – Anderlecht (university hospital of Université libre de Bruxelles)
    Hôpital Saint Elisabeth – Brussels
    Hôpital Saint Michel – (Brussels)
    Institut Jules Bordet – Brussels
    IRIS Hospital Network – Brussels
    Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital – Brussels
    UZ Brussel – Jette (university hospital of Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
    Sign ° shows hospitals where younger members of the Belgian Royal Family are born.

  6. Could it be Saint Luc University Hospital Brussels? It’s 20 minutes from airport and highway access to Paris from the hospital. It’s known as one of the best in the world, I think.

  7. Regarding “Penn” reference: “Antwerp” is the English name and “Antwerpen” is the Dutch/Flemish name. According to the link someone gave on previous post, there are about 10 hospitals in that province/city in Belgium with either the words “Sint (St), St., Holy, Saint, or Sacred heart (cross symbol).

  8. Eric, could the Brussels attack have anything to do with the word ” Lou “which you have gotten for many months? I ask because there is a hospital listed above which reminds me of your Lou/Louve prediction. The town is called Louvian and it has a well know University. French is mostly spoken there. Perhaps the confusion over Brussels and France is the language, not the country.Maybe we are looking at an attack in the town of Louvian somewhere?

  9. What if the terrorist dresses up like a priest with a suicide vest under the garment and goes into the hospital? Could this be the plot?

  10. SWC, in looking over the last posts..
    It occurs to me that spirit and Eric are outlining the picture.
    3 sticks —–stand for not the one.incident at the airport,
    But —-3 —–Seperate attacks back to back
    1 -airport/subway (Brussels)
    2.-hospital/church affiliated?(Brussels)
    3.-Louve/ 2nd target not identified as distraction (Paris)
    (Eiffel Tower?)
    What do you think? Does my thought have any merit?

  11. Hi, Eric,
    I didn’t search much, and here’s what I found: Delta Hospital in Brussels. From a bird’s eye point of view, it looks like a cross, I can’t find a way to send you a capture of what I found, but I searched it in Google Earth as Delta Hospital, Brussels, Belgium. You can find it there.
    And searching I found in old news this:
    They are aware of another attack!
    Oh, Eric, I know it’s not much, but I hope with my humble information, I can help change the upcoming evil attack.
    Very kind regards, as always,
    Lili from Venezuela.

  12. SWC, regarding the meteor.
    Reference 555 I checked the meaning of number
    ..2 references put the 555.
    As ” buckle your seat belts “. Just a note,, check it out yourself,,

    • Oh funny Star48. I was just asking Rhona about that, think you were on the thread. But I got the meteor and earthquake mixed up. That’s interesting. Coming in fast?

      • Jules104,
        yes, I had issues with my IPad..
        So only got to check 555 reference..I did not put a link on…as I did not want to influence SWC, also checked ref date for NY..spirit mentioned 17—–on 12-12-15 reference .
        Also on 12-15-15 –8 weeks reference..uh oh IPad acting strange…got to go..

      • Jules104, I did not get to complete my thought..
        On my comment , when I had to get off…I noted the 17 th…date from earlier post..
        The 17 th is a Sunday… ( from 12-12-15 post.)

      • Jules104,
        the V could mean old 5 ( belonging to ancient object)
        or Arrowing down or shape..of object
        I do not believe in coincidences..5.5.5 playing. That is bizarre..
        Remember or guides give us signs or flags for us to notice..
        I have been noticing 555 fir days now..
        Many years ago..I studied with a sage…( I know..I’m older)
        Anyway..he informed me that the number 5 was associated with Mercury..,speed, communication,messages…so I put that out there for you and SWC ..

  13. And what about NATO headquater in Brussels? the NATO flag is a compass rose, but it really looks like a cross…and what a target for terrorists!

    • The NATO building is heavily guarded and always has high amount of security. I doubt that they would be able to get past their security measures.

  14. Swc im reluctant to say ti but( the bloody butcher the meanest way to commit horror….decapitation..please be vigilant for lone wolves in your hospitals belgium..light to surround this person to illuminate them to authorities..

    • Hi Popi, yes there is the University of Pennsylvania and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Their Campuses are connected. Right next door to HUP is Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a few blocks from there is the Veterans Hospital. Also there is a commuter rail train and station a few blocks from Penn.
      I’ve lived in PA my whole life and worked in various parts of Philly for over 20 years. I so hope they don’t mean Philly or PA or anywhere else, really. I pray every night for g-d not to give up on us and to protect us, everyone🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. Eric i hve ome info on a hospital and church…
    St Johns Hospital guild of brothers and sisters of st jihns hospital ceded to the guild an area adacent to Zavel where the guild buult a chappel in honour of mother of god ….
    this chappek became Chapel of THE CROSSBOW GUILD.. Ihave another link ti pist of st johns hospital after this

    • Hi Rhona. That’s really a beautiful church. And the crossbow reference is interesting also. Is there now a hospital right near it or next to it? I hope we can foil this attack. Blessings

  16. SWC, regarding Meteor.. potential.
    Excerpt from**** Note second paragraph..
    “In a matter of days, the sun could be completely blank. AR2526 is moving toward rhe sun’s western limb where it will vanish early next week. If no new sunspot emerges to take its place, the solar disk will be 100% spotless–a sure sign that Solar Minimum is coming.

    A widely-held misconception is that space weather stalls and becomes uninteresting during periods of low sunspot number. In fact, by turning the solar cycle sideways, we see that Solar Minimum brings many interesting changes. For instance, the upper atmosphere of Earth collapses, allowing space junk to accumulate around our planet. The heliosphere shrinks, bringing interstellar space closer to Earth. And galactic cosmic rays penetrate the inner solar system with relative ease. Indeed, a cosmic ray surge is already underway. Stay tuned for updates as the sunspot number continues to drop.”

  17. A Brussels hospital is tending to terrorism victims days after tending to terrorist suspect
    March 22 2016
    A major hospital in the tourist area of central Brussels has been thrust into the center of that city’s response to terrorism — both treating the victims of Tuesday’s bombings and, just a few days ago, the suspect arrested for the Paris bombings. And on top of all that, hospital officials have been scrambling to respond to offers for blood donations and to deal with a bomb scare.

    Saint-Pierre University Hospital, a teaching and research hospital, is one of the hospitals urgently treating victims of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport and a city metro station, bombings for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility . . .
    Meanwhile, a bomb alert was issued at Saint-Pierre after 2 p.m. local time as a precaution in response to a threatening tweet. It was quickly lifted after police searched the premises, the Saint-Pierre spokeswoman said. . .

    Could it be this hospital and could the “butcher” be possibly referring to a machete attack??
    Let’s hope not. . . .

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  19. And what about NATO ? The headquater is in Brussels, the flag reoresents a compass, but looks like a cross….

  20. Maybe the Spirit meant in same place because it said “again”. Just a thought. If so, look into that area where it was attacked and look into the hospital(s) within same area. Praying it will be foil.

    • I’m worried if or when a police officer or security guard at hospital may be attack by the knife person or butcher. Is the butcher related with ISIS? Or the butcher has mental issue? Please someone/anyone to call the CEO or Manager at the hospitals to keep eyes opened for expecting attack on Tuesday. Suggestions : may need to hire more security guards or officers just to be safe as the officer doesn’t want to do it alone on their duty. Praying to be foil.

  21. hi Jules 104 yes it is and the history is captivating
    i have postrd a st johns link. but it is now a museum.sand alk my other research attempts are a dead and an
    intersting note though st john the baptist was decapitated and i do feel as others this is the bloody butchers way of horror.
    stay safe and joy be filling your day..

    • That is pretty interesting about John the Baptist. And Thank You Rhona for the kind words. You are always such a joy to have in our SWC. 🙂😇

    • Twiceblessed.
      .there was another train that hit a vehicle in Ill. One killed 273 on train..- just now.- 2 nd today
      There was a incident at the Museum in Philadelphia, everyone was evacuated / due to an alarm
      ..a couple of hours later everyone was allowed back . No one was saying why at the time..
      The two incidents in NY yesterday Times Square and the Bus Station..
      Suspicious package or vehicle…
      People are tense…they feel something…

  22. Eric,

    Wall Street Journal just published this article below. The good news is that Brussels police dept is aware and alert about a possible upcoming attack.

    “Investigators Home In on Scope of Terror Network Behind Brussels, Paris Attacks”

    Updated April 3, 2016 8:46 p.m. ET
    BRUSSELS—At least 22 radical Islamists from Europe linked to the terror network behind the Brussels and Paris attacks are suspected to be still at large, putting security services on high alert as they rush to prevent Islamic State from striking again in the region…….

    • Rhona,
      amazing…using the same terminology coined by Eric!
      I hope that means that they have monitored his postings…

      I have that feeling. Taking a deep breath. Waiting..
      Blessings, and lots of smiles going out to you! Keeping positive…

  23. thanks Star 48 it seems we are on the same page even when we are not .i sighted the wrong prediction link it ought to be 10-3-15 (the spider spun its web shot out into multiple directions around the world )
    your link.posting on the lourve exibition has taken me aback i dont know what to think of such a move…thanks for your prayerful support it means much to me …

  24. SWC I have still bren trying to narrow down meteor location from 555 v clue
    in googling V35 being v rman numeral and 5 5 5 …….it came up with a Brazilian naval ship Tamandare….which is also a location on the coast of Brazil
    Tamandare…Sao Paulo…Esperito Santos are roughly 1600 miles apart …but it does give some credence to far eastern coast if Brazil
    also Star 48 do you recall my grandson with potugese ancestry …well there is a town near espirito santo that bears his forfather’s surname ..could be plugged in as you commented in past thread…
    please what are your thoughts
    thank you I cant reveal the surname fir security and privacy…

    • Rhona,
      do not do or relay anything uncomfortable regarding security or privacy…
      I think you have a good sense of area.. I (my opinion) feel that you are plugged into this..
      So many coincidences to your references..( Portuguese ) 1600 miles in space terms is close…
      We will either be right or wrong soon..,

      also the 555 is also a interesting Nbr…( did you check out the spiritual meaning?)

      I believe the all the people monitoring fireballs/ meteors…we are at peak awareness .
      Meteors are difficult to actually pinpoint a target…
      Too many variables .., how high in the sky, does it burn out with a bang?
      What direction is the shock wave..– due to descent angle…
      No this one is dramatic.. will lead people to follow Eric postings..
      Unfortunately people could or will be hurst.. Like Lightning. Who?

      Blessings and smiles…you have put in a huge amount of work. I know something positive
      Will be coming…due to your efforts…
      people are concerned..,Aldo, Greg, so many others.. Are trying to be of service to humanity and help identify too. Let us see if they can add anything to your information .
      What do you think?
      Ps..I listen to Amalie Rodriquez all the time — great Fada singer
      Got it as a gift on my last trip in Portugal..

      • Note ;;; by “we” in this comment , refers to Star48 and Rhona…
        Based on Star48 opinion only.
        Has nothing to do with Eric or any other reference..

  25. Star 48 I too am of the opinion Erics Predictions will be Noted due ti thus meteor stike…
    yes Star i have not only checked out meaning of 5 I have lived it being my numerological birth number hen you add my birth date to single digits
    everything changes and i can assure you that has been the theme for me …accepting change….going with the flow
    i ggogked tarot meaning a

  26. sorry star 48 pgine playing up
    as i was saying tarot meaning is quute poignant in some ways here it is fir a read if you like QFggmMAU&usg=AFQjCNEZTMA2RQvXT h 9-tbzxy7r65sz4Cw
    aside even my meds have a 5 stamped on them (outer limits theme playing) lol
    I will tunr into Amalie Ridrquez look forward to it……the research effort is worth it cinsudering the mitivatiin ti help change anothers potential ill fate ..
    all the bkessings you desure be manifested ti you and yiyrs Star 48

    • Rhona, that was heavy…I am shaking my head,,,
      Oh well” let go –let God..”
      I like my reference. On the triple 555..more upbeat..,LOL.
      Helping Humanity, is a noble endeavor..a golden goal..I am glad we are on the same ship,working together..,
      Thank you for the blessing…
      Note ; see if you can get Amelie–The Greatest Collection..

  27. star 48 sorry it was so heavy but i like yours being more upbeat too…glad i dont put too muc energy into it prefer to work in unisome with love and light
    The same boat yeah my mum would say dont rock the boat with out a life jacket lol….

    • Amendment 19th
      .see The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Preliminary reports trickling in of an Argentinian fireball, sonics and tremor, May 18th 2016 21:25 ART = 00:25 UTC May 19th

      • Jules 104,
        is this the second? Volcano than meteor? Than EQ?
        You want to laugh..I have unlimited data…than then it has been storming, raining as you know…
        ( by the way– all week including thunderstorms) than a pole goes down this morning…no power..
        I was not able to join your comments.. However I read them… Still watching…even if interrupted…

  28. Oh that’s a thought Star48. You are great at thinking outside the box. I was wondering about the second meteorite. We will see right? I don’t know how you keep all of your data straight but glad you do and are on top of things and got your boots on also. lol. Love those sayings of yours. Much needed laughs that crack me up. Gonna go “put on my big girl pants” and “frost my cake” now. Heehee. (All in good fun Star48.) Praying for South America. Blessings

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