Indonesia Earthquake

This prediction has happened. I hope for the speedy recovery of all those injured in Jakarta.

The second prediction was a reminder that an earthquake was about to happen, but they implied Latin America? There was a four day gap of time.

Predictions 2-13-17   Spirit, some of the readers are asking if there is a major earthquake coming for New Zealand because of the whales? Is there a major threat to New Zealand?

“Not yet.” I had a visual I was up in the sky looking down on New Zealand, but then the view shifted and I was staring down at Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  “Over there.. there is your threat”

Then a warning that the earthquake is around the corner.

Predictions 5-25-17  I had a visual of one massive crack. That spells a very damaging earthquake

The Facts on 5-29: “JAKARTA, Indonesia – A strong, shallow earthquake rocked Indonesia’s central Sulawesi province Monday evening, injuring at least three people and damaging some buildings and houses.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.8 quake was centred in a thinly populated area 79 kilometres (49 miles) southeast of the provincial capital, Palu, at a depth of 9.1 kilometres (6 miles).” Quoted by


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  1. It’s in Poso actually, not in Jakarta. However, I as an Indonesian are really thankful for your thoughts. Thank you Eric, blessed you

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      all U.S.A
      thinking of all of you at the time of eclipse transition …
      peace love and light .
      Im sure its occurance will change some curcumstances in tge world at large ..

  2. Star48 Jules 104
    couldnt help myself had to post a welcome to our back thread ..
    Hi you two

  3. Star 48 Jules 104
    Soo sorry posted same one twice .
    didnt notice when i did a search ..on earthquake thread not paying attention to time ..

  4. Rhona, Star48…there have been a few deep ones since yesterday. Ive been trying to figure out this posting on site. Seems a bit better now. I picked up some deep EQs Sampungu, Indonesia 4.7, 570 km depth, South Fiji Islands, 4.7, 536 km depth, and a North Indian Ocean EQ but not deep. Then the 5.8 Tonga 263 km depth. I think that’s the one you added Rhona.

  5. Jules 104
    read my e-MAIL..
    Are you stil having trouble with layout of site on your phone ..
    scroll to the very bottom and there is an option that says mode ..or something like it ..
    It ws in red letters for me .
    It is quite small in print ..easy to miss ..
    click on it and it changes format to mobile format like we had before ..
    layout is same as old mode ..
    let me know how you go ..

  6. Hello Eric
    My mobile layout is good now but on my phone I had to manually click on mobile layout at the bottom of your full site layout to achieve the mobile friendly layout ..
    Im not sure how Jules is going with it ..
    Im sure she will let us know soon ..
    Thank you your fix worked for me ..
    but is it auto fix or do we have to manyally change layout mode ourselves as i explained above ..
    Thank you ..hope im not confusing things .

      1. Eric thats cool ..hopefully others can sort their phones seems iphones are having most of problem ..mine is not an iphone ..
        Thank you its a momoth task your doing ..
        stay well you and yours

    1. Saw that Star48. Trying to figure out what it means. 🤔 I know that slow slip seems to still be going on but…hm what do you think? I’m feeling a bit worried for Indonesia/S Pacific area and Argentina/Chile area after those deep quakes they’ve had. At the same time a bit worried for Vancouver down to N CA. Geez just let’s include the whole globe. 😮😯😆

  7. Jules104,Rhona,
    Sail Boston…….information…
    Sail Boston events continue today, including a crew and cadet (and marching bands) parade from Seaport Boulevard to Downtown Crossing starting at noon. The ship boardings continue from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Boston Fish Pier, World Trade Center, Fan Pier, and Charlestown Navy Yard, with festivals at the Fish Pier and at the Navy Yard.

    1. That’s hot! Yikes and it’s only June. I hope everyone’s bringing their pets inside and watching out for the kids and elderly there. Atleast it should be dry though that just means a lot of water needed. Praying it cools off a bit for them soon.

  8. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules I got this prediction ..
    It mentions Charles but a Train explosion
    “something to do with location ”
    “oil refinery “..” gas Station ”
    ” Airplain everyone killed ” damage to front of plane
    “Visual of building on fire .Started with smoke .then switched to a massive Fire Inferno”
    could be London Glenfell. .
    “The base boming – milatery Base ”
    these may now be time lined with London fire ..
    Thats the only Charles I could find .

  9. Star 48 Jules 104
    Apoligies for misspelling Grenfell Tower ..
    It also seems now the cladding is a banned product ..
    they are saying they are checking over 2000 other buildings ..
    Jules our childrens hospital here has been given the all clear ..its a safe fire proof cladding to just fix the 1300 other faults it has including the lead in the pipes ..
    How can a brand new building never been housed have so many building errors ..
    It hasnt seen a patient yet ..
    Thank goodness our childrens health and safety is paramount ..or you would think ..
    Obviously not at time of construction ..
    the mighty dollar speaks again ..
    Shameful .

    1. Oh good to hear about the cladding. Those pipes though. Yikes! Yes shameful. Hopefully people will be prosecuted for their actions. And I hope they can get it all fixed soon so it can start being used as planned. Poor children and families who will be impacted the most by others greed.

  10. Star 48
    wow that heat on Phenix phew ..Thats even high for us Australians to bear ..
    and then poor u.k. wow some look like they are loving it ..but the animals and older people suffer ..Airconditioning to cool wouldnt be like it is here they will suffer ..

    1. I saw that also. I’m thinking its doing the same as last December where South America got hit on Christmas Day plus the other large EQs up near PNG. Just a matter of where it goes to I think.

    1. Saw that one too Star48. There was an EQ directly on the New Madrid last week I think it was. But according to Dutch it’s the pressure being put on it from the west to east following the craton and oil and gas fracking gets hit since they’ve punctured the crust so it’s more vulnerable now. The faults will be what gets hit too. Path of least resistance sounds like? And Georgia has an ancient volcano somewhere he showed once on an update. I wonder if the EQ was in the same area. As of his update yesterday he’s warning for another round pushing in from the north west. Guess we will see eh? Things are pretty crazy right now. 😃

  11. Star 48 Jules 104
    Hi you two ..lots to keep track off even Erics new prediction is a busy one to live and light .
    Star 48 loved The Minions yellowstone lol..

    I saw that storm forming Texas Louisiana
    a couple of days ago been watching it closely .

    New Madid being tickles with that transfer of energy and Georgia letting us know ..

    I had a very solom Japanese flag from singer ..dont know the name ..but will ask for two more flags ..

    I noticed some SWC brought up Philippines and Sri Lanka predictions again ..
    Im still thinking Sri Lanka is going to surprise everyone as it doesnt usually have large quakes ..but the plate is very unstable up there as we have discussed before ..

    A couple of Swc from N.Z. had those dreams of quake lights so might be something in that ..
    blessings you two ..

  12. Rhona, Star48 Hey. I think you could be onto something Rhona. The West Pacific is really active with those deep quakes still going on. I’m not sure if the Stan quake happened yet but I was thinking about Sri Lanka the other day also and I’m sure that hasn’t happened yet. Is there a prediction for a volcano that hasn’t happened yet also? Not Yellowstone but like S America or Indonesia, S Pacific area maybe.

  13. Jules 104
    all the S. America ones I saw and and Indonesia ..Iceland…Japan …Russia …etc
    were marked happened ..
    I may haveissed some ..

  14. Rhona may be right. There’s so much going on right now with the plates being unstable it seems a large EQ could be anywhere almost. But the areas around you have had some fairly deep EQs so I’d guess the S Pacific area, Indonesia or going over east to S America. I’ll try and catch dutchs updates and let you know if he mentions any specifics. So you think Singer is giving flags for Japan? Let us know if you get another. Blessings. 😊

  15. Rhona here is the update from yesterday our 20th. He is warning for larger EQ in PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, possible N AU area being affected based on the central point between the deep quakes. I’m not finished yet but wanted to send out. Of course still talking the slow slip and West Coast but hasn’t stopped yet so…that’s good I suppose. 😉

    1. Thanks Star48. Also the ancient volcano in Georgia…I may have got that wrong. I can’t remember which state that was. Maybe TN? Hm… Anyway wanted to correct that. I saw another deep EQ up north of Fiji.

  16. Star48, Rhona. The link says up to 12″ of rain possible also. What a mess.
    Praying for that boys family who was killed by the log washed ashore. That recently happened here on our Coast to a young girl. People don’t realize how water logged and heavy they are once the tide goes out and they get crushed underneath them.

  17. Rhona, Star48 that’s a lot of deep EQs that are still happening. And the ones over 600 km are really deep. Seems like those are happening near Fiji mostly. Thanks for the info. Star hopefully that Asteroid will fly right by with no worries. 🙏🏻😳🙈

    1. Jules104,Rhona2
      Your talking about Bolivia –257km deep …Argentina(16km deep), East Timor..395Km deep..

    1. Star 48
      Oh my I like jules hope that asteroid doesnt decide to cast off any chunks of
      unwanted pieces as it passes by ..
      Yes deep quakes just keep on happening .

      Oh wow sandles melting ..funny but not thats just wat too too hot ..
      I can just imagine her jumping around 😀😁 bless her ..

  18. Jules 104 Star 48
    There has been at least 5 quakes in aust over last couple of days so dutch is right all that deep movememt is upsetting the plate
    its an indication to me seeing as we are usually reasonable quiet ..that there is a major plate shift coming in South Pacific .
    We will c ..there was a 2.1m at 7km deep in Victoria a few hrs ago ..
    so it done the rounds
    West Aust
    South Aust
    Central Aust ( peterman ranges )
    I think N.S.W. too
    sorry doing this from memory not sure of nsw .
    will check and confirm ..

    1. Rhona that’s pretty interesting. It says they base it off the animal being on the ground. Well that seems unlikely with those Roos of yours. 😁😆 I think I’d prefer driving myself thank you very much. 😳🙈👀😎

  19. Rhona, Star48…I’m beginning to wonder where the larger ones are transferring over to. It seems more South and Central America, then the Caribbean area. Though they are moving over closer to Sri Lanka too. Then I am getting this feeling that there will be an eruption somewhere soon. Have either of you picked up anything on Guam at all. Keeps popping in.

  20. jules Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules Guam is a good point given its on edge of philppines and is at the end of a chain of Islands .
    Remember spirit mentioned Island chain at one point I think it was Volcano or was it big quake ..will look it up ..

  21. Jules 104
    I should mention the chain of Islands above Guam are North Mariana Islands. as we know they get alot of activity .
    if this posts twice its because it seemed last one disappeared .

  22. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star Im quite concerned for all over Italy thats just bizzar weather and then Etna gets in on it too ..
    Kamchatka kinda expected with the movement lately ..
    Here is hoping Dora dissipates as they expect ..First of the season …prayers all will be vigilant in the coming weeks when the season gets underway ..
    best of luck to all areas prone ..
    Its crazy season coming up weather wise for them
    will be watching as usual
    blessings you two

  23. Jules 104 Star 48
    Rember I asked for 3 Flags Japan .
    just got sukiyaki playing
    and son came over with T shirt print of Okinawa ( does that count ?)
    so thats 3 flags Theyvwere anout 3 days apart each ..first one was on 20th June ..

  24. Rhona, Star48…I’d say s tshirt logo may count. 😉 Guess we will see. There has been so much going on lately I feel like the whole planet is in the middle of some major shake up. 😳 Thanks for all the updates on those deep ones Rhona and all the updates on Italys crazy weather and Etna Star48. I saw Bogoslof has been erupting also. Made me think about Dutch saying he noticed the Greenland area gets hit after Bogoslof erupts. Like it’s been transferring that way also. Hope they don’t get anymore ice breaking off and creating tsunami waves over that way.
    Hope all is going well with the two of you. Blessings. 🙏🏻😇

  25. Rhona2,Jules104,

    I just looked at EQ sites..
    Mini swarm in CA…near Truckee…

    All total only 19 EQ over 2.5…worldwide…..
    taking a breath before ???
    So a “big one is near”. Just a feeling…I felt compelled to mention it.,just a feeling,,

  26. I see what your saying Star48. And it’s rather across from Oroville Dam area too, though a bit Southeast of there. I think there could be a big one on each side of the Pacific maybe, but I sure hope and pray not. 🙏🏻 Thanks for the mention.

  27. Star 48
    I agree a breath in and I think your right with your intuition. .
    Did notice The swarm in CA.
    Just where oh where is it going to be ..

  28. Star 48
    Yellowstone swarm ..thats a fair amount of activity ..though i do feel greatful it is in my opinion one of earths greatest safety valves ..
    The mention of slow plate movement was interesting …Im glad theyvare onto it . as you would be ..
    she really is an amazingly hot bed of distiction and deserves great respect ..
    Thanks for the update ..

  29. Star48, Rhona. I was curious so looked up to see if there were any large EQs that occurrenced in 1985. That was when the USGS said Yellowstone had its largest swarm of 3,000 EQs. Anyway there were a lot of large EQs that year around the world and Mexico had an 8.1 in October after the swarm ended I believe. I’m just wondering if there’s any correlation. Here is the list of 1985 EQs I found. Wait I think I’ll add that in a separate in case the link keeps it from posting. So it’s just a Wikipedia 1985 list of EQs in case it doesn’t show you can look up. 😉

  30. Here’s the 1985 list of large EQs. There was a 6.1 off the coast across from here. Must have been that Juan de Fuca I think and some big ones up in Alaska and Canada too. If you look at this list it rather looks similar to where the EQs are hitting now with big ones all over though. Maybe a “deep earthquake event” Dutch always talks about? Need to look up the volcano eruptions for that time period. 🤔

  31. Nevado del Ruiz Volcano erupted on Nov 13, 1985. i think it read that it sent lahars down six rivers completely buring a village. Anyway I just think it’s interesting and wonder if anyone’s ever correlated any of these things with what occurs at Yellowstone. Well besides what Dutch says. He is relating those swarms/EQs to the deep EQ event all over causing pressure on our plate and slow slip event off our West Coast.
    Scroll down to “Eruptions” to read on what happened. Wow poor people. I can’t imagine. Yikes. 😢😨

  32. Rhona just a mention. The last Dutch I watched he was expecting a large EQ in the West Pacific still. It seemed more South Pacific though to me. So correlates with the deep Fiji maybe? Though don’t they transfer over to South America also from that spot? 🤔🤓

  33. Jules 104
    It seems to me there could be a correlation though it would be cried down ..
    all that in 1985 ..
    Yes those poor people its such a devistating
    event scary is the word ..
    This one in Kermadec Isle is related as dutch would note to Fiji deep one recently That didnt take long ..

    Star Sacramento swarm hmm worth a noteworthy watch ..

    Jules… yes South Pacific, so maybe Kermadec Isle fits that one ..probably other
    areas to come …Papua new Guinea has been quiet…

  34. Hi Star48, Rhona. Lots of good info. I noticed the eq swarm on the Hawaiian volcano but didn’t know the name so thanks Star. I’m with Rhona on the space junk, Ay yi yi! 🙆🙅🏻🤦🏼‍♀️ Okay so as far as I know a solar minimum isn’t really that great for us right? Unless I have it backwards again. 🙃🙂
    The MO sink hole seems suspicious yes. The link said due to old pipes eroding which is probably true but maybe add a dose of ground movement/shifting sands and voila…no more car. 😧
    Ive seen some of those blue blobs all over the beaches here. They call them Velella velella or By the Wind Sailors. I saw them earlier in the Spring mostly. Sort of wondering about the undersea volcano on the Axial Seamount along with others which could be active without our knowing it Im sure. Warming the Coasts up maybe?
    Hey just thought about this…You know those feathers I never find? Well I think youd be happy to know that a family of. Rows have adopted me. 😂😉 I put some tortilla chips out for them once on our driveway and now they show up sqwacking at me and the grandkids every time we come out wanting to know where their breakfast, lunch and diner is. LOL. They haven’t left me a feather yet but they’ve left presents on my mailbox and driveway. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway thought I’d share. 😉😁. I’ve decided they are really prettty smart. Didn’t realize they mate for life and have their families live nearby and they help with building nests, feeding the babies scaring off the vultures etc. Hm as you can tell not a whole lot going on here. 😂🤣😆. Blessings 🙏🏻😇

  35. Jules 104
    hahaha those crows …some people dont like them but yeah i love their family dynamics ..I would say you will be delivered a feather in no time ..maybe even a coo stick ..can imagine the presents on letter box etc…feeding them is a bit like bribary .. “Give me a feather and you will be well fed ..”
    remember it is usually in an odd spot be vigiant ..maybe they will mail it 😂😂😂😂
    good luck ..

    1. Oh hilarious, our mailbox was left open today. Maybe my feather blew away. 😢 Just my luck. 😲 Oh bribary yes hadn’t thought of that. 😁

  36. Star48, Rhona.
    4.9 Fais Micronesia 10 km,
    4.9 Fslse Pass Alaska, 91km ,
    4.9 East of Tonga, 10 kmdepth,
    4.9 Puerta San Jose Guatamala 37 kmdepth,
    4.8 Utsira Norway 10 km depth,
    5.2 Hirara, Japan, 99 km depth.
    3.7 Mammoth Lakes 0 depth (hm)
    6.0 Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador 7 km depth

    1. Star48, thought this might be related to your article. This occurred 3rd going into the 4th July I think. It’s really short but interesting. 🙏🏻😇☺️

  37. Rhona that’s interesting. Lastnight while watching Dutch there was a 7.1 near Timor but it didn’t show up on the EQ feed sites. I’ll look for that. Lots going on in the Amahia, Indonesia area.
    Star48, thanks for the link. That reminded me of a few recent Farsight Project Remote Viewings. Dick Alguire had one where he drew what he thought might be the Space Station in two pieces. And then another Remote Viewing with a possible meteor coming in. Blessings and a Happy 4th of July!🇺🇸🎉🎇

  38. Star48, Rhona…here is a remote view from the time cross project. Go to about 35:00-1:050 min or so. There is the remote view with asteroid first then Remote view with a beach scene and vendors after. Thought it similar to
    what Eric’s prediction is. There’s another Remote view that’s similar but I’d need to search for it again.

  39. Star48, Rhona. This starts out with a water event though it looks like a dam or something later, he’s not sure. I think the dates time periods are wrong though.
    At about 3:50 is where Dick Allgire draws what he thinks is the Int Space Station.

  40. Star 48 Jules 104
    having broblems posting this is 4th attempt
    satellite junk my enter and cause havoc .
    some of remote veiwing ties in with Eric and spirit ..for sure

  41. Wow Star48! First I’d need to wrap my tiny pea brain around all the big science involved here. 😯😲😬🤔😳 Sorry I couldn’t resist.😆 It’s a bit of a read though if your not a scientist studying this but it sounds really interesting with the extra six dimensions, string theory, breathing etc. I would say it’s definetly possible that the extra dimensions could be hidden within the ripples of gravitational waves. Should be interesting to see what happens in 2019 when they have a third way of testing this theory and to see how large these dimensions could be if they are there.

    1. Jules104,
      I am going to let you on to my thought…
      I have believed in another dimension (s)for years…..just waiting for science to catch up…
      I have even glimpsed a man with suspenders and bow tie who came to see me….taking notes…my jaw dropped..,I saw him said hello he grinned and than disappeared…( different dimension)

      1. Oh that’s very cool Star48. So not like Spirits but like something else?
        Interesting, which reminds me, remember I told you about the older man at the table in the corner I saw reading or writing I can’t remember which, thin, I think suspenders but no bow tie. This man was maybe mid to late 70s or so though. But that seemed more like a vision. That would be very strangeyet amazing seeing people pop in and out.
        Can’t wait to see what they come up with on the third test they do. Thanks for sharing Star48. Blessings 🙏🏻😇

  42. Star 48
    Kryon touched base ( pardon the pun )
    with all of this several times over last few years ..
    He stated Einstein missed this point exactly …though genious he was ..
    and Kryon also stated gavity would be re written ..wirh better understanding
    He mentions what he calls the Lattice which has interconnected pathways that surrounds and premeates all of existance ..
    its Universal and all is contained and not contained by and with it ..It allows for concious travel interdimentionally ..its what telepathic communication rides on from other dimensions. ..Its what past present and future is accessible from ..
    I Like yourself have experienced it ls presence and had layman theories and vision on what it looked like and Kryons description confirmed these visions and intuitions …I recall I was in my early 20’s and had many dreams where Einstein had dicussions with me about it ..I took it to be my questions and personel theories being answered ..At that time i had a passion to know ..
    I believe they are on the right track and will discover the Lattice …maybe by surprise ..its so much more than they expect .
    thats why everything we do here on earth resonates elswhere in the universes we are all interconnected …We are closer to all than many think ..
    I could go on for sometime about this.
    so i will stop now ..
    thank you for the article
    blessings ..

    1. Rhona, Star48. Just woke up seeing all this. Surprised on the MT one. Will catch up in a bit. ☕️😉 Glad no tsunami for Philippines.

  43. Star48 Jules 104
    I just got a message from singer .one word
    loud and Clear
    China ….
    I dont know what he means .
    but i was thinking about kim jong un
    and North korea crisis developing..
    we will see could be a quake but i will need other flags for that …
    will keep you posted ..

  44. Jules 104
    I see Dutch was saying slow slip has stopped. .he is warning again for Juan de Fuca …prayer love and light for your way
    … I wonder if Montana is having intraplate activity associated with the slow slip .

  45. Rhona, Star48. I’m not sure which update you watched. The slow slip had picked up again…somewhat…unless it had stopped again since last I saw. 😬 Anywho…here is an update of the MT quake. The numerous seismic readings on the European sites are putting it more at an upper 6-7 magnitude. I believe it seen it too many times. The USGS didn’t post a 7 EQ up in Nunavut previously. It’s moving down along the craton edge. Should be hitting other places along it further south like CO. I’m guessing it does have to do with the pressure coming in from the PNW slow slip event, Bogoslof and just world wide deep EQ event. Sheesh a lot happening. Makes me wonder iabout what may be going on at the Axial Sea Mount off our West Coast. Guess they’d not want to mention that either. Keeping watch. 🙏🏻 Here’s Dutch update from MT EQ.

  46. Rhona, Star48. Besides the crazy MT EQs here are some latest since the 4.4, 538 km you mentioned Rhona.
    6.9, 41km depth, ENE of Canhandugan Philippines
    6.5, 6km depth, NNE of Masarayao, Philippines
    5.2, 137km depth, Sola, Vanuatu
    4.7, 529km depth, Fiji Islands
    4.3, 206km depth, African North Mariana Islands

  47. Jules 104
    your right I did a revision on 6-7-17 update ..seeing thats h9w we write our dates in Aus ..first time ever I made the mistake instead of 7-6-17 ..oops ..prayers love and light still standing ..nothing like a little added protection ..
    yes axial sea mount may be omitted by them ..they dont build much trust do they?
    how can you not reporr a 7m.
    Thanks for eq updates ..
    The Fiji Tonga Solomons area ( STH PACIFIC ) so often deep these days ..

  48. Rhona2,
    Saw your posts…glad your connected now..
    Note..Montana still unsettled…4.1,-2.6,-3.5,-2.8
    Side note…
    Past few days.,

  49. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for all the updates and info. Im out of town but will catch up in a bit when I get back. Blessings 🙏🏻

  50. Star 48
    Maly Samychik hope i spelt that correct .
    1952 last eruption ..just as well its not in a poulated area but then the quakes if any from it may create probs ..Interesting how some sleepers are awakening ..
    Love the video on the clouds an ocean in the sky gorgeous. .
    Thank you

  51. Rhona, Star48…lots going on with the Volcanos and MT and the South Pacific, PNW Slow Slip..holy moly.
    I just saw a 4.3, Latung Philippines, 597 km depth pretty deep.
    Thanks for that amazing video Star48, loved the piano music also. 🤗
    Here is Dutch latest.

  52. jules 104
    That sounds adventurous …see any scenes you liked …glad it wasnt west lol😂😂😂
    thanks for dutch yep Japan is a watch ..
    along with as you would say just the whole darn planet ..😉😆😆😆
    have a good day ahead

  53. jules hahaha sorry no the link is wrong ..happy snappy fingers went wrong ..
    never mind too late now ..Chile was interesting though 😉

  54. Star48, Rhona I thought you’d get a kick out of that East business. Me too, don’t want to be going any further West unless I’m on an airplane to Australia. 😂 Well I guess snappy fingers are better than auto correct right? (No I don’t want that word, no no no😬🙄) That drives me crazy.
    Do you remember the Dutch updates fairly recently that kept showing the progression of eqs across NZ South Island in a straight line and how he kept saying it was forming a new Plate boundary he thought. Well I think it had that big one and may have ruptured already. I can’t remember. But the new prediction had me thinking of that and the weather guys prediction for a big tsunami in Wellington. Did you see that one. The boy who did the kangaroos. It also reminded me that there is an old prediction with cook in it. Hm. I noticed on an old Dutch I was watching trying to look for that NZ update that N CA had a 5.6 immediately after a big one in NZ. He has pointed out that when things happen down there they happen up near N CA also. Just gets my brain on over drive. 🤓 Thinking about how these areas could be related and what’s going on with the slow slip in PNW right now. Anyway here is his update from our 10:00 pm from yesterday our 8th. 🙃🙂. Thought this interesting around 7:40 specifically. I need to finish with it still.

  55. Star 48
    Thank you for update .not surprising given all the activity of late ..hope she settles down ..That should relieve a fair amount of pressure one would hope ..

  56. Rhona, Star48…Thanks for info on Mammoth and Singers heads up on Japan, Sukiyaki. I see MT is still moving too, and Bogoslof. There’s so much going on and lots of deep EQs lately. The West and South Pacific are getting hit with a lot of them. I wonder if the NZ predictions done and/or is it a time marker for the San Jose prediction. What do you think? I’ll add Dutchs latest updates ones short after the Auckland Islands got hit, the other from yesterday’s update. He touched on the PNW slow slip, and how much is going on over in the South/ West Pacific area with so many deep EQs and period of heightened unrest. Hope all is well for you both. 🙏🏻😇

  57. Jules 104 Star 48
    Thanks Jules… so much to take in with Dutch this time .
    I see he was calling for a 4+ between north and south Islands N.Z. Near Wellington
    So that brings us in line with Erics prediction ..
    which I too feel is still on the cards ..It hasnt happen3d yet ..
    Japan warning and Juan de Fuca .
    Prayers love and light to mother earth and all to be vigillant ..

  58. Star48, Rhona. Oh my gosh. No danger? Just a couple of burned goats, cracks and ash and bubbling what not, and they’ve cordoned it off and deployed the military? But no worries over here…lalala. 😆 I guess they think those residents are stupid. Hm. I’d say that’s a bit concerning if you are a local.
    Sheesh all very interesting Star48. Thanks for the link. What next right? 😉

  59. Star48, Holy Schmoly! It’s 74,560 wide? Well let’s hope it doesn’t knock out power grids, communications etc. It would be neat to see some auroras though.

  60. Star48 Jules 104
    Star The sunspot is huge and still growing o.k.we may have to watch for communication gltches etc

    Im happy the Ice burg was floating already they said..otherwise it would have been a different story …

    Weaponized Quake would seem plausible ..if not maybe earth in that area is reacting to past tests ..

    I see Kalbay Philippines had a deep 4.4m at 201km

  61. Star48 thanks for info. Saw right before that a 4.6 Kermadec Island Region, 207 km depth. Oh just got some more PNG 6.7. Was that the same one then? Upgraded?

  62. star 48 jules 104
    As a side note ..
    When i went out with daughter today went to get a coffee and asked waitress if from N.Z ..she said yes Wellington ..
    so I told of this sight and Erics prediction .
    She is going to tell friends and family back there to be vigillant. .

  63. Thanks Star 48
    The Hidden nineth planet …
    I like their rational ..amazingly interesting ..
    I still feel sad they ditched Pluto
    .Its my ruling plant not ..😦😨
    Just as well we have moon signs and rising signs actually i think Mars us a co ruler for me ..hmm
    Maybe all the new kids coming in will be tuled astrologically some way by this new planet if it surfaces or it can stay a hidden mystic influence ..
    Yeah good name for it Mystic ..I like that .

  64. Rhona, Star48. Sorry been away all day. Just got done watching Dutch. Period of heightened unrest. He’s saying they expect the CMEs around 17th – 18th, and watch for that to trigger large EQs. Here is that update. Pretty interesting.

  65. Star48, Rhona. Is that the planet everyone talks about and calls Nibiru or totally different?
    Also, them dumping that nuclear waste into the Ocean just makes me so…😡

  66. Star 48
    Volcanos Thanks for update
    Sinabung orange alert
    Vesuvius 12th July I hadnt kept an eye on them …
    Turrialba In Costa Rica much ash .
    Most are steaming away but not good when there is the silent pause we know ..we will watch ..

  67. Jules 104
    Dutch is still worried about the slow slip..
    and he did put out a warning for between Wellington and Christchurch N.Z seems its iminent around there thats 3 people
    Eric.. Dutch and the other phsycic you mentioned ..
    prayers for N.Z.

  68. Rhona, Star48. There’s another deep one up North of NZ. Then the other two after not too deep.
    4.5 South of Fiji, 490 km depth.
    4.7 Southern Sumatra, 103 km depth
    5.5 Tonga, 30 km depth
    So this other deep one will increase the magnitude of EQ he’s calling for between Christchurch and Wellington I think, unless the 5.5 relieved some pressure?? Not really sure.
    Also some worry for possible large EQ near Japan sounds like.

  69. jules 104
    I agree I dont think the pressure will be relieved quite well enough for N.Z. with the followup of another deep one sth Tonga as you were saying ..
    prayers for Japan ..and N.Z. love and light to mother earth ..

  70. Jules 104 Star 48
    Just got another Japanese flag Sukiyaki from singer ..thats 2 so presuming there will be a third closer to time .

  71. Jules 104 Star 48
    sorry you two i posted those link back to front .first is pnw link second is Russia ..
    darn copy paste go me again ..

  72. Rhona, Star48…did we already add this one. 4.5, Ndoi, Fiji Islands area, 590 km depth.
    I saw a few more deepish. It’s getting pretty busy. 🙏🏻
    So Dutch is trying to cover everything and from what I’m getting it’s a watch for West Pacific areas in Japan, NZ, a whole lot of everywhere really over there… 😯😦 N CA, and of course the whole 650 mile long area for our PNW Coastal area since slow slip is a wild card. 😲😱 Oh my my. Praying for Mother Earth and all who inhabit her. 🙏🏻😇 Let me know if you get another flag for Japan Rhona. Hope Spirit can get a close approximation for the 21st.

  73. At about minute 23:00 dutch starts naming the warning areas. It’s a short one. Lots of areas.
    Star48 do you know if that expected CME has shown up yet or not? I thought it had but maybe not.

  74. Star48, Rhona… on the Philippines EQ preparedness. I’d read something about that before. Great forward thinking isn’t it? There’s so much going on it’s hard to say what’s next, and more to come as the CME comes in if it hasn’t already.

    1. Jules104,
      Sent CME link to you via Email…
      Here is summary..

      CME STRIKE SPARKS GEOMAGNETIC STORMS: Geomagnetic storms are underway on July 16th following a CME strike at 0545 UT. Auroras have been sighted in New Zealand as well as US states such as Washington and Wyoming. G1-class storms happening now could intensity to G2-class in the hours ahead as Earth moves into the CME’s magnetized wake. Visit for images and updates.

  75. Jules104,Rhona2,
    CME hit…than 7.7 EQ (7.8) in Aleutians
    Than 6.4 EQ(6.8) Peru…
    Just what we thought…

  76. Star48, Rhona. Got it Rhona thanks for links though. And yes exactly what was expected. Not sure it’s finished yet though. Keeping watch.

    1. star 48
      I did comment on the rees but it didnt post ..
      Shame about the old ones ..Its good they are alocating some funding though earlier would have been better..before it got this far…the weather makes it an uphill challenge
      …so concenrateing on fire risk lessening is sensible ….

    1. Thanks Rhona I missed that Oregon EQ. FYI the city here tests their siren for a dam failure tomorrow. Hm… They may want to think bigger, much bigger! 😆🙏🏻

  77. Rhona, Star48. Do you get the feeling there’s going to be multiple large eqs developing? I’m feeling like CA is going to get hit soon. Rhona what about the one In the Reunion region. Is there some history on that? Here’s some of the latest ones. 5.9 Mauritius, Reunion Region, 10km depth, 5.1 Barbados Region, 10km depth, 4.8 Guatemala ,194km depth

  78. Star48, thanks for the tree link in California. It reminds me of what Colorado went through. Those trees will fall onto people, lots of fuel for fires and then the erosion/flash flooding when it begins to rain. What a mess…I was about to say “they have” on their hands…but I think it’s “humanity everywhere” has on its hands. 😕

  79. Jules 104
    Glad you looked it up ..
    many Ausies in the past have headed for Mauritius. Aunty and uncle were there many years ago in residence. ..I never went as i was very young…
    my cousin their daughter always spoke with great fondness of her life there ..
    It is a beautiful spot …

  80. Rhona wow I thought what a paradise after looking at Mauritius and then some of the other islands out there. Well unless there is a tsunamis or cyclone headed your way but… other than that. 🤗😂. Thanks for sharing that bit of family history, how lucky they are.
    So just got another EQ. 5.8 Honshu, Japan. Did you notice the pressure is transferring around the Pacific? And then here is Dutchs latest. I haven’t watched yet but the subject title were my exact thoughts. I’ll be happy if it stays under 6.0 magnitude. Here’s that link. Blessings. 🙏🏻😇

  81. Jules thanks for Dutch .
    hahaha synchronisticy we posting at same time roughly..

  82. Rhona that’s interesting about the small EQs in AU. Probably right about the intraplate movement. I was actually trying to figure that area out. There’s a lot going on in that one spot! 🤓😎😮

  83. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Stay watchful
    CA has only had one EQ 2.5 in hrs…
    Too quiet…after swarms at Yosemite,Mammoth,NV, Utah…

  84. Thanks Star48. I’ve been getting that odd feeling something is about to go in CA, though you’d think I should be worrying about something off this coast here. Will keep watch. Blessings.

  85. star 48 jules 104
    Thanks star good point about CA ..
    will keep watch and good thoughts
    .. Too quiet indeed ..

  86. Star48
    Im only causiously relieved it wasnt much worse for Turkey and Greece .
    prayers for those affected ..


  87. Rhona yes I remember you mentioned the possibility of that flank causing a tsunami if it gave. Let’s hope that never happens. 🙏🏻 I didn’t know it was around that area or the MH370 was in the same area also. Wow that volcano is something. Thanks for the link.

  88. Star 48 Jules 104
    Banda Ache nrth Sumatra
    5m at 30km depth bit of a worry ..
    Sri lanka hasn’t happened yet.
    also Fiji again 4.6m at 422depth ..

  89. Star48, Rhona. Thanks for updates. I saw the Banda Aceh and thought the same about Sri Lanka. Also noticed New Caledonia, Vanuatu, PNG, Tonga movement. Probably moved from deep Fiji. Did you notice that Dutch had actually warned on the Greece Turkey area. He wasn’t sure about it being 1 mag higher though prior and said would reexcite Italy now. He was in the middle of moving yesterday without PC. Go figure. Always happens like that. 😉
    I think there may be more to come now and the whole planet is being displaced. What do you think? The 11 months will be a 9 possibly in South and West Pacific. Possibly West Coast US? Maybe more? 😧 Eric’s had an older prediction maybe two which show two different outcomes based on getting the warning out. I think this is the epic EQ that’s coming up. One was for NZ I’m fairly sure.

  90. jules 104 Star 48
    Yes jules I did hear dutch about Greece and Turkey
    .then on to Italy….no pc oh dear ..yep sound right…😯☺
    Im thinking San Francisco
    and N.Z. im sure San Francisco was mentioned and im cautious with my thoughts there …Jules its like we have said before . throw a dart and you will be right…Its just all so crazy . ..

  91. Rhona! 😆😧 Okay you’ve confirmed for me. I was thinking the exact same thing. NZ/CA. I actually started to write it and deleted. Not sure if it’s just watching too much Dutch seeing how they ping pong and reading Eric’s predictions or what. But that’s what my brain came up with also. We are synching I guess. 🙏🏻😇😂😉
    And well I know the bridge prediction is suppose to be a terrorist attack but could there be more than one bridge and two different situations. I’ve been wondering about the warning to cancel the race or whatever the function planned by the bridge is. And the walking stone dinosaur. It just seems like plate tectonics to me. I’m not really sure about any of it though. Maybe it’s a different bridge for an eq/tsunami. One a terrorist attack, the other an EQ.
    What do you think?

    1. jules 104 Star 48
      Im using teply box because i dont wanr you to miss this reply for Dinasaur ref you gave Jules .
      I found a book on line that i cant read properly on my phone as i am not downloading it and exerpts are too small and ohone wont fit to page ..
      any way it is about dinasaurs and ancient birds on the Juan da fuca plate goes back to ancient history .
      Then I found this article that expresses a new found hypothesis on the Farallon Plate from 200, 000,000 years ago is actulally the Juan da Fuca plate and its the rrmnants of the ancient plate that they call the Dinasaur plate ..
      given the slow slip in PNW and its relation to Juan da Fuca it kinda rings a bell with dinasaurs moving slowly so yes Jules I do tjink its a ref to tectonics ..
      Cascadia subduction zone it linked and attached to this ancient subduction of Farallon plate ..

      here is article bit long but worth read .

      1. jules 104
        Thats Dinosaurs ..Dino s …excuse my
        Mistake in the spelling all the way through above article ..
        😂😂😂😂 I guess the dino is a dina
        female maybe excuse anyway 😆😆😆😊

    1. hi star 48
      The link posted is for yellowstone swarm ..
      Im guessing its a typo with Yosemite. .
      Thanks anyways …
      Its swarming bigtime at Yellowstone according to link ..Is there one for Yosemite too …is it both ..I will have to look it up ..


  92. Star 48
    Im guessing and siding with maybe .
    manmade ..who’s to say …hopefully more proof will surface ..Interesting the story of it being an act of love to rescue his wife ..romanic mission ..

  93. Jules 104 Star 48
    another round of deep ones
    Argentina 2 in 6 hours both in San Antoniode lis Corbes
    4.4m at 224km. and 4.6m at 161km

    Tajekistan 4.1m at 182km

    Severo Kurilk Russia 4.3m at 470km

    kefaloa Greece 4.6m at 142km

  94. oh forgot to add got south apacific flag from singer .”.Happy talk.”..his usual signal for Around PNG .Solomons .Tongo .Fiji area ..

  95. Star48, that bridge is so interesting. (Wow if it’s manmade.) And so are the underground tunnels, cities in Sphinx/Pyramid areas. Did Cayce have something about scrolls under the Sphinx once? I thought I’d read somewhere that someone said there would be all this ancient knowledge /library found under the Sphinx. Hm, does that sound familiar to you at all? Either way pretty neat. Thanks for those links.

  96. Star 48
    Thanks for Egypt update on tunnels under Sphinx to Pyramids ..I have alwys been enthrawled been all that… my Mum was a huge fan ..and wore Nephretiti pendant .
    her and dad would read insatiably on the subjuct ..
    Son and Daughter inlaw went there for part of their world honeymoon trip..
    he has books and artifacts from all around there ..Egyptian cotton table cloth beautiful gold thread weave ..
    Im currently in possision of one of his treasured books about Egytology to look after while they moved to save it from possible
    damage ..
    Thsnk you i enjoyed the read .

  97. star 48 jules 104
    Banda Ache
    this quake is exact same latitude and longitude as 2004 earthquake tsunami and the 2002 foreshock ..which was a 5m i believe .the foreshock came two years previous to the big event acording to experts .
    praying this fault is not going to cause probs again especially in 11 months time for sri Lanka and others
    just thought i would note it for us ..

  98. Thanks for the link Rhona. Got it. That is pretty odd that it occurred in on the same exact longitude and latitude as the big one in 2004. Wow I didn’t know you could have a foreshock two years in advance. How do they know that’s what it is?
    Also just saw this really deep one.
    4.3 Vanuatu 637 km depth
    4.7 Neiafu Tonga 240 km depth
    5.2 Kerman Iran 40 km depth
    5.6 Miyaku Japan 10 km

  99. hi Jiles thanks for those updates .
    wow that is deep
    The 2002 foreshock for Banda aceh was 7.3m
    and a depth of 60km in same latitude and longitude. .so with 2004 being 9 + and 30km deep in same locale …it resonates with a foreshock ..
    above is link to it

    blessings ..actually Jules this spot has shaken 3 times badly in past in same lat /long so i get a little worried when it has movement there ..

  100. jules 104 2004 quake
    you have probably read this numerous times but I include it anyway ..there is a moving motion map of the tsunami wave heading to Sri lanka Madagascar and india etc

      1. Rhona that is so interesting. I got to reading it earlier and just kept clicking onto other links inside of your link you sent. I found it really amazing how the tsunami waves and height moved and reacted according to the area and ocean floor etc. I’m not even done reading it all yet. I could go on and on. 🤓😆 Really cool stuff, Thanks! I can see why you would be concerned for this EQ and spot. Praying it’s not a foreshock. 🙏🏻

  101. Jules 104 Star 48
    I just notices that syria deep one is only 79km from Aleppo. .like they need a quake ..
    prayers for them love and light too

    1. Rhona, added 637 km on the 23rd. Really deep also. I agree guess we will see soon enough. 😐 Hey I was just thinking about the time a while back there was that first really deep EQ by NZ in the 700s and Dutch was waiting a long time, warning for a really large eq and it never occurred. Could these be foreshocks for next year?

  102. Rhona I just remembered. 🤓🤔 I think Dutch said it was Iraq. Did you watch the Dutch update? It was on there. I’m not sure about it being on one of the normal feeds. He had mentioned a really deep EQ last week also that hadn’t showed up and I wasn’t even sure what he was talking about. He just kept saying that he couldn’t even talk about it. So when I saw this one at 750km I thought about that time. But I’ll look and get back on that.
    Thanks for all those EQ updates. I noticed one of them lastnight. My EQ app woke me up with a weird beeping sound, so I looked at it.😳😵 But it doesn’t usually do that. Must have been picking up your brain waves.😉

  103. Rhona, Star48. Did we get this one? 5.2 NNE of Sodimulyo, Indonesia 403km depth. Is that the same one you added Rhona? Also I saw a small quake in Durham, CA right close to the Oroville Dam. There are a few smallish ones over that way but the Durham stuck out. Was there a Durham prediction once?

  104. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules the indonesia one is a new one ..the one you have posted is only 3330k from Bali ..
    Yes there was a Durham prediction ..will have to find ..
    so those two deep quakes in Indonesia spell out a higher one at the fulcrum ..and then when you add the latest deep Fiji one there could be two fulcrums..maybe one coming out at PNG ..

    1. Rhona, Star48. I missed this update from Dutch. I just listened. Maybe that’s why I’m picking up Alaska. Starts around 6:00 minute.

  105. Jules 104
    I need to add that the prediction brings up concerns for around United Arab Emirates
    and Israel ..Now with that massive deep one in Syria this could be coming into play ..
    prayers love and light to them ..

  106. jules 104
    J7st watched Dutch ..looks like we are into it ..
    I thought maybe fulcrum around Java area .
    here is hoping sikura jima relieves some pressure for Japan ..
    Thanks for posting link

  107. Jules 104
    Just caught your second link for Dutch .

    oh my i think location is important like syria Iraq that sounded weird we are not worried he said about man made boarders ..well yeah if co ordinates are your thing but we are laymen and need country names Dutch .lol 😂 😂 😂
    yep watch for PNW as thought ..
    good Japan got some relief ..

    1. Rhona yes location please. 😆 Oh my my. I knew he said Iraq.
      Sorry for delay. I was trying to find some of the older predictions I was searching through earlier today. One of them had to do with an EQ and Israel. It was like you take this country and put it next to Israel though it didn’t belong there. Like a switcharoo as the grand babies say. I think it had the number 27 involved. But I can’t find it again. 😐 Oh well.

  108. Star 48 Jules 104
    correction thats 5.1m at 4.1km depth
    offshore Ferndale ..
    the above link i posted is not a match for this quake must have copied wrong sorry ..

  109. Oh funny was just checking on what Dutch said earlier today on an update. To expect something off Coast up there due to all the swarms inland a crossed from it. It’s in this update. Maybe start around 9:00 minute, talks about EQ off Eureka about 11:00.

  110. Jules 104
    hey Jules that was funny me accidently posting the N Ca quake ..
    dutch is really calling them on their reporting again ..good for him ..
    yes the far north is a watch ..
    along with the mid zone again ..c all that swarming ..sure does account for somethung to give ..
    wait c ..
    pixie dust

    1. Rhona, Star48…agreed hope its taken care of so you can post again soon. Miss all your great comments and interesting info. Update us when you are able.
      Rhona that Fiji EQ is pretty deep. Where to now eh? Thanks for link.

  111. Rhona2,jules104,..
    Up and running now…still doing twiks –as had to get whole new IPad.,,yuck., oh took me 1100 hrs to what almost 1600 hrs,,oh joy
    The good thing is I am only missing a few things when they upgraded…still trying to find my pictures.. not fun.,

  112. Hi Star48. Oh great. Glad you got a brand new one then. Maybe not so many quirks with this one. Happy to have you back up and running. Blessings

  113. Star48
    yay yes welcome back …well here is hoping all is well with this one ..what a task it can be at times ..hope the pics turn up ..thats really the pits when you loose them ..

  114. Star48
    yay yes welcome back …well here is hoping all is well with this one ..what a task it can be at times ..hope the pics turn up ..thats really the pits when you loose them ..

    1. Star48, I think Oklahoma has become the “new” New Madrid due to all the oil and gas drilling and fracking that’s been going on. Though they’ve put a stop to some of it I think it’s a bit too late now. Probably going to get worse before it gets any better unfortunately.

  115. Star48 thanks for all the update
    especially Perseids ..i havent read all of link but plan to keep myself busy reading it ..
    the sun pic is great ..
    I have a photo i jagged at the beach with setting sun and a very dark black sunspot it apoears to be in it ..
    there are others so must have been solar maxum ..

    1. Rhona2,
      Japan, just had 5.1 msg at 57 km . Here is .hopefully pressure release?

      By the way…concerned so few eq….big one comin g?
      So much going on Solar influences..magnetic field..being bombarded…with winds, Tuttle remenents..I am getting jumpy…

  116. Star48. Thanks for all the info and updates. Dutch has actually been trying to include volcanos a bit more so it’s interesting for sure. He equates a volcano blast to 5.0 I believe. Though he keeps saying he doesn’t predict volcanos but he’s actually gotten pretty good at being able to say when they are going to have some activity. I’m beginning to wonder about this larger EQ. On the 9th? A magnitude 9? In September, the 9th month there is a 7.4 to 7.6 and then a larger 9 mag next year? Lots going on around the planet that’s for sure.

  117. Star 48
    wow what a hoot dutchsinse report was
    Sean Connery impersonation 😂😂😂😂😂
    And October 9th 2014 reference 5.5 .
    Aha Iceland coming into play and i noticed the North sea had a 4.7 depth 7km on 30-6-17..
    so pushing from Romania …
    so Mid Atlantic ridge is a watch ..
    thanks for the heads up ..
    Ancient Volcano well blow my bagpipes hoot man ..
    blessings 😊

    1. jules 104
      thanks will take a peak ..
      I like when he does a 10pm update .
      bless him ..
      Well Donna is full of enthusiasm and why not ..
      she seems quite excited and proactive in the
      influence of the solar eclipse for America ..
      Hopefully some of what she envisions is achieved .
      its an exciting event ..

  118. Star48, Rhona. 5.8 Solomon Islands 10km depth. It seems reallly active today. Here’s the latest Dutch 4:00pm update. Thought the slow slip tremors map was pretty interesting. Usually doesn’t look so full. He’s going back to doing updates at 10:00pm. Blessings 😇

  119. Star48 Jules 104
    rare high 4.9m at 2km depth at Halls creek western Aust
    this could resoynd off shore . we woll see .

  120. Star48 Jules 104
    Tanami Northern Territory Australia 5.1m 0.0 depth ..
    Peterman ranges suspect…

  121. Hey Rhona, Star48. I like the 10:00 pm updates better also. Though I tend to fall asleep during them. Rhona I see Dutch has a short update on Australia and yes maybe looking at others. Here is that update. Hopefully won’t travel over your way too much. Also I see Fiji had s deep one. 4.3 EQ 572 depth Ndoji Islands, Fiji

  122. Rhona, Star48… I saw those EQs too. Seems like it’s ratcheting up to something. Just too much going on all over. I will try and watch the latest Dutch and see if he’s got a warning for a specific area over the next few days.

  123. Star48, Rhona…Just watching latest Dutch update from lastnight. The beginning talks about Australia, Indian Ridge Rhona. The whole things good though. Then the West Coast slow slip starts about minute 29, 30. That’s interesting. There’s a 5.5-5.8 EQ warning for PNW then warning in the 4s for down Southern CA. A 5.5-6.5 warning for Ecuador. Then goes down to Bolivia. From Bolivia over to West Pacific. Sheesh too many couldn’t keep up. 😆
    So around minute 36 is when he starts his warnings I believe. Getting a bit nervous for the 9th now. Hope all is well up North for you Star48 and for you also Rhona. Prayers and light to Mother Earth🙏🏻
    Here’s the link

    1. Jules104, funny I was watching it too..,,haha
      Was going to comment to you about it..great minds.,,
      Too many micro quakes on that slow slip to dismiss…also volcanic movement we already gave figured out…I have been posting any eq above 2.5 on another site..
      So have been aware…

      Side note..Tropicalstorms/ hurricanes…coming up Mexico and forming on East coast,,,

  124. Jules 104 Star 48
    A little disappointed dutch flog off not knowing plates that push our quakes off west coast .
    anyway the off shore quake we had is indicative of the sunda trench movement which is a watch for Sumatra which in turn is a watch for Aceh and Sri Lanka ..
    thats just my amateur observation .
    blessings so much info in that one Jules
    Thank you …

  125. Rhona you are no “amateur”. 🤓😉 I bet Dutch could learn a few things from you about what’s going on over there. He definetly needs to get up to speed with that area then sounds like. He does have an address that you can write him at or I think a chat box thingy??🤔😯😁 He’d probably welcome the info I think. Seems pretty open to learning new things. Blessings

  126. Jules 104
    yes you are right its probably better to vent to dutch himself but dont like going on those chat lines maybe i ought to just be more accepting it was flippant on his part ..
    so thanks for hearing my gripe ..
    just thought he ought to know those plates he
    knows others and the australian plate and
    Eurasian plate are massive techtonic thrusters and subduction zones..
    im not upset just perplexed

  127. Star48
    Happy for Eqador and people around Cotopaxi
    thats a very timely editiin to the warning system .Bravo ..

  128. Rhona no worries, I agree a bit perplexing and I don’t like those chat boxes either. 😳 Just glad you are up to speed since you are near the coast over there in beautiful AU and know what to watch for as I bet many of you Aussies do. 😎

  129. Rhona, Star48…did you catch this one? Gansu, China 6.5, 10km depth.
    Then some others:
    Bodrum, Turkey 5.3, 10 km depth (lots going on over in that area)
    Salta, Argentina 3.0, 191 km depth
    Southern, Italy, 2.4, 220 km depth
    And looking at activity with volcanos, oil and gas, up and down CA, PNW, Yellowstone, I think we are going to get something soon, hopefully not too big, 5-6?, by the US West Coast, Juan de Fuca/Gorda Escarpement

  130. jules 104
    Yes when i saw China this morning i was surprised ..not that it is unusual for thar area but it just sort of an oh type reaction .
    praying live and light to juan de Fuca .
    Also that one for southern Italy .oh dear a watch for poor Italy…

  131. Jules 104 Star 48
    just a note Kazakhstan china having several aftershocks not surprising ..

  132. Rhona Star48, 4.0, Martinique Region Windward Islands 172 km depth
    I am not use to seeing that depth over there.
    Rhona I thought the same about China. Wasn’t expecting it. Praying for everyone caught up in that EQ. I feel like things are really picking up all over the globe right now. What do you two think?

  133. Hey Rhona, the link you added had that one at 40km, though it’s still not the 103 km depth. I’m beginning to really question things. Maybe they are just so busy they can’t keep up. 😆🤓

  134. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules thats so weird about th depthsy reported
    Im not sure i understand such a difference
    also Fiji h as had 2 deeeeep ones hours apart over 500km depth ..
    thats a real worry …

  135. Rhona I saw those earlier but hadn’t had time to post so glad you did. One of those was at 589 km depth so almost 600 km. Now I noticed the Philippines has had a deep down one also. 5.0 Bohol, Philippines 515 km depth. Another one, Southern Italy, 2.7, 274 km depth. 4.1 Flores Sea, 280 km depth. I noticed Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia have had some deep ones also. There’s just a lot going on.

  136. Star48
    Good to see you back o.k. all those articles
    great read ..
    The Black sky one is very worrisome preying that doesnt occur .
    Glowing jellyfish hmm volcanic warmer water streams the mind boggles .
    Then the Altlantic Hurricane oh my preyers for that one too .
    The algea well lots of triggers causing that ..
    everthing is really changing all cleansing and reorganising and we have to live with and
    through it ….
    mother earth holds back for no one once the wheels are in motion sone ways its facinateing if not a challenging time we live.
    for the mist part we are lucky we have warnings or answers or at least technology to help us find answers and warnings …
    all I can say is buckle up and watch and servive the changes as best we can .

  137. Star48, thanks for the articles. Wow those pyrosomes are really interesting. My thoughts are possible underwater volcanic /tectonic activity leading to warmer waters. Thus further north they go?
    I’m not surprised the Atlantic hurricane season is going to be really busy this year. I wonder if Florida is going to be hit with that monster hurricane that’s been expected for a while now. Was that suppose to have happened already? I’m thinking no.
    The Black Sky preparedness is probably a good idea. Sooner or later right? I think that’s the way govts are going to be fighting wars unfortunately besides all the natural disasters that come with mother earths changes, and the universe throwing us the kitchen sink. One way or another we humans are going to have to change our ways and raise our consciousness I feel. Though it’s all a bit unnerving, it’s also pretty wonderful too when you think about what will be accomplished over this period of time we are in. 😇🙏🏻🌟

  138. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Swarm of earthquakes happening in Hotville,CA..

    A little south of Salton Sea.
    …base of San Andreas fault also volcanic area..uhoh….

    Side note — apparently eq happened near Krakatoa

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,

      Lots of movement near Yellowstone,Montana…Today’s largest 3.0 than 3.1
      Lots of 2’plus…below 2.5 the largest after Oregon coast…

      And side note
      swarms near Holtville ( depth around 10 km) between Salton Sea and El Centro..

  139. Rhona, Star48…thanks for all those updates. Was out of area today over east but did see those EQs popping up for Oregon Coast. Dutch actually predicted the exact spot for a 5. I saw USGS upgraded to a 4.8 later which is surprising. He said it will excite down in Southern California now for a possible 4 I think it was. I just have the feeling this is going to keep ratcheting up and go around like a conveyor belt. Feels like that larger EQ will be coming around soon. May through an eruption into the mix too. 😕 Not sure about this slow slip. Just keeping watch for it to stop some day. Praying for calm.

    1. Jules104, Rhona2,
      Did you catch the 6.2 in Philippines? Deep168.2 km ..
      .a stronger eq coming for sure…
      I put info on 8/2/17 post…9 was mentioned by spirit ..
      the eq happened 9 days later on 11th today..

  140. Star48 Jules 104
    Jules The San Francisco quake is not far off even spirit are chiming in ..
    Star im keeping watch and Sukurajima etc hopefully are easing things as we would want
    Acquappesa Italy
    4.5m at 232km

    mariana 4.3m at 293km

    we can all feel something coming too many deep too often ..


  141. Star48, Rhona. I saw that exact Philippine prediction last night while searching Star. Thought the same thing. Wasn’t sure on date though. Rhona I agree on San Jose area coming up. I also found and old prediction for something happening in March and it had an EQ and North Korea all together in the same prediction. It was about US and China being fed up with North Korea and joining forces. Not sure if that was the March one actually. I’ll look for that one again. Then another older prediction where multiple areas were mentioned. Made me think about them being a time reference maybe? I still wonder if there could be more than one area at the same time roughly. I’ll try and find them later. But just wanted to add now. Thought it strange we are all on same page more or less.

  142. Star48, Rhona. I saw that exact Philippine prediction last night while searching Star. Thought the same thing. Wasn’t sure on date though. Rhona I agree on San Jose area coming up. I also found and old prediction for something happening in March and it had an EQ and North Korea all together in the same prediction. It was about US and China being fed up with North Korea and joining forces. Not sure if that was the March one actually. I’ll look for that one again. Then another older prediction where multiple areas were mentioned. Made me think about them being a time reference maybe? I still wonder if there could be more than one area at the same time roughly. I’ll try and find them later. But just wanted to add now. Thought it strange we are all on same page more or less.

  143. Meant to add…I found number 21 in one of those old predictions. And another, maybe Vancouver British Columbia? 7.39 They did have an EQ but Eric wasn’t sure what the 9 referenced. Made me think are there any more of those anywhere in old predictions. And one with one half hour for half a month 15 days. Recently has a 1/2 tsunami size he thought maybe. Was just brain storming. 🙂🙃😳
    Oops sorry for duplicate. It kept showing like it hadn’t gone. Had to click out of site.

  144. Jules 104
    Im looking but seem to be turning up same predictions as you ..still looking ..
    Im also r3adinf the base bombing one base bomed way in back the bay …Guam us surrounded by bays as we know ..Eric mentiined Philippines was more where he figured it to be ..
    sorry if im degressing but Guam is really concerning all of us here in Aus ..not just for us but Guam itself ..
    so much loven and light to this ..
    Im so focused on Kim Jong Un being brought down for this ..
    I believe he is forfilling a promise he made to his father to retaliate no matter how long it takes for the war in 1953 era ..
    i honestly think the guy is time warped and brain warped ..

    1. I will try and ask about Guam specifically. But the Spirits are pushing me to stop asking questions as it takes away from there agenda. They want to just predict what’s immediately coming next.

      1. Thanks Eric
        Totally understand spirit would come in on anything they believed we need to know ..
        im preying and living in hope that it can be resoved with lives spared ..

  145. Hi Rhona, Star48. Sorry have to find more predictions tonight to post. Got busy today. Schwoee.
    I agree on the Guam Rhona. That could be the base bombing maybe. I think a lot of people are concerned that the North Korean leader is a total kookoo! I sure hope China is a bit concerned and Russia also. May as well throw them into the mix.😉 But China really should be trying to take Kim out somehow. He’s so unstable. I feel it would be best if they could just handle it from within somehow so that the North Korean civilians aren’t the ones to pay for his crazy time warped brain that’s stuck in 1953 trying to vindicate his father. Between their leader and our leader I feel the need to send light and love to Guam. Praying somebody comes to their senses soon. Star48 I’m going to go take a look at those 8 EQs in CA. link you attached.

  146. Wow great article Star48! Loved all those pics too. I’ve always had a worry for Lassen and Mt Shasta and the Three Sisters area. Not really sure why.
    Great to hear that they have all those Volconologists meeting on the 14th up in Portland. So hm… what to discuss first? 😉🙏🏻

    1. Jules104,
      Lassen is the one I worry about..Shasta has had a lot of mini quakes all around it..
      My family went to visit in the 50’s still active…( Bumpus Hell) some of the areas I visited..are now not available to see…
      The last eruption was 1914-1917….

      There has been a lot of unsettled activity near Salton Sea….mud volcanos etc..
      So I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conference..

  147. Star48 that’s interesting about Lassen. I actually took a wrong turn once while traveling through CA on my own and ended up there in the Park. Say what? Where the heck am I? It’s was pretty weird. Que Twilight Zone. 😳😆 Oh well I was young. I’d have stayed and taken a look see if I’d known then what I know now. Guess I could always go back now eh?
    Oh yes to be a fly on that wall at the conference. You and me both. 😉

  148. Star48
    about time that they started some serious monitoring of these volcanos we have been watching for some time …im.reallt relieved it being done in seriousness ..
    Thank you for link ..

    1. Jules104,
      Yes, multitudes…mostly in the southern hemisphere…recently…
      Too many to focus on…
      But CA and PNW still on my mind…your too I think…?

  149. Star48, Rhona. 6.4 Southern Sumatra, 52km depth. Just now 6.4, 35km depth Bengkulu, Sumatra. Trying to figure if it’s the same one. They have two different depths on them.
    Star48, absolutely thinking about a PNW, CA EQ That slow slip will end some day. 😳

  150. Star48, Rhona. I think Alaska may be having some swarms. What do you think? I’m not really sure I just noticed a lot popping up.

    1. Jules194,Rhona2,
      Agree with both if you..definite swarms Alaska,Mammoth ,CA..too
      Worrisome Atlantic ridge…watching..lots of action Southern Hemisphere too..
      All along fault zones…interesting..

  151. jules 104
    I think your right Alaska is having a small swarm Fairbanks seems to be the highest mags at present …Its a watch ..

    Side note Hapoy spirit has dampened down North Korea ..

  152. Rhona, Star48… now North MidAtlantic Ridge having some 5s and high 4s. I can’t tell how many they’ve had but noticed one is at 10 km depth and another at 60 km depth. They just kept popping up. Hm.
    Rhona glad North Korea looking better also. My younger daughter kept reading me news articles…she was really worried about it. I just feel like China may decide they’ve had enough, he’s no longer serving a purpose, too unstable, then take Kim out in the near future somehow. And I surely don’t feel as though Trump was helping the situation at all. 🤐😏 Toddlers in their nappies. 😆

  153. Star48
    oh wow 91 volcanoes …this should keep them all in work for a very long time ..
    what a discovery ..they must be sooooo excited …
    certainly is an area to watch ..

  154. Star48
    after thought ..they ought to run a comp to name them all lol😊😊😊😊
    suggest …Star ..Jules ..Rhona ..hahaha

  155. Rhona, Star48. Wow that’s a while le mess of volcanos down under the ice. Guess that’s a problem if or when they erupt with the ice melting into the Oceans. How exciting for volcanologists though. I’d say that will keep them busy Rhona and I like your idea for those names. 😂😆👍🏻
    Those EQs in the North Mid Atlantic Ridge area…remember the EQ prediction when Eric said he was out in the middle of the water? Those EQs reminded me of that. Wonder if that area could have a really large EQ. I’d not think so but…seems like that could affect a large area if so with a tsunami.
    Keeping watch on PNW, Alaska/Vancouver, BC areas.🙏🏻😇

  156. Jules 104
    you could be onto something there about the middle of ocean ..keeping watch with you ..

  157. Star48, Rhona. Thought this was interesting and fairly short so… Speaks of planetary alignments/geometry. Compares upcoming alignments to past large EQs for CA. mostly. Thanks for info on Japan Rhona. Keeping watch. 🙏🏻

  158. Jules 104
    Thanks for planet alignments link .
    thats so interesting ..and cheeky Mercury is almost always in the mix ..
    so wechave to watch September for moderate quakes ..
    and Dutch Mid altlantic ridge rais3d a comment and Canada along with the Bay area and NCA…tie in with alignment and the upcoming eclipse the next 6 weeks is all action .
    Thanks again for links Jules .

  159. Star48
    the new plate Malpelo thats a noteworthy discovery ..will be watching if info starts coming out about movement on this newby.
    wonder whats going on there near Cocas and Nazca .
    hmm we are always learning and the sciezmologists must be excited too.

  160. Thanks for the new plate link Star48. That’s really interesting. I wonder how many more of those type of geographic plate situations they will find around the globe.
    Oh yes have to laugh over that downgrade. They must be trying to keep them under 6 and closer to the 5s range. 🙄 Funny that Dutch recently mentioned things will be ratcheting up to the 6s now. Hm. 🤔

  161. star 48 jules 104
    oh wow Star I clicked on ETS ..Episodic Tremor and slip and there is a list of years these occured and a plithora of reading to do on all sorts ..that should keep me busy for a while ..I will have to study how to read the graph ..not sure how well i will do it but will try .blessings thank you for link explaining ..

  162. Rhona thanks for all those updates with links. I noticed there’s a lot going on too and am feeling like something’s going to give soon that’s bigger. It’s just a ….working its way up to it….sort of feeling. 😳

  163. Jules 104
    yes i saw that one Fiji know i really would live to see whats going on down there ..
    It just goes and goes on and on ..amazing
    Thank you for posting

  164. Jules 104
    Thats a thought ..Fiji a catalyst for all the rest ..
    The pulse sort of to speak…
    in a very literal way ..
    It could be as most fijians say its been this way for a very long time and always really deep ..
    and we as yet dont know what interconnection
    there are at that depth
    it certainly plays a part in N.z. papua etc ..
    but it could be more far reaching than we expect …
    hmm maybe we will know some day ..

      1. Rhona2, Jules104.

        Did you play the video? On the link…there is no twisting or circular movement…
        The link you showed me – had many examples…the one I commented on has a long tail?
        And no swirls.

    1. It did seem to be a bit different with the downward looking motion and the black mixed in with the white at the top. I wish some scientist brainiac would chime in on it. 🤓😆

  165. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for the pics. That really looked pretty neat. It looked a bit different then the lenticular clouds as in there was no twisting pattern but a downward looking pattern. But maybe they do all sorts of patterns.
    I actually saw some of these in Colorado once. They were so cool. Really big with pink and orange colors. I’d never seen anything like them before They came over the Rockies looking like huge ufos! It was amazing. They had a bit of a twist to them also.

  166. Jules 104 Star
    yes Jules i think your right they are abl little different though on some pic sites they take different forms
    so thought i would have a stab at it ..
    they are truly beautiful to see ..wish l could have seen them with you 😊😁 😁

    1. Rhona2, jules104,
      Oh my…that is worrisome….setting up for the monster…shallow one…
      I wonder when?

  167. Star 48
    wow next time Florence comes round is 2500 and last time was must be on its big swing out .. hmm we are still wondering when this meteor will hit the land of the Portugese .
    wondering if its now a miss ?
    Dont know about you two but it is never far from thought if it woll still happen ..though im sure spirit will bring it up if its in the wind .
    Thanks for theclink Star ..always informative ..

  168. Jules 104 Star 48
    ought to mention those two Fijian quakes were only around 20 minutes apart

  169. Rhona thanks for those EQ links. Those two are really deep. It’s a bit of a worry for sure. Hoping the Great American Eclipse doesn’t turn into a great American earthquake. 😳

  170. Thanks for sending love light and peace our way Rhona. I think we are in for some big changes one way or another and out of it will come amazing things I hope.
    Also, I’m not sure why but your reply was at the top of the prediction feed.🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ I kept looking for it and couldn’t find it at the bottom. But it’s way at the top. No biggie just thought it strange.😆 Hope all is well in AU.🤗
    Just now 5.4 Peru

    1. Rhona2,jules104,

      I thank you too…the sun is showing spots and activity…unusual for this solar minimum..the earthquake waves…are showing shorter intervals..,( over 2.5 mag)
      A few days of @12 eq’ a day than a wave of 40 + per day..
      So I have to say…ummm

      The First Nation ..stays inside for meditation and reflection for the renewal and cleansing after the eclipse.

      Than I read this.,

      I can only laugh..,I prefer the First Nation approach…
      People in Idaho are going in droves to totality areas…friends I know left Saturday to get a good spot…the fever is rising..,
      Blessings to you both..
      Oh Rhona, Outlander is showing all episodes everyday starting Monday before premiere of 3 red season…great Gaelic conversations…

  171. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules thats so weird and funny
    i went looking for that post and was about to rewrite it ..I never thought to look at the top ..
    Well I agree Im thinking all is well in coming month for America ..a little bit of a shuffle up and loud voices and then some major adjustments …balance will return ..
    Star 48 I was reading an article about all the different celebrations along the path of the eclipse in all the states . should be hours of joy across the continent all that happiness should lift spirits some.
    Wish i could see Outlanders but we dont have Fox in this house ..wonder if i can buy a box set ..really want to see it .
    back to eclipse ..Im surprised there wasnt some cultures that were into asrtronomy had no idea it was a natural occurrance ..
    glad none of us are up for sacrifice 2017 seems a nice era to live in by comparrison ..
    Well there is still some forboding in our phsyc
    but at least we know its not monsters ..right!😨😲😱
    blessings you two

  172. Hey Rhona, Star48…Thanks for the link Star48. That’s crazy when you think about the things the past cultures would do during a total eclipse. Wow glad we have come a bit farther in this area of learning.
    Oh the droves of people from Idaho…did they come to Oregon by chance? I’ve heard they called out the National Guard. Oh my my. I can’t imagine. And they have had fires burning and evacuations going on in Central Oregon so… that’s not good. Traffics been an issue I guess.
    I almost didn’t get any glasses for it. Happened to go by the library and they were handing them out for free. And I did check to make sure they are good ones. From the Science Center or something with stamped numbers. Gerry rigged the grandkids so they can’t peek through anywhere. Actually thought about missing it since they say it can damage your retinas even with glasses but hm…won’t see another one any time soon. Think I’ll only have them watch the middle time period for the totality part since it’s too long for grandbabies to keep those glasses on. I’m wondering if a person can video it with their iphone or no? Guess you’d get a lot of darkness at some point. Should be interesting anyway. Happy eclipsing. 🌞🌝🌑🌚💫

  173. Okay so I think the slow slip may be stopping? Unless scientists took the day off? Also was wondering if they did not report a 4-5 off the Coast after seeing the other quakes progression. Not sure what’s going on. Here’s s link to the Dutch man. 😉

  174. Star48, Rhona
    2.8, Southern Italy, 296 km depth
    4.1, Salta Argentina, 241 km depth
    4.5, Lambasa Fiji, 532 km depth
    3.2 Antofagasta, Chili, 260 km depth
    There were more but not as deep. Too many to keep up. CA seems to be swarming. Lots all over. Alaska may be swarming also. Pretty active all over.

    1. Rhona2,
      Will keep watch too…
      by the way west coast silent on eq ‘s 2.5 or more for the past few hrs..
      Side note eclipse …silent hush fell…

  175. Star 48
    How right you are ..I k6st had a glance at the activity and it went dow to 0.2 ..0.8 and so forth ..and i like the way you describedcit as a whisper …
    yes the are tgat had the quake in Wst Aust is one that a little further east had a 7.3 some years ago a small watch

  176. Rhona, Star48 that’s funny you mentioned a whisper because I was thinking to myself yesterday that it seemed all to quiet. It was a really odd thing, like dead silence. I even listened for birds outside thinking it seems way to quiet, didn’t hear any. Though we don’t get many more than sea gulls and crows here mostly, we still have lots of crow chatter usually. I did see the deer out and about so that was good I think. Rhona I sure hope there’s nothing bigger off your West Coast there. I’ll keep watch also, but with all those deep Fiji EQs you never know anymore how it will push around or under or over. 😳
    Also for the Alaska or snowy area quake/volcano I was thinking Aleutian Island Chain but wondering if it could be in the round about area which I think is Anchorage, Haines, Fairbanks, Juneau area. What do you think?

  177. star 48 jules 104
    this thread is getting too long so maybe move over if you find one let me know ..i wilk look too

  178. Jules 104
    Thanks for link on Eclipse ..
    loved all the comments ..the crescent shadows are awesome ..
    So cool it brings about how wonderful this interconnection with the universe’s displays can be ..
    I remember when quite young we had one and it is etched in my mind forever …

  179. Rhona2,Jules104,

    As for another thread…
    how about —–Indonesia Aid helicopter crash —-post
    No comments on that ..

    another possible is Ohio fair accident…let me know you have any others?

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      I think the Indonesian Helicopter crash
      see you over there soon ..
      good ine Star

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