Sumatra Volcano Eruption

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Indonesia and their safety.

APX Time: 11 days

Predictions 5-10-16   I had a visual of one massive volcano eruption.
“The island nation.. so massive the smoke will be seen from other nations.. tragically some will not make it in time.”
I had a visual of a nation that had several smaller islands, perhaps Indonesia

The facts on 5-21-16: Three people died and four others were critically injured Saturday after a highly active volcano in western Indonesia erupted violently, shooting hot ash and gases into the atmosphere, an official said.

The victims were all farming on the slopes of Mount Sinabung, a rumbling volcano on Sumatra island, when they were consumed by clouds of hot gases, disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.

“Seven people were exposed to the hot clouds, killing three and leaving four others in a critical condition,” he said in a statement, adding the injured had been taken to hospital.

Several houses were also destroyed during the eruptions, which sent hot gases and columns of ash three kilometres (1.9 miles) into the sky, he added. Quoted by

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eleven days in between Eric, that’s pretty close. Praying for the families and friends of the victims and those in critical condition. Praying for those who lost their homes and all of Indonesia.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The Spirits say there is a pattern that I am not realizing with the gap of time between the prediction and actual event. On top of that there is a big push to start making predictions that are coming in less than a month. A constant flow of what is coming next and a push away from events that unfold months later. I am curious to see what pattern?

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eric me to, like to see what this pattern is. I looked previously to see if I could figure out the pattern they keep telling you about that is the key to the gap of time between predictions but, I just don’t see it…yet. Will keep trying. Also that’s amazing if there will be a constant flow of what is coming next, making predictions that happen within the month…I hope you aren’t feeling to much pressure/stress. I seriously don’t know when you actually sleep (lol), considering all you do. I do believe that this year will be a breakthrough year like you mentioned though and am looking forward to it. I already feel as though it’s begun. Blessings and great work to You and Spirits as always.

  2. star48 Avatar

    update 6 dead..
    Death toll from volcanic eruption in western Indonesia climbs to 6, official says – AFP

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So upsetting. Thanks for the info.

  3. star48 Avatar

    SWC, lots of volcanic action.–Costa Rica deaths..except people are having trouble smoke and ash going over populated areas.,

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48. Poor people and animals.

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    please note – 4 volcanos erupted in just days…all bigger than normal..
    1.Mount Etna, Italy,
    2 Mount Sinabung,Sumatra Island,
    3.Turrialba Volcano,Costa Rica
    4.Nevado Del Ruiz, Columbia..
    All this unrest….ummm

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow amazing! Hope that doesn’t happen up Your and my way anytime soon right? Praying for those in harms way.

    2. Mary Avatar

      Ouch….not good….praying for all out of harmful way.

  5. star48 Avatar

    a new Super Volcano has been found. After swarms of EQ’s….North Pole…
    No joke..Dutch (Adepto Perfectus=Dutchsinse) is suggesting it name be Mount Dutch…
    I guess Santa Claus…is going to have to be careful..
    So we have..Toba, Yellowstone, long Valley( mammoth) now this one not named yet…
    No wonder the Ice cap is melting..

    1. Mary Avatar

      Star, I thought it was the north pole shifting….wondering what’s the difference BTW north pole shifts and ice melting due to hidden volcano? Is the volcano huge as Yellowstone? That’s shocking discovery but it’s not surprising. Good to know it’s hidden underneath thick of snow sheets.


      1. star48 Avatar

        Mary, it is under water…
        The supervolcano resides at the far North Tip of the North Mid-Atlantic ridge, and is not just a “volcanic field” like the professionals have reported.

        A supervolcano caldera measuring 110km / 68 miles long, and 48km / 30 miles wide.

        This supervolcano is the size of Yellowstone, or Toba in Indonesia.

  6. star48 Avatar

    have found a link that lists W wide incidents…
    Thought I would share…
    If for some reason you cannot access it is listed under RSOE. EDIS

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, Thanks for the link. I was wondering if you remember a while back there was a prediction with “AU” in it. We were guessing at what it was. I noticed the AU (Astronomical Unit) in your lists for the distance from earth these objects in the sky were. I can’t seem to find that particular post of Erics though to see if it would make any more sense now. Do you remember when that was at all or remember the AU?

      1. star48 Avatar

        yes, I remember..I will go hunting..I think at the time we thought it was a reference to Australia.

        Did you happen to notice the wave of bomb threats, Colorado,Utah, Wisconsin,mSan Diego, and Washinton State..that are in progress today’? It is uncelievable..the scope…I think this is the wave,
        That the spiders are testing us…to shake us up…

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I haven’t watched to much of the new stodgy. But I see you added a link so I am going to go read. Do you think it could do with the recent post of children being targeted in advance such evil? (Or something like that.)

          1. star48 Avatar

            I just posted in comment. Updated information…
            .,it was a coordinated threat to 15 stares and Great Britain…
            I will show you link
            Several dozen schools in at least 15 states and Great Britain evacuated following what appears to be coordinated recorded phone threat, law enforcement officials tell NBC News


            1. jules104 Avatar

              Holy Macaroni. Craziness. Thanks for the link Star48. Glad so far none found credible.

      2. star48 Avatar

        I found the reference you were requesting. AU reference-
        ALSO. – I found 8 th date for a shaking .. interesting..

        AU. Is in 10-7-13 posting

        Notes on 10-7-13
        Posted on October 7, 2013 by Eric Leigh-Pink
        “WAR is coming.. I had a visual of a seismograph running wild, this time it had a line through it, off to the side was the letters AU. An earthquake perhaps around Australia, more likely New Zealand because it has a fault that runs straight through it.. I also had that shaking under my feet that would imply an earthquake is coming very soon, it could be two separate situations.. 108, the 8th perhaps.. Eric, your wrong on your opinion.. Millions will be affected when the clay plate shatters, TIDE..” — Spirits Conversation

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Star48. Did you see the reference for old post with number 8 and whipped back. I had posted it somewhere. I have family visiting so am out of sorts with replies etc. My apologies. Blessings.

  7. Mari Avatar

    This looks like reference to 5-10-16
    children…just saw this headline:

    Bomb threats to schools across Britain AND the US as ‘robo’ callers vow to ‘behead and shoot children’

    This is a level of horrific that is beyond
    words. How can we even begin to block this kind of evil?
    to protect children that have no idea what this is all about. and have done nothing to begin their lives so afraid.

  8. rhona Avatar

    SWC When first reading this prediction i recoiled now ive sprung back …this is unspeakable fear tactics and gross intent
    prayers love and light of christ to any child threatened by this abhorable intent .
    one hair on their heads harmed and internatiinal anger will not be easily quelled and why should it be
    thats how i feel
    thats their motive who ever it is may our caregivers of our children of this world be guided and protected by light and authorities in unisome ..prayers never more sincere

  9. Mary Avatar

    hey Maria, how’s your headaches? Mine is picking up the spike of migraine since 12pm today. That’s an hour and half ago. Just checking with you to see if we have it about the same time before the big earthquake hit.

    Blessings to you.

    Thanks Jules, I appreciate your kind words concerning for my headaches. I’m just documented with Maria to see if we both have similar patterns related with earth quakes. just a document. blessings to you!

    1. mari Avatar

      hi mary
      i hope you are doing ok. i am ok today but i think i usually get them a few days after you which puts me on schedule for thursday…so i will let u know what happens. is it just your migraine or is it also your arm? i know i have been feeling very fatigued lately, drained of energy so i imagine that means something is coming.
      happy day!!

      1. Mary Avatar

        Yea…same here….I was feeling exhausted and no energy left yesterday after work. My arm was little discomfort yesterday. Today had spike migraine and nausea. Had to lay down and rest after work. Slept few hours. Took strong medicine to keep headache down. Now, at this hour I’m okay but I know it will come again in hours and days. Weird as how it affected me by the hours.

        Keep me posted maria. I too noticed you get it right me. I live in central line and you far east. Hopefully we find the answers after we swap the notes.

        Blessings to you!

    1. Mary Avatar

      I wonder if there’s under water volcano nearby Virgin Island and Puerto Rico because there seems to be repeated swamp of earthquakes. Just a thought.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Mary, I will start your own study with 2 articles..
        One. From NOAA

      2. mari Avatar

        hi mary,
        migraine is just starting..i think something is brewing…how are you feeling today?
        happy memorial day weekend to u!!

      3. Mary Avatar

        Hi Mari, I’m at work feeling exhausted, nausea, and headache in the back of my head. Unpleasant feelings and wanted to lay down to close my eyes. My left eye is tinkling like pinch the nerves. My energy is drained. But I have the award ceremony for my daughter high school today at 5pm. I’m hanging in there till I get home to close my eyes.

        Please keep me inform with your following up migraines. and see where the next earthquakes may hit.


      4. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Star for the article. it’s very interesting in Puerto Rico. There is frequent quakes goes back in the 17th centery as documented.

        Blessings to you.

      5. Mari Avatar

        hi mar,
        i hope you are feeling a bit better.
        My migraine was right on schedule as i anticipated for thursday which means yours
        should start getting better. I hope you had a good time at the award ceremony and stay in touch over weekend and keep me posted
        i am never sure where to reply
        properly on these posts but
        happy wishes to you and also to jules and star48 for a happy and
        safe holiday weekend

        1. star48 Avatar

          Mari, thank you…
          .for your kind thoughts..the same to you and all Of the Spiritual Warrior Clan
          ..keep watch…

      6. Mary Avatar

        Following up with Mari. This is real freaky. You are absolutely right about my migraines. It’s stopped about 8pm tonight. No pains but exhausted and took a nap. Woke up about 10:30pm. I’m back myself. How are you now?

        What’s your theory on this? Think it has to do with the alignment that create the energies from inner core to outer sphere of the planet and beyond. We’ll see what happen next.
        This is interested documents BTW our experimental on migraine that could trigger when knowing the earthquakes coming. It’s not proof yet til I see it frequent patterns BTW our experiences with recurring migraines. So glad to have you. It’s fascinating and neat!

        Blessings to you!

  10. star48 Avatar

    Mary, 2 nd
    Kick me Jenny. .which rumbled last in 2015..,

    This will give you info you can expand on there was a consortium, that was investigating that region – started in 2013… I believe there are a few papers via Google can read..

  11. star48 Avatar

    SWC, small note..
    Hawaiian volcano. Even after erupting constantly for 33 years..
    last night two ” new “vents opened a km of lava coming out.
    Funny they always forget to mention the volcano..on the lists..

  12. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules104 that volvano in Madagascar see todays report…oh my ….

    1. star48 Avatar

      yep another one. I wonder how big it will get..? We shall see.. Thanks..

  13. rhona Avatar

    Hi Mary thanks for the link i did find it very interesting …especially the volcano in indian ocean and the footage is amazing i love it… Hope your well today

    1. star48 Avatar

      I had made a note to myself to mention the EQ’s the usgs listed them Both back to back as high 4’s. This upsets me this manipulation of reporting in America..
      In fact I have one pulled., I was going to share..haha.. I am going to post your report…I will let you know the response…lots of things are starting to line up.. Your area has been active with storms,damage ,etc. …take care..and you saw the latest from spirit…girding myself for the inevitable…blessings..

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona is that normal? It seems like Australia has been getting hit with unusual EQs lately. Praying for calm. Stay safe and many blessings to you and yours.

  14. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 yes please let me know their response because it totally baffles me why they do that..yep everthing is starting to line up and it will be one after the other in quick succesion
    as for west aust quakes i feel we are going to have a decent shake not directly in Perth more the Meckering ate again ..stay well thanks for your thoughts..
    Blessings stay safe

  15. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules104 we do get a few tremors in the wheetbelt area and kalgoorlie but the magnitude has increased and the central ranges was most unusual and did give me a nudge that W.A. Was going to respind with larger than normal quakes …and the time between quakes and the increase says major plate mivement is occuring and its on a cycle we are just entering into again after a period of rest so im not going to be surprised if we feel a decent shake in perth from the Meckering area .
    Blessings and i will take care…

  16. star48 Avatar

    3 other volcanos are active, in Indonesia..
    Semeru Volcano,East Java, Indonesia…
    Bromo Volcano, East Java, Indonesia
    Dukono Volcano,Halmakera, Indonesia.

    See volcanic report update for up to June 1st..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the updates Star48. I was on vacation and now feeling a bit under the weather, but hopefully will be back posting soon. Blessings

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, I hope you had a great time..Feel better..
        The way things are going to pop pretty soon,,,”we ” need you to be 100%. Take care of yourself..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Star48. I agree. I really dislike being sick. I had been thinking on the bridge posts. It’s strange how they use to say on the west coast but now have switched to the east coast. Maybe just that spiders plans changed? Wasn’t there a Charles River near Boston? I think they are having a Dragon Boat Festival in June. I will check again later. I am praying for a quick recovery because this is getting old fast. 😏 lol. Blessings

  17. star48 Avatar

    SWC, 6.5 EQ felt in Sumatra, Indonesia..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for link Star48.

    2. rhona Avatar

      Star 48 yep we were onto it befote them haha seriously i think its great and should give them a headsup…maybe not timing but any tool is utalised well when trying to prevent injuries…will love to find out what eas happening concerning time delay but im.sure theres some good theories they are not sharing thanks for updates on Columbia and Nicaragua..should be some interesting movement one way or another in the next couple of weeks

  18. star48 Avatar

    update on Columbian Volcano still erupting..

    Also new eruption .Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua..


  19. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, a cornucopia—
    So many things are happening in June..Cascadia rising drill, Ramadan starts,Elections in CA…
    Fleet week.continues..all kinds of Festivals planned East and West coast..I shudder…
    Keep watchful drink lots of liquids…blessings…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I agree Star48, a cornucopia of things. Hopefully we can foil some of these attacks.

  20. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Mt Sourbaya goid grief it seems the planet is relieving herself all over the place …everything old is new again….no doubt there will be others…will keep check on earthquake swarms near by..
    Thanks blessings

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I wanted to tell you Thank You for that wonderful link with the audio of the planet on it but I can’t find where you posted it. So I’m jumping in here. Hope Star48 doesn’t mind. Like I told him I’ve been on a holiday and now am sick. Hopefully in recovery mode. Ugh. I haven’t been sick in forever. I just don’t have time for this. LOL 🌰 I really want to be researching. So much going on. Soon, soon. Guess I’m learning more patience. Blessings.

      1. star48 Avatar

        of course I do not mind…

  21. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 hope you bounce back really quickly remember as star said drink heaps and chamomile and honey is great and ginger if your feeling nausia..
    A cornucopia if good health to you and the fruit that usually goes with that.
    Blessings and warmth to you

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh so funny I just saw your comment Rhona. I actually was drinking an organic ginger chamomile tea yesterday. I found what I had left over in my cupboards and that just happened to be the one I chose. Sort of strange. Anyway, Thanks for thinking about me. I just have the whole respiratory stuff going on, but today I am feeling much better. Blessings Always.

  22. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 ih wow that is funny and im going to add to that as i was having a chamomile ginger honey tea as i was posting lol talk about interconnectedness …join me for soup tomorrow chicken broth hahaha
    Glad you are picking up take extra care with that…blessings

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I love it Rhona. So silly of us right? But guess what, I forgot to add that I had honey with that tea. Hahaha. I’ll be over for that chicken soup. lol. Blessings

  23. rhona Avatar

    Yeah Jules come on over dinner at 8 dont be late hahaha
    here is the link.for you

  24. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC,
    Situation Update – Update No. 5 – Volcano Eruption – Costa Rica – Volcano Turrialba erupted at 05:10 a.m. local time on June 2 with its ash and smoke reaching 1,000 meters into the sky, some 70 kilometers east of capital city San Jose. The official volcano authority recorded the eruption as a major one, because what it spewed out were diversified and over its normal output. (Soundbite) GINO GONZALEZ, Volcanologist of Research Institute of Geological Sciences, Unviersity of Costa Rica “It is a large eruption, with different types of energies released. With an earthquake, the seismic energy merely changed into volcanic eruption. With more potential energy, is a large eruption, with different types of energies released. With more potential energy, it has swollen and thermal energy and even rocks came out.” The gas and ash mainly moved to north, with significant effect expected in the Central Valley, where San Jose and other major cities are located. Turrialba has been very active so far in 2016, with its expulsion of ash, gas, steam and even stones once reaching 3,000 meters high at the most.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow that’s interesting. Thanks Star48. Do you think there will be a much larger eruption still?

      1. star48 Avatar

        something keeps me looking at Volcano if I am waiting for some event..
        I cannot explain. It. Waiting for a shoe to drop?
        That nebulous watchful state..

        Short answer Yes, a much larger eruption is coming
        I do not know which one…to many candidates….

  25. star48 Avatar

    an unusual occurance.
    .a large amount of fish died of Old age on Prince Edward Island, Canada at the same moment!

    Yes ,authorities said it is a natural event..I think they had some fish die of pesticide that had been released into the fresh water..a few years ago..however I looked for some other event..Heck If I can find it.,
    No spill happened, no red tide, no pesticides, no ship ran into them, they are not diseased.l

    YEP, old age..not to worry.
    .( nothing to see hear move along)

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, Hmm…it all sounds very …fishy?

      1. star48 Avatar

        hahaha, all right you scored that is very punny …

  26. star48 Avatar

    another new Volcano with active emissions in Sumatra..also 2 active in South Sandwich Islands..
    Side note…so many active volcanos boggles my the professionals is only a phase..

  27. star48 Avatar

    Zombie volcano? Around Bay of Plenty..N.Z.

  28. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 the Zombie volcano gives me thoughts of watching a mountain being born amazing
    i also noticed n related links in the aricle scientists are monitoring he Alpine fault by drilling and placing sensirs to s what occurs before the quake this videi explains beautifully their objective thus lead me ti winderung if Australias quakes of recent being plate movemint is going o trigger N.Z. Quake on boundaries…
    South Island Aust plate below Pacific plate
    North island Opossite happens ( there is that twist in the middle ) Pacific under Australian plate and inbetween they grind past each other …
    And Alpine Fault would surely react to such a plate/s movement New Plymouths position is on my mind
    south of Tasmania had above 5 mag yesturday not far from Mcquarie Island
    hmm its all very obsessive ..yes?

  29. star48 Avatar

    here is a picture..and article —
    it brings to mind a moving of the mantle over a hot spot?
    When I saw it —Hawaiian Islands came to mind. I know bizarre..thought?

  30. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,Harvey,SWC,
    Hold on to your socks..
    +++Note..we are in Solar minimum..
    I was looking for relevant material…ran across this video on YouTube about sinkhole theory..(why).low and behold it covers sinkholes, the rising volcano events, the cracks in the ground and not least why more earthquakes.. I recommend you watch it to the end.. One powerful theory..

  31. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thank you for the article and pic …i totally get the Hawaii thoughts it reminds me if what it must have looked like after the waters subsided when the islands finally surcumed to the sea …all those thousands of years ago before everyone headed south….i also have been having more thoughts that usual about Hawaii lately ..the last 10 days in particular but i kept shoving it back but its sitting in my high heart ….oh well just a tug…i think over all she is safe just a something? Hmmm

    1. star48 Avatar

      Ottawa, they are saying this.,

      Report: Ottawa sinkhole struck in unstable ‘rock valley’ flagged by engineers – CBC

  32. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 that video is a mouth dropper ..i tell ya what..its a brilliant theory worth much consideration…im speechless right now…magnetics is such a powerful.force
    and there is still a power house more discoveries to make yet and harness this energy …in the mean time im going to tread carefully …

  33. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC, more Volcanos…one more in Sumatra– Kerinci
    and another in Ecuador.–./tungurahua
    As you can imagine with so many it is hard to keep track..

  34. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thanks for volcano update Kerinci in Sumatra is a worry i get chills when its near Aceh …i flew over there in 2005 january and the devistatation is etched in my minds eye …the 2004 tsunami left was a scary time fir me my family at home and me in the states that boxing day after xmas .. Worried the tsunami was going to affect Perth but it was only a small wave that was registered yeah uts the highest volcano in indonesia ..hope it stays calm …for people of Indonesia..

  35. star48 Avatar

    SWC Rhona ,
    picture today of Fuego volcano.
    Photo: Activity in Fuego Volcano in Guatemala seen from a plane – @ronyveliz692

  36. star48 Avatar

    SWC, updates —-18 minutes ago. Another eruption
    Photo: Moderate eruption from the Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala – @RadioPuntoGT

    Note ::: swarms ar Moana Loa, Hawaii..

    Major 6.5 Mag EQ off coast Jalisco, Mexico. About 10 km deep. Aftershocks 5.5 4.6 continuing…

  37. star48 Avatar

    New on the list volcanos active..June 6
    I lose of these had a wee pyroclastic flow..

    Alaion, Kuriles
    -Poas– Costa Rica —
    Santa Isabel,Columbia


  38. star48 Avatar

    I found list listing of Volcanos that is constantly updated..

    Oh my.. Need to share link with you.. Scroll down until you hit the red and yellow banding on volcanos..that will scrape your eyes when your lids move open!

  39. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, another in Philippines..- mount-Bulusan

  40. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 amazing site thanks for sharing i bookmarked it …scraped the old eyes alright love it…
    Im.a bit late with response as i havent been going back to ild posts in my phone ..glad i checked tonight
    Indonesian quake did create a small tsunami caught off gaurd as no alert went out injuries….just saw it in my night tv news …yep saw the phillipines ine toi and 5.1 in Borrego sth Cali…poted well wshes to all on another thread

    1. star48 Avatar

      I have been there any report of small tsunami written locally?
      I will keep looking–
      this is a perfect example of what has been happening..questions why are the agencies not alerting.
      Unreporting, downgrading magnitudes when other agencies show higher numbers it is all getting ” strange”.
      I was on another site and one lady was ranting about spikes in the magnesphere, and how no one will explain what is the most likely cause.. Many more people are getting that foil hat
      Vibe..the thing is are they right? It is looking suspicious.. Great work, not even a whisper anywhere so far other than you mentioning it How high wax it ?

  41. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 there is no article on internet reporting a wave in indonesia but our news reported it with a alert so now im.wondering

    1. star48 Avatar

      I am grinning..I read the same article.You are right to be concerned.,10 years..and they still are not taking responsibility for the region..,the way they need to for the people…Epic Fail…
      It is almost as if it is not important..( that is my opinion)

      Side note do you recall a oposting about EQ in Southern CA? I cannot find reference..
      A faint gleaming memory of ..where we talked about Cerritos? Or it was in that thread? I think we mentioned desert area? ( i am wondering if if you or Jules recollect it? I wanted to review..

  42. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC, Spain,
    found some interesting articles..I think link constantly updates..
    One being under reported. By other sites
    .swarms of EQ in Spain and its islands ( canary)

  43. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC, anyone interested..
    Found article did 6/10,,,that compiles all starts with video from Feb,
    (But goes on under video).
    Under related…listing of all unrest up to the 10 ,June2016

  44. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, CA, New Madrid..
    ( or any other who would like to comment)
    remember our thought that reporting has gotten spotty..- and we were speculating was it purposeful or accidental..
    .I was following up on southern CA EQ.
    Found this little tidbit..
    I would like to know what you think?…I am still cogitating,
    this information is strange does it fit or not..

  45. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 u do recall us cimmenting and researching the desert areas we were discussing which fault was respisible for activity at the time …i may be wring and i have tried to look for threads …was it about the crack in ground that opened up in desert was it Mexico..
    Im really at a loss as to why USGSchanged the depth when i first sighted it it was 1 and i thought wow thats shalliw …in doing this it must be realky important to them as they are well aware peoole are calling them in it but they dont mind the contriversy …si at the tisk if sounding conspiracy minded they are hiding something …nit saying sinister but what ever is happening they feel the general public should not know fir continual downgrading of quakes im at a loss but messing with depth us just weird
    this video confirms New Madrid
    Star too many intelligent people as we are have noticed and intuitiin says something needs an explaination
    my opinion agrees with yours
    I ciuld get in my siap box for hours about this and the mile gap and lacj if funding when si much money goes into fooolish what if areas
    im feeling a little snarly about misguided prioritories or blatant this area us nit priority to us ..age old problem we are in the know your not si we wil decicide what to disclose and spend the miney on …i understand some of the secrecy of course but not all …

    The wave was about 2 meters im ringung tv station this morning to confirm the segment and get info..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, great —about followup…
      Regarding the rectangle? The oddity of formation of the EQ’s, the placement..
      Whew..Hopefully some other anomalies will give us more information in the future..
      It bothers me an ” experiment “? If so it could cause all kinds of unintended consequences. Already there is small EQ on San Andreas. Also straddling the fault.
      Triggering the coming SF EQ.? I think so…lets watch for the next 4 day

      Side note
      did you see that huge sinkhole in Ottawa? Hahaha..
      1st they threw out one idea, now, they say it was in a unstable Rock valley..

      Still the placement is interesting..
      ( especially with some of the anomalies we have discussed in the past)
      .look up surrounding topography….. Placement .(,visions of E. Cayce’s)

  46. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 yes i did catch the ottowa sink hole and to think the engineers flagged Rock Valley…yeah the low lying land and water tables ..glacial till given Ottowa river erosion and the GrenvilleFront Fault Zone its going to continue …alot of sand silt and fractured rock is a goid indication of what happened ..
    Sorry had ti smile at them fill in the hole with van ..scissor lift etc for future generatiins to dicover they stated..and the Rieau street is going to be stronger now with all the concrete they said….well that sectiin anyway…
    Reminds me of the link you pisted recently on magnetic waves and sinkholes etc
    Star i cant recall casey’s ref ..what is it can you fill me in …thanks

    1. star48 Avatar

      the rock valley –follow it to Great Lakes region.. Weak areas..faults..
      Cayce’s spirit guide gave him information from Library..

      Great Lakes will empty into Gulf.,(short version.,)

      Note..**** Notice of new paper came out today for us civilians..
      Just about we are touching on..,coincidence? Haha..
      It is going to get the old guard a stomach ache..

  47. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 i phoned the T.V. station and they confirmed they ran a small segment on Indonesian quake no alert but local wave ..He saud dint worry about it it often happens locally and the quake was 6.1 …so i retorted with well you thought it newsworthy enough to report it.. I asked for details on size and he said it wasnt very big …wasnt very helpfull but he did say they did run footage of it but i have been having trouble running the video.. Its like who cares …

    1. star48 Avatar

      it sounds like your flogging a dead horse.
      the sad part, when it will really count…nothing will be in place,because they did not care about the last mile…where are the buoys? I do not understand..

  48. rhona Avatar

    Well Star thats cracking me up yep glad science is up to speed on the old gaurds now ..glad you found it as it reflects central Australia and the Petermans stirring! …

    1. star48 Avatar

      one of the great byproducts of helping is that I see all kinds of sites.
      Some of them I would not have found but for threads, or requests for information.
      And now that I know they are giving data or information I visit them pretty often..
      What a has fed my curiosity and expanded my horizons..and most importantly let me be of service…what more can I ask for in life..
      I feel like a scout….
      Hahaha —uh oh —my reincarnation is hanging out..

  49. star48 Avatar

    I forgot to give you the information on Moana Loa,
    Great interview, and information…and at the end she talks about uptick..
    The swarms have been continuing in the last few days..a uptick.after her video.
    .so to be continued…

  50. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 so funny …your reincarnation is hanging out lol…
    Moana Loa …look forward to the next instalment
    im like you i love the research and different sites i just thearst for the knowledge and expansion ..full time student of life is an honor to be of service in any way we can ..

  51. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 your right fligging a dead horse wuth many others in a better influential position than myself …i posted an artucle on last mile no alerts above 10 june @ 4.14 am …

  52. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,SWC, jules104
    Going into new phase,
    update on Volcano in Japan-Tokara

  53. star48 Avatar

    update on volcanos as of 6/13/16

  54. star48 Avatar

    new study, just came out…
    Arc volcano releases mix of material from Earths mantle and crust..
    ..”This is what we think is very exciting,” Teng said. “Most people think you add either crustal or mantle materials as a solid. Here we think the magnesium was added by a fluid.”

    Fluids seem to play a role in seismic activity at subduction zones, Teng said, and having more clues to how those fluids travel deep in the Earth could help better understand processes such as volcanism and deep earthquakes.”

  55. star48 Avatar

    SWC, anyone in Southern CA.
    ..should watch this..
    magma on the rise. 1000 EQ swarm..( not normal for a 5 range EQ

  56. star48 Avatar

    SWC, update on new mudpots at Salton Sea..

  57. star48 Avatar

    found new update of Some volcanos, great pictures and graphics..

  58. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 the reasearch into fluid in the magma mix is prompting more thoughts on the effects of fracking.. and water table intrusion …even though they are studying deep quakes it could lead to evidence fracking is a probleblem
    The Dutchinsense video is an eye openner for everyone …Salton Sea confirmation of our intutions hope everyone is paying attention ..i cant believe the amount if swarms its so obvious something is about to give there hold on LA it could get rough

  59. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thank you fo video if mudpots at sulton sea …didnt Dutch say he wanted that kind of footage…like the guy said he was surprised at how much they were bubbling compared to the past ..its on the boil not just simmering
    i need to mention last night i had a drop in vision as i went off to sleep and spirit voice saying Rapid falls …now when i googled it did turn up Rapid City Dakota and rapid falls laguna st ..spirit voice said split it Rapid Falls.and Laguna and i did notice on Venuatu Volcano link you supplied …great graphics by the way ..that there is a Laguna Lake not far frim epicentre and in the middle of fualt lines in red.
    i have no idea what it all means especially Rapid Falls Dakota just have to watch and see

  60. rhona Avatar

    Star 48update on Bali wave that ess on local T.V….there has been another wave aparrently there has been several of late..they are stateing it is lunar influence and not quakes ..two tourists have died..bless them ..

  61. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 this one is more informative…a cruise ship with 1300 people had to order passengers to top deck

    1. star48 Avatar

      both your posts..amazing videos of what is happening.,they mention king tides..
      ,we will have to see..the waves do not look ( tsunami wall type.,)
      I wonder if Solar minimum or some other influence is going on,,

      My sister in law is leaving on the 24 th for Bora,Bora…I am nervous with Tonga’s EQ a rivet lately..I am having a hard time.,
      she is so excited …I do not want to put a shadow on her, by mentioning…to be careful..
      She is meeting her brother and wife there..( Viking side of family..) all tall 6.6 6.7 ..

      I have been saying prayers she and they will be alright….

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, understand.
      .I have also been looking at possible reasons for the wave other than EQ only…
      I found a asteroid
      is now in an orbit around earth found -April.—A Quasi- Moon
      Could contribute…king tides or quasi moon tides..

  62. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star try not to worry though i understand visualise them coming homesafe to hugs and kisses and happy stories of their holiday sending love ligt and prayers to bora bora ..
    my fathers side is viking ancestory and my eldest son has viking pinky fingers on both hands …the litte fingr is bent curvingin to palms 6.6 6.7 im only 4.11 1/2 yep not quite 5 ft…sons are 6
    its so hard not ti worry about family abroad like Jules and her son in Japan
    hi Jules ….
    tiadal wave ..
    i m tinking quasimon tides more likely as the local gentleman seizmoligist believed it was moon generated..
    blessings to you and your loved ones my thoughts are with them

    1. star48 Avatar

      no joke my sister in law is the shortest and she is 5.9 – 5.10,,,( lucky my brother is over 6 ‘)
      She actually has 4 brothers..all above 6.6 and above..the first time I met them they were sitting down at a dinner table.. They looked normal – tall —but normal—when they stood up —
      I could only see to just slightly above their belly buttons. Than I met the grandfather..,Oh my..
      Right out of a movie.. Jaw dropping time —-a hird…
      the girls (3 ) all above 6.1…beautiful, but tall.–
      ( I think they are all shy about their height..)
      Great family
      they go and visit Norway, and lots of relatives come every year..I will have to look at their pinky fingers —I could not think about anything except —do not look at the belly buttons..
      Thank you for the energy for a good journey,my sister in law and her family
      deserves all good things..thx..

  63. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, update on volcano

    8 hrs · agop
    RSOE EDIS Event Report – Sustained tremor activity that started at 8 p.m. Wednesday marked a new spike in activity at Turrialba Volcano. At 1:45 a.m. Thursday the crater began spewing ash and vapor, experts from the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI) and the National Seismological Network (RSN) reported. The gas and ash plume reached some 1,500 meters (4,900 feet) above the crater of the volcano, located some 50 kilometers east of San José. Emanations remained constant until 7:15 a.m., OVSICORI volcanologist Eliécer Duarte said. Two more ash spewings occurred at 8:05 a.m. and …
    Volcano Eruption – Costa Rica
    [Turrialba Volcano], Province of Cartago, Costa Rica
    EDIS CODE: VE-20160617-53756-CRI

  64. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, update
    Photo: Eruption from the Santiaguito Volcano in Guatemala – @ErickColop

  65. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 yes Terrialba still on the radar and Guatamala …the predictiin of side of mountain expl)oding. that hasnt happened yet has it?…funny you should mentiin your sister inlaw’ s family and height ..i just said to my family a couple of days ago im going to come.back 6ft tall female and a good runner …
    you sound very fond of them …
    thanks for updates

  66. star48 Avatar

    another Volcano in central Philippines this time… Erupting
    is this the second or third ? I have given up counting.
    .I think I will have to knuckle down and start keeping detailed lists..

    Side note…a good runner? ( not thinking of running from Lahars are you?).
    Just teasing..

  67. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Kanlaon has erupted twice in June once in march if im.correct and bulusan once…
    im wondering if the philippines quake predicted is going to be volcanic triggered or purely fault ..tectonic..
    haha lahars indeed …

  68. star48 Avatar

    what is going on in Australia.,10 EQ in one day!
    I saw a request on Dutchsinse..( which is offline at the moment)
    That an Aussie was asking for Dutch’s opinion as they usually get 12 a year! Not in one day..
    Scary! What do you think?

  69. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star yeah its been an active week here especially Western.Australia 10 quakes all near the mekering fault zone
    4 in South Aus and 1 in the Peterman ranges “Central Aus ..
    looking at the Western Indian Antartuc ridge 5+ its going ti resound onshore and i have noticed uf we have there we have smaller ines around Barakin and Kalerberrin (meckering fault zone)
    The PacificAntarctic Ridge helps firm Kermadic and Tinga trench and we know thats bren pretty active this week Affecting south Aust…
    now when Indonesia gets active it can also be pkate tectonic with the Pacific Plate dive under the Indo Australian Plate and we have a possie under ground sea in Central Aus that i postulate when indinesia ring if fire is highly active and australia is moving north we have a continental slip with the water mivement beneath us it vibrates and we have fault lines responding to that movement not to discount magnetic shift resposes come into play s well
    i beleive Australia is going to see more quakes as the movement increases we are entering another phase of activity it had to come all the pieces of the puzzle are nudging each other and we are not going to escape the general trend
    i will have to check out dutchsinse and see ehat he says….
    mind you im only giving my theory as i feel it
    still believe Perth needs ti be careful ..the hints and signs are there and my feet have been burning
    maybe didnt run from the lahar quick enough ..yeah i just get the urge to do a Forrest Gump sometimes run like the wind ….
    blessings and happy days to you

  70. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, another deep hole.
    ..gateway to the underworld they are calling it..

    A gaping—and growing—hole in the middle of a Siberian forest isn’t the gateway to the underworld, as some frightened locals believe.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Star48, Rhona…I remember reading something in a John Hogue book about a year or so ago on the bigger issue that would be the perma frost melting and large methane gas releases over a short period of time tipping the planet past a point where it changed the climate faster than the scientists were expecting. He was talking about all of the perma frost up in Russia I believe at the time. I also read something about the stuff on the bottom of the oceans but can’t remember what it was called. Basically same type of thing happening though. This article reminded me of that.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, I believe it us methane too.

  71. star48 Avatar

    , ( side note NZ also active.)

    in your backyard..a deep water exploration going on.,see live channel

  72. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, I have got a whoa…Mexican volcano erupts .. June 19 th
    lights appear..
    I will not say another word until you see it…hahaha holy moly..

    1. Julie L Base Avatar
      Julie L Base

      That’s pretty interesting Star48. Did you see that you can find numerous videos like this one. Weird, I’d say some sort of strange electromagnetic energy but, hmm…looks intelligent almost.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Well I replied Star48, but I don’t know where it went to. Just checking if this one shows up. Maybe the new format?

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules 194,
        I only got, the —-“well I replied.”.—–at my mailbox..
        I came to the thread to answer and I see your comment about intelligent..( had not been sent to my mailbox)
        Answer to your comment::::
        Yes that was my though… No sparks, no drones, I will have to see…

        There are also —no joke –reports of men in black roaming the roads in Ohio.
        In the mainstream press…ummm something is going on..( I hope it is a joke?)

        Side note,
        when I am making a comment or post..I do not get that check box..
        I had to reboot my iPad, when I upgraded my software..what a nightmare..
        At least I caught attention of a senior tech, he and I worked the problem finally on the third day.,
        It was resolved…I had to do a log a new person..since then lost the little check mark..
        So I can never respond to a reply unless I read thread..Frankly I post on so many thread,m
        Impossible..glad I caught this one..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I’m glad you got your iPad problems fixed Star48. I wonder if there’s any way to get that reply box back. Seems like there should be. I am not tech savy at all though. Did you see Rhona said her reply had disappeared also, just like mine did. That’s strange.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Okay maybe it was the “operator”. Short recap…that was a pretty interesting video Star48. I found numerous ones from different volcanos, I wonder what this is. With the video you put up, the lights almost seem “intelligent”. Strange.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules 104,
        just got in my mailbox – Okay maybe operator.,
        Looks like our back channel is working fine.,
        ( that song is running through my head now,,Cool operator..)

        I found a new site for EQ in realtime for CA. Take a look..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, so you are getting just pieces at a time of the reply? Funny…Cool operator. Oh that is a great site for eqs. Thanks!

  73. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 great video of the lights oh wow now i want the mystery solved ..i like someone saying fireflies ..volcanic fireflies .any ideas ?
    the NOAA Link just freezes for me ..but i do know the are researching Marriana trench and mud vopcanoes …the life form at the depths is amazing ..
    did i miss where in my backyard and what ?
    Hi Jules104 hope all is well

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I hope you got my reply on fireflies previously. Are you not getting replies also? That’s strange if so. Let me know. Thanks Star 48 for those links.

  74. rhona Avatar

    hi Star 48 jules 104 not sure what happened ..i responded to your comments and it appeared to post then disappeared…oh well…
    funny i was thinking men in black but i did watch the movies again with gransons couple of nites ago..
    The prma melting in Siberia is an eye opener been there fir several years NOAA Link just freezes for me but i am aware of mud volcanoes and the Mariana trench research with all the special life forms discovered
    what im really wanting those mysterious lights
    solved …sweet description by someone fireflies kinda like it volcanic fireflies.. did i mids anything special going on in my backyard ?

    1. star48 Avatar

      just the NOAA path was typical, Mariana Trench then the ridge,all of a sudden they pivot from the trench
      And head to some seamount..if looks unexpected..Inwish I could draw the lines..just think of doing a gig T only a longer line on the right than quick roundabout heading towards the other direction of the top line..
      Apparently there was a 4.4? In Near Wellington today and a couple over 6’s one mid Atlantic ridge,
      And one on Indonesia..
      By the way, Dutch is MIA..not any of the sites, you tube ,or even his personal FB page..people are concerned..he was being threatened..about a post from last year,
      That was common knowledge, ..he has been targeted.,Why, the real reason? Who knows,
      I thought he had stepped on somebody’s toes..
      Obviously something he mentioned or intimated was a Nono ..New Madrid?,Cascadia?Ca volcano. CERN, Harrp,weather rings,.take your pick.,
      Side note
      There has been a lot of chatter about Y in Wyoming..tilt meters showing changes, heat temp in water up 29 degrees, gassingon some of areas,lots of EQ’s around Montana, ID
      If anything looks like more..I will leave you message here..I am hoping it settles down..
      Take to breaking news monitoring..Blessings..

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona that was what happened to me also. It seemed to post then just disappeared. Weird. Volcanic fireflies…I like it.

  75. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules 104 good to communicate with you…typical girls cute fireflies i hope they come up with a reason for them they looked pretty specky shooting all over the place keep well

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona. I’ve been so busy with my Sister visiting (who has so much energy 😉), and my Labrador was sick and passed away (Whaaa 😭)and just helping my daughter with grandkids “stuff”….Just basically dealing with “Life” right? LOL. I must say though I’ve done readings with Eric and he and Spirit have helped me and my family prepare mentally for some of the trials I mentioned above, so that has helped. Anyway, I hope all is well for you and the grandkids and family there in Perth. Praying sending light and energy your way for peaceful grounds and calm seas and…no burning feet. 🙏🏻

  76. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC,
    San Andras article large scale movement..detected on fault system.

    I thought I had posted this article( maybe on another thread?

  77. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC,
    Got a notice from Dutchsinse, said get the word out..
    He says related to swarm,and mudpots Salton Sea..?

  78. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC,
    Volcano site as Volcano discovery closed until after first week in July…they are out of the office( I kid you not) they referred anyone to German site,or French site..
    Both in their own languages..
    I despair of US science..- I was looking for AQMD reports near Salton Sea., saw a listing of monitor locations..just no data on Sulphur Oxide levels.,
    (Only link showed 2009 reports…)
    So have Smithsonian…site for you on new eruptions and ongoing eruptions..

  79. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 unbelievable but im laughing its so weird ….out to lunch be back in 5 ….
    we don’t believe there will be any eruptions but if you experience one please let us know ….good greif ..thanks for smithsonian …they must feel confident they are not needed???

    1. star48 Avatar

      definitely out to lunch..I read a comment that a volcano erupted in PNG..
      And I was hoping – there was more of a overview on Swarms in other areas.,lots of activity..G1 solar storm..

      Dutch came of for air on that one alert..that is it no followup no discussions, nada.
      Than you had YouTube going down Europe,Japan, there was even a hiccup happened so fast ..I thought I imagined it..but no we had interruption too.i was on the site at the time, as I am trying to figure out ..if there is a problem with my browser.
      So I go off to another site to ask if anyone else is having trouble. Another person follows me back yo YouTube —it was fine.,
      Thinking what the….h . I found out no it did happen, I am not nuts ( yet)
      Check out
      Users in Europe say YouTube suffered temporary outage – The Sun

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Wow I wonder what’s going on. But good to know your not nuts…(yet) Star48. lol. Though I doubt I’d notice if you were, I’d probably think you were perfectly normal…just like me. 🙃🙂🌰Heehee

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, before I is the notice on their page..

  80. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC.
    How I missed this?
    Helka Volcano- Iceland..( Gateway to Hell)

    18 hrs · ago. (It was posted..)
    RSOE EDIS Event Report – Experts have warned people to stay away from the Icelandic volcano Hekla – dubbed the “Gateway to Hell” – as the volcano could blow “at any minute”. Experts say pressure is building up within the volcano, and an explosion could occur anytime, without warning. Iceland is located on a divergent tectonic plate boundary on the mid-Atlantic Ridge. There are 30 active volcanic systems (out of 130) in the country. Hekla volcano is a stratovolcano located in South Iceland. It is 1,491 meters high and is also a popular tourist destination. The volcano has erupted regularly in the past – approximately …
    Volcano Activity – Iceland
    [Hekla Volcano], South Region, Iceland
    EDIS CODE: VA-20160622-53814-ISL

  81. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona, SWC ,
    Found a link that updates..on realtime CA EQ ‘ s plus some other states..
    Need to watch as some EQ are straddling San Andreas.

  82. star48 Avatar

    can you verify for me if Tuvurua Volcano in PNG ( Ireland ) has erupted..?
    I get a blurb it has and trying to verify and track down article or notice has been painful,
    Especially with Dutch, volcano discovery tube blinking…
    At least it would lay to rest my questing mind…

    Oh by the way had a tsunami dream..I asked my spirit, if it is a metaphor , no
    One is coming.,soon. Not immediately, but soon.(yuk.)

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, thought you’d find this interesting. Today there was a bomb threat in this small coastal town here in Oregon. It was something that was set up to look like an IED on a main corner in town near by the City Hall/Fire Station/Police Dept area. My daughter just told me that the Fire Chief told the City Administrator that the purpose may have been for someone trying to see how they react. Trial run? She’d never even heard of that.

      1. star48 Avatar

        my first instinct was a cringe…yes, it is a trial run..some sicko…..
        We have had a couple men do that last year in northern ID..,
        had made a bunch at thier rental property..I think they even did more ..malicious types..
        They were arrested and sent to jail..
        I’d hate to be the landlord that rented to that cheery group..

  83. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thank you for sending me into your research spin haha between checking travel alerrs for png news artucles yes utube ..phrasing the search engines several differrnt ways …all i came up with was on june 8th there was a report scroll down but i have drawn a blank even tried rauld isle spelt it wrong im sure …tell me about it if that blows she is nasty…and Hekle is worse
    side note
    your tsunami dream ..yep i will confirm that with you i keep hearing oh dear the flood and actually hearing the girgling of water like when you dive bubbles..watched a u tube Pavlopetra city found if coast in greece …it has ben lying undersea for 1400 years they are reconstructing it by takung pics
    anyway it came to me by chance its not far from Crete…they think a seies if quakes and tsunami small ones rather than one big one

    any way i degress the tsunami image was in my mind all last night..and neither of us know where..

  84. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 i meant to ask did you mean
    Tavurvur volcano in Rauld Isle PNG.

    Thought i would add link for you and Jules and all wish to see its facinating Pavopetri under sea city

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the link Rhona. That is so neat they were able to recreate that village. It’s amazing all of the technology they have these days.

  85. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 its probably a long shot but
    Tukurua NZ is only 221 mks from Newplymouth both on Golden Bay and Wellington had a substantial quake this week it sits inbetween them south tip of Nirth Isle Golden Bay they form a triangle ..Tukurua is 184 mls norwest of wellington and Newplymouth North West 355mls from Wellington
    remember preduction NZ and Newplymouth ..did that one mention a bay as well?
    maybe with your dream and ( Tuvurua )
    it may be a flag frim your guides ( Tukurua ) area…just a thought

  86. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 weird another post just disappeared into the ethers ..
    correction i typed Rauld it should read
    Rabaul png Tavurvur volcano.
    just for interest on this link right at the end is a neat pic of two volcanoes erupting while residents watch from afar ..twin eruption..'s-mount-tavurvur-volcano-erupts-back-to-life/5705032&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjtq96an77NAhVIFZQKHX3nDyAQFggXMAE&usg=AFQjCNEvI2A_mDPFiRYbcD486GQsMjec4g

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, Jules104,
      thanks for updates..and links…now that we have picture and derail..I can put it too rest.,
      Still monitoring EQ’s for Philippine post…
      Still monitoring CA real time.,need some help, I cannot watch all the time.,
      With Dutch site down, and ” vacationitis” hitting the professional requested..
      I have had a “little hiccup with my unlimited service via ATT, ) I have to have direct TV..
      I ordered it, unfortunately? A technician came out to install.tells me he cannot..I said why I have 190 degree view to the mountains and across the lake ..he points down my driveway the eagle nests in and say you will have to chop down those trees..What? Long story …no direct , no I have been told by att. I am totally bewildered that the only trees..where the eagle perches when he is not flying around( got some feather he dropped ) has to come down we are talking maybe 8 or 9 trees! So back to the drawing board..both companies..are leaving me…
      New plan with att and no plan with Direct..and this after setting up Accts and approvals.,
      Through no fault if my own, they were going to charge me another 150.00 plus on top of my 220.00 bill —no TV or streaming,,—just usage..

      So until I can establish another conduit…assistance please., I cannot and will not chop down eagle habitat..
      thx..I am looking at alternatives..Blessings

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Star48. That sounds like the cable companies. I to have had my run ins with them. Comcast…lets just say they thought they’d charge me each month for the next two years for a service that through no fault of my own did not even exist in the area I had moved to, after the Rep. had told me I could cancel and it would not be a problem if I moved to a place they could not provide me with service. Hmm…well that didnt happen. Besides all of the other mix ups previously with account numbers that generated a collections issue months later and me wanting to pull my hair out because people didn’t do their jobs. Ugh. Good thing I write down names and dates and times etc. I would highly recommend everyone do this when dealing with cable companies. Ugh ugh. Anyways sorry for the rant and glad you aren’t cutting down the Eagles habitat/nesting area. Sheesh huh. I hope you can get this problem solved by another means soon. I’m not sure how well I could monitor EQs since I babysit my grandkids who are 2 and 3 all day Star48. And these little bodies do not stay still very long. I wish I had all of their energy though. I’m kind of hit and miss lately with trying to even research the spiders ongoing issue. That’s really strange with the dutchsinse situation. How can he be getting shut down? Sounds illegal somewhat. Something fishy going on.

  87. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC,
    Dutch released a new forecast today..( he has been absent since @18 th) important forecast
    Watch CA, Philippines ..PNW ..
    Plus coordinates, all are info gathering..Watch..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the update/info Star48. Just finished watching video. Will be watching on the look out. I wouldn’t doubt if there was one off the Gorda Escarpment/ Blanco Fracture Zone area. That seems to be the norm lately. Ugh. I did think about it when you mentioned your dream earlier.

  88. rhona Avatar

    star 48 not a problem i will do the best i can but i am nowhere as savvy as you are at it …happy to help.
    wow for someone like myself those eagle feathers are a dream… what a techo nightmare they dont make it easy for us or themselves ….there the same the world over its seems its sent to try or patience

  89. rhona Avatar

    Earthquake updates
    Kerrmadec …5.5 ..34 klm depth
    5.0..30 klm
    all in last 19hrs
    Japan …………….5.9..10 klmdepth
    5hrs ago.silent zone movement
    Borneo …………5.1..60km depth
    2hrs ago…close to phillipines
    Reyk janes ridge.4.6 10klm
    Hindu Kuch………5.4 ..a deep one at 200klm …silent zone India ..perhaps a larger one on its way as Dutch said

  90. rhona Avatar

    update quake …
    remember dutch said Argintina..
    …4.00 @ 249 depth so maybe a 6.00 on its way….
    Seram Indonesia …4.8..40klm depth
    5.1..0 klm depth

  91. rhona Avatar

    SwC for infirmation and quick checks i am including this link for southern Cali earthquake info
    santa Monica Bay a 2.8 depth 7klm
    L.A area
    Canada 2.2 depth 122

    switzerland 3.2 …8 klm
    Colima Mexuco 4.1 …10 klm depth…
    Pacific Antarcic ridge 5.00 @ 10 klm
    China may have a larger one soon
    North Xingang 4.5 …2 klm depth…

  92. rhona Avatar

    Star48 Washington 2.7 depth 7 klm
    47.72n x 121.52 w puts it at Mt Hood probably just normal background seizmicity…

  93. rhona Avatar

    Helka in iceland has 3 small eruptiins today but info scarce..this is what the lead in blurb to link said..i cant find the info on lunk itself…

    1. star48 Avatar

      I thought it was cute, in the notes..Hydrogen sulfide so released in the floodwaters near ice cap..
      As if that happens everyday…hahah.,

      1. rhona Avatar

        Star 48 i know …nothing to concern ourselves about…if we cant smell it anymore it must be safe …it is kinda cute but oh my goodness ..

  94. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 june 24th update from iceland
    Torfojokull 3.2 inside volcano

    list and graphs ..maps details in link

    1. star48 Avatar

      WOW, it is in flux…I had noticed more EQ’s on the ridge line towards and around Iceland.,however this snapshot shows that the magma is ( my opinion) more active…
      All the plates are ” reactive of late”. Thanks for information..

  95. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 im so sorry to hear if the loss of your labradore …they are family and you no doubt have many precious memories …hugs and more hugs for your family i see him/ her in a field with a creek having lots of fun in the sun ..
    blessings may i ask your dogs name …xx

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Jules very sorry for your loss!

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thank You for the kind words Eric. And Thank You and Spirits for preparing us during my reading. It did help during that time period. Blessings and on another note, my somewhat skeptical Sister in Florida has been sharing with her friend info about your site. She even updated me on your Bio. I hadn’t read it recently. So now she’s informing me. Just thought that was funny. Wonderful… but funny. Blessings.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona thank you for the hugs. Her name was Bella and she was only seven. The bad part was they could not really figure out exactly what happened. She had been diagnosed with an auto immune disease and was doing fairly good but then she was attacked by a Mommy deer who decided to have her baby in our yard (really just a lot of natural area). After that she went down hill with in three days and passed overnight. Her liver was enlarged is all they could really tell us. The Vet thought she possibly ate something toxic out in our natural environment since she had no visible bruising. Poor baby. Now the house feels empty even with two grand kids lol. I had done a reading with Eric recently and Spirit had mentioned this, which helped somewhat. I just thought I (we) had more time. I am sure she is in a better place though and no longer suffering and she really, really, really loved the water and we actually do have a creek right next to our house. 😉 Probably to much info but you know how it is. Blessings and thanks also for helping Star48 out with the EQ updates. I have a feeling about the Gorda Escarpment, Blanco Fracture Zone area. Praying for calm on all of the West Coast here. Praying for the Philipines mostly.

  96. rhona Avatar

    Jules …no not toi much information at all…sharing our living memories of our pets is to honor their part in the devotion they impart to us humans ..they know us so well..
    im a little like your self in that i dont lusten to my guides and go off in another direction with them metiphorically tearing their hair out ..there she goes again ..they actually imparted to me to say those exact words
    “realy really loved water” ..Bella just wanted to give the baby fawn a welcome and the mom didnt understand …
    Jules i believe they reincarnate and come back to us if we are aware we x paths again in the future… at least she lived water enough to get all the mud off her when she bathed
    prayers live and light to the GordaEscarpment stay safe you and yours as i know you will.
    blessings always
    as a side myine of my daughters who lost a baby last year has infed us their intention is to have 2 or 3 more babies
    this is the mom who has the little Elvis lookalike who.has 15 pairs of sunnies in his bathroom and turns his collar up..and he hasno knowledge of Elvis idiosycracies ..but he is the one who channels info very naturally ..she has always wanted a girl called Bella cute co incidence ..x

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You Rhona for such loving heartfelt words. I feel like a sap sometimes but yes we called her Baby Bella, even though she was a 100 lb Lab. The Vet nicknamed her since she always thought she was still a puppy even at 7. And that’s funny you mentioned she just wanted to give the baby fawn a welcome…that was exactly her and what she was doing I believe. She never even chased the squirrels, and her best friend was our 17 yr old cat Thomas who thinks he’s a dog. I to believe we will meet our animals again someday. I am so glad that your daughter (in law?) wants to have more children still..and a Bella! Sounds like that little Elvis needs some siblings and wow he sounds like an amazing child/grandson. He must bring you much joy and happiness. You will have to keep me updated. Blessings of Happiness your way Rhona. Hugs

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi Jules yes its my daughter ..she is a treat always has been a pleasure to be her mother the other 3 of ours are pretty cool too she has been through so much ..we nearly list her at 5 with measles encephylitis had to teach her to walk and talk again she is executive at bank ..
        blessings from God multiplied with her son being born and the her brothers and sister have protected and supported her and each other through so much more ..but we are definately greatful for life love and joy..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Rhona it sounds like all of you have been blessed so much throughout this lifetime. Life is such a journey and adventure and our children bring us such joy along the way. It sounds like you have raised wonderful children and grandchildren. You will have to keep me updated on little Elvis’s future siblings. 😉🙏🏻. Blessings Surround You Rhona!

      2. rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 thanks we are soul family will keep you updated for sure…I hope I didnt make our grandsin seem indulged..she is a firm parent she has ben on her own with him for 4 years and built a house for them has a partner now and they are making plans ..yeah the little incollects sunnies from toddler like others do cars and toys ..her new partner is teaching him guitar lol
        we meaning you and I are hands on grandparents as im sure many of us SwC are
        Cheers to all the grandies xbless them

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Rhona, no worries… indulged? No it never even entered my mind. And I’d be the last one to say that about someone else’s children seeing as I can be a little to let’s just say “enthusiastic” in the toy/gifts department with the kids and grandkids myself. It sounds like your daughter and grandson Little Elvis have been blessed multiple times over having been surrounded by so many who love them. And I like that thought, “Soul Families”. I can imagine the whole SWC are. What a grand site! 😊

  97. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 swc Quake update
    Atacama….5.8….90klm depth 5hrs ago
    Coquimbo..4.8….45klm depth
    Tarapaca….4.6…30kkm depth
    these are all aling Atacama fault along the Chile coast..90 klm depth is indicitive of a larger quake in its way Chile always worries me
    Reykjane Ridge
    4.5…10klm depth 39 min ago
    4.9…2klm depth 71 min ago
    4.9…10klm depth 4hrs ago
    this could affect Iceland and even minor low range 2 and 3 for coast of Canada
    Rat Island ….4.5 ….162 depth 5hrs ago
    4.5…..168 depth
    this depth and location often affects Japan….
    Hikaido Japan 4.5…80klm depth 5hrs ago..
    these comments are just observations and gleened clues from Dutcsinse theories on interconnected response from.quakes in harm ony …

    1. star48 Avatar

      rhona, holy moly..
      .that is more detail than I ever gave..why do we not stay with significant EQ’s
      Near volcanos, or over 6 mag? Or ? Let us set some criteria..
      Otherwise we should think of setting up our own site…( just kidding)
      We have a link that updates.. One of many…can give info month,week,day

      You will get crab fingers otherwise…hehehe..

      1. rhona Avatar

        yeah i know star but the wee ones might have indicated a watch for a bigger one guess i get over enthused funny crab fingers ….yeh lets stick to 5+…but then i would have maybe missed Davao Phillipines sort of honning in but i could do that without the pesky 2+etc

        1. star48 Avatar

          Rhona, okay, I get your drift..
          How about deep ones that are 100 miles or more in the smaller ones
          4-5 mag near volcanos or are 95 miles or deeper
          And of course shallow ones 15 miles or less in Danger zones..- on big faults, volcanos.
          Also rare and new areas.. Eg France, England..etc.
          Big one on one side of plate..shallow, notice to be watchful of another on other side of plate.
          We could start with that and tweak it as we go?
          Just and idea..what do you suggest?

    2. star48 Avatar

      6 EQ’s today on the ridge.,Retkjane..all just hovering just below 5 mag according ton usgs…wow..lots of rare one too Pitcairn, off Portugal. Humm ..lets see what tomorrow brings…aye..

  98. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 SWC philippines
    im going to add a little info i just read to help us realise its a complete mish mash of faults up there
    All faults in the Phillipines are interalated by tectinic forces of mobile Phillipines Belt..that says it all….
    The Eurasian Plate and Philippines Plateare two subduction zones un Manila Trench west and Philppine Trench East as well as Philippine Fault system tectonic Volcanim
    Apparently micro plates shorn off major plates have resulted in massive deformation

    Northern Luzon part of Pilippines Mobile belt separates grom Philppines Sea Plate East and the Molucca sea collision zone South ..Sunda Plate Southwest end in Taiwan in north the zone of active collisiin between North Luzon Trough and Luzon Volcanic arc South China Sea..
    Keep watch be vigilant residents of Phillipines prayers are with you

  99. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Swc….The philppines …the link with the 4.4 quake puts it 268 km frim Davao 2015 this article was published expecting a 8.3 or greater in the area og Davao population 1,212,504
    it just might be around there for Eric and spirits predictiin
    please take care residents in the area …i hope im wrong sending prayer and settling love and light to area

    here is link

    1. star48 Avatar

      I think you are on to something…a string of destructive events..2002 ..was the last one..
      With all the instability of the region…getting hammered on all sides..
      Sounds like the right place to watch..
      Did you ever notice some places seem to have a bad mojo vibe?
      Even during WW2, that was a “…” Place..( insert 3 letter word) sad,bad,etc..

  100. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC
    New information on volcanos..They go quiet before they erupt…great..

  101. rhona Avatar

    Star48 yes i get the Mojo bit for sure agree with you …thats why they need all the clean up prayers we can offer …so much energy has been dumped there
    Do you remember the prediction about quake or flood near an island with a bay area..i cant find it…
    its just Moro Gulf Philippines is within the radius of Davao too…thanks i put it out there causiosly its feels it to me
    Volcanos go quiet ….i read that one last night….we were onto it yeah that breath in hold exhale….

  102. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 your ideas for earth quake monitoring are 10-4 …we will move along that way …..agreed….thanks

  103. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Babuyan 4.2 …50 depth
    Luzon strait …Smith volcano maybe …hasnt erupted since 1924
    banda sea5.1..159 depth
    4.9..163 depth
    Another 2 in Reykjanes
    4.7…10 depth
    4.6…..5 depth

    1. star48 Avatar

      it looks as if the swarm on the Reykjanes ridge is continuing…there was a EQ in Greeland today too. Pretty potent all register hovering millimeter from 5’s
      So, what are your thoughts of possible activity? Magma movement under the plate or tectonic or volcanic?
      Luzon strait– and Babuyan gulf area? Do you think it is a lead up EQ ?
      There was an EQ near Davao. Today too.
      So one end or the other..the Banda sea having deep one means —
      shallower big one…( according to Dutch..)
      So there are three potentials..
      North….south east, and south west…..Philippines at least we have it narrowed..hahaha…
      What does you guide say.,I been listening to chants all day..( I think my guide decided to take a break?)

  104. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 Im swaying toward magma under the plate for Greenland
    Mariana 5.1 this is Mariana Plate movement subductung under Philippine plate ..Mariana Trench being earths deepest point…yes Davao could well be a lead up especially when you tie it in with Mariana it going to create a quake moving west as Dutch has said about directional push in this area opposite for you guys..
    your guides are goofing off or over worked? haha
    i will ask mine for heads up on Philippines …unless they are out to lunch …lol.. oh yeah nearly forgot west of Maquarie is pushing it 3 in last few hrs maybe a watch..

  105. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 west Maquarie 5.2
    Reykjane 4.9…magma?

    1. star48 Avatar

      thanks just posted it on Adepto Perfuctus
      for some reason woke up a few minutes before it is getting spooky…ooooh…
      I had noticed Maquarie activity…that can mean the unrest is spiraling out…
      That is what EQ’s in 2 days..2 EQ yesterday under 5 and now today over 5
      Guam had one over 5 well as Greenland..
      Lots of activity.,
      Between the magma movement, tectonic we have , –Solar Minimum…
      Which brings objects closer..
      Side note- .Did you see the amount of Meteors/Fireballs rai ing down?
      My eyebrow raised…and no one reports or talks about it..
      I will attach link It updates constantly in next comment..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Star48/Rhona, I don’t know how you two do it but it’s much appreciated with all the info you are putting out there. I saw the link you provided for fireballs reigning down Star48. I can’t always comment but I do take a look see at the links you both attach. Anyway just wanted to say Thanks for all your hard work. Blessings

  106. rhona Avatar

    Thats Caucasus mt area …we are having elections this week..must have politics on the brain (caucus) oops..

    1. star48 Avatar

      I knew what you meant..I read this morning incumbant candidates political position..stating he can negotiate trade better be steady…( Brexit was mentioned)

      Before I forget..article..about new Madrid — timing is strange …

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona ,
      Guam had another over 5 within 10 hours of the last one..

  107. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, here is meteor event page..

  108. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules104 Swc …..lakes and rivers disappearing over night this is alarming…whoa..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, ,
      I knew about some of these I posted about Nigeria, River on drought thread.,
      However the shear volume that this article puts together is astounding …
      That theory that I posted about mantle instability during solar minimums..sticks in my mind… I think it is on this thread?
      I am going to post it on two other websites..see if it is commented on.,

      1. star48 Avatar

        Rhona, Jules104,SWC,

        yes I posted it June 4 th on this thread theory about sinkholes and the solar minimum…which Was acknowledged again yesterday.,we are in a solar minimum…

        Excerpt “Even when sunspots vanish, magnetic filaments are known to criss-cross the solar disk. Sometimes they collapse and hit the stellar surface, igniting explosions called Hyder Flares. Readers should expect to see more of these structures as sunspots fade away. Solar Minimum is not boring … only different. Stay tuned for “quiet.”

        For the full article please go to

  109. star48 Avatar

    Jules104,Rhona, SWC,
    Gas emissions from Southern CA and east of Yellowstone..posted an Hr ago.
    I hope there is someone who can corroborate the information..

  110. rhona Avatar

    Hi Star 48 im not ine to cimment toi often o politics though i certainly take note…our encumberant candidate has ideas of changing oue health system which will make it something only the wealthy can afford to be ill far as his ideas on Brexit i see his opinion as a prcogniive excuse to blame his parties future economic blunders on world economic backlash from Brexit ..Bonus he says…
    On your article on sink holes and solar flares …yes i thought you woud enjoy catching the additional info to yours…
    The link for new Madrid fault unfortunately keeps crashing and returning my phone to home page ..blast..
    I have read some articles that are of genuine concern and when we couple that infi with Dutch’s formula it makes me winder if sime of the quakes in surrounding states could be pre releases transferred to those areas I as you know have been very concerned for Madrid fault and remember my guides said Central ..may indicate La Central ..i will ask for confirmation..
    I did note Guam as well that west push could cime into play….thanks for link.

  111. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules SwC
    Not sure if we are up to spead on this one or if we previosly touched on it ..if we have its a refresher course…
    the solar flares being comprised of electons and protons would without doubt create earthquakes etc..when science says we have a core and inner core of the core made of plasma ….in acknowledgement of our connectiin to the earth and my ever growing wonder i compare us
    our plasma our veins our electro magnetic field and so much more i would be ranting but the harmony is special and a true gift so much can be postulated to explain how we recieve telepathic ..phsycic ..clairaudience ..clairsentient messages our cells electrons our dna we are so wired to it all our dna can store thousands of photos has actually done this and it lunks to plasma of earth transmitting images to our dna and it in turn sends to brain and we have images connecting the dots ..nit saying im right but i love the possibility of it all
    thanks for letting me express

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for expressing Rhona. Wow that’s interesting. I love your theory. And I didn’t know the earths inner core also had an inner inner core, and I love those directional crystals. That is all so amazing what scientists are discovering.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona now that is simply amazing! Oh my golly.

  112. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 thanks for your words of appreciation if Star and my research posts and the plasma at the core reallt excites me ..obviously lol its jusr like finding the key piece of a jigsaw for me
    u know it siunds weird but u have had these images of how it all works fir years ..though i dout i could articulate it very well ..its like a montage of signals we can tune into and its iur energy fueld dna that picks it all up and converts it to a language the brain can understand .. intuitiion etc

  113. rhona Avatar

    star48 oaxaca 5.7 depth 19 ..6-27-16
    just a nudge from spirit to note it..

    duly noted lol …

  114. rhona Avatar

    Star48 im a littke excited to find this report though its a little old..You teasingly asked what was giing in in Aus with alk the quakes in one day ..10 it was…well we have had 5 around Norseman albeit high 3 low 2s which are more than likely aftershocks from the mag 5 we had in mayand a 5.2
    remember the Central and Peterman ranges quakes ?
    well my guides kept saying it related ti philippines plate and intraplate quakes
    i thougyt it was just me because its usually Australian and Indian plate
    check this out makes more sense now…
    Also di you recall i said i would ask my guides about madrid fault and i said to them Kentucky and you must play it in radio to confirm its giung to have a bit if a shake …yes tonight at about 9 Kentucky Rain by Elvis played the singer was right on cue..
    I meant to mentiin several times i have bookmarked meteor link its ideal..
    What ever happened ti he Brazil Meteor? I think i tagged or someone did July there was so much speculatiin about that
    well im done for now happy day to you

    1. star48 Avatar


      Australia article
      great bit of information…fascinating…it makes sense, is correct…the guides are putting pieces together for us…truly amazing..

      New Madrid query,
      The Madrid fault reference…to Kentucky…could awake a lot of people to be prepared.. Just pulled this info day before yesterday..

      Meteor pg
      I am glad that you is fascinating to see the amount of fireballsí that are falling..
      The only reason they are mentioned in the news if it shakes or explodes in front of thousands.,
      With the solar brings objects closer to earth..
      I am shocked that people are not getting a full picture.,as you can see the sheer volume .

      Well so far Eric’s/ spirit new post about the bridge is next up on the agenda..
      Will try to do some research to help..however have to drive an hour south to CDA
      (Coeur d Alene) recently in the news about the man that put an article trying to find a wife for his older son, and was going to interview them at the resort there…Luckily the father postponed it. And moved it to Salt Lake City…whew…things are strange enough..a male matchmaker?

      Today I am going to met my ex sister in law, and her son, for dinner while they travel to Chicago ( he is going to enter Med school) they are driving from Oregon to Chicago..
      I have not seen her in person in over 25 years. So am really looking forward to it..
      Strange I will have 2 doctors in the family circle…Sara, entering her 5 th year if residency.
      ( vascular surgeon). And now Marshall..I will have to catch up on his direction and goal.

      Having no children, contributing to the schooling,care,lodging of Sara, and two cousins through College, It is a bright light to realize that I contributed to the future, and helped where I could,.i can see the ripples in the pond expanding in my mind. A heartfelt pebble.
      A valentine to the future..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Wow Star48, you are a blessing to your loved ones a hundred times over. Well I’d say may it come back to you….but sounds like it has and is still! I hope you have a great time visiting and a wonderful 4th of July! Blessings and stay safe.

  115. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 A Valentine to the future …Marshell and Sara your cousins I can hardly respond im so touched at your expression of your contribution in forfilling their passion and callings …your feelings are tangible …i know their are many vascular surgeons and medicas but their is only one sara and one Michell who will be as dedicated in gratitude for your support and love will manifest in their work beautiful …im smiling very broadly ..your a blessing…
    wow long time no see ..i wish you all a very merry reunion and hope the drive for them is pleasent..
    yes i did start some resrarch on Eric and spirits next prediction and SF is more than likely San Fancisco there is quite a bit of lgbt celebrations sending light love and peace to where ever it is required for this prediction ..thwarting is a great hope…
    Thank you for being you Star

  116. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,Jules104, SWC,
    I barely just finish a comment about fireballs only being reported when they explode, to get into the news.. How they are increasing in volume when. Just not 2 hrs ago.

    Boom !
    RSOE EDIS Event Report – A mysterious rock, believed to be a meteorite, crashed through the roof of a house in Phitsanulok’s Muang district on Tuesday. The suspected meteorite fell through the roof of a home in Plai Chumphon sub-district at 7.26am, hit a wall and then bounced to the floor, breaking into five pieces. “I was having breakfast when there was a loud bang, like a gunshot sound. I looked around and found a rock about the size of an egg and some fragments nearby. I picked up the largest chunk and let go quickly as it was very hot,” 65-year-old home-owner Bualom Chalomprai said. Mrs Bualom believes the rock …
    Event into space – Thailand
    [Muang District], Province of Phitsanulok, Thailand
    EDIS CODE: CO-20160628-53895-THA

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow, I just got a bad feeling about South America coming up into beginning of July. It’s crazy busy in outer space right now. Or is that inner space? 🤔

  117. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 jules104 i just respondd to meter synchronicity to your post Star and how the universe seems to be giving us the heads up that its getting closer
    but when i hit reply it appeared to post in a different thread….if it turns up h
    ere its weird
    the women that had it delivered to her doorstep has a hot piece of memorabila from the universe

  118. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 i asked my guides to play 3 songs to confirm New Madrid fault within 3 days …the second song today at 5pm was…..Dino.and the music takes me back to Tennessee ….Now waitng for one more in next 24 hrs not bad for a little community radio station not in the States.. When i said 3 days i meant for the confirmatiin not the big quake hit in 3 days just incase someone reads it wrong .oh yeah and the timing was spot on i was just leaving ine of my dauggters houses and it blared out as i took off and i had planned on leaving later till she said mum you will need to miss the traffic go now…

    1. star48 Avatar

      that is eye opening..
      So your guides use a three step (Flag)process? When this happens what is the time block you are working with them? You and I know it is an individual process..,unique to everyone..
      Keep me in the loop…

  119. rhona Avatar

    star 48 thank you for asking..
    Time block ….
    3 flags =yes for confitmation Iagreed 3 flagsa long time ago with them…It is always a 24 hr period =24″each flag
    not anything special to do as they orchestrate the window with precission.
    I rarely miss a flag…and if um about ti my family inadvertantly lends a hand…
    Eg. Turns up radio; swtches statiin or puts in a c.d ..or it is music on T.V.relating to quesriin..often it is piped through shopping mallsystems back ground music
    Im open 24/7 ti their communication as many of us are…I find I talk with them allday long…its like your own mind chatter..though im chatting with them..they dont say much.probably cant get a word in their messages are usually more tangible si i kniw its not just me.
    If they are noting supportfor me when having a bad ….day ..
    Eg ..argued with daughter..went to rose farm and assistanr said “go smell the roses” I get in car after smelling manyand ” Mama lived the roses “is playing ..then a friendsays through phsycic link “they are tellung yoy to go smell the roses Rhona”
    Those times are usually 24hrsor immediately but have spanned out to a few days or been Pre as oppposed to Post
    They are in my every breath and moment …Just looked at clock radio and 11:11 is flashing..thats a wink from spirit – I was mentally hopung i was explaining this in truth fir them as i wrote…
    They are so aware of every little thing i do- im in love with them-
    I have a guide ..calls himself ..The least thats how he came through 6-10 years ago on a number of phsycic readings ” he has hus arms open wide ..out stretched ..he says “she knows who iam” is how he first came through..
    Apparently i was his camel boy un a past life ..hahaha si what happens? …I got camels come in from everywhere…even song Midnight at the Oasis ” Still makes me smile cheeky…oh wow feels good to talk about it and share that..
    Blessings all SWC

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow that’s amazing Rhona. Thanks for sharing such an important part of your life with us. I kinda had to laugh also…Cheeky is right. Funny. Hugs

    2. star48 Avatar

      that is quite a loop..

      .I am waving mentally to the singer..there is a character in a book who has many witty sayings about camels…I will look them up and drop them on you 2 …

      Love his personality..expansive, and he loves the act of flourishes of fun…
      So the information ….
      The singer is flagging is possibly within a few days to week EQ around NMadrid?
      Not the huge one? Or is that Kentucky only? I got so wrapped up in your process..I just need your thought on what to expect. Excuse my repetition.

  120. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 He is so expansive some phsycics have daid they are not prmitted to get any coser and they are not allowed to see who he is…..
    He is chuckling crazily at your respinse to camels and lives the idea of you dropping sime in do I
    He loves the wave nd he does that often
    Florishes of fun …he teases the living daylights out of me ..
    Now business
    He is flagging all experts consensus on New Madrid and how it will affect surroundung states
    He flagged Kentuckey Tennessee and one more ti come as those ti be affected by biggish ..he says New Madrid
    He mentiined thise states so we cinfirmed it is going to be …

    He is giving me a song for you Some Place Green will pribably hear it ir it means simething to you..let me kniw..ih yeah or something about waving will come in ..

  121. rhona Avatar

    How soon ? Months between now and first snows ..not keen on giving time so much resposibility I dont know how Eric copes ..he is amazing..when i get more i will post.
    Live and laughter to you and all SWC

  122. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jules 104 its fun im gkad you enjoyed ..
    I said to the singer secrets out and the song im busted started playing …but it wasnt inferring money..He doent mind he has wanted me to publish our communicatiins with an attatched cd or auto downlioad / stream of songs ..what a great music trip that would be ..
    Cheers and love x

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s hilarious. It sounds like your day is never boring Rhona. Keep me updated. Blessings

  123. rhona Avatar

    Starv48 Jules 104 Swc oh boy oh boy im a little confused …West Virginia is the third mentioned by spirit…i have been less than willing to add this but i must trust whats coming through….just write it in Rhona is what they said i have been trying to figure why for 5 hrs …so
    Kentukey…Tennessee…west virginia … Blessings all..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh my oh my Rhona. That’s interesting. I began to write something last night and canceled. What I was going to say was that West Virginia has been getting heavy heavy rains and flooding. That I remember reading somewhere scientist saying the large amounts of rainfall puts pressure and stress on the earths plates. I canceled because I thought well she hadn’t mentioned West Virginia and I tend to start thinking and putting things together in my brain that I can’t even explain and when it comes out I don’t know how to tell people how I got from point A to point B. I just know I did, but it tends to add confusion at times instead of helping I feel. Anyway so West Virginia…that is very interesting Rhona.

    2. star48 Avatar

      it does not sound unfeasible…do not doubt your guide,,

  124. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 just knowing is intuition at its best …ine of my daughters is like you she says i dont know how i know i just know as she is stroking her highheart ..i find you very intuitive but i do undestand its so hard to trust yourself …
    Well im amazed at you saying you were going ti menton West Virginia it proves we are working more in sync as a team
    i always loik forward to your post
    Your always full of ideas
    ..thats exciting Jules how we were on the same page I had no id

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona Thank You, that whole West VA thing is just so amazing but I am really not surprised by it. I feel that we are in synch. I really wonder if all of the Spirits can communicate amongst each other. Do you think so? Like Erics Spirits communicate with your Spirits or some such like that. Or is it just the one on one type thing? Sounds silly right? I know just how your daughter feels. It for me is like getting a bunch of information and then it’s all compiled together in my brain in a big jumble that comes out as a “feeling/knowing”. Haha. Sometimes I think others look at me as an alarmist because I have no apparent reason to think or feel how I am feeling at the moment and I can’t explain it so they think I’m over reacting. But then it happens. I have been thinking that there may be a N CA earthquake soon about the same time as an attack. I do wonder about the 2nd of July also. Have you got anything on that date at all? Just curious. Keep me updated on your Singer. 😉 Blessings

  125. star48 Avatar

    Excerpt..article about New Madrid
    The faults responsible for the New Madrid Seismic Zone are embedded in a subsurface geological feature known as the Reelfoot Rift that formed during the breakup of the supercontinent Rodinia in the Neoproterozoic Era (about 750 million years ago). The resulting rift system failed to split the continent, but has remained as an aulacogen (a scar or zone of weakness) deep underground, and its ancient faults appear to have made the Earth’s crust in the New Madrid area mechanically weaker than much of the rest of North America.

    This relative weakness is important, because it would allow the relatively small east-west compressive forces associated with the continuing continental drift of the North American plate to reactivate old faults around New Madrid, making the area unusually prone to earthquakes in spite of it being far from the nearest tectonic plate boundary.[15]
    fracking has happened..cracking of the mantle at weak points has happened..the dynamics of EQ’s has changed..more faults are interactive..more are undiscovered..

    So everything your guide has lead you to can happen.

    See full article,maps,history…

  126. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thank you for the links i had read the madrid one rhe exact same link but i wasnt sure if west Viginia held a place…the 39 states llink helped it fit…
    you an Jules are great with encouragement and support
    your right listening to my guides with trust can only enhance with openess their messages ..Thanks again

  127. rhona Avatar

    Hu Jules 104 happy to answer you question /s Im into the belief of all is one….and that extends to the spiritual realm …knowledge or experience based social system of spirit ..Iam believing they can connect with each other and interact as they are all part of the soup energy of beingness ..granred we have had masters that impart their wisdom to us and other spirit energies but no ones the boss ..its purely devine love based ..
    So yes i do believe our spirits interact
    most readers cimmunicate with our g uides and spirit energy..
    I add this link as an aid in explaining where I sit with this wonderful ” kniw ine really knows” communiin we have with spirit that is so uniquely personel and individual …all i really know is the power of love and it premeates all boundries cultures and beliefs its an active entity …yep some believe evil is an entity and it certainly acts that way ..but we have played a great roll over history in pulling all the atoms and energies together as humans to create this ..but Love and compassion born frim the heart of humanity

  128. rhona Avatar

    Sorry Jules got a pone call remote garage door wont close ..they are coming to repair phone would return to reply box properly.
    …..From the heart of humanity is a much more powerful entity its about time we believed this as much as we do in evil which is real as we have experienced …im just saying why cant love have tangible form more power to the goid of this world …
    Here is the link that reflects where i sit with it all blessings

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the link Rhona. That’s very interesting. I love the “tool box ” analogy. If I’m getting what they are saying, I agree. I’ve always said God is in each one of us. my younger daughter and I went to the grocers yesterday, and the cashier man was asking her if she’d made this Japanese soup before, based on what she was buying. She just said no and that’s all finished paying with the debit machine. The women behind her had smiled at her and she didn’t smile back. She tends to have this serious expression. She’s 21. So we went to get our coffee and I said you didn’t give the women who smiled at you and the cashier man their blessings. I was of course laughing but… She said what? I said the women smiled at you. Why didn’t you smile back? She said that was my smile. LOL I said the cashier man wanted you to ask him about how he made his Japanese soup. She just laughed and said I figured he was busy. I said look at him. He was chatting away with the next women so happy. She just laughed at me and said okay next time I will try and be more intrusive into other people’s lives. But she was being funny. She knew what I meant. She also knows how I am, and is always telling me to hurry up and stop talking! I can talk to most anyone. Anyway that’s my God in each of us. There’s so many people out there who are just waiting for their blessing even if it’s just in a simple smile given. Sorry if that got rather long winded. Blessings.

  129. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 forgot to mention I have asked for info on N CA will let you know if i get anything 2nd of July I wonder what your intuiting…. be open to little nuances that might give you a pointer to what it is ..
    Stay safe

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48/Rhona, yes agreed..Whoa! Interesting thanks Stat48

  130. rhona Avatar

    Oh Jules what a great story …you made me chuckle so funny …im tellin ya we are so the same you and i…she sounds a treat and i totally get it ..the that was my smile ….shefeels it on the inside ma…i know i usualky folkiw up with simething about ky famly and i hope that ok its just we have similar vibes… youngest son does that ..i say so smile mate and h e says ..and he does call me ma….iam smiling ma..he could bluff at poker and win a heap ..yet his smile litterally covers his face from ear to ear .imagine the soup thing coming up … Yep god within ..Alpha and Omega ..beginning and end as well as inner and outer..thank for making me laugh..
    Happy days to you and yours.

  131. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Crystals wow truely a wonderous discovery as is the inner inner core of planet’s plasma core containing crystals lined up in opposite directions i ope one day to read a folliwup on that study though i may have tovwait some time
    thanj you for article

  132. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104, SWC
    Dutch posted today on my news feed on FB,

    I put it on another thread..I just cannot find it..
    (I miss having the checkbox on all comments- ) so I am posting on differant threads..

    a observation and notice by Dutchsines today..on well as Facebook,
    Dioxide gas is now coming from a Volcano off the SW coast of Baja California / Gulf of California / West coast of Mexico.
    The plume of Sulfur dioxide gas is coming out of a spot in the Ocean located Southwest of the tip of Baja.
    Barcena Volcano has been identified as the location giving off the plume of Sulfur Dioxide gas.
    This volcanic activity near the West coast of Mexico / Baja is a sign of greater plate pressure which has built in the region over the past 2 weeks since the M5.2 struck Salton Sea volcano in Southern California.
    Add in the pipeline rupture near Los Angeles, CA, and the dozens of other volcanoes showing seismic activity along the West coast of the United States, this all points towards larger movement coming along the Coast this week.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, I think you put link on 5/6/16. That’s really strange goings on off Baja, CA. Thanks for the info. I will be paying attention.

  133. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 weird this ine is unpredictable ..unstable is what im getting …Barcena can be clasufied as a baby she is new and the way she came inti beung was very sudden and ubrupt..You more than likely have the info but i will post it for others interest
    also i got two south Pacific messages very clearly…i dont suppose they meant Pacific seeing as thats where volcano is i will ask and pist results thanks for that one hope your doing well

  134. rhona Avatar

    Hi star 48 hows this for interest
    Barcena volcano co-orditnates
    117°w 15°N
    new tropical storm 02E
    110°W 19°N
    aside Pasadena came in quake alert from guides i was asking about L.A. And thats what came in..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, that is so interesting…
      Your guides had me roaring in laughter..,not that I do not believe the location

      The irony…the Hub of all EQ monitoring..the movie Earthquake even poked at the Lab and monitoring.,than had the building coming down on them..
      To give you an idea..Pasadena/ Cal Tech…lab and combined EQ centers..
      Than you also have JPL in Pasadena .

  135. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, one more, I forgot USGS is there too..hahaha.

  136. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, July 4 th JPL is involved with Juno mission.,

  137. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, this is info on JPL..( know some scientists there) my cousin married one..,

  138. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 It gets funnier mental convo with guides
    R…”but I was asking for L.A. .Pasadena is in Arizona”
    G…”look it up”
    R…oh ..I have always thought it in Arizona.
    G…post the info Rhona Star will no what to do with it
    R….There’s something funny going on here”
    G…Yes ..but not weired..
    I also had no idea the EQ hub monotoring was there..I have never sen eartquake ir heard the story line of it..(yah i kniw can you believe that)
    So USGS and JPL..Its hillarious..
    Cheers and Happy days

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona, Star48…that is hilarious. Spirits have such a sense of humor it seems. I hope you both are having a wonderful weekend/holiday.

  139. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 isnt it just incredible .i could sense them having a chyckle but i thought it was at me thinking Pasadena Arizona ..have no idea how that one got jumbled just like singing the wrong words to a song for years …
    Remember when you said ..outer or inner space on a post? Well i had a thought..
    Maybe with the chrystals and plasma in the inner iner core they ned to send the messages of contact to the centre of the earth instead of with amplified space dishes …ou kniq kinda bounce it off the core ..the reverse of magnetic rays and such unsread of recieving mabe it can send too
    there is that ..Jules gets a thought and you make a statement and you are clise to the mark unwittingly…could be profound ..
    Enjoy your holiday too…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona. So far holiday is “uneventful” mostly here in the US which is good I think. You never know, maybe that would work bouncing it off the inner inner core right? Now I’m interested in what exactly would happen. Funny. Thanks for the good cheer Rhona. Hugs!

  140. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 I replied to your post and it diappeared again …if a rouge post from me turns up on a thread that doesnt fit appoligies all …
    I was saying …remember your pist when you said ..outer or inner space..
    Well u had a thought ..maybe they should try contact transmutting through inner inner plasma core with all thise know instead of pointing their discs ti outer space ..reverse it how we recieve magnetic flares etc
    See Jules you made a comment and whalah your on to it with out knowing where it came from…
    Happy holidays to you and yours
    hope this posts

    1. jules104 Avatar

      You may have something there Rhona. Thanks for the holiday wishes. I hope all is quiet in the World. There has been way to much tragedy. Praying for Peace. Blessings to You and Yours.

  141. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules 104,
    this is a small clip of my cousin(1st) the volcanologist..on his work in Hawaii.
    This is only a small vignette of what he has done and seen..worldwide as well as under the ocean..
    Very proud of him.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I had to watch it twice Star48. Very interesting stuff. I totally understand why you would be so proud of him, your cousin. What a life, I think that studying geology and volcanos would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing with us all. Have a great 4th tomorrow.

  142. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 what a facinating life Mike must be leading I like Jules watched it twice once with my 5 year old grandson with a running commentary from Nan ..his eyes boggled at the shoe ..he has a gentle energy ….
    Thank you and no wonder your proud

  143. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 im not 100% in where this is leading …New Madrid or someething else to do with Mississippi…they kept saying beach area …
    Two songs and a picture in flyer
    Mississippi Delta towns
    Down the Mississippi down in New Orleans
    pic of Mississippi Harmonica..
    I waited this time till i recieved 3 the last song thus morning came in 10 minutes ago ( Down Misssissippi n New Orleans)
    Just thought i should post wish i new why
    ….Could it be Erics Storm? Gulf of Mexico near Jackson County Mississippi..

    1. star48 Avatar

      my reply did not post…wierd…
      2 nd effort..
      1 you mentioned W Vitginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. EQ? Ref ( new Madrid)
      2, now this Beach area in Mississippi.
      My thoughts.
      A. I am confused, Is reference to EQ affecting Mississippi River? All the way down to Gulf?
      B.. “. Is it reference to storm Tobasco, Mexico reference.. As storm from PAcific or gulf?
      C. “. Florida / storm hurricane reference? From gulf? Or Atlantic.
      D. Some other event… Ie…sinkholes?

      As you can see lots of questions…? Sorry not to be on same page with you this time..

  144. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 the best i can decipher is two sets of messages for two seperate events…the last post is deffinitely abit golf of ,Mexico and Tabasco and new Orleans are opposite each other in the Gulf …Tabasci soythwest across the bay …Thats as much as i can clarfy.. Sorry

  145. rhona Avatar

    Star48 im going to attept this again
    Kentucky ..Tennessee…West Virgina is New Madrid quake headsup rhe time frame they suggest is first snows

    The Mississippi Delta song
    Down Mississippi in New Orleans
    Mississippi harmonica pic
    alk relate to storm Gulf of Mexico – pribably linked to incoming prediction of Eric and spirits about Tabasco seeing as my messages were coming in the night before for me to Erics new prediction..sort of synchronicity..
    They kept pointing to beaches in the Gulf of Mexico…but im mystified if they mean misssissippi delta New Orleans for beach area but it is a storm

    the Pacific storm is philippines the one i refered to that started near Guam …
    Does this help …
    This is way too hard …

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, got it, clear as crystal….
      My confusion is no more…it is three events..
      .I got confused when I thought it was two events..
      So we are now Iocked and loaded…….on the same page.. Thx for clarification..
      Tell singer, I understand, now.
      Hope your political drama ..gets resolved..

  146. rhona Avatar

    He is being cheeky again and is playing born on the wind
    my interpretation in keeping with Eric and spirit is maybe there is an implication that Tabasco could be like New Orleans after Katrina it has a topography if alluvial Fluviac deltaic soils
    As Eric said mud..floods….
    Glad we are on same page again …

  147. rhona Avatar

    Thanks it is quite a tight result we have a lot of swinging voters in Aus and every time the serving government changes leaders during a term it upsets the electorate and it reflects in the vote with loss of favour for that party ….Turbull was not the person the liberal voters voted for last election so not happy campers ….

  148. star48 Avatar

    interesting event..
    world class landslide.. Southeast large can affect planet..
    Shifting tectonics…precursor or foreshadowing to BC/ West Coast of US ?

  149. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 This slide was a biggy wow first reaction ..oh no …now what?…as the aricle stated these slides are getting mor frequent up there and they want to find out why …good idea…
    I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach i think you could be right .
    At first i thought it may relate to 3-1-16 it will collapse from behind and Eric pondering if mountain ..but that was Argentina it seems… Thanks for that one star

  150. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    I was gathering info on another site..
    Ran across these( copied and paste)
    S Lee –Here in Washoe Valley, Nevada we have been seeing literally hundreds of small frogs migrating from west to east, away from the Carson Range. I researched this and found that unseasonal frog migrations (outside of breeding season), especially in midsummer heat when it’s not raining, have been known to be precursors of large earthquakes. This is ominously close to Lake Tahoe and we’re downstream from that high lake. I for one am on alert and would like your take on this region.

    Another was from a lady who has a dog in Arkansas who is sensitive to EQ has now gone under the bed..will not come out..( today)

  151. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona,
    Jules you mentioned Gorda escarpment…this is close..
    Just happened off Oregon.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48, been watching that one also… Blanco Fracture Zone.

  152. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 my take on the area is one of concern …the Genoa fault nd the Wasoe Valley has a strike slip if 1mm a year and it appears to be hugly siezmcally active as you know …the frogs are a indicater simething is afoot ..i agree …
    I asked the singer for an immediate response for you and he said just take the title of the song into consideration ( Edge of Reality ) now i still want that backed up by the 3 flag alert …i will let you know when the othe two come through…Oregon offshire quake is going to have a respose posssibly mid plate..i will have to have a look …i didnt research yet as i wanted to post the singers message first..
    Take care Star live and light to Lake Tahoe and down stream …
    Oh yeah the dog underbed is a pretty good indicater of some sort..

    1. star48 Avatar

      my new niece ( by marriage) shared this with me. Fallen Leaf lake is near Carson Valley, ( Genoa)as well as Lake Tahoe.
      Thought you would enjoy info on this theory that is being worked on.,

  153. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, Rhona,
    Canada ..
    New geological giant dome (s)features? Also emitting Sulphur and carbon dioxide.
    Noted and reported by Dutchsinse.


  154. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, jules104,
    strange event this morning. Huge amount of energy..(?) unsolicited …hit me..I was aware but could barely move..
    So intense..I had been aware of new vibrating off and on for awhile..
    I believe my vibration changed …I am missing about 5 plus hrs.

    1. Julie L Base Avatar
      Julie L Base

      Wow that sounds intense Star48. Do you feel this was a good thing then? I’m sure you know much more about this than I do. How do you feel now? Five hours…that’s a long time. I was reading that… “The vibration of your body must be compatible with the vibration of the incoming energy. In other words, your body must vibrate at, or near, the same frequency as the incoming energy.” I can’t help but think you are now at a higher frequency, which is great…I think? How are you feeling? Let us know.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Julie L. Base, hi..
        To be honest I am still mentally processing what perception is that it was a good thing..I can only explain that I feel more awake..or sharper, I am stumbling here..
        I just need more time to figure out how I am now..
        When The initiating wave first hit I at first tried to fight it..until realized what it was and surrendered.
        I am okay..just feel a little odd (?) not right word..more aware? Hahaha…words are failing me here..

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, that was weird that my full name came up last reply. Hmm… Might need to fix that since its “worldwide” and all. Glad it was just you and Rhona. Anyway, it sounds sort of well… great !.. this new frequency your experiencing. What do you think about your five missing hours? Just like time doesn’t exist sort of? I know I’ve read your and Rhonas past thoughts on it but can’t recall what you mentioned. Keep us updated.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, nice to meet you..
        I wonder if that my vibration caused that reveal? If so I will be more the future…
        This has certainly been weird..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Ha! so funny Star48, I was wondering the same thing. That’s hilarious. Cheeky as Rhona would say. Blessings

  155. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Jules 104……
    Star wow it is a vibration increase for sure in my books ..yeah tats happened to me and the singer chimmed in with Good Vibrations .cheeky Jules makes me wonder if the singer has had a hand in this…Star you have ben doing some intense meditation? Right.? Guess you moved out the way enough fir spirit to really move in and do some serious adjustments …oh i am so excited for you the journey should become amazing as if yours hasnt already been ..
    Dint go shakung hands to iften or people mught think you have a trick electric shock hand buzzer in the palm of your hand haha..
    Jules im with yiu guys about your name something weird there get Eric tomaybe ask Eric to remove those two posts…Yeah? Keep us updated star on anything that occurs wih you ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      little side note..
      a table lamp – turned on without me touching it..I was in another room, came in sat down carrying in items ( hands full) and than noticed it was on already. I know it was off I had not used the room and it is still light outside.. No short, no automatic device on it..
      uh oh..that is very disconcerting.
      Maybe I did have something to do with Jules104, reveal…I better keep track in journal.

      Okay..found item about unexplained sounds in Alhambra,CA.- apparently baffles Cal Tech seismologists……..

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I am curious to see what happens next Star48. Oh I just read the lamp situation. Hmm…interesting that. And no hand shaking for now. lol

  156. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 still in keeping with your vibration shift …when i get a song for confirmation it resounds without d oubt and i mentally asked the singer for more and loud and clear ( oh what a night in sweet surrender) I feel I need to honour these messages at the risk of an ” oh yeah sure ” reaction from some but i have to tell it as it is…
    Happy days…
    Dutch is so cool and onto it ..another great informative alert..

  157. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 we were posting about same time so i only saw your light bulb moment just after i commented last…
    Proif pisitive its a shift in vibration they often use lights and light bulbs as a flag
    yes you wilk.have to be more mindful. but you can ask to turn down the volume and if you feel its toi high tell them …
    sorry but im haveing a laugh its going to get a bit weired but balance one foot in this reality the other in theirs ..just straddle the line Star..and your a past master at grounding…what do they say ? Be careful what you wish for..Welcome to my world..blowing out electronics etc..

  158. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 got so carried away with your shift i forgot to acknowledge Mysterious booms …Pasadena area hmm ..hope they figur out real soon ..let me know ..
    Remember the Shaman you met maybe touch base with him ?

    1. star48 Avatar

      I forgot to mention that Pasadena and Alhambra are only 3 miles apart..

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, so not funny..
      This morning I woke up my left palm was buzzing/ felt like swirling energy coming out from my palm..(I could actually feel it swirling like a mini tornado!)
      I checked out my other hand- nothing like the left..
      It stopped after – – dismissed it as an after effect from yesterday- got ready went downstairs started my outlets,correspondence etc..
      When at 9:14 am PST — boom.–my plug /cord to my iPad started sparking.. I jumped 2 feet…
      First words out of my mouth -Son of a camel!
      I blinked at that verbal outburst…( having never said it before)
      Than I thought of you and the singer and started laughing…I am still chuckling..
      However to tell you ..I am still a little weirded out.
      Went to check fuses in my panel..
      I think something has affected electrical outlets in the living room where I was
      Sitting and I am laughing yet freaked..
      Next step electrician..

  159. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 im so finding it funny ..but im in absolute astonishment you have to call in an electrition ..been there done that….the singer played not not ..not responsible…and a hearty laugh with it..he apparently was into electricity in his last incarnation and music and Camels haha…oh my maybe some hemitite or bare feet to ground ….its i diconcerting to be buzzing all over the place..maybe you will be a healer
    Hope it all settles for you real soon keep safe and avoid all power outlets
    keep us posted…

  160. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Swc a 5.6 quake just hit Norseman 700 odd klm east of Perth half hr ago …not sure of any damage in town of Norseman yet. area has been small scale swarming fir a week or so . i didnt feel anything except a buzz in ball of left foot 2 hours prior ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      that is pretty big! Wondering if this is a beginning of more EQ’s for your ” area”
      It seems the only place that has been quiet is in Africa..
      We had a swarm. In high 4’s in NV yesterday..
      Will keep you in my thoughts…nothing bigger comes..

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, so be safe..
      no sooner than I hope nothing more hits.bam
      5.4 Macquaire….
      Besides this one..

      Side note —4.7 -230kmENE of Socorro Island, Mexico..( plume of Sulphur Dioxide Dutch found on the other Island). So that whole area..unstable..umm..

  161. star48 Avatar

    NZ, EQ North Island…52 Km deep…only 4.4 mag.
    Problem? Triangle with Rotorua and Taupo..
    (My thought Magma could be in the mix..)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the update

  162. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC,

    Blindsided with this information…Holy Moly..,

    Scientists find 1700 mile crack across US..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s amazing Star48. Makes one feel very insignificant when it comes to our planet. And for some reason I think of Edgar Cayce and the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico when I look at that map. Wasn’t it him that had mentioned that? Well I hope and pray we never have any earthshaking under Yellowstone from that either. Sheesh all very “life in the balance” sort of feeling. Blessings and Prayers.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules 104,
        thought about ” us” Being a target.
        .X marks the spot type, since the crack points to our part of the world..I started chuckling.,
        Okay, I am above the crack…so far….chuckle,chuckle… Than I remember the crack in Wyoming..oh well..
        Your right I saw the same..Edgar Cayce’s spirit information..maybe not right away, but very possible..

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Oh good point Star48…X marks the spot! Well Sheesh, I’m below the crack. Are you going to be singing the “O Canada” anthem pretty soon? I hope not! 🙂 I can only imagine what else is out there that the scientists are unaware of. :/
          Blessings for a wonderful weekend

          1. star48 Avatar

            thx for the laugh! I will have to start practicing my singing. Not…
            Patriotic American to the core…🎶🎶🎶🎶 God Bless America..

  163. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 Holy Moly wow …fantastic research and article some of our senses and intuitions and Dutch’s about interplate and quake connections just explained in one swoop…isnt it just mind boggling and scary many more deep cracks from.rifs exist uncharted..?
    Yeah the Scorro Isle has an interesting 600 klm radial point frim Baja..Colima..Jalusco and they have just detected a new caldra nestled on a slope thats become unsettled..not sure if you recalk nudge from my guides to note oaxaca though some distance from Scorro..
    I agree magma movement for North N.Z especially around Rotorua..New Magma Chamber see

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona thanks for the link. That’s really amazing. Both your and Star48s. Sheesh just imagine everything we still don’t know about our planet. Makes one feel very very small in comparison. Blessings

    2. star48 Avatar

      this goes together with the deep EQ we had and have been tracking in May, June., they are unprecedented.. Remember my attempt to record?
      The research before Jan this year was one a year.,we had 5 or 6 plus since Jan, this year!
      The earth ringing like a bell in 1994, Bolivian EQ was at that time the deepest ever..
      .this year that grew, exponentially.
      No wonder Volcanism has ( pardon the pun) exploded..
      I do not think we can really do anything but observe, warn people when we can, and truly hold on …even directing energy is going to get scattered . 7 billion people..I
      I can only follow..Eric’s guides and my own.,
      and smile and give positive reinforcement..such small gestures in this storm..

  164. rhona Avatar

    Hi jules yeah so much to keep up with even here in west Australia …the last quake at Norseman was in a fault called Keith Kilkenny apparently people as close as 20 klm from.where we are felt it but we are 45klm out of Perth City..The place Osborne park felt it some sway in buildings the land there is reclaimed swamp so the so il picked up the waves
    we are set on limestone rock..
    im guessing we might have some movement offshore near Carnarvon or broome soon as i think that one was interplate triggered we will see sure we are headed fir a much more active time …I havent had anything on NC yet
    will let you know…we are having sime mild hailstone rains today si a bit chilli here like 13c is low max we had a min of 1.3 c last week not good for sunny perth..
    oh well poor Melbourne had a terrible lot of snow last week so many changes in weather everywhere..all is well here stays safe and happy always in my thoughts are the families in Dallas praying for unity and peace so vexing all round unnecalled for deaths in last few days…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow I had to look up where exactly Norseman was Rhona. Perth is quite a ways from there. You may be correct on another one coming soon to Broome or Carnarvon (looked those up also, learning a lot about Australia 🙂 I am glad you are atleast not right on the ocean in Perth, but still need to be ready for anything these days. I really feel that the earth is in the middle of a huge geological change and we humans are going to have to ride it out the best we can. I think Star48 is correct when he says we can observe, warn, direct energy, hold on in this storm, but Mother Earth will do as she sees fit. I always forget that you are in a weather system that will be our opposite now. I hope you are staying warm. I was surprised when moving to the West Coast right on the Pacific that we got so much hail here. I was use to it, being in the Heartland of the US and in Colorado next to the Rockies, but I never realized you would get so much hail next to an Ocean. Just goes to show I have a lot to learn. Maybe that is part of the weather changing though, hmm. Melbourne with snow, that seems odd to. I agree so many uncalled for deaths. I can’t help but wonder if the main issue is the instability of peoples mental health, and there should be way more focus on that area. Though many areas need to be attended to, (gun control, racism, bigotry) most rational people would not feel the need to harm/kill others just because they are angry. It’s very concerning how many unstable people there are in the world now. It’s like the issue has not been addressed for so long it’s just compounded exponentially and gotten out of control. Ugh. Though I have faith that the Light will overcome the Darkness, as the planet changes so to will the people on it. Warmth and Prayers Rhona

  165. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 very wise move following our own guides who care for and know us well ..yes and Eric and his spirits predictions are the reason we are all gathered here …hopefully our guides can enhance those of Eric’s in a helpful way..
    maybe im talking too much about the messages I get ..its purely intended to help ..i actually get quite timid inside about delivering the messages ..
    in relation to being scatered ..i still believe in a persoel level that the lught if live and compassion knows exactly what to do and is infinate in its power …of course we need to be practicle and issue real down ti earth warnings through awareness and media may we be timely with these warnings..
    lets just keep trucking SWC
    blessings all

    1. star48 Avatar

      I must have given you the wrong mistake

      I believe each of us is “one with”and affects the universe.

      I was talking in a contemplative singular.thought.( rare for me should have noted it in comment)
      …(lightbulb,electrical) as a scattered response, by me…

      I feel that the collective SWC, can affect universal energy levels ..of course.
      Don’t you dare get timid about guidance communication.!

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I agree with Star48 Rhona….keep the music playing, cheeky Spirit Guide and all! :). Hugs to both of you!

  166. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 you did sound contemplative almost a little blue in tone…maybe just the way i read it …i understand though and you have had a huge energy experience ……bio rythms …..thats it resolve came across in your contemplative manner ( teasing)
    ok messages will be delivered ..thank you i can imagine you pointing your finger as you said ” dont you dare get timid” i would probably short circuit if i didnt deliver or worse the old record would get stuck in a groove scratch and all .. all i can say is thank you for sharing your thougyts and support

  167. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Instead of me singing..I give you this! Great weekend to you .
    the power of the many..

  168. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 that was absolutely beautiful voices raised together .magic ..thank you for a song …
    the singer did chime in …There’s a friend waiting to guide you..look for a Star …just played as I brought the reply box up

  169. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 He has got a cheeky one for you …haha ” You better get used to it ..Cause I’ll be around..” do you know that one Jules ? ..
    He isnt going to let me off the hook..happy you enjoy
    blessing into the new week for you and yours

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s funny Rhona. Guess he’s not letting you be timid about putting out those messages either, lol.

  170. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 just caught up with your article on Fallen Leaf Lake ..Im with Scott and his team…Chucks comment about branches made sense..I will be folliwing up on their research findings ..intriguing..
    thank you

    1. star48 Avatar

      next up Western US, CA or off coast of Oregon.,as it has not moved appreciatively.
      I keep thinking of what singer said about Pasadena..than they had that strange noise underground in Alhambra ( 3 miles from Padadena- Southern CA) so that is ready..

      Than there were sounds underground a few months ago in Tracy, CA.( northern CA.)
      So Northern CA is getting ready..
      And today a bridge collapsed…after a car swerved for nor reason, than crashed..a fire truck came to the soon as they crossed a collapsed… Strange..near Lassen Volcanic fields…there has been a sinking of the earth at and near Lassen..the volcanologists do not know why..
      It apparently is sinking 18-21 miles around Lassen …
      So the whole area is becoming unstable.. Things are getting ready..
      East of SF..and along the mountain range..the frog situation both sides of Tahoe/Carson City..(Genoa)

      Salton Sea area is still going strong. So all in all — could get ugly..

      Regarding Ecuador..I shake my head…still rocking from the “big” one..
      The people panic sensitive to the fear..

      Still watching for Philippines..looking where the EQ ‘s have hit..interesting all around.,

      Still looking for the star….bow to the singer and a smile to you.. 🌟

  171. rhona Avatar

    wow Star 47 when you put it all together like that i could feel the tention in the earth ….where was the bridge collapse?
    Lasson is a huge worry that is really scary when you think what could be happening there…
    I hope we are so wrong but your right its loaded ..ti be honest I cant get Passadena off my nind ….i hope people are prepared maybe it will spread easily over several smaller areas mercifully …All my love and prayers for all
    Star the singer was implying that you are that star that friend to help and guide …he thanks you …he knows how much your support and encouragement have helped me trust my messages ..without you Jules and Erics and spirits incedible site would still be just between him and I …he is so happy about too
    keeping watch
    blessings and a big smile to you.

  172. star48 Avatar

    I posted this on differant thread.,here is the original article put on geological site
    ..I checked on Google earth, near Lassen Volcanic fields..

  173. star48 Avatar

    this came out today…even the “experts” know it is coming..
    They point out Cajon pass…that has always been a weak point to be cutoff.

  174. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,SWC,–
    – hidden mega Asia..
    A massive fault could trigger a cataclysmic earthquake beneath Bangladesh, parts of east India and Myanmar