Predictions 5-10-16

I had a visual of a man pointing the gun at several people.
I had a visual of a child who had been shot.
“In Advance.. Children targeted.. how truly evil.”
I had a visual of a pack of cigarettes with the brand name Marlboro. “Maron Borrow.. Mark”
I had a visual of salt being poured into a large lake. Salt Lake?
23 years
Spirit was clearly trying to say a name Mar, Maron, then Mark. I don’t think we resolved the final answer. Its also my opinion the location is Salt Lake City.

“A ban on Muslims.. people forced from their location.. it makes no sense to force them out.. people should not be treated so coldly.. no one person is better than another.”
The implication was that individuals had finally had a place to stay that was good, but then forced out. The location is mixed they mentioned Greece but oddly mentioned Montana.

I had a visual of a black bag sitting with a sense of dread.
“A suspicious bag.. bomb.. two tenants seem really suspicious.. Saint Lou.”

I had a visual of a wheel slowly turning then I heard a massive explosion. “Turkey”

I had a visual of one massive volcano eruption.
“The island nation.. so massive the smoke will be seen from other nations.. tragically some will not make it in time.”
I had a visual of a nation that had several smaller islands, perhaps Indonesia.

“The man will go to the Geneva convention and then disappear.. they will later find out he was accidently killed.”
I believe the Geneva convention is symbolic example of a political meeting.

182 thoughts on “Predictions 5-10-16

  1. So, is the first prediction some kind of terror attack, or a random shooting by a nut? Any idea what 13 means?
    Also, is the Saint Lou thing separate from the one where kids are targeted?

  2. i think there is a maron who is some kind of politician in Salt Lake City. i think comes from a prominent or well known family. i can check further with some friends in SLC….hope this helps

  3. but also, there is a tv channel here east coast called IFC which has a marc maron show..he is a comedian, often offensive references/ racial slurs in his skits and he mention trying electronic cigarettes to try to kick smoking habit. this guy is old school from my neck of the woods so there is a good chance he smoked/smokes either winston or marlboro…

    1. Mari, your posts got me looking into who is Marc Maron. He did an interview with President Obama last year, 6/22/15. He is a very thought provoking comedian. He will also be in Salt Lake City, Utah July 14-16, 2016. I think you might have connected something.

      1. Hi very funny tag…my mom used to
        call me luna when i was a kid., she said she
        swore one day i would howl at the moon!
        And then parents wonder why kids end up
        in therapy! LOL
        Keep me updated if u come up with
        anything else,,,,do u get premonitions

      2. just saw this….he did smoke
        marlboros…there has to be a link to this prediction.,,

        “I used to smoke Marlboros, and I used to smoke Marlboros but now I do, like, nicotine lozenges, so I show him my nicotine lozenges,” Maron said. “So I ask him, and say ‘can I just hold one?’…And at some point in the middle of the interview I’m just being this baby with my unlit cigarette, Keith just pauses and he looks at me and he throws a lighter at me.”


      3. Hi luna tic
        I also came across this;

        marc maron on Twitter: “@CSStuckey Marlboro Reds …

        Also he lived in Marlboto NJ
        for a ehile,
        Do u think there is a connection somewhere between this and him being in salt lake city in july?

        But then again i cant find the relevance to connect him to anything noteworthy regarding these predictions.
        It just seems odd.. Any thoughts?

  4. There is a “Hotel Spa Montana” in Karpenision, Greece. It would make sense that some refugees would be offered shelter in a hotel. The tourist season is approaching and they may now be forced to leave their living quarters to allow for the hotel to accommodate tourists. That is my best guess.

  5. Could this island nation be new Zealand? One of our volcanoes mt ruapehu has for the last fortnight seen its crater temperature rising steadily

    1. Psychic Chris, hi
      thought of that it could be NZ too,,,
      Lots of choices.,most will not know the name of the volcano…
      since there are three together on North Island..and one offshore erupting

      To help identify – Lord of the Rings Volcano—chuckle..

      See news alert everyone can identify..
      New Zealand warns hikers away from ‘Lord of the Rings’ volcano – AP

      1. on a more serious note our emergency authorities have placed a level 2 warning around Mt. Ruapehu which is nothing to most people but for the authorities is basically observation stage, also a caution has been put around Mt. Ruapehu for aircraft but it shouldnt effect flights unless the situation deteriorates

  6. Do the spirits ever suggest that there is some group or persons behind many of the acts of violence? If so who? Who is their top dog(s)?
    There are many thoughts floating around that say that there are only a few individuals behind all this evil and they are playing both side trying to stir up unrest. It has also been said that these same people are financing these evil groups and allowing them opportunities to do their dirty deeds while saying they are protecting the ones being hur and are our friends.

  7. hi Nic and phsycic chris Ruapehu has been down graded but you would know better than us hopefully its not a pause
    loiking at spirits words they said visible fom other nations so i hope that counts NZ out
    maybe Turrialba Costa rica in orange alert
    Santiaguito Guatamala
    or Aso or four others in Japan that are active
    my thoughts also always go back to Cotoplaxi Ecuador
    what are your thoughts on ither nations seeing this ut sounds huge
    blessings guys and stay safe in your beatiful island home

  8. Star 48 white island smokeas spirit said will it be visible from other nations?
    are you thinking this is the one spirit is talking about …

    1. Rhona, it could be…however it is off the coast a good distance..
      I think the candidate is the one that is ..going to take people by surprise ..
      Otherwise, people would not be caught.
      So I think that takes White IS off the board.. ?
      However– Solomon Islands, Philippines, Caribbean has many nations,as well as small is off their coasts….still need to get a better picture..

      1. Jules104,Rhona.
        .just got small note.
        .a swarm spike at Yellowstone -sustained Harmonic tremors..still going study area..

        Also just today deep EQ 4 in and around Fiji..depths 573km -586 km- 623km -497km

        Next for shear volume..Columbia.,today..149km-142km-147km-115km
        Argentina-132km. 168km. South Peru 170km Chile 95km-147km-39-km-113km

        Indonesia–106km-109km-523km. Sea of Japan 367km. NE Kamchatka 120 km.
        Unusual to have so many deep EQ’s on one day…( my opinion)

        1. It makes me wonder about the prediction for the Argentina earthquake. It was Argentia that was the rubber band correct? Or Brazil/Chili? I need to goback and look.

  9. yep Indonesia Eric suggested ..i missed it …”several smaller islands for this nation..back to drawing board….

  10. Hi Eric
    Could ‘Maron Borrow’ be a reference to Donald Trump’s son? (I think his name is ‘Barron’?). Another psychic has predicted danger around him. In any event, let us all pray for peace and safety to all.

  11. Sorry it doesn’t relate to this topic, but is there anything on the Zika virus and Olympic Games in rio?

    1. wow what a find …the proof is in the pudding ..i still believe thy dont give the main syream credit for being able to handle the info let alone we have the right to know without filters…

    1. I had a dream a year ago that new geanua to Bali would be wiped out. I was shown fire flames everywhere like tea lights. With complete silence, like blown up. When I woke up i had to Google and map. I didn’t know that these areas were near each other. That’s how I know this is coming.

      1. Kelly,
        wow that is quite the distance!
        A whole region?
        I cannot even imagine something affecting that distance unless it was at the top of the VEI scale …like Krakatoa …
        The only Volcano to come close to that in that region is Toba…VEI 8 scale..

        It is true the fish have died in The lake there in the past few weeks……
        But the shear distance… And this is at the northern province..differant volcano .
        Rhona would or could be affected…Bali? Are you sure?
        I would hate to see that unfold….

      2. kelly Star 48 im not even going to hesitate to white light the area in your dream kelly even though Perth is1626 miles fom there i have family living in Darwin 900 odd miles but as you say Star a v8 or VEI 8 huge and extremely far reaching ..hec no dont want to see that
        thanks for sharing kelly or we wouldnt know what areasay be at risk and need prayer love and light
        blessings and to you too Star for your concen

        1. Yes I agree. Sending prayers and white light for the whole area. Rhona, Kelly, Star48 glad we have Eric’s site for all of the SWC. Blessings All

    1. well Star 48 what a beautiful video i just felk deeper in love with mother earth some it appears as though she is breathing to us she is …it is truly a blessing we are seeing this

  12. Eric I’ve been wondering if the “children targeted” part could be related to any previous predictions. It seems like there were previous predictions possibly having to do with hospitals or schools? There are persons with the name Mark/Marron Borrows in Salt Lake area. There is a St Marks Hospital and a school related to the Saint Marks Church there too. And is the “Saint Lou” having to do with “protect the Lou” from the previous predictions? Just curious if there is more info already for us to look at.

    1. Children targeted could it be that it is associated with pedophiles that will take advantage of the recent push by the government to allow anyone to use whatever restroom they feel they need? With the recent move by the justice department forcing this open restroom deal on schools.

    1. oh prayers and light to the most appropriate decision made there ..for goodness sake a false alarm is much more palatable than playing with peoples lives and regret in hindsight.

    2. hi star48
      do u know if there are any volcano eruptoons
      that could be seen from near sam diego?
      Maybe from a ship that would be in
      the vicinity?

  13. There is going to be an attack/explosion in Paris very soon. Lots of death, pain, black smoke…similar to 9/11. (I feel horrible – something big is going to happen.)

    1. Kim C, SWC,
      funny you should say that earlier I pulled this notice/article about a warning…
      Europol chief concerned about possible terror attacks on upcoming UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in France – Reuters

    2. Kim,C.
      More of the top intelligence officers are agreeing with your feeling..let us know if you ” “see “some more, Blessings..

  14. There was a volcanic eruption in Costa Rica this past Wednesday, not sure if anyone mentioned it.
    Also the bomb explosion in St. Lou mentioned in this predication, could it be possible this refers back to the Brussels prediction about “protect Lou”? I know they said something about deverting attention away from “Lou”with another attack…..
    Well, here’s my thought….. Since terrorism is global now, is it possible that we are to focused on one area? I mean couldn’t or wouldn’t they attack in one country to divert attention away from a more serious attack in another country? For example, the news reported the fire and destruction of a orthodox Christian ( not sure if it was Greek or Serbian) cathedral in NY that dated back to the mid 1800’s. What they didn’t report that there were 2 or 3 additonal fires in other countries on the same day of the fire in NY, which happened to be Easter in the Orthodox Church. What’s going on? All these fires were deemed arson. I think we
    need to read more and pay attention if we want to connect the dots. Something evil is lurking just outside of our vision. I know it, just can’t put my finger on it😐

    1. Sorry, those fires in those other countries were also in Orthodox Christian churches as well.

      1. Caseyatthebat, thanks for the heads up..
        .Rhona, mentioned that in a few threads..
        Somehow, we keep commenting on multiple threads for long stretches …
        it gets confusing at times…for you to see…there is a post that 24 volcanos have erupted since May 1st? Did you see that thread? I think it is 5-6. Or late April…

    1. does anyone know if there is a volcano on channel islands? specifically santa cruz island ?
      would you be able to see one from southern california? i am not sure of the geography there…

    1. Apparently trump used to use john
      baron as am alias. will trump he in dalr lake ciry upcoming?

    2. Thanxxx star48 for channel islands info.
      Something and i cant put my finger on
      it Has to do with boat and explosion
      and southern cal.
      Have been obsessing for weeks. Something big. I know sounds weird but the quiet calm scares

      1. Mari, don’t give up! Keep us informed if you ” sense more”
        Spirit is directing us to the areas of attacks…

  15. Star 48… Thanks for the link regarding the Orthodox Church fires. I didn’t know they ruled out arson. Still think it’s odd that all 3/4 were hit with the same calamity on Orthodox Easter …..
    Hey, no problem about the Volcano eruption…. When I read everyone noting the various eruptions around the world, yet no one mentioned Costa Rica. I remember hearing it on the news, as I was rushing around getting ready for work. Sorry for the slow reply, just been a busy week. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

    1. Caseyarrhebat,
      do not apologize ..
      regarding the volcano in Costa Rica, Rhona informed us in a couple threads…as of yesterday I believe there are “40” active volcanos..I know amazing..
      Just got a message Aetna has up ticked .
      No dearth of candidates that is for sure!–

      Apparently, there may be a religious/political reason behind the was hinted at by a few sources..,nothing said with specifics .
      Yellowstone, Mt St Helensand Now Mt Hood. Do not forget our next super volcano the long Valley( all of is caldera..our favorite vacation spot Mammoth…heap, lots of choices…

      1. Sorry , I feel like strangling auto correct..( I update my operating system yesterday, ugh.
        should be EtNA,,
        paragraph after specifics.,
        space between Helen’s and now…..
        all of it is caldera…
        heap should be aye…

        1. Star48, sorry for jumping onto your thread but I just had to tell you what a chuckle (auto correct had just added the word “chicken” to boot instead) I got out of that. Got to love our auto corrects sometimes. LOL. Blessings

          1. Jules104, go can love it..
            I will say it is testing my patience and peaceful demeanor.( blue smoke, blue smoke)

            An aside…
            did you catch the bomb threat at naval base…SD (hoax). Did not get a good feeling about that..
            Too many “pretends” ….what are your thoughts?

            1. Oh yeah just googled. Not good. This article says there have been 17 since last November. That’s way to many for just pranks. I hope the powers that be are paying excellent attention. Blessings Star48

      2. Hey Star48
        I read somewhere that if Mt Pelee (in Martinique) erupts, look for a major quake in Calif to follow soon after. Not sure if this is an old wives tale/superstition. Considering all the rumblings in Volcanos around the world and in Central America, not including all the quakes in Carribean, I’m keeping my eye on Pelee…. All the old ones are waking up (Aetna, those in Costa Rica, Ecuador etc) too, all at the same time. Mother Earth is trying to tell us something for sure.

            1. Star48. Reading the info on the region it states this earthquake is an aftershock of the April 16,2016, mag 7.8 event. I hope they are correct and nothing much bigger for these poor people. Sheesh. Though it’s also the subduction area which created the highest earthquake of mag 9.5 on historic records. Hmmm… I’m just thinking of what Spirits predicted for Argentina/Chili was it? Could it be somewhere in the Andes? Or was a tsunami predicted with this one. I need to go back and look.
              And, I knew you would know what I was referring to with Edgar Cayces prediction. Thanks Star48.

  16. SWC,
    a device exploded in man hand..2 nd device.. is being investigated.,
    Las Vegas…see.Las Vegas police investigating 2 suspicious devices; 1 man injured – KTNV
    So many threats today.,this is only one of 3 reports today..all got all clear..except this one..

  17. (“The man will go to the Geneva convention and then disappear.. they will later find out he was accidentally killed.”
    I believe the Geneva convention is symbolic example of a political meeting.)

    The Bilderberg Group meeting perhaps? It’s in Dresden Germany this year held June 9-12th.

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. I had seen somewhere that all three areas had been having activity recently. It’s like my daughter said, if you look at a topographical map it’s easy to see that they have to be connected somehow. Let’s hope they are just recharging for years into the future. But I think it’s just a matter of time before one of them blows. Funny how the things that make people want to move to these cities and that make the cities so beautiful are the same things that will kill you. Yikes! You just never know what’s going to happen next anymore it seems.

  18. Star 48 the article about mt Rainer has triggerrd an emotiinal response from me
    RadialDykes we have intuitively or more acurately postulated this as common sense deduction …i understand they are science and sciemce needs proof ..lets use logistical thought
    eg a mt range is called a chain …it wouldnt be a chain if they werent linked thats why its called a chain now i believe they are linked the ages og the individual mountains are roughly the same one pushes and snither forms in the chain radial dikes must come into play …oh goidness i just know in my heart they are connected i have always seen them that way in my minds eye since i was young i honestly thought they knew …
    to me the silica no silica points to a differnt feed dyke / chamber prior to explosion
    yes i believe Rainer could blow as i said on another feed there is the prediction of icecap mt eruption with lahars ..we all presumed it was Bardabunga maybe mt st Helens or Rainer..
    i will put it out there and ask my guides which and i know they will answer
    im actually really quite concerned for thousands of people in the areas and when are they going to have the guts call a spade a spade as we noted before ok they dont want to panic people but give humanity credit some will lusted others wont ..when they back off with info and only give it out as they are 100% certain its too late and then panic defiately sets in ..the rods are blocked and mayhem …i cant figure that…..
    thats my opinion only
    hope not too long just frustrated

  19. Swc im really concerned for ecuador area i hope and pray its not a precurser for something bigger …

    1. Rhona thanks for the info. I was looking at the earthquake in Argentina Salta area lastnight thinking about a big one happening soon. Sending Prayers for South America.

      1. Jules104, EQ, In Argentina.
        .( mentions Salta in area affected )
        Preliminary 5.3-magnitude earthquake reported 71km (44.1 mi) west southwest of San Antonio de los Cobres in Argentina – USGS

        1. Yes was wondering about the whole “Salta” area and if anyone else would see it. Maybe a coincidence? The only other thing I’m wondering is if areas were mixed up. Like China vs S America? But I don’t think so. I think Spirit got this one right. Just a matter of time now. Praying the second meteor doesn’t happen for South America also. That didn’t happen yet right?

          1. Jules104, no —-meteor still outstanding..

            European agency showed Salta as epicenter ( strange) on that EQ by the way..

            Etna erupting strongly today..–
            did you catch comments – many Dutch followers feel –uneasy feelings.?
            Also mentioned prediction..? (They know there is going to be mega quake…?)

            1. Sorry for delay Star48. Thanks for the link. Pretty interesting. I would bet there’s a lot of people who are preparing for a big quake. I really think Eric’s site and the dutchsinse site match up a lot of times, usually with Eric being ahead of the science guy and they are waking people up. Which is always a good thing. Blessings

    2. Rhona that’s the same exact spot that got hit on 4/16/16. Shallow earthquake, same depth. The previous one was 7.7 so maybe that is the bigger one? Can only hope and pray so.

        1. Hi caseyatthebat. Thanks for the link. I saw that and wow, pretty neat. That really lit up the sky. Not sure if that would be number two meteor or which number. But it seems that it could be relevant. A lot of people talking about it.

  20. Hi Jules 104 that is a good point maybe the 6.9 is an after shock …thanks for pointing that out …i hope so too…

  21. SWC, so many bomb threats-
    Harvard – 7 bldgs in play now…hope they get all clear..
    I think spiders are doing this..we have had too too any just this week. Coordinated…?

  22. Jules104, Rhona,
    Here is synopsis of Edgar Cayce’s reading of one of the Earth changes
    , he predicted that when we see noticeable eruptions in the long-quiet volcanoes of Vesuvius or Pelee, then three months later there will major earthquakes along the southern coast of California that will cause an inundation of the land from the Salt Lake in Utah to the southern portions of Nevada.
    So this could be after Eric spirit EQ event…

  23. Star 48 Jules104
    Star 48 i can hardly contain myself …unbelievable i am seeing Etna and Vesuvius your comments
    I just spent two hours last night re reading about Vesuvius and was going ti post pics of naples then i turned on tv and there is a documentry in Naples as if thats nit enough i goggled Etna this morning and i have been getting promptings to mentiin Italy …any way i thought ..what ..north or south guys ..talking to my guides…especially since nirth is having a litle shake at times
    wow i even was loiking at Capri and it started playing on my magic radio …
    oh my goodness amazing synchronicity
    thoughts guys

    1. Rhona, maybe a signpost / confirms that we are connected?
      Or that is confirmation that can make a differance?
      Or that our guides are working together? So we are on a ” right “path to follow in the future? This has happened now to many of us..
      Including some new participating members- we are getting stronger as a team…
      Adding more warriors in sync…great news! I think your guides would agree!

      1. Rhona, Star48…totally agree with this synchronicity thing. And I love that magic radio of yours Rhona. What’s funny is a few times now (I know, I know seems odd even to me) but I’ve turned on the tube to cartoons for kids. Put on Netflix “Little Einsteins”, not paying any attention, don’t normally watch them, first two in a row…meteor then volcanos. I was thinking…do I have a magic tv? LOL. Gosh even sounds a bit whackadoo when I say it myself but…not the first time it’s happened…amongst other things. Anyway beginning to wonder about all the Spirit Guides who are getting together. Can that happen? Blessings

      2. hi rhona. hi star48
        I am apologizing now for this long email!!
        i know this sounds weird. Really weird …but i i will ask anyway,,
        i am trying to navigate through
        my premonitions. The last 4/-5
        months i have been having the worst migraines ever. More often more intense. I also noticed that
        the world happenings have increased and been more numerous and coming from all directions I think there is a connection. I used to have premonitions and i wanted to make them stop One day i read my own cup. This is a no- no
        because u are never supposed to read yourself. Everything i saw happened. So i tried to give the gift back and went to emgland to meet someone to help. Well i still have part of the gift but it is not the same since then and now i have a harder time trying to interpret my visions. Now i have only half a gift. So do u think u can call on your guides and ask them to help me? Maybe we can network our guides and become more accurate. I know it sounds weird but what do u think?
        Could it even be possible ?
        Happy thursday!

        1. Mari, hi.
          Please do not take offense..I believe you are blocking yourself..

          I know that —you —-are
          The captain of your own soul.. you are the one who denies or accepts gifts…
          no one else can affect that…only you..

          So in a way you have hypnotized yourself..( using that quote other person or group as THE reason)
          You have to “Forgive yourself” for denying your gift..
          Anyone can influence you only if you let them..You let them..

          Reclaim your power back..Spirit will aid you…they work for your highest have the power
          But you have to want it and use it for only good.,

          …SWC, any added comments ,please jump in..

    1. thank you so much. And absolutely
      no offense taken. I think i got frightened
      when i saw what happened and i thought
      i wouldnt be forgiven for what i had done
      so i have been blocking for protection
      i will work on unblocking
      and hoping that
      i can approach things from a different
      its hard to talk about this with amyone so i
      really appreciate your insight..

  24. Eric your so welcome its graeat to be part of the whole in this team
    Star 48 Swc my guides arent letting this Napled thing slide this morning as im catching up on posts the dj on radio who knew nothing of Etna activity because i phoned and checked .he has a segment feature album every morning .so thus morning he says ” the boy from Naples …Patrizio Buanne is our feature this morning..
    I agree Star 48 our energies are all becoming intertwined fantastic..

  25. Jules 104 it does sound weird to others but it does happen …spirit will use any appliance yhey can to get a message through and it works like this so i have gleened
    they have an over view of future pptentials and are in tune with our questuins and curiosities so ..your guids would hear and sense your questiins through your energy field and they would c that in channell so and so there is a topic in sync with your questions so then they and your higher self prompt you to turn in tv at that moment ..same with radio the people that choose the music do it unconsciously has alot to do with electromagnetic energy fields they are adept at it ..very slight reality shifts as well ..i hope i explained it ok
    blessings and i di understand the childrens cartoon thing how sweet a beautiful energy so simple as not to frighten xx hugs

    1. Thanks Rhona for the wonderful explanation. It makes sense to me. I was going to add that I had kept seeing things having to do with Greece on the tube but didn’t because I didn’t feel it had to do with volcanos. Second guessing myself. Then lastnight the airplane disappears 40 seconds after leaving Greek airspace. Greece was trying to reach them to transfer over to Egypt Airspace never got a hold of them. Now I get it. when I read the article I thought it’s got Greece all over it. Not like they are responsible though, just strange. Blessings and Prayers for those who have lost loved ones on this flight.

  26. Eric, suspicious package explodes in Warsaw…not in bag.
    So I do not think this is ” the “one also 2 tenents not involved..
    It happened at bus stop..wave from Europe maybe?
    Suspicious package explodes at bus stop in Wroclaw, Poland – Kontakt24

  27. Swc Star 48 its heartening to hear Etna is waning iam
    continue to give her live light and energy …prayers to all.towns in her shadow
    thanks for updates

  28. mari im sorry i just read your post about yiur resistence to your preminitions
    i agree with Star 48 you have blocked your gift and i concur that ask your guides ti filter the information are in control of what level you wish to participate ..always white light and meditate to cleanse your aura ground yourself by putting your roots into mother earth you can not offend spirit by what you requested tell your spirit to slow down the info they get a little full on and you just say i cant handle that frequency turn down the volume please
    remember to breathe properly try to relax and not feel bad about your choices it is your choice
    wish i could give you a hug so here is a spiritual one xx..
    p.s. remember the tool you are using is LOVE

    1. hi rhona
      thank you sooo much for your kind thoughts. i so much appreciate it. i am not sure how to handle all of this so i will take all advice i can
      happy friday…
      shabbat shalom….

    1. Caseyatthebat…Pretty fascinating footage..
      let us hope it is not gearing up to massive eruption..,thanks for visual update “””

      1. Eric,
        had to hunt for it very low key…they did not reveal what they were..
        .A spokeswoman for STIB said that operations had returned to normal but did not offer additional details
        Brussels metro lines 2 and 6 were suspended Friday afternoon after two suspicious packages were found, Belgium’s RTBF radio reported.

        The country, as well as the rest of Europe, has been on high alert since March 22 when suicide bombers hit the Brussels airport and metro system killing 32 people. The March attacks are believed to be the work of jihadists closely linked to the cell which carried out the November Paris massacres in which 130 people died.

        Shortly after a spokeswoman for the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB) told the Belga news agency that operations had returned to normal, but did not offer additional details.

        The scare comes a day after the head of France’s internal intelligence agency warned that the Islamic State group is preparing a wave of bombings in France targeting large crowds ahead of next months Euro 2016 soccer tournament.
        Full article…

  29. caseyatthebat……thank you so much for the update video on Casta Rica Turrialba volcano when i was looking at it i got a shudder …we are on same page with this …goid to know…How do you feel about it? any string feelings
    blessings to you

  30. Star 48 thanks for Cotopaxi i will have her in my awareness for a long time ..shes not finished yet …

    1. Rhona, that was synchronicity..
      .I noted it in the comment…because I noticed it was included… Timing…ummm

  31. SWC Star 48 this is tongue in cheek..but when you posted Bardabunga i thought its almost like if you mention their name they respond with activity of some sort like ..i can hear you dont forget me….
    as an aside i wanted to share this
    i left to go shopping this morning and a neighbours chid of 2 ran infrint of my car ..i stopped 4 ft away from.him
    i got out and their front doir was open
    and the four year old brother stood in the door way …i told him to get mum and dad …these are people who have just moved in …
    the dog came out to greet me but mum and dad didnt show up for 4 min now i could have put that child in the car several times and taken off..

    when they did come out they were very matter of fact….
    any way i believe synchronicity came into play and hope it makes them more aware in the future…im sure they are lively people but it was a bit disconcerting…..
    thanks for letting me share…

    1. Rhona, that is terrible scare…
      At least your experience turned out better for the parents. My brother 3 yrs of age was riding his tricycle in our driveway. When a neighbor came running to our door saying.,
      ” don’t worry he is not dead! You could hear screaming the whole time..a bakery truck had accidentally run over my brother fortunately the tricycle saved him it propped the truck from my brother..– just a couple of minor scraps..
      My mother however had the pronouncement the poor Helms bakery truck driver..was so upset..he quit his job, never drove again…
      So your fortunate…your guide protected you and the ” cute “little boy, — even the dig had ro acknowledge your guide!, truly heavenly…you still drove…Many blessings…

      1. Wow your poor Mother Star48…and brother but obviously being protected by other powers that be. I bet that did give you a scare Rhona. It would have me. Glad Spirits protecting you and the child.

    2. Wow Thank God it was you and not another with evil intent Rhona. I would have been kissing your feet if I was his mum! Shwuuee! I keep hearing you all talk Bardabunga…that’s the Iceland one that’s suppose to be finished right? I just got a strange feeling on that one. Anyone else got that feeling?

  32. SWC
    Western Indonesia, Volcano erupts kills and injures
    Volcano in western Indonesia erupts, leaving 3 dead and 4 injured, as it shoots hot ash and gases over Sumatra island – AFP

  33. sorry Star 48 i reponded in wring thread si will repeat myself here sometimes when i hit reply box too soon it flips to another thread and i dont notice till after it posts
    it much worse there are more than 45 aftershocks listed and i would love to know what is going on up there ..thank for your help its amazing

    1. Rhona,
      I just posted your link on Adepto Perfectus=Dutchsinse
      On his post of Australian EQ.. To show how many are being unreported..
      I know it is not much..but it frosts my cake…it will open a few more eyes…blessings..
      Still on watch….with boots on..

  34. Star 48 first iam happy your brother came through.that unscathed and spared you all unimaginable grief…
    your.mum would have been counting her blessings …is he the one who.grew up fire chief..
    i see my little near miss with the……. your right cute little boy …as a intervention of the potential outcome that may have been…another day another adventure..right..
    thank you for forwarding to duchsinse appreciate it…something really weird is happening up there…

  35. Eric,
    Salt Lake City High school.

    At least 1 injured in shooting at Kearns High School in Salt Lake City, police say; no word on condition or suspect – KSTU, KUTV

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