Predictions 1-5-16

They added a few last messages this morning about the attack in New York presented yesterday.

“15.. targeted.. lockdown”


The implication was that someone might tackle a gunman, or attack the gunman directly. That is probably the football helmet reference.


466 in bold.

“Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.”

I had a visual that a bomb was moving through an airport terminal, or baggage area. Keep in mind that 466 could be seen as just the number 466 or a message ‘for 66’.

45 thoughts on “Predictions 1-5-16”

  1. Eric is the 15 for today Jan 5th or separate for the actual number 15? This shooter prediction reminds me of the post of the 4 men in a desert with backpacks and guns…and the, “we already know the team”.

      1. Interesting …. given the propensity for larger and bolder attacks, I have to wonder if the 15 targets are actually physical sites in New York/New York City? While not impossible to target 15 high profile individuals I have to wonder if it would not be more dramatic in their eyes to target 15 sites. Schools, hospitals, police stations, Wall Street, etc.

  2. Has there been any further information on the city that is known for the bull? This prediction played on my mind as I live in Birmingham, UK which is well known here for its statue of a bull in the main shopping area. Following the Paris massacre there were reports that one of the alleged perpetrators had been seen in Birmingham before the attack and had links to the city. I feel very troubled lately, a feeling that something bad is going to happen and frequent graphic and disturbing dreams. I would be very interested to know if there are any messages or insights about our city.

  3. Delta Airlines operates a flight DL466 from New York – JFK to Moscow departed on 1/5/16 arrives on 1/6/16

  4. Eric, here are some thoughts about the number 5 . There are 5 (5th) Saturdays and Sundays in January this year. Perhaps it is a running event on one of those days. It might be a 5k run.

  5. Regarding the bomb on the plane, could it instead be the announcement N. Korea made about their development of a hydrogen bomb? However, I cannot come up with how 466 or 66 plays into this, if any.

      1. Eric just a thought here, but could “for 66” mean 6th month 6th day of 2016? I hate to even mention it, but the sign of the d***l

  6. No offense to anyone but 666 is only the sign of the ‘Beast’ with 7 heads and 10 horns, if you are a Christian. It is a Christian biblical reference to a worldwide political system. Always remember that as it has nothing to do with the Devil. More importantly and from a non-religious educated view, the actual historical documents indicate the 666 was a reference for Nero and the political system during his reign. The end times Revelations were actually expected to happen immediately after the death of Christ…not 2000 years later.

    I have noticed how Eric’s predictions are generally lacking in religious tones and backing. This is why I continue to follow them. His predictions are accurate more often than most any of the predictions I have read that were made by religious individuals or leaders of a church or religious group.

  7. Eric, could the bomb on the Somali plane be what you were picking up on. It was not Russia, but it was close to the time frame of your message. Perhaps the location was off?

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