Iran Earthquake

This prediction has happened. It’s unclear how much damage this earthquake created in Iran.  We are off by one day, however we should wait to see what the 23rd brings.

Notes on 11-21-13
I again felt an earthquake under my feet, I asked several times for an earthquake location: the match box was black, there was mention of Saddam Hussein. But no clear location.

70 It’s too late we are out of time. (Please refer to the glossary Numbers)

A black match box would imply this coming natural disaster is not on our list of predictions, perhaps the middle east area, but I never got a clear answer on the location.

Notes on 11-20-13
The spirits showed a cracker and then pointed around the 23rd. Which 23rd?

The Facts on 11-22-13: An earthquake measuring 5.4 in magnitude struck western Iran near its border with Iraq on Friday morning and relief teams were sent to the area, though the extent of any damage was not immediately clear, Iranian media reported. Quoted News:

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  1. lilcalichick86 Avatar

    theres been a few earthquakes today over 5.0 Japan, iraq, indonesia, new guinea, sandwich islands…

  2. mitmits2001 Avatar
    mitmits2001 another site to track earthquakes..this week has been very active and earthquakes over 6.0 happened

  3. Maria Dinis Avatar
    Maria Dinis

    Today 23rd November 2013 another strong earthquake:
    M 6.5 – Fiji region
    Time 2013-11-23 08:48:32 UTC+01:00
    Location 17.097°S 176.562°W
    Depth 377.1km

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will check it out thanks for the info.

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