Ten ISIS Leaders Killed

This prediction is starting.

Predictions on 9-28-15    “The war with ISIS will shift when the head of the snake is cut off. ” — Spirits Voice

Predictions on 8-24-15
Many will celebrate his demise
The head of the snake (serpent) cut off.
The dark leader is dead.” — Spirits Voice

The facts reported by Keloland:  WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. and coalition airstrikes killed 10 Islamic State leaders over the past month, including several linked to the Paris attacks or other plots against the West, a U.S. military official in Iraq said Tuesday.

“We’re striking at the head of this snake,” Warren said. “We haven’t severed the head of the snake yet, and it’s still got fangs. We have to be clear about that. There’s much more fighting to do.” Quoted by: http://www.keloland.com/news/worldusnews/?id=192655


18 thoughts on “Ten ISIS Leaders Killed

  1. I hope so! I have been praying for this. Let’s keep our thoughts on destroying this expansive evil. My question: how do they get the money to pay for their weapons and who is financially supporting these terrorists, and why hasn’t any government stop the money flow?

  2. I have never been an advocate of war.I dispise it but when you have people so black hearted they kill anyone and destroy anything (ancient ruins,museums,christian churches, etc.) that doesn’t fit into their way of life, then it looks as if war is the only way to deal with them.But lets keep in mind these terrorists want an apolcalyse and we have to be careful we don’t create WW3.Although, I think it has already started and people are slowly becoming aware of that.Let us pray those in Heaven intervene soon!

  3. Eric,
    update from March, 14 th comment on this thread..
    “Abu Omar al-Shishani, who the Pentagon described as Islamic State’s “minister of war”, was killed in combat in the Iraqi city of Shirqat, south of Mosul, a news agency that supports the militant group said on Wednesday.

    The Pentagon said in March that Shishani had likely been killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria, but this was the first time the group appeared to confirm his death.”

    He was ISIS minister of War…also know as Omar the Chechen…


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