Predictions on 10-28-15

Countdown.. 2..1.. ‘coalition’. I had a visual of a snake’s head cut off.
The Spirits are predicting a timeframe. A prediction is about to happen.  By ‘coalition’ I believe they are talking about the prediction below but other predictions are possible with the word ‘coalition’.

Predictions on 10-26-15   “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, will be killed by US forces. His days are numbered. A great blow to the darkness.
The US will protect a large group of people from an incursion by ISIS.
The tide of war shifts in favor of the US and its coalition.” Spirits Voice


I had a visual of a large explosion. Then a large black mist begin to engulf the entire area of the town. People where racing away from the black smoke stacks while others caught in its passing, grabbed their throats choking gasping for air.
I had a visual of a leader on a stage speaking to a large group of people, a political rally of some kind.
Turkey has an election coming up soon. Then the US has its GOP debates.
The scope and size of this mist was massive, it reminded me of the smoke stacks when the twin towers fell on 9/11.

Where Spirit?
“In the place of the bull.. ” Spirits Voice
Istanbul perhaps.
This prediction was horrible to witness. The prediction describes a bombing but also implies a chemical attack. God I hope I am wrong.


64 thoughts on “Predictions on 10-28-15

  1. Istanbul makes literal sense, but India also utilizes the bull as emblems in many areas as it is related to the Hindu religion. Additionally, Spain is well known for the “running of the bulls”…then there is Chicago…home of the team Chicago Bulls. And….a real stretch…but the bull is the astrological sign of Taurus…under which 3 Republican Presidential candidates were born: Kasich, Rubio, and Santorum.

    As far as the current leader of ISIS that is mentioned….unfortunately, ISIS seems able to replace these leaders one after the other. You have mentioned a spider several times in previous predictions and am wondering if I am the only one who feels this spider is actually the growth of ISIS….with many, many legs growing longer all the time.

  2. I cannot even being to imagine what it must like to be you and have these visions of violence… It must suck the energy from you… You have this gift, in which you share with open minded people to warn them about dangers… Everyday.. Every night… I commend you, and keep you in my prayers. The world is going through big shifts at the moment and the engegies are bad.. Thank you for what you do… Truly thank you

  3. Could the smoke/ explosion be connected to the earthquake prediction? With the increase in seismic activity could it trigger a large explosion in San Francisco. The bull reference could relate to Silicon Valley as they are big players in the Stock Market….bull market. Just a thought.

  4. When I hear coalition first thing that comes to mind is the tension that is growing between US and China in regards of the new island… any thoughts on this?

    • just smoke and mirrors, the US cannot do anything because China can just as easily collapse the US economy.

  5. (Eric, God I hope I am wrong) Oh… Yes I believe you, it looks horrible to me, to SEE this all and then think later, I should have looked better and longer so that I could see where it was.

    • don’t believe what you read in the news. this world would progress far better if people turned the news off it is simply a tool to try and keep people living in a lower vibration

  6. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, will be killed by US forces. His days are numbered. A great blow to the darkness.
    The US will protect a large group of people from an incursion by ISIS.
    The tide of war shifts in favor of the US and its coalition.” Spirits Voice

    I am surprised, by the above is the spirit CNN style pro American media junk! Every body with common sense knows that ISIS was created by US and its cronies in Middle east like Saudi etc. They spend half billion did’t they?. And dropping supplies to the Middle east to Terrorist Naru or Narsu what every. All this was done to destabilize the region. Toppling all governments like in Libya etc creating the ISIS menace. And trying desperately in Syria.US was supposed to bombing the ISIS for the last year, where is the result, suddenly Russian entered, we see lot damages to the ISIS.
    So many peoples lives are destroyed by US and Saudi nexus for what ? just oil and money.
    Now the spirit is saying war is shifting in favor of US and its coalition?. Then the world world is in trouble!. Because the so called US and its coalition is the cause of ISIS and this nonsense in middle east.
    A true spirit cannot be pro American ,this or that, it has to do with the truth.
    Karma is a bitch, it eventually bites back! Every think has beginning and an end, nothing last for ever! Just live in the Now and always stick Truth!

  7. I though US and its cronies like Saudi created ISIS and associated groups. Displacing millions of people and creating chaos like the Arab spring for the benefit of the Saudi’s – for what?Oil and money and recently come to light: Half a billions dollars in training and weapons drops etc. Your spirit must be working for CNN like news media feeding misinformation. Truth is out there!
    Karma has funny way of getting back!

    • Hi Rhona, Yes I would think that is the getting everyone off the plane for sure. Good news that there were only injuries and nothing more. Blessings

  8. Eric do you think this countdown 2,1…has to do with any of the other numbered countdowns the Spirits speak of? Like for instance this number 3 countdown from 7-24-14. I remember there being more countdowns but I need to find them. Are all of these countdowns separate to each posting? It also makes me think of the older predictions of there being a target.

    • With the countdown we are still at the beginning stages of rolling this out. I think they will get better at predicting which prediction they are talking about as time passes.

  9. Eric I thought this article on the US sending Special Forces to Syria was relevant to the 10-26-15 Post on US Forces, and this , “Speaking at a joint press conference in Vienna after a meeting on Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke of beefed up cooperation between their countries’ military forces in that country.” to the coalition reference. See full article below.

  10. Also this just out about the new Army General appointed to head the campaign in Iraq and Syria against ISIS. He will be replacing three Generals. Made me think of the prediction on 9-19-14, where you have the visual of three Generals and the large broadsword.
    “Rather than three generals responsible for different aspects of the campaign, as had been the case, I have empowered Lt. Gen. MacFarland as the single commander of counter-ISIL activities in both Iraq and Syria,” Carter said
    Here is that article.
    There is a lot going on quietly behind the scenes I think.

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