Notes on 6-16-14

“Vancouver.. British Columbia.. it’s not over.. it’s still coming.. nothing has changed from before.. the ports.. the ships and boats.. you are in danger.. leave.” — Spirits Voice

Last night as I fell asleep I felt I was in an ocean floating back and forth, I felt I was sinking down, deeper and deeper. It was very unnerving. Previously I have talked about the ground shaking under my feet right before an earthquake happens, this however was very different.

Here are some other possible connections to the Vancouver prediction, I would encourage you to look at all the different notes: Notes on 6-3-14 , Notes 5-24-14 , Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami , Notes on 5-14-13 ,

I can’t help but notice the coincidence in the Spirits new message of an old prediction and the riddle about several predictions unfolding at the same time: Notes on 6-10-14

“Turkey..  Erdogan will find himself in disgrace yet again.. his self-righteous rambling will fail him.. to many times.. protesters treated harshly.. again.. bloody streets.. things begin to unravel.” — Spirits Voice

“International politics.. Europe.. scandal.. leaders doing shady financial deals..we will display to all for a justifiable response ” — Spirits Voice

“In less than 2 minutes (2 days) a prediction arrives.. in 4 minutes another prediction arrives” — Spirits Voice

I asked, “Spirit do you have a timeframe for Vancouver?” Spirit responded..  “7” (I assume that means July but could also be a countdown, at first I thought they said 17 )

“Eric, we want to look into Boko Haram.. we have a map” — Spirits Voice

“Ok, I will bring focus to them, but I still need to know what the 4th of July brings, is there a threat?” — My response

“It will be our next topic” — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: With Vancouver, I have to assume we are talking about a Tsunami or one massive storm. In one of the older predictions they presented the number ’12’ which I assumed would relate to a timeframe, but now they are using the number ‘7’ or ’17’, making the timeline a bit confusing. So I will try my best to create a countdown to the situation in Vancouver so we are better prepared for its arrival. Now is the time for you to bring awareness to the Vancouver prediction, if we just change just one persons path through awareness, that brings us that much closer to our ultimate goal of change through awareness.




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    1. That seriously fits, we will see how it plays out, there is something to the part of “we will display to all’ as if it were some kind of display, a tape would fit that.

  1. Hi Eric,
    In regards to the Vancouver prediction- 7 could that not mean the 7th month as in July? Possibly July 17th?

    1. Hi Cindy, they mentioned July before, so it sounds like July to me. As for the 17, it was more of a debate over whether or not they said 17 or 7, I don’t think its both.

  2. Eric does this Vancouver, BC event seem like it could be from a tsunami caused by a landslide brought on by heavy rain/flooding, or maybe a volcano erupts and part of it slides into the water causing a tsunami?? If it doesn’t feel like an earthquake but it seems like a tsunami type of flooding event and they are warning to leave and take your boat/ship out of the port also it just seems like something other than an earthquake has caused a tsunami to be generated. Do they get hurricane type weather that far up? For some reason I am not imagining that they do but maybe so?? Oh also wondering why they said “duplicate”. Could it mean that this will be the same as an event that has occurred in the past?

    1. I would have to assume ‘duplicate’ represents how we assumed this prediction has already happened, the recap is under “British Columbia Earthquake”. It ended up being a scary earthquake but no real Tsunami, just a warning. Now they are saying its not over. Whatever the tragedy, its all about water, flooding. my guess is a Tsunami. but a very large storm would fit too.

      1. Vancouver doesn’t usually get bad storms though, have lived there…. Can you ask Spirit if this is Vancouver as on the city or Vancouver Island because that could be magnitudes greater damage if they’re talking about the entire island.

      2. Another thought….. There is always talk that Vancouver islands coast could sink by a few metres if there was a large earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island. I can’t help but wonder if this is what you were feeling?

  3. I had a dream last night about a major volcano erupting on the west coast . . . so many people died, I was in tears when I woke up.

      1. no Eric, I just knew it was the west coast, I saw the Rockies and anyone who has seen the Rockies, can identify with them. . . I wish I knew more.

    1. I dont remember many of my dreams like I used to… but i had the same dream that same exact night Kate! It was VERY vivid…I really felt like I was there…there were blue skys…it was a calm, beautiful, sunny day..felt around morning time…i heard birds chirping & then in an instant the scene changed and panic and chaos took over. There was loud pop sound accompanied by the ground shaking like a bomb went off…and fire spewed rapidly from an enormous volcanic eruption.i felt trapped. I watched as it engulfed what looked to be a very populated, suburban looking town. It was scary!

      1. Hi Jessica, what a coincidence eh? WoW! Something is definitely at play here, I get the feeling that some kind of major event, earthquake and volcanic eruption is about to happen.

        OT. Do you remember the pics “hand of God” that Nasa released? I saw that exact image in a dream 3 nights prior to that image going public over the mainstream media. While serving my hubby breakfast, the news flash came on t.v. with the image and I started to wretch and eventually puked(sorry about the details), but ya, dreams can be scary.

    2. Hi Kate – I had a very vivid dream months ago – it’s going to happen, but of course, it’s a question of when. All I knew was there were explosions and then there was ash EVERYWHERE. It was like 911’s smoke cloud of ash. Many were dying and falling inside a building where the ash was thick in the air. I went outside and it was no better there. All was ash. I have pre cog dreams of major events. Your dream of the west coast makes sense, though I did not know where I was when I woke up; I was with a bunch of business people is all I know, inside a building. All were dressed in business attire. The leaves were on the trees when I went outside in the dream, so it was anytime from now to the early fall.

  4. July 12th could be a possible daye seeing as its a full moon supermoon that night… Just a thought…

  5. Eric, In going over this post I noticed the spirits mentioned 2 minutes and 4 minutes.(2 days/4days)
    I just noticed that on the 18th was one and also the 20 th. So that comment unfolded.

  6. Eric, there is a reference to Secret Trade Agreement 50 countries – that includes financial agreements. Definitely shady. -Wikileaks released it. It is the TISA ,
    For some reason I cannot get the link to you.
    Check Wikileaks, RT, etc.

  7. Eric, spirit mentioned on this post..- 6/16/14 —- You asked, “Spirit do you have a timeframe for Vancouver?” Spirit responded.. “7″ Today is 7 days later June 23,2014.. It must be about Vancouver?
    Let us see how it unfolds……to verify.

      1. Eric, still need to verify.. I keep thinking of comment..– Back to Back. —Also duplicate..
        TWO on the 21st.
        Maybe this is the first of 2 events. (The number 28 was also related to Vancouver)
        Or volcanic connection (from the north)was also related to Vancouver prediction will happen.

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