Predictions 5-25-17

I had a visual of one massive crack. That spells a very damaging earthquake. They pointed to Latin America.

It could go right back to the visual of North West South America. We will try and get the details.

We mean 9. The number 9 is the countdown.

There talking about their countdown yesterday to 8. I have to assume they are talking about Memorial day as a countdown to yet another attack, perhaps around Memorial day.

We are still asking for details on the 2nd and 3rd attack. We also need to ask if the airplane hijacking prediction and the brutal attack on a hotel (that has ties to the UK) are apart of that list.  Does British air represent an airplane, or literally the air around the country. I will work diligently on those subjects.

Those old predictions:Prediction: Hijacked Plane  Predictions 10-18-16  and  Predictions 1-31-17

Timing: There has been a major shift in how we will calculate the timeframes of these events.  In the past we would try to present timeframes and dates but as many of you know it was always a hit and miss.  Now there is a renewed focus on countdowns. Spirit will present an image reminding us of a prediction and within a 48 hour window we should expect that prediction to happen. When they feel they can, they will present dates.

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  1. Michael Avatar

    Are you still expecting the yacht/boat prediction within the next 48 hours?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe the crying people (countdown) has to be in regards to Manchester, why they presented it as France I am unclear.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Ah right i think cannes festival ends on the 28th so hopefully passes without incident

  3. Karben Avatar

    Dr. Keshe predicted a mega quake that could split North America from South America. Possibly the 9 could mean size of earthquake?

  4. Nicole Avatar

    Eric- I think it is highly likely this prediction is talking about the hotel attack.

    I have been picking up on the hotel intermittentlyand vaguely for several months also. Not in while. Suddenly the last few days it has been loud and interrupting at random times. Every time I get a very strong “7” with it. Two times it came I got “seven… seven” (when I typed “hotel” in search and got that post I got the chills because I had no memory of your 7 OR 7-7 prediction).

    I am confused by what I get because it seems to be a message about both London and New York. Both locations come through loudly almost every time. There may also be a theater connection (Broadway has come up, as have visuals of the signs on a theater). I have heard either Marquis or Marquee (different meanings and don’t know which because I hear it, not see it). I don’t know if that’s about the theater or something else. I have also gotten the sense it is an American brand name hotel.

    What I’ve seen with this has only been flashes but looks horrific. It seems like they seize the hotel and everyone in it is at serious risk. The images I get are of bullets spraying in a blaze of light and people hiding under beds and in closets. I am praying I am wrong. Completely and totally wrong.

    I have no idea the timing. I imagine the 7 is related to it somehow. And I am quite confused about getting both New York and London.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Nicole it could be that the attacks are supposed to coincide with each other, corrdinated attacks in two countries? It seems these terrorist groups are well connected certainly enough to set a date and places to carry out their horrible acts. It would also create confusion and fear around the world. Maybe that’s why you are picking two places up?

      I wonder because this latest act was at a concert venue if the ideas have changed for some in these groups for people to fear being anywhere. Out of all the places they could have targeted I can’t seem to get my mind around why this venue?

      I believe that Eric’s predictions made in December will come fast and well corrdinated for the optimal effect of placing fear in everyone around the world at the same time. I believe what you are seeing is exactly what will unfold.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        I have wondered this as well- if there are two things at the same time. It’s strange because it seems like it’s all about 1 attack at a hotel, but perhaps I’m wrong in that. Perhaps that’s why I get the 7 two times?

    2. Karen Avatar

      Nicole this prediction of Eric’s seems to fit with what you are seeing. And if you think of the person pushing the Facebook live button, maybe it means that the whole world will be watching this happen because it will be in different countries, but live.

      I wonder about the theater, is this a change from what we normally think when we think about terrorists and where we think they would strike? Just like the venue in the UK, maybe their plan is for the smaller cells are more capable of getting close to places that are crowded, but not with the normal group of people we would associate them trying to take down.

      Depending on when you started getting the “7” so strongly, could it mean Memorial Day, if you count from when you started seeing it, would seven days reach Memorial Day?

      1. Nicole Avatar

        That prediction (especially the 7 and NY) does seem to fit. No idea if it could be a countdown. I’m at a loss (though the 7 hasn’t changed this week the few times I’ve gotten it). I’d have to go back through my journals and see if I ever got a 7 related to hotel stuff before (I write stuff down when I pick it up if I can do that later if I think I knew something I can tell if I’m remembering right and try to learn what is happening with me and how to understand it all). I remember picking up “it’s happening at the hotel!!!!” and clearly about an attack of some sort prior to all this now intermittently in the past several months, but don’t remember if there were other details.

    3. Sophia Avatar

      Nicole, in New York City there is a hotel called the Mariott Marquis, on Broadway in or near Times Square

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Sophia- I saw that when I googled what I was getting also. It fits to a T (if we take whatever the London part is out of the question). I was actually saw a Marriott sign and heard the word a couple of times also. (That’s where I got the concept of an American brand chain hotel). It is just tough to know for sure it’s not imagination. Also not positive it was Marquis and not Marquee because I got it at the same time I saw the image of a theatre marquee. But I think it’s very possible it was about this hotel. I had no idea it existed until AFTER I looked those words up together (I am familiar with Marriott Marquis brand though so my brain could have put Marquis after Marriott because I know the brand).

    4. Sara Avatar

      Just out of curiosity, have your psychic predictions come true before?

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Sara- yes. I’m by no means a professional or anything, and am still really learning about what happens with me. It has really only been the last year ( and a bit) that I’ve really recognized that I was knowing some things before they happened. I think I have always had it, but it wasn’t until I started meditating regularly that I became aware enough about my thoughts to realize it. I have picked up a lot about my own and friends lives, and have had at least a few major world events I’ve picked up on ahead of time, somehow, similarly to how this is coming in. And I’ll sometimes get things that at the time make no sense but in hindsight are clearly about upcoming news (random stuff like “why am I intensely thinking about Bowling Green” and suddenly bowling green is in the news over a White House controversy, etc). Sometimes I will think I already read a news story about an event (believed it happened) before it occurs. That kind messes with my head most. Most stuff I do pick up on is pretty direct- not symbolic usually. It has never felt like I’m communicating with spirits like Eric talks about. I don’t really know where it comes from or what I’m supposed to do with it. It’s just there sometimes.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Share it! Keep in mind for the predictions on 5-24 I meditated from 9pm to 5am to get just that sliver of information.

    5. Sara Avatar

      Could the “7” be a date, or possibly the designated time of the attack?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        More likely date related.

      2. Nicole Avatar

        I don’t have enough experience to know? In the one world event that I got a number on that definitely happened the number I got corresponded to the day of the month it occurred on. I picked that up a few months ahead of it happening and had no idea what the number meant until after. I’ve picked up numbers on world stuff a couple other times but those things haven’t happened yet and who knows if they will so don’t really know.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      3. Nicole Avatar

        Thanks Eric. Wow that’s a long time to meditate!! When do you sleep?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Lots and lots of naps

  5. star48 Avatar
  6. Sirisha Avatar

    We are going to both England and Belgium the first week of July, as tourists, we don’t want to live in fear and cancel the trip but you don’t see any danger that week in either of those places I hope? I guess wise to stay away from crowded places but that’s difficult to do. We will be mostly in London and Brussels.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Vera you can set up a personal reading to check your safety.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I saw that too. Up to 10 armed attackers stormed a bus and shot most of the people in it to death.
      10 heavily-armed men against unarmed civilians, including kids, on a bus. I will never understand how jihadists can live with themselves, and not be torn up by guilt.

      I also read somewhere that a US airstrike that killed civilians in ISIS territory in March was a set up—ISIS terrorists put civilians in the building, which was full of explosives, and used two snipers to shoot at Iraqi police.
      We had no idea civilians were there, and tried to target the snipers, and that’s why we dropped the bomb. ISIS claims to be protecting Muslims, but they put civilians in harms way on purpose. It all just boggles my mind.

  7. Karben Avatar

    Sounds like Trumps house of cards is falling down.

  8. […] Predictions 5-25-17  I had a visual of one massive crack. That spells a very damaging earthquake […]

  9. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Hotel attack Somalia..19 killed..

  10. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Latin America earthquake reference? 6.8 magnitude …

  11. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    PERU.. Preliminary mag. 6.4

  12. star48 Avatar

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    7.3 mag eq…
    A powerful earthquake has rocked the Carribean and South America, as the first images of the devastation begin to emerge.

    A tremor has shaken eastern Venezuela through to Colombia and Trinidad, causing buildings to be evacuated in Caracas and Bogata.

    Cars have been flattened by collapsing walls, supermarket shelves have been completely wiped out and gaping holes in the ground have begun to emerge in Trinidad.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s really big, I remember that prediction when I was in the hospital. It was one of the few messages they gave me.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you as always!

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