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Predictions 5-25-17

I had a visual of one massive crack. That spells a very damaging earthquake. They pointed to Latin America. It could go right back to the visual of North West South America. We will try and get the details. We … Continue reading

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Chile Earthquake 7.1

Please pray for the safety of those in Chile. The post did imply a more northern location which was incorrect Predictions 1-28-17 “Chile.. Earthquake.. 7” Prediction: Earthquake Coming    “There is a destructive earthquake coming.. now” I had a visual of … Continue reading

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Predictions 3-5-17

I had a visual of  0 9 5 7, then spirit broke it down starting with 9 then 5 then 7. The message was followed by these four back to back messages: I had a visual of the ground shaking … Continue reading

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Chile Earthquake

Is this the prediction? Please pray for safety of those in Chile. I am sorry for posting this on the Holidays. In other news we are watching the news on the Russian plane intently, as if might be about Predictions … Continue reading

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Notes on 9-30-13

I want to explain something first so you better understand the predictions below. This particular group of spirits I conversed with last night usually have the task of adding details to previous predictions. There is another group that starts a … Continue reading

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