Notes on 9-30-13

I want to explain something first so you better understand the predictions below. This particular group of spirits I conversed with last night usually have the task of adding details to previous predictions. There is another group that starts a new prediction or sets a foundation. So in this rare situation they seem to be breaking tradition. Which explains the first line spoken, but makes all the other messages a haze.

“We have a problem.. earthquake.. Argentina”

Are these predictions below still talking about the earthquake or working on predictions posted 9-28 which was the plan? Sorry for the confusion.

“Saturday is key”

“The government is beaten down, screwed” (They mean verbally)

“Its red” Red is bad, similar to a red alert.

At a later time they showed a visual  of a piece of foil with the letters V-O-N-S on it. Foiled is used to describe a failure. Like a foiled attack.

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