world Prediction: New Zealand Terror Attack

I am desperately seeking a date for this prediction. This message sounds like it could be related to a another prediction and the 7 could be July:

Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”

Whether related or not: I had a visual of a large spider on a street. “Car bomb” then I heard I large explosion.

Even though we are about to cross the expected timeframe of the large earthquake, they are still discussing it. They have now implied it’s in South America and most likely the Chile earthquake prediction. Which would mean the Chile earthquake is coming now instead of my projected timeframe at the end of the month. They added two messages: The Chile earthquake would also affect Peru. Then I had a visual of the sun rising. That could be interpreted as the morning, or an event within one day. (10th)

For those of you in New Zealand I implore you to please share this information. We must make every effort to stop this nightmare from happening. We must warn as many people as possible in your wonderful country. This cannot be allowed to happen.

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    1. I doubt it will happen, if anywhere is attacked because of the shooting it would more likely be Aussie.

      1. Not necessarily….remember, there was an anti-Muslim attack in Christchurch NZ not long ago, so it’s entirely possible someone might decide to ‘get revenge’ by attacking New Zealand non-Muslims.

        Sadly, extremists on both sides never decide to fight it out with each other, instead they target unarmed civilians who had nothing to do with any violence. Hopefully this can be prevented.

      2. Always expect the unexpected, no one ever thought the original shootings could happen in NZ but yet it did😥.

      3. Yes Aiden, it was an Aussie that attacked in NZ. And British plane could refer to either Qantas or Air NZ because in the eyes of America, we are often seen as British because of our flags. I would guess a flight from Aussie to NZ would be the best target for them, and probably hitting an Aussie airport.

    2. And that shooting has brought the Muslim community to feeling more a part of nz and the work has been ongoing with them has taken most the risk of a shooting away from nz.

      1. I hope you’re right, Aiden, it’d be good if it turned out that the risk of NZ shootings wasn’t as bad as we think. Still something to be cautious about, though.

  1. Eric,
    What does “One attack while the other is in question/Mirroring 9/11” mean? That sounds as if it’s referring to multiple attacks.

    Also, this is probably a long shot, but aren’t we still expecting an attack in France (Prediction posted May 24th) and in the US (prediction posted May 3rd)? This is probably off base, but could all these attacks be connected? Or will they be carried out by different perpetrators?

    1. It sounds like what was meant to be a multi level attack might fail. Key word is might. I can’t speak to the 911 other than the plane connection

  2. Regardless of guys nationality, we were told we would be attcked for revenge. It was filmed and screened on the news shortly after chch.

    1. No we were told there was a chance, which was why the police remained on high alert until after ANZAC Day

  3. New Zealand has for some years had some degree of threat by radical islamists although the threat was regarded as minimal in comparison with our allies. There was however an islamist plot foiled in Christchurch in 2017 (not made public until 2018) and until this years horrific events in Christchurch I thought that NZ was the safest country in the world but having said that while I was meditating last night I had an image of a NZ Police car (white with Blue and Yellow Battenberg colours with the door white and POLICE Written on the door) followed seconds later by an image of rows of NZ Policemen in uniform – some in florescent vests – in an ‘on guard’ position like they where watching over a protest. I Was Quizzed by the cryptic images I had.

    1. Jezz, people love to invent things. The Islamic plot in Christchurch you talk about was nothing more than a boy, 15 years, and such a threat that he’s not in jail. Because he is no threat to the public. And it was never kept secret it was in the media in 2017. But hey what would I know, I only live in Christchurch and aren’t into the fear monger it, and this case was never kept secret, stop lying

      1. aiden.

        the details of the plot where suppressed by the court, as was the boys name

    2. I will honestly say when they gave the initial message I had to have them repeat it, I was shocked at what they were saying, who attacks NZ? It makes no sense that anyone would attack a peaceful place. That was when they explain it was out of revenge

  4. Did Spirit(s) tell you it would be in NZ and in retaliation or that this future attack is in retaliation to NZ but isn’t going to be in NZ?

    1. They were very clear on New Zealand, and I had to go back to them and ask them to clarify, because I had issues believing anyone would want to attack such a peaceful place, they said it was New Zealand, out of revenge for Muslims being killed.

      1. Okay, thanks for clarifying. Spirit(s) was right about Christchurch, so I will also trust them on this too. After Christchurch happened, I did worry some kind of retaliation would occur.

  5. Eclipse due next week. The day before and the day after an eclipse are “dangerous” as well.

  6. Swc
    out on a limb here saying this
    but many overseas people lump Australia and NZ together they think we are one .😨 yeah I know I love N.Z. but its like Im Scottish ancestry and some people still say we are English instead if British ..
    maybe to the Terrorists it doesnt matter the guy was Aust He did it in NZ and thats how they think ..
    crazy i know…
    I pray and send so much love anf light to NZ ..I have family and dear friends in N.Z ..
    stay safe I love you NZ ..

  7. Eric/SWC… I recall an old prediction which mentions the plane comes from Australia. Does anyone remember this prediction?

    1. jules 104
      I knew it i should not have posted ..
      for some reason my phone has not copied correct prediction
      you were looking for about plane .
      will.look again

    1. Thanks Rhona, I saw that one also. Maybe just me but I’m seeing lots of connections leading up to now. Can’t really explain it. 😐

    1. I heard about that, too. It’s awful how so many terrorist groups will brainwash children into doing such horrible things.

      All terror attacks are bad, of course, but especially ones that either hurt children, or are carried out by brainwashed children.

    1. I am trying to figure out if it is related or not to the other international attack expected in July or totally separate but I have plans to check.

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