Australia Foils Airplane Attack

This positive prediction has happened. A bit of good news for a change.

Predictions 12-22-16  I had a visual of authorities rummaging through terrorist things. “Look, look, this is terrible its a review of flights.. the terrorist have information on different air flights.”

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  1. kerranhansongmailcom Avatar

    Thank God. I remember you predicting they would use a domestic appliance similar to a pressure cooker, they did actually find a meat grinder that was going to be used. Also Eric, you predicted a journalist would pass soon, Les Murray just passed away do you think that could be what you saw? I’ll post a link.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Thank goodness! It’s nice to hear good news, especially about lives saved.

  3. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric SwC
    update on foiled plane terror attack .
    Apparently it was an Etihad plane they were targeting and were goung to put the bomb in their be9thers luggage unknown to him ..police released him they believe he had no knowledge of the attack ..
    So yes they were going to kill their brother too .

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    “Nohad Machnouk told reporters that four Lebanese-Australian brothers, including one who is in detention in Lebanon, had planned to blow up the plane with bombs hidden inside a large Barbie doll and a meat grinder. He said the bombs did not make it onto the plane because the handbag they were placed in was 7 kilograms (15.4 pounds) above the weight permitted by the airline.

    Machnouk said the bombs were sent back to the would-be attacker’s home in Australia. He said the attacker tried to bring two explosives on the plane in case one of them did not work. The second was to be detonated by one of the brothers who was supposed to be the suicide attacker. It was not immediately clear how authorities uncovered the plot.

    Australian authorities said late last month that they thwarted a credible terrorist plot to down an airplane by smuggling a device onboard. They have provided few details, including the precise nature of the threat or any airlines involved.

    The United Arab Emirates’ national airline said it is working with Australian police in the ongoing investigation. But Etihad Airways, the smallest of three long-haul Gulf carriers that fly to Australia, refused to confirm if it had been targeted.

    Earlier this month, Australian police said two men were charged with terrorism offenses in Australia in connection with an alleged plot to bring down the airplane. It was not immediately clear if they were two of the four brothers.

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