Israel Foiled Australia Plane Terror Plot

Foiled! An airplane bombing was averted by Israel and Australia back in July of 2017, the information is just now coming to light.

If you watch the video there were two different plots, an airplane bombing and then at the end of the video they describe a toxic gas attack that was planned. That sounds similar but not entirely the same as: Predictions 2-5-18

The prediction related:

Predictions 2-14-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami  The plane we predicted comes from Australia.



Predictions 4-30-17  I had a visual of several people in line (a reference to waiting) boarding an airplane.
I had a visual of multiple bombings happen. Some where small while others were large.

Prediction: 21st Century Knights Templar

“A wave of noble righteous acts” I had a visual of the Knights Templar symbol

“A counter action begins to unfold across the globe.. a dedicated oath by normal individuals that if attacked by terrorist they will resist by any means necessary, they will strike back even at risk of their own life. They will not allow the terrorist to succeed and will die to accomplish the terrorists failings.”

I had a visual of one, then two people, lining up to stop terrorist from committing their wicked act, then there was a handful more,  then the visual ended with an entire army of people.


14 thoughts on “Israel Foiled Australia Plane Terror Plot

  1. I paid my money for a reading. No other communication. Now what do I do?

  2. At last something about Australia,too bad we could not get something about our political situation as it is going from bad to worse any idears

    1. I am sooo working on that, I have actually been watching endless AU news. I am just in awe over how more ethical you guys are over there. Barnaby had an affair, had a child and now everyone wants him out. Over here our president has slept with prostitutes, slept with two other woman, has a Russian scandal, continues to run his business even though he is in the president, and he is untouchable. Is there more to this scandal in Australia?

      1. Barnaby is a country hick who has spent most of his time as the leader of the ultra conservative National Party in the media….for all the wrong reasons. He has just stated that he will resign as Leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister.
        But he’ll still stay in Parliament.
        Barnaby ran a very strong campaign against legalising gay marriages claiming it was against his Catholic morals. Then his ‘girlfriend’ was found to be pregnant, much to his wife’s surprise, and all this after he had been found to be a dual citizen (illegal to be in our parliament with dual passports) and taking the extremely high moral ground against Johnny Depp and his two dogs, Pistol and Boo, when they were bought into our country illegally.
        The man’s a mouth without a brain…..not unlike your President….?

      2. 81% of evangelicals voted for Trump. But their ability to ignore his immorality and embrace his bigotry and hate isn’t surprising when you look into the history of how the religious right came about in this country — Hint: protecting segregated schools after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed; abortion was just a cover for the religious right’s true motives because at that time – after Roe v. Wade had already passed – most Christians viewed it as a health issue rather than a moral issue and were either supportive or indifferent to the law.

  3. Eric
    I saw this report and we didxl hear something of it in our media a little while ago .It did come to mind when you predicted the 2-5-18 bio plane prediction .
    I though at the time this has been thwarted ..that what i thought after remembering hearing about our authorities foiling the attack.
    so is the prediction for bio plane attack Sydney cancelled ..done and dusted ..
    appreciate if spirit can confirm .
    blessings 😊

  4. Read this a few times but I’m still not seeing any links between the Knights Templar prediction and the intelligence led operation which foiled this plot. Could be me because I’ve had a bit of a hectic day.

  5. Mueller issued around 32 more inditments against Manafort today. That fits with your prediction which noted his voice saying “oh, the inditments are coming.” It feels to me at least, that there will be many more coming down the line.

  6. As well as the above explanation,we are pretty,his affair was not the reason that he should resign,(he did yesterday) but his sheer contempt for the Australian voters,his utter contempt,his do as I say not as I do,there are also questions if he defrauded the parliament by using public money to carry on his affair,his pandering to multi-billionaire miners,instead of his farming community he is supposed to represent,in short he is a hypocrite.
    We put up with most things here,but when a person on $400,000 + unspecified entitlements,then dips into the public purse for even more they are not entitled to we get a bit annoyed.The surprising thing was the affair was aired by the Murdoch press,they are normanny the champion of the conservative faction here.there has to be a ulterior motive.look forward to anything that will be added to this story for it to make sense why the conservative press is attacking one of its own,wait with baited breath for the conclusion

    1. Yes I learned two things in watching an endless amount of AU news, He is a total hypocrite, total total hypocrite! Someone that is quick to judge others ethical stance only to find out he is overwhelmingly unethical himself, and second your news loves to make fun of our president.

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