Predictions 2-5-18

One of the darkest predictions I have ever posted.

We debated for the last two days what to do with this prediction, there was a conversation that perhaps it would be best not to post it, it is beyond dark, and would create fear. We finally agreed that the prediction would be posted but extensively edited, the more gruesome parts would be removed. The world needs to know about this monster.

I had a visual of an evil zealot who ran a radical religious group, sometimes he wore white and sometimes he wore blue. I had a visual that his followers boarded a plane and with them was a bio weapon. There was fear and hysteria on the plane, while in mid flight the door was opened, which in turn caused the plane to buckle and crash into a body of water. The body of water had bridges in the background making it seem like a bay, the bodies and debris floated in the water. As the bodies became closer to the shoreline ships were forced away by those in charge.

There was a second plane that would explode soon afterwards.

I had a visual of a man staring in a mirror there were blisters and sores all over his body.

I had a visual in waking state, without meditation, of one massive volcano eruption, the location is unknown.

I had a visual of a barrel with oil leaking from the side, the oil was all over the barrel, it sat on a beautiful stretch of green grass.

I had a visual of what looked like a horrible accident, involving a train or multiple vehicles, the overall arching visual showed heavy destruction. (We need to ask for more details)

“Now is the time for the Russians to cash in all the work they have put in when it comes to the meddling of America” I had a visual of an area around Greece.

The implication was that just like Crimea they would meddle in the affairs of nations that have Russian ties, the hope is to bring them back into the fold through force. Unlike the previous administrations of Bush and Obama, they are not expecting the US to stand in their way. Little by little they will try to chip away at Europe.



91 thoughts on “Predictions 2-5-18

  1. My son is traveling the first part of month in march by plane to LA w his 4 friends. How do things look the 1st week of March. And does this mean an epidemic starting in the world or an isolated incident? It must be horrible Eric when you see these things!!

  2. Wow unbelievable i that this never happens Just a question you have been posting for a long time about a Plane Crash thank God it didn’t happen


  3. How far off are these events? Are they close, or still distant?
    Also, the Zealot attacker….do you know what group/cult he’s part of?

    1. That’s my question also Sara. We need to stop this. What is the sometimes wearing blue and the sometimes wearing white represent?

    2. The most likely Zealots I can think of are jihadists, but there are are crazies in any group.

      I’m guessing jihadists though, because they’ve committed a lot of attacks over the past decade, everywhere from the Middle East to England to Boston, and they still pose a huge threat thanks to their online propaganda–which reels in new recruits.

      Or, it’s possible the Zealot could be part of some newer extremist group that hasn’t yet gotten much attention. I hope not, though–the world’s got enough terrorist groups and religious extremists as is, we don’t need a new group to worry about.

  4. I tend to think that either Rainier or Hood will blow soon being the ring of fire is so active.
    Also, being a bit new, I don’t understand why the sugar coat if they want us to know about your predictions. Don’t get me wrong, I realize I know nothing compared to guides, angels, or God.
    However, I think the scare factor might be the “wake up call” that some people might need. The world has become a very scary place. Perhaps knowing more might also help us flag a bad situation (instead of hiding) if we see one brewing. Just a thought.

  5. Could these two airplane predictions be just a deeper look into previous predictions you had about two airplane predictions? I believe one of them involved “777” w/ British Airways.

  6. Is there any timeframe to these plane crashes just there seems to be a plane crash prediction that was mentioned a number of times over the past 2/3 years , British air was mentioned , Canada , Texas , and the song reference day after tomorrow or somthing like that any of this linked . Are spirits still predicting events that are going to occur in a 4 week timeframe? As this still doesnt seem to be the case with a number of predictions for example the tsunami

      1. Please let us know. My daughter in college is flying to Scotland with her college friends for the experience in theatre project by the end of July. Praying it will be thwart. I will keep my eyes on your flight dreams. :/

      2. Eric, Thesr are truly horrible predictions. Would be good to know where, what country, and location do that we can start a massive chain prayer to try and keep this from happening. Do you think a prayer chain can make a difference?

        1. Considering its through prayer I receive these predictions I have to believe it could help. However I truly believe they are giving us this information so that we are informed and take action against it.

  7. The Farsight video for January had a scenario involving a plane or *something* from the sky coming down by a bridge over water. I can’t remember the details offhand, but it didn’t happen in any of the news headlines I saw in January. The event was very significant – so significant that both the viewers reported what was apparently the same event. I will go back and watch again, as soon as I read Eric’s post here I was reminded of the Farsight prediction.

    1. Princess’s viewing, keywords and phrases: Urban area, big city near water. Very cold, snow, ice, strong winds. Mountains or tall buildings. A plane crash that is a combination of what happens on the plane, worsened by the severe wintry conditions. A domino effect leading to disaster. Something breaks or goes awry on the plane, causing it to spiral out of control. Inside the plane, popping, rattling noise, shouting and panic. Sparks, fire, smoke, debris, explosions, plane broken and falling, in or near the city, with deaths. The city is badly affected. However, she says that she doesn’t feel as if it is an attack.

      1. Melena’s viewing: City by water. Event happens by, on a very wide steel bridge with lots of traffic on it. Some ships nearby. Noise of object falling out of sky. Explosive noise like it’s breaking up, cracking. Smoke, sparks, fire. Wires swinging, broken into two pieces.Screaming. Crashes into bridge, and icy water. There are people on board. Traffic is stuck, people are running away, great panic. Looks like a helicopter and plane over event area. It comes ‘out of nowhere – very big.’

        When I first saw this I thought it might be the Chinese space station, but Eric’s got that one covered elsewhere. I don’t know if any of the above details correlate with Eric’s vision. These might be unrelated events, but the big city / water/ bridge / plane falling out of sky with passengers, are all consistent.

        The video contains Melena Hall’s illustrations if anyone wants to play Spot The Bridge. The obvious guess would be San Francisco Bay and its bridges, but I don’t know if they get wintry weather as extreme as that described.

    2. I posted the link to that a few weeks back im sure one of them mentioned a bridge and 2 planes being involved , they predict events that will happen within 4-6 week timeframe which would suggest it happening anytime now

      1. Michael834, will you repost the link to Melena Halls vision. Thank you and thank you to Eric!

    3. I remember from the older post that mentioned of thr bodies floated on the water by the Golden Bridge that caused by plane crashed. Could be a year old post. Hopefully we can locate it.

      1. All I can think of is San Francisco.I saw a red bridge without even realizing it was the Golden Gate Bridge.

        Who is this guy in the mirror?

  8. Eric I am sorry you have to see such upsetting visions.
    Your description of the religious zealot leading the cult reminds me of the leader of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo which was lead by Shoko Asahara. They released sarin gas in the Tokyo subway in 1995. The leader is in prison now awaiting death penalty. His followers tried to distance themselves from the sarin attacks by changing the name of their cult to Aleph. Another group splintered off of Aleph called Hikari no Wa. They are trying to spread to Russia and Europe according to the article below. Pictures of Asahara often show him in solid white or blue or even pink garb. In 1993 they released anthrax in Tokyo but were not successful in infecting any humans. Aleph was in the news in 2017 for illegal recruiting practices.

  9. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, that was very disturbing but if you were given the vision, then you are required to pass it forward. I have had visions when I am afraid to release to the public, but I am compelled to do so because it helps to warn the people. My latest vision was not as disturb but about plagues released via the air by mad scientist or people in government.God, Bless US.

  10. La invacion de Rusia a europa es una invacion profetizada hasta en la biblia ap. gog y magog) asi que no hay nada que hacer mas que orar para que sea no tan sangrienta. Segun otras predicciones será despues de un viaje del papa a Moscu (no se dijo que papa) pero se ue el papa francisco esta planeando ir a Moscu para principios del 2019. Estamos a unas alturas que debemos juntar las profecias pues empiezan a converger. (Rusia puede ser Gog y los arabes Magog o es alreves, norecuerdo lo que si es seguro será Rusia con algun aliado y sera na invacion en dos o tres dias por suelo, y eso solo puede hacerse con aliados que pra m,i marecer ya estan en el territorio esperando el llamado de su califa (lease myusulmanes que llevan años llevando a cabo el caballo de troya).

  11. eric, please don’t censor, or be afraid of people being sacared,,very bad stuff, is coming out, in order for the planet, people, to be healed., years ago, I saw so many visions of things happeneing now, I ask them, to take away the stuff, I could not handle seeing.,which they did. years later, when I grew in spirit, I realized my mistake, everyone, is a vessel, to help , teach, each other, BY KNOWING ahead of time, ALL of us, can change the bad, so that it wouldn’t effect as much,as it does. also, I asked, that they would tell you and show you, their understanding, about love. which is the most powerful force, which everything is made of. hopefuly, it will show up in your truths column, someday. please remind everyone, that thoughts are powerful, send out love, and prayers, that the darkness, doesnot need to happenen, or will be effectly changed. also, ask them, to surround you with a sheld, so that your psychic, your emotions, your spirit, will not damage you, and, that you do not feel the badness, effect you, remember you are in a human vessel, thank you as always for helping and teaching.!

  12. Eric in these old predictions it talks about the numbers 901 with the US flag. Which seems to me would be Spirit showing a similarity to 911 but instead it’s 901, September 1st maybe, which you point out also. In another you show people in Cowboy hats getting on an airplane and mention Texas and a British Air hijacking, how the passengers don’t cooperate. Could that be where one of the planes departs from?

  13. Was the man with blisters and sores related to the plane?
    It reminds me of GaiaMan’s predictions about the great virus which appears after the great war has started. It starts/departs from “the city of the wind” (which I guess is Chicago but could be wrong). He writes the problem will be huge. It travels by air. Too many people for the vaccine. “Camps” will be full. Martial law will be a fact. It is same (virus) as found in some parts of Africa. But he also writes it is man made. You could once find the document containing GaiaMan’s writings online – GaiaMan.pdf. A quick search and I did not find it, but could upload that if permitted.
    We do not yet have this great war, and maybe this prediction can be changed. I don’t want to add to fear, but just saying this posted prediction reminds me of GaiaMan’s predictions.

    1. I should have clarified the message, I believe it’s a generalization to disease making a come back, similar to when they threw down the old prediction of a swastika symbol saying “it’s back” I had problems believing that we would ever allow a situation where people would march around with Nazi flags, sharing there racist ideas, but here we are, I believe the same is true here, , other than AIDS we have managed to avoid mass disease. But the mirror is an in your face message, but let’s keep fear in check, even with the return of Nazi ideas the resistance has been equally strong, I have to assume the same applies here.

      1. GaiaMan is famous for the writings in that thread on Godlike productions, “The future of your country ..ask and I will tell you”. I don’t know his real name. He clarifies that he is not writing predictions, but just visions that he has received. He wrote them based on the guidance from his Guide. He prefers to be a private citizen with his family and life. I think he resides in the Netherlands but is from some place like Malaysia or Indonesia, but I can’t find that reference. It is only from memory, and I could have that wrong. He did have a youtube channel also and posted videos.

  14. Eric/SWC just an FYI. The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Paradecis on Thursday. It will conclude at the Museum of Art. It seems we’ve had past predictions with Philadelphia and Art Museums “Art of War”, “Philadelphia lockdown”, “Around football”. This is just what I’m recalling off the top of my head. I’ll look and see if I can find some old predictions. Eric could this be relevant for an upcoming terrorist attack maybe? Here is a link for the Parade Route

  15. IT reminds me of Blaine from darkest knight something u would never imagine that movie always freaked me out let’s hope this won’t happen sounds terrifying

    1. It is starting to sound all related to the man in blue. I am still planning to ask for a location and time for this bio attack. It might have nothing to do with the US

  16. Last night I had a dream that was disturbing and I hope it has no validity.

    I was in Green Park central London and I looked up to the sky. A large plane suddenly came into view. I thought it was on fire but there were no flames just a strange smoke. The plane then continued south (which would be towards France) and suddenly nose dived into the city.
    I ran up to a man and asked him did he see it to which he relied yes. This confirmed it was true so I tried to call my friend to warn her a plane had gone down. There was a time delay with the news reporting this.

    1. Does anyone remember that old prediction about an airplane crash, I assumed it was an attack and Spirit posted a message saying I was incorrect, it was just a tragic accident?

      1. Eric,
        The post your looking for

        Eric you are in error this is not a terror attack, just a very tragic plane crash.

  17. Erik

    is the “evil zealot” that “dark leader” you predicted last year or the year before last that you reckon “will be worse than all evil dictators in history or in the future”?

  18. Eric,
    Volcano eruption 🌋
    had a visual in waking state, without meditation, of one massive volcano eruption, the location is unknown.

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 Singabung volcano massive eruption..
    Blackout conditions..

  19. Could the radical religious zealot leader be Benny Hinn ?
    Could we put out a major MADAY call to all innocent devoted followers of these types of entities, to avoid boarding any planes, in relation to their faith and massive faith events.?
    And have all related planes / mass transport arrangements, checked out b4 hand.
    Just a thought.
    A massive undertaking for sure, I reckon DJT would be up for the challenge.

  20. Eric,
    Ref ? I had a visual of what looked like a horrible accident, involving a train or multiple vehicles, the overall arching visual showed heavy destruction. (We need to ask for more details)

    Canada 🇨🇦
    A bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey team was involved in a crash Friday in Saskatchewan, with an unspecified number of fatalities and injuries reported.

  21. Eric,
    Ref:: I had a visual of a barrel with oil leaking from the side, the oil was all over the barrel, it sat on a beautiful stretch of green grass.

    Oil leak from pipes..
    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Missouri environmental regulators say the early estimate is that about 43 barrels, or 1,800 gallons (6,814 liters) of oil leaked from a pipeline near St. Louis.

    The leak, discovered Wednesday in St. Charles County, forced the closure of sections of both TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline and Enbridge Inc.’s Platte pipeline while an excavation crew determines which of the pipelines leaked.

  22. Eric,SWC,
    Train crash..
    Finland 🇫🇮
    I had a visual of what looked like a horrible accident, involving a train or multiple vehicles, the overall arching visual showed heavy destruction. (We need to ask for more details)

    Event details

    Vehicle Accident in Finland on March 02 2019 06:45 PM (UTC).

    At least four persons were killed in a train crash reported near Raseborg, about 53 miles southwest of Helsinki, on Thursday. The occurred after a train collided with a military vehicle on a level crossing near Raseborg. Eleven people who got injured in the incident were taken to two different hospitals in the region, local media reports said. According to reports, the crossing where the accident happened was unguarded and travel conditions were bad due to snowfall.

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