Chile 6.8 Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Please stay safe Chile.

Unfortunately the prediction implies there will be another earthquake around the corner. This is the 1st so that is about the Chile earthquake. I am currently working on a new prediction about a California earthquake with the numbers 6..1. I am strongly considering that the red countdown from yesterday might be this second quake. We have two older predictions where an earthquake is expected around the 3rd, New Zealand and California. Here are those predictions I have referenced: Predictions 9-3-18 Predictions 3-22-18 world Prediction: New Zealand Terror Attack

World Prediction: Chile Earthquake

I had a visual I was floating by the ocean looking towards a landmass. However it looked like an island to me. There was an implication of two earthquakes back to back in Latin America.

Spirit at first said 30..1

World Prediction: Large Earthquake Coming

In a matter of days the large quake will arrive.

Early this morning Spirit showed the number 1 as if counting down to zero.

19 thoughts on “Chile 6.8 Earthquake

  1. I do much lurking here. I just want to say I appreciate what you do. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. I’m really scared now. I’m in Chile on my way to Torres Del Paine National Park for a long trek. There will be no Internet access and no warning. Do you have a more specific location in Chile?

    1. Don’t be scared, if an earthquake happens just be prepared, nothing to be scared for

    2. Victoria I may be wrong but I believe Eric is saying this Chili quake has happened now. Praying for safe treking for you.🙏🏻

    3. My hope is to clarify tonight. It’s more likely the second one is in one of the other locations, New Zealand or California. The prediction talked about two large quakes back to back and marked the 1st.

    1. I’m not an expert on quakes, but isn’t that normal, for there to be movement after an earthquake?

      1. I guess it depends on what’s going on underneath. If this is just the final result of the aftershocks of the last big quake, then no need to be concerned. But in view of the many predictions that have been coming from psychics, especially Eric’s, it does sound troubling to me.

    2. Hi petemedium, I believe that was covered by a lot of the news networks here in the US after that last big quake there. Probably not this exact link from the USGS, but pretty much taken from the same story. Thank you for adding though in case others missed it.

      1. Thanks Jules. My only source of US news in via the Internet and I haven’t seen anything mentioned, hence why I posted it as a question.

  3. We’ve just had a 4.8 quake off the coast of Broome in West Australia. That’s following the 5.4 in Tennant Creed NT a few days ago. Quite unusual at such close times.

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