World Prediction: Large Earthquake Coming

In a matter of days the large quake will arrive.

Early this morning Spirit showed the number 1 as if counting down to zero.

If we were to calculate the expected timing it would be between the 7th-9th.

When they initially gave the message I assumed Spirit was talking about the Chile earthquake prediction, the China quake crossed my mind as well, but then I reviewed the ‘Earthquakes Coming’ post that has the North California quake and they literally start the message with the number ‘7’. Hopefully I can narrow down which of the earthquakes are about to arrive. Here are the three predictions:




Oddly they would add the letter W and show mid afternoon. However I question if that is related to the earthquake or the message below.


“ There she is again in transport.. a nuclear weapon “ I had a visual of a nuclear weapon on display, as a small group of shady people surrounded it, like a black market sale.

This prediction seems to be a sequel to a previous prediction: PREDICTIONS 9-15-18 They have now clarified that the weapon is a nuclear bomb.

Spirit where does the Tsunami unfold? I had a visual of an island mass where all of the corners of the island reached outward.

I need to look at smaller islands to see what might fit, one obvious possibility is the northern region of New Zealand. That would fit a previous prediction that talks about a wave striking Fiji. I could see a New Zealand Tsunami being in the path of Fiji. I am still working on the time for now they only showed 8.

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71 thoughts on “World Prediction: Large Earthquake Coming

  1. A few places to look. So far the energy is still looking stuck in California and not moving east, so a larger earthquake could hit there. Slow slip off the north island of nz has stop, large earthquake could hit there. Also Indonesia and japan

    1. well I can certainly say that here in wellington today is cloudy and very still. The atmosphere is very eerie, typically the behavior leading up to a quake.

  2. The major quake is going to occur in the next couple days, but no indication if it is N. CA or in another country?

  3. Hopefully a determination can be made tonight, so people can be aware, as it could occur as soon as a few hours. Thank you so much.

  4. maybe Washington state of america. that areas well overdue and expecting something off the coast.

  5. I don’t think New Zealand. A Maori elder stated that NZ would be devastated in June by a tsunami, said it would happen in his lifetime in a “June”, that was 38 years ago. June has passed, maybe next year for NZ.

    1. that was a cryptic msg to the public. he didnt get his msg 38yrs ago. kaiapoi happened. kaikora happened. wellington. wanganui and taranaki yet to occur. its a wait period from beginning or end of june. ya count 38 days from 1st of june or end of june. ya all took the msg the wrong way and misunderstood his crypic message he gave from the lord.

    2. I think he said Wellington. I remember hearing about it. He have this prophecy on Waitangi Day. He said body bags lining the streets of WGTN. And yes he said June.

  6. I strongly feel there’s a big quake brewing in the North Island of NZ. Lots of unusual seismic activity right now

    1. White Island has been seen to BLOW…create a HUGE tsunami in the catcher’s mitt area.

  7. I’d definitely recommend people who live in earthquake-prone areas to be cautious, stock up on supplies, and maybe rehearse what to do if a quake strikes. It’s good to have a plan in mind, because doing so helps prevent freezing up in a crisis.

    Come to think of it, that advice might work for anyone living in other disaster-prone areas like floods, wildfires, or tornadoes.

      1. theres another psychic online whose very accurate predicting a 9.2 for san francisco for december 2019. so we will just have to see.

  8. I rarely visit this site on my phone, but damn there is a lot of pop ups to scams, will have to use an adblocker on my phone but I thought the popups had been sorted.

  9. Aiden SWC
    Spirit worrier clan that means Aiden wasnt sure if you knew ..
    I had to block pop ups too on my phone ..
    the previous post Annonomous wes me rhona2
    I have been having huge probs staying signed in

  10. Concerning information-

    1. Why is it concerning? At some point in time a mega quake may happen, he’s not saying that it is about to happen, but it could happen in the next decades.

      As for your source

      “ NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website that frequently spreads conspiracy theories and political misinformation mixed in with real news stories.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Originally named Your News Wire,[3][9][10] it was founded in 2014 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway.[1][4][11] In November 2018, it rebranded itself as NewsPunch, and began redirecting traffic to[9”

  11. Eric I think you had an older prediction about justice will prevail might fit the Jeffery Epstein indictments from New York State.

  12. Ref nuclear weapon, shady people. My first thought was “criminal element”.

  13. Coyotes behind our home are making what I would call “whimpering” noises with a different kind of howl. We’re on the East coast and this behavior happened right before the 1st and the second earthquakes in CA – they were at it again this morning earlier – about an hour ago. I think we should brace ourselves in the USA for a big one! I also had a dream last night that indicated Berkeley calif. if I interpreted it right. Stay safe everyone.

    1. My pets and some others of friends have been behaving strangely for that last few days. Crying and wanting to hide or cling plus some stomach upsets….we are in Florida so I wonder if they can sense large planetary changes.

      1. Luna, My dog too. Although it was just the 4th so fire works are still happening. But my dog is clingy, nervous and is having stomach problems

    2. Lia – A few days before the recent quakes in CA my two cats were unusually quiet, not wanting to go outside and staying close to me.

      1. Eric I was just wondering if some of the earthquakes coming up could actually be like a political event or economics, scandals involving a money laundering ring, human trafficking rings, etc. some sort of event that involved people all over the world.

  14. jules 104 SWC
    Love light and prayers for Mother earth and her rumblings ..
    Stay safe all

      1. W can be city Wellington New Zealand.
        this 12th quake for NZ has yet to occur. could be 12th july.

  15. I wonder if W may mean Wednesday .
    even though 7th to 9th was mentioned.
    just a thought ..Wednesday being the 10th .
    it could be 9th USA… 10th N.Z..Indonesia ..Aust

  16. There are 2 cities that start with a W- Weldon and Wofford Heights that are close to Ridgecrest/China Lake. Lake Isabella has a dam they have been worried about infrstrucure sine the quakes hit. Now, the dam breaking wouldn’t cause a tsunami as we know it, however it would wipe out some towns including Weldon.

  17. eric iran and uk tension is rise ,uk capture iran oil tanker and iran warns respond ,my mind tell me iran or hezboallah in lebanon and manama bahrain will hiijacked uk british airways imminent

    1. Thank you for the information. Though that is large they made this coming quake sound epic or heavily destructive. They marked the 15th and implied that it would be the prediction I have been waiting on. I just need confirmation. That could be a few other messages too

      1. Eric, I see Australia had a large quake too.. wasn’t there a prediction mentioning Australia, Plymouth and somewhere else for a really big quake. Wasn’t it nz too?

  18. Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″
    “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

    when that large australia one just happened a day ago at same time a large very deep quake happenee just off new plymouth new zealand. but then deleted and removed it. it was a 4.7 659km deep off the coast of plymouth! maybe bigger coming.

  19. Eric,
    Ref:::There she is again in transport.. a nuclear weapon “ I had a visual of a nuclear weapon on display, as a small group of shady people surrounded it, like a black market sale.

    3 arrested..charged..

    3 Iranians charged with exporting tons of substance used in missiles, nuclear centrifuges

    Carbon fiber is used in the fabrication of nose cones for long-range missiles and the manufacture of the rotors in the centrifuges that enrich uranium.

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