World Prediction: Chile Earthquake

I had a visual I was floating by the ocean looking towards a landmass. However it looked like an island to me. There was an implication of two earthquakes back to back in Latin America.

Spirit at first said 30..1

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  1. The good news is so far there has been no deep event that could cause a mega quake there, yet.

    1. Yeah, doesn’t really work that way. There’s only a handful of times when that has applied over the past decade (despite the alternative narrative), compared to the vast majority of large deep quakes leading to stronger shallow quakes. Shallow slow-slip events are another story, which could actually trigger a larger movement on a subduction zone fault.

      1. …Should have read “There’s only a handful of times when that has applied over the past decade (despite the alternative narrative), compared to the vast majority of large deep quakes NEVER leading to stronger shallow quakes.” Apologies, should have proofread.

      2. Actually it does work that way and we can look at all the evidence weekly of it happening.

    2. I have been a loyal reader since the offshore Cali quake you nailed a few years’ back. However, it looks like Dutchsinse viewers are spouting their nonsensical ideas here too, and it’s too darn annoying to deal with this on a daily basis. Yes, I believe in what you do Eric, but No, deep earthquakes do not cause larger shallow earthquakes.I’ll still check in from time to time, but this cultish attitude needs to stop. P.S. Where’s the shallow 8.2-8.4 quake we’ve been expecting from the deep 7.2 Indonesia quake last week. Just the latest example in a failed forecast.

  2. From Chile. Hi Eric. What a sad perception.

    Chile is constituted by three geographical zones: Continental Chile, Island Chile and Antarctic Chile. Island Chile corresponds to the Juan Fernandez archipelago, the Desventuradas islands, Salas y Gómez island and Easter Island.

    Could you be more specific about the affected areas? Look. Geologists are waiting for a strong earthquake for the northern part of the country. Does something tell you that this is it? Do you think our neighboring countries will also suffer with the same earthquake that will affect to us?

    Of course I want nothing to happen. Winter has fallen hard upon us. A lot of rain and cold. And the good new of these days is the eclipse of the sun on Tuesday 2. There are and there will be many tourists. We know a lot about earthquakes and tsunamis but tourists usually do not.
    I hope it will not be the next 30 and 1 …

    I’ll do my best. I hope to contact you again.

    Thanks for your consideration. Peace and Love.

    1. Not sure if this is the one you’re referring to, but there was a very deep 6.4 near the Mariana Islands yesterday. That concerns me for Japan, but also for this potential Chile quake. There have been several large events across the Pacific in the last week or so, particularly the south Pacific, and that energy eventually travels east. Chile makes sense as the likely target.

  3. Hi Eric. Hope all is well with you and your mom! Could you ask spirit where the rh negative factor come in. So much debate on the subject and I’m curious being an rh – myself. I know it’s off subject, but I’m soo curious. Thank you

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