Predictions 9-19-18

Spirits message: I had a visual of zero. Then another visual of a second zero.  “Times Up.” I had a visual of Spirit cooking bacon. I had a visual of the number 19. Then I had a visual of people in a state of panic as an earthquake was unfolding around them. Then it shifted again to show the word Washington. Later they would add ‘in 30 seconds’ which implies half a day.

Greece is in trouble.. shady acts by the leaders.. if its not squashed.. yesterdays economic nightmare returns.. the troubles of yesterday return.. there is only one answer and that is to stop it before its too late.

When the statues are given out, the prediction will unfold. Its the second event that is horribly bad. (Hurricane? Shooting?) 

Eric’s Comments:  Bacon is a reference to “Its back on” That has to be the New Zealand or Alaska earthquake. Spirit warned us that before the New Zealand earthquake there would be smaller ones in the area and that is happening now.  We have passed the timeframe (17) they showed, they are implying this prediction about an earthquake is about to happen. Spirit seems to be saying that both the earthquake prediction and a Washington prediction is about to happen today or in the coming days.  We are expecting a prediction to unfold today. Washington most likely is a reference to the shooting, but could also be a political prediction that is about to unfold. Later they implied one of their predictions would be foiled or hindered. To review old predictions Click on the tab in red below:

Predictions related to the earthquake: Prediction: Earthquakes Coming

Predictions related to Washington: Prediction: Shooting Spree

40 thoughts on “Predictions 9-19-18

  1. When the statues are given out……perhaps that means the Oscars or another major event. That came to mind because the Emmy’s were a few days ago.

    1. The first thought that came to mind was Oscars, when I read about “when the statues are given out.”

  2. Eric it should be the morning of the 20th already in NZ. Praying for All New Zealanders! 🙏🏻🌟❤️
    Praying for Washington and what could be the second event. 🙏🏻🌟❤️
    Sending love and light across the world and into the universe. 🌟💫

  3. Eric,
    When you say Washington you mean the state correct?
    The fair ends Sunday and I live 10 min from here…
    Did you see children as well in the shooting vision?

  4. I always thought cooking bacon was akin to saying someone’s goose is cooked.

    Bringing home the bacon is money or the fruits of one’s labor. Many people are reaping what they have sown.

    1. He has said previously the spirit means “back on” when they show him bacon, as in the prediction is coming to back the forefront.

      1. Yes, I remember. Symbols mean different things to different people. The psychic, dreamer, seer, etc. has to stick with what they know else the symbol is meaningless to them.

        In some cases a person getting a reading will have a different interpretation of the symbol. If the psychic is perplexed as to the symbols meaninging then one would normally defer to the client’s interpretation.

    1. I just read about that–it happened in a courthouse.1 dead, 3 injured, unclear if the shooter was among the injured or dead.

  5. “Its the second event that is horribly bad.” Perhaps the “first event” that is horribly bad is a reference to the Vegas shooting.

    1. another item mentioned wellington capital buikdings to be strenghened in 7.5 years..think outside the box. could mean a 7.5 for on its way. why are these buikdings not strengthened in 7yrs or 8. why the news say 7.5 yrs. think outside the box people.
      something is about to go down in new zealand. the elite do communicate or warn us if they are thinking of us.
      alot of news about quake wellington and relation to 7.5.
      7.5 is due for wellington and something for wanganui and taranaki new plymouth.

      1. another news item talks about next big one for say a 7.5 at seddon cook strait area. eric did talk about destructive one between the two land masses back in 2017.

        i am located in wellington.

        i work at wellington hospital and alot is being prepared for.a coming quake to effect wellington. im.thinking the seddon area and next up u guys in wanganui taranaki just as the maori elder.mentioned at waitangi day 2011. search youtube for that.

        all the best.

  6. In a recent NZ quake prediction Spirit said ’17,next week shock wave’. your glossary indicates a day means a week and a week more likely means next month. So maybe not now but october?
    NZ’s recent 10 day unusual quake patterning is showing something is happening tho. I don’t understand ’17’. it’s been used before and I’m thinking it might be a different meaning from what is usually expected. Other workers in this field are suspecting the 21st (NZ time). also in your prediction 17th sept Spirit said “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, your always a day away.” I also remember this being used a while ago in another prediction, but can’t remember what it was related to (not quakes). All I do know is that Spirit struggles with expressions of time, as we know it, as they don’t experience time in a linear fashion like we do. Really like the new format Eric-much clearer. Thanks for the hard work 🙂

    1. It crossed my mind that they might be talking about Oct Nov, because they also have an old prediction that talks about Nov. However we are expecting an earthquake very soon.

  7. The Q posts predicted that something big would happen at the time of the Emmys. Specifically the red carpet. At that exact moment of the broadcast, The White House announced the declassification of key unredacted documents and texts that are said to reveal a lot of criminal and treasonous activity in the “Swamp” including VERY big names. They have been warning of this for a long time, and many people in Washington are said to be terrified of what is about to come out. “Panic in DC”.

    At the start of his administration, Trump mysteriously referred to “The Calm Before The Storm” and “draining the swamp”. This is apparently what he was referring to. There have been elaborate efforts behind the scenes to bring certain people to justice and uncover state corruption, and the Emmys red carpet moment was like a clap of thunder. The Storm is upon us – or them. An earthquake would be another suitable metaphor.

    I don’t know when exactly Eric had that vision, but he has had instantaneous predictions before. I read through the comments above and no-one appeared familiar with the Qanon discourses as they would have spotted the meaning immediately. If anything proved that Q is not some dumb conspiracy theory it is recent events. They even predicted John McCain’s death to the exact minute.

    I don’t say any of this as a Trump supporter. I’m left leaning and I dislike him personally. But I honour the truth. I have been following the Q posts dispassionately, but with great interest, and they have consistently revealed themselves to be from the horse’s mouth and a genuine discussion of what’s really going on. The MSM are a mess of lies and whitewash. Things are about to get very very messy indeed.

    Watch out for an “October surprise”.

    1. BeachHut — Problem with Trump is that he never mentions the actual purpose behind ‘Drain the Swamp’ anymore because even he and his staff members don’t live up to their own ethics standards. If you’re holding him accountable for what he originally intended the phrase for — which was his promises of ethics and lobbying reforms — then don’t hold your breath. As soon as Trump got in he broke his drain the swamp promise because he immediately appointed a bevy of obscenely wealthy insiders to Washington jobs, where they all did what they know how to do best: Make money for themselves.

      Trump himself, who still will not release his personal tax returns, signed a tax-reform package into law that rained money on the 1 percent and contained provisions that enriched his own bottom line, while giving such a small cut to the majority of filers that they don’t even notice it in their paychecks. Then there’s the cabinet of American oligarchs Trump appointed, the richest ever assembled. Some of the many scandals include the petty (then-EPA head Scott Pruitt demanding his staff drive him to pick up a fancy lotion in between helping find his wife a job) and the stupendous, such as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ shorting shares in a stock he was supposed to divest in order to serve in his job and, according to Forbes, allegedly siphoning more than $120 million from his business partners prior to taking a job with the administration.

      Other members of the Trump White House are intent on making sure the corporate world knows there is a “for sale” sign outside of the White House. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who is also the acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head, openly boasted of how, when he served in Congress, he wouldn’t even meet with a corporate lobbyist unless they donated to him. Now he has gutted the CFPB’s oversight of multiple industries.

    2. Beach Hut Did you catch the q post that Corbyn and Khan will flee the country? It was around xmas time.
      What a time to be alive!
      Red October.

    3. Yes, I remember. Symbols mean different things to different people. The psychic, dreamer, seer, etc. has to stick with what they know else the symbol is meaningless to them.

      In some cases a person getting a reading will have a different interpretation of the symbol. If the psychic is perplexed as to the symbols meaninging then one would normally defer to the client’s interpretation.

    1. What about Chicago? Why is everyone getting into knots about 3 shootings and totally ignoring the daily, numerous shootings (sometimes 50 over a weekend) in Chi-town? Hmmm. Crickets

      1. Hope, that is not the only important news story no one talks about anymore. People are desensitized, especially when black people are involved.

        1. Genocide still occurring in African countries. This has been going on for decades. Some people have never heard of it.

        2. Africans still being sold as slaves. This made international news but not American news. The American websites that reported on it cater to an African American audience.

        3. Whatever happened to Trayvon Martin’s family? What about all those other black men who have been killed because of their skin color?

      2. No one’s forgetting about Chicago. The violence there has gotten horrible.

        I think the reason people focused on the other 3 shootings is because they happened in places that don’t usually have much crime–the shooting yesterday was in a rural area at a rite-aid plant. So it’s surprised a lot of people. Cities like Chicago and new York and L.A. usually have a lot more crime than small towns and rural areas due to higher population–but in Chicago it’s gotten much worse than usual, even for cities.

        But people still care about Chicago. More needs to be done to put a stop to the violence going on there.

  8. Eric,
    Smaller eq’s …today…building to larger?

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-26 09:43:36 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-26 02:46:33 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-25 21:20:02 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-25 19:24:50 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    162km SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
    2020-01-25 19:19:23 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    50km NW of Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    2020-01-25 10:45:11 (UTC)
    86.2 km

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