Prediction: Earthquakes Coming


Alaska.. now.. 2.. (later they would add pm)

Are they saying in 2 days or today at 2pm?

New Zealand

I had a visual of New Zealand and then there was an earthquake sign. However this time they showed the sign by New Plymouth / Whanganui area. Last time they implied Christchurch.

“17.. next week. shockwave.. extreme damage.. 66..69.. the smaller earthquakes are a precursor.”

The numbers 66 and 69 could be magnitudes. 

Previous prediction: Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake Coming Soon  “The mega quake is coming in a few moments.”  Where? Spirit wrote the words “Christchurch area”   “So massive”   17

North California Bay Area

South of San Francisco.. large earthquake.. 1.. am.. I had a visual of 702 703

I had a visual of a giant walking through a store.

Previous prediction: Prediction: San Francisco / San Jose Earthquake Coming Soon

“Earthquake in San Francisco.. very large.. damaging” Spirit has shifted back and forth from San Francisco and San Jose.  I had a visual of older buildings that were demolished. Spirit made it sound very large When Spirit? Now.  In one message they talked about the number 4

In Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes  they showed 7, then 7 2, but then shifted to show 2 and 4. Part of the prediction uses the word ‘Giants’ it reads

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

South of San Francisco would be San Jose. The numbers 702, 703 most likely means the 2nd / 3rd. The number 7 in the past has been used to represent ‘date’. Its also possible they are unclear on the date, sometime around the 1st and 4th. As this month ends I will ask them to clarify the timing. My hope is to have a specific date for this earthquake, instead of multiple possibilities they have for the beginning of the month. 


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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric do you know how big the Alaska EQ is and will there be a tsunami for the West Coast, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon area ? Thanks.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately we hit the end of my session with the, at 5am, if it doesn’t happen today I will ask

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Maybe for Alaska the 2 represents both–that it could happen on the 2nd of a month, around 2 p.m.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very possible!

  3. star48 Avatar

    north of North Island..,NZ..

    5.3 mag south of Kermadec Islands

  4. james Avatar

    main mega shock christchurch high 8.5 to 9.0. then smaller ones north. wellington 7.0 and area of wanganui new plymouth. 7.0
    take care all in nz

    1. Bernie Avatar

      James, how do you get your timings and calculations?

      1. james Avatar

        1. intuition. 2. dreams. 3 what the elite tell us in news items. they do tell but cryptic. 4. what elite told to public waitangi day in 2011 5. psychics

        i piece them.all.together like a puzzle.

  5. Luisa Gol Avatar
    Luisa Gol

    I told you las year that the EQ in Mexcico wasn’t the EQ that Spirits were talking about.

  6. Luisa Gol Avatar
    Luisa Gol

    702 703 can this be a kind of coordenates?

  7. james Avatar

    quote. the smaller earthquakes are a precursor

    could mean the 2011 christchurch 7.0 quake and 2016 7.8 quake kaikora just north of christchurch are precursors to this new bigger megaquake coming same area.

    1. james Avatar

      sorry 7.1 quake christchurch 2010.

  8. james Avatar

    eric dont forget the following

    Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″ “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.”

    this relates to new plymouth new zealand.
    in 3 i read as 3 years from 2015 when u posted

    1. james Avatar

      not sure what 1130 is. maybe time. or november 3rd or november 30th.
      i think this is related and for this year.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes that has crossed my mind,

  9. james Avatar

    eric u have had a few quake predictions for new zealand.

    1. christchurch area
    2. middle.of the two land masses.
    3. new plymouth

    think these are all related together.
    a big quake in christchurch that moves north direction causing another middle.of the land masses and one new plymouth area

    1. james Avatar

      Predictions 7-7-17 Earthquake.. New Zealand.. between the two land masses… destructive.

  10. james Avatar

    more than one large quake is on its way for new zealand. be ready guys.
    stock up on water and canned food.
    sorry all my posts. this will be my last.

    1. star48 Avatar


      Please not your last..

      Do the eq’s in between Kermadec and North Island get any notice in past two days…?
      It takes time to get awareness out to people to prepare…
      People like to procrastinate…
      The study about Alpine fault and the “media shine” should help…
      Are you on any local forums? Can you get any information out that way!
      Blessings to you.😇

      1. jamesi Avatar

        just my last for the day and this prediction of erics. i dont want to overload his thread. will let eric do the writing.

        i follow the new zealand stuff as im based in wellington.

        i will write again soon.

    2. Bernie Avatar

      Calculations from another scientific studier- there may be a quake tomorrow 16th, from south to middle south island 330pm-11pm 4-5.0. A poss precursor to bigger event.

  11. tracypaints44 Avatar

    I don’t know if this means anything, but 702 is an area code in Las Vegas

  12. Michele Cartwright Avatar
    Michele Cartwright

    Hi James, do you have anything new to share on this topic? I was born in Hawera which is between Wanganui and New Plymouth. Although I have lived in Australia for many years I still have family in New Plymouth, Hawera (Ararata) and Raumati Beach. Many thanks, Michele

  13. james Avatar

    Earthquake 7.4, it is really bad, very damaging :
    I had a visual of a set of crackers circling a mountain or volcano. A set of crackers would imply a large earthquake.
    end quote

    couple posts back eric mentioned the above.
    in the area of wanganui new plymouth there is by the way a volcano in the middle. mt.taranaki volcano.

    1. iamtot Avatar

      No need to worry about NZ. There is nowhere near enough stress built up for a large quake.

      1. Deborah Avatar

        Wish that was true,but the Alpine Fault has regularly ruptured approx every 300 years and is way over due.Our little country Sits on plate boundries.After living through the Christchurch quakes of 2010/2011 I have learnt the country is littered with fault lines that could go off anytime!

    2. Interested Avatar

      Did you see that 4.8 quake a half hour ago on Rotorua, New Zealand? 156 km depth. Maybe that is one of the precursors mentioned in the prediction.

      1. star48 Avatar


        Here is USGS info..
        4.8 mag
        11 km ESE of Rotorua,NZ
        Yes, deep…here is map ( interactive) on the link page..

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        This just happened. I need to take a look, they talked about smaller ones coming first.

  14. star48 Avatar

    New Zealand 🇳🇿
    Ref:::5.2 mag eq..9 km S of Raoul Island, NZ…64 km deep.

  15. Interested Avatar

    There were 9 weak quakes on 9/18 in New Zealand. A typical day will generally be 1-4. Here is a nice link showing the quakes along with a little map giving location of each.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  16. star48 Avatar

    4.9 mag…162km .,NNE of Raoul Island,NZ. …62 km deep.

  17. star48 Avatar

    4.3 mag…23 km SSE of Opunake, NZ
    208.7 km deep

  18. jules104 Avatar

    SWC/Eric…Dutch is still forecasting on YouTube as far as I can tell. Latest update.

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