Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes

We are moving closer to a time when the earth reacts very violently.

The countdown to this prediction has come to its end. “0001”  These earthquakes are coming, the dates moved from showing  2 then 4? The same issues are presented in the old predictions.

I had a visual of two boxes of ‘Crackers’ on the table.  The fact that they were boxes and not the normal handful of crackers goes to the large size of the quake.

Where Spirit? Where?

They wrote the word Mexico. Then after a small pause they wrote, San Francisco.

That’s points to this previous messages, perhaps 7 2 is the 2nd: 

I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

I asked them to clarify are you talking about Mexico or North California? They said;

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

Later Spirit added South Beach. They actually said that before when pointing to the LA quake. I truly believe we are expecting a North California earthquake instead of a Southern California quake.

Perhaps these predictions as well:

Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.

“Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

Predictions on 11-8-15 San Francisco Earthquake In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
The 25 will be lost to this.

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike
I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
That implies an earthquake
I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
We have a previous prediction about San Francisco, a very dire prediction, but its possible they are unrelated events:

If we assume Spirit is saying ‘in 3 to 4 days’ and 7:02 is a reference to a date with the number 2

Then Spirit shifted to show another prediction: 

I had a visual that the news media seemed to have eyes for a sports situation unfolding, the reporters all clambered around it. Then it shifted. I was standing outside when a bright light raced across the sky. Everyone was getting inside, so I followed. Then the ground shook. I raced back outside to see a large plume of smoke, a large hole was in the ground. Then the visual shifted to show other small particles fly across us, striking the ground. The damage to the area was extensive.

The implication was this was a part of a larger body flying thru space, a piece of something. There was also a concern over someone next to the area of impact, in the visual they were in a white car. The fragments where metal or iron. However I believe these odd messages could be symbolic.


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  1. Hi Eric this is just to let you know that today I got a song from Spirit as I was waking up–“Sunday bloody Sunday” by U2. Not sure if this means something will happen today but it has my mind distracted right now wondering about it.

  2. Eric,
    Could “7…7 2” mean July 2nd?

    And could the last prediction have been about a meteor? Or if it was symbolic, what do you think it was symbolizing?

    1. Yes both 2 and 3 are used multiple times. I believe its a meteor, but why do they show metal at the end? Ironically all of this mirrors very old predictions about a massive CA earthquake followed by a south America meteor strike. Brazil was later pointed to. But it could just be a coincidence.

  3. Hi Eric, I woke up today feeling this restless feeling I get before a big global event. I came to your blog & saw this posting about an earthquake (2 actually) in California & Mexico. I can’t shake this feeling… hope we’re both wrong.

  4. “The countdown to this prediction has come to its end. “0001” These earthquakes are coming, the dates moved from showing 2 then 4″
    “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror”
    “In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big. 7:02”

    This WEDnesday is May 2nd. Which, if you got this message last night would be 4 days away.

    Thanks for all you do Eric. Hope you continue to heal and feel better.

    1. Thanks LM. This is the prediction I never forget yet nothing happened these last several years. My chest is hurting so bad. I’m taking the pain medicines and it’s crazy but the chest pain is new. Im feeling neasau at this moment. However, Wednesday is May 2nd. Spirits say “wed…one left…” so I’m wondering if this means now tonight or morning before noon then another one this Wednesday which could be much worse. I remembered somewhere in Calif felt the sttong rattle not too long ago maybe less than a week ago…I read that when small sharp rattle then in days or week the earthquake coming up…just hope not but please everyone be prepared just in case with emergency such as flash light, fully charged battery phone, tennis shoes, bottle water and keep your medicines in your jacket.

      1. Also watch for signs like little rainbow in sky, ants built higher away from under ground or ants in thr bathroom avoiding the grounds, cats goes missing and dogs acted strange behaviors, etc….you’d know it’s coming up anytime soon.

      2. Oh gosh….”7:02″ which is devastating quake. Not good for Calif if occur in a large city. I even remember the Spirits repeated in past several times “here” to Eric ….so it could be San Deigo. ..maybe not…so, it’s likely in south Calif somewhere.

  5. Obviously, some event is impending. I’m being pushed to sleep and dreams are coming fast and furious, vivid and very detailed. Also starting to have flashes during the day, that seem to be triggered when I’m touching certain things. My “receiver” went dormant several years ago, but it seems now it’s on with the volume turned full blast.

    One of the dreams this morning was of people moving at the last minute, because their “time was up”. They were leaving valuables and pets behind. I saw water flooding the second floor rooms, then suddenly receeding. The ones who stayed, congregated with “neighbors” they had never met. Something was said about recycling or selling copper, which to me is a reference to valuable or precious metals being exchanged for cash.

  6. Here is another message from Spirit I missed: The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

    1. US Flags at half mast would happen every Memorial day holiday, which lands on Mon 5/29/18. Could the “3 is key 3” represent 3 days? If so, then 3 days after Memorial Day, would be Thurs 5/31, or perhaps Wed 5/30 if you count Memorial Day. That could also align with spirit saying “Earthquake.. wed.. ” or Wednesday?

    2. Maybe 3 means 3 months from the prediction. Since it was made in April, maybe it means something happens in July. ‘Americans gathering’ could refer to summer holidays, or July 4th celebrations.

      It’s weird, the part that says “look as it happens, the earthquake is next” sounds like they’re saying once one major event occurs, then the quake. Two separate things, sounds like.

  7. Aftershocks can occur for months after the initial earthquake. It could be all these areas are hit. Maybe or maybe not on the same day or at the same time.

  8. I am asking all of you my fans to please share this over FB, Twitter, ATS, and your friends and family, we must warn people. Imagine what can be achieved by warning people.

    1. I am not sure, however when I asked where the meteor was they said they did not know? if it is brazil wouldn’t they know? But it feels like I have predicted these events before.

  9. Eric, my thought is this…Spirit is comparing the Mexico Earthquake on Sept 19 2017 to this upcoming earthquake you are seeing in your vision. It happened mid day as well and killed many people and destroyed many buildings. Strangely, as you know, in 2013 when I had my dreams with my grandpa, I was in the dream and in San Francisco. I knew I was visiting my friends and I was sitting in Alamo Square on the grass. The ground shook and everything around me fell. It was then my friend took me thru the desert through chinese checkpoints into San Diego where there were tons of tents in a big park. My grandpa was sitting on a bench and told me to move to San Diego and I would avoid all of this. That I was to find a home in San Diego. That was the dream. So in real life I packed everything I had in Chicago and moved to San Diego instead of San Francisco where my friends are and did exactly as he said. My partner and I own a home here….BUT, we are going to SFO the middle of May to visit my friends who live across from Alamo Square. So maybe it will happen then as I was there in my dream in 2013. I know I lived through it and made it to San Diego. Only this time, I have a home here in San Diego to return to and won’t have to live in a tent. LOL! Anyway, keep at it and so glad you are getting better.

    1. Jon Blue thanks for sharing as always. Always find your stories of you with your grandfather really interesting. So glad you are happy and with your partner in San Diego now. 😇

    2. Hi Jon Blue, I always like hearing what your grandfather advises you in your dreams, too. Maybe you shouldn’t visit your friends in the middle of May? Save yourselves the angst & hardship of truly getting back to San Diego, as in the dream of 2013. The Chinese checkpoints is disconcerting…hmmm… Any other recent dreams from your grandfather? He obviously protects you!

  10. South Beach is a neighborhood in San Francisco, and it’s where ATT Park is located (Giants stadium). The stadium is built on landfill and a crumbling seawall along the Embarcadero brings further risk to the area in the event of an earthquake. There is a game there on Wednesday at 12:45pm.

    1. Mashe- Your post gave me heart palpitations. Hope you are wrong. Giants are playing San Diego on May 2nd! Theres the southern California portion of prediction. “Americans gathering” ….well a baseball game is All American gathering. It is in South Beach area. Jon Blues dream/vision. The post by Jules 104 reiterating Erics predictions…3 is the key 3. Coincidentally, magnitudes posted on USGS website show Diablo,CA area getting hit with this 3.0 magnitudes. Sigh. My Golden Knights (hockey) are traveling to San Jose for Game 3 tomorrow night. Nooooooooooo….

      1. Ohmygosh…..wondering if the older predicted thst mentioned “2…2”. That number 2 stuck in my head for long time. Keep eyes opened and pray it’s foiled or less damaged.

      2. Wait! Eric, think “2…2” could be meant for both San Francisco one in calif and one in mexico? Just a thought.

  11. This am prior to reading this prediction I noticed from my EQ phone app that Mexico’s is having swarms in the 3s. Here is a link to the EMSC if you click on maps than go to their google maps you can see all of the EQs happenings in this area. Also the San Francisco area has been hit with a 3 and upper 2s today. I found this interesting considering Spirit has mentioned both areas.

  12. Soy de Mexico, el 1 de julio tenemos votaciones, pero parece que algo va a asar antes que hace que no haya elecciones, no estamos seguros (una amiga que es vidente y yo) que es lo que va a pasar, pensamos en un movimiento social, pero casi estamos seguras va a ser un terremoto de grandes dimensiones. Yo pienso que va a ser un terremoto que vaya desde california hasta chiapàs, pasando por todo mexico, y mucha gente va a morir en este terremoto, pues ademas va a durar mucho.
    Es algo muy grande que va a paralizar a Mexico. y lo va a hacer cambiar. de las eleciones no se que va a pasar

    Yo pienso que tambien se viene el AVISO y por eso lo de los meteoritos que dice ahi que van a caer. lo que no se es si van a ser el mismo día o en dias cercanos.

  13. Eric is it possible that there is an attack and an earthquake around the same time? It always seemed like the Spirits spoke of both for N CA in a way. I remember a prediction with Spirit saying to watch the tv and something like you will know that the N CA EQ will be next. Maybe an attack on SF Giants Stadium or a bridge and then the EQ?
    Also I hardly ever dream because I’m such a light sleeper but this past week I had a short dream that actually woke me up because it seemed more like a vision and was audible. It was just the face of my daughter in distress and upset and the only thing she said or repeated was this, “Last Sunday was the worst day of my life.” I found that interesting seeing as someone else mentioned they woke to U2s song Bloody Sunday. I think we did have an old prediction about America’s Bloody Sunday.

    1. Hi Jules – when I have vivid dreams like the one you had of your daughter, I always take heed. It might be important for you to reach out to your daughter. Depending on your relationship, you may not even need to refer to the dream. I had a vivid, similar dream of a friend of mine many years ago; same thing of seeing her face, crying and up close. I asked her to meet me for lunch. We did meet. Turns out she was in crisis and I helped her significantly by showing her loving friendship and support. She had been planning on ending her life, unbeknownst to me. The happy ending is she quit college, returned to live with her family, and found her true passion of dancing! I would call your vivid dream God’s message to you. Act on this message. Reach out. She probably needs family. And no, it’s probably not life and death, but to her, it feels like it. Love to you, Jules!

    1. Hey guys!…if you are awake reading this at this late night….go look at the full moon….see the bright white and yellow circle or rays around the moon…it’s another sign of coming up earthquake.

      1. Lossie 200
        So funny I just logged on in perth australia and its 6.25pm ..I read your post on the moon and ours just peaked its beautiful full moon light over the horizon of my back yard ..its golden ..It feels so wonderful to look at knowing you were just looking at it a few hours ago its just a wonderful feeling It rose just as I read your words sitting on my back patio watching it .over here there is no yellow circles or rays so it’s atmospheric for usa ..maybe your right.
        Payers love and moonlight 😆💓🌖

      2. Thanks lossie2020. Too cloudy here for me. I wish I could have seen it…though loved the descriptions from you and Rhona! ☺️ Blessings 🙏🏻

      3. Hello Lossie2020 I live in Arizona,US and the moon look quite bright and with a yellow circle and rays. Thought it was due to a near by wildfire blowing smoke, good point. Funny I was looking at the moon listening to Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. It is amazing how we all had a moon encounter throughout the world last night.

      4. And same to Betty and Jules…it’s nice thinking of you all as a team of SWC looking at the moon. I think of you guys when I looked at the moon. ♡

  14. Hi Eric and SWC,
    I noticed in the 11/8/15 San Francisco Earthquake prediction the “The 25 will be lost to this” might pertain to California State Route 25 which runs from Gilroy to Priest Valley. The Calaveras Fault runs from Danville which is roughly 30 miles directly to the east of San Francisco down to Gilroy.

    1. Thanks Luna tic. That area seems to be swarming. Star48 had mentioned that same Calaveras Fault…synchronicity and a watch for sure. That state route 25 is a good catch too.

  15. Hi Eric, hope your feeling better. In the prediction you mention the 2nd and also Wed . May 2nd is a Wednesday can it be referring to May 2nd for the earthquake. Yellowstone is active also. Just a thought, my son has a basketball tournament in California in may and I am having second thought of having him go. Mentioned to the team but they prob think I am crazy. LOL

  16. I just realized something. Mexico had that large quake a few months ago (2/16/18), and it was a MAGNITUDE 7.2 QUAKE. So perhaps the Spirits were being literal when they said 7.2! They have also mentioned both Mexico and Cali quakes in their messages. Perhaps they were indicating that these events would take place in that order – first the Mexico quake (7.2), to be followed up by the San Fran quake, which could happen this WED. the 2nd (“the dates moved from showing 2 then 4″ (4 days after the message was received is May 2)….“Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror”)

      1. Ouch…my big baby dog (great Pryenee ) is very uncomfortable. He looked at me why I can’t feel what he is sensing….he sensed very super sensitive than what I can feel by putting my hands from the grounds. He is very uncomfortable lately even tonight.

      2. I can’t wait to see the pain management for the pain injection. It will be my first in my lifetime. The medicines I am taking are not helping much. :”( So sorry for me being such a fuss over pains. I’d be so happy when I’m back to my old self again. ♡

      3. Sigh….not today…no pain rejection till I get the CT done first. Then I have to wait another 2 weeks and maybe get the pain rejection if needed. It’s so weird. I am facing challenges with new doctors. :/

  17. To add to my above comment, the 7.2 Mexico quake epicenter was just inland from the coast, so seeing a port would make sense. San Fran is also obviously on the water, hence why a port was shown there too. Again, maybe the spirits are being literal – two different cities close to the water, two separate quakes.

    “I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

  18. Eric and SWC, updating on ‘vibes or sensors ” from undergrounds…..I’ve noticed it’s less quieter this past day/night. Not tense nor strong but very gentle and quieter vibes…..that’s weird and don’t want to know what does that means. :/

      1. It went almost silence to softer vibes. It may or may not happen after the long silence for a day or 2 then it create the pressure to erupt. Right now, it is very soft and faint vibes. We’ll see what happen either tonight after midnight or tomorrow. I keep.monitoring the live earthquake map and geysers at Yellowstone and keep you posted.


    I would not worry about the Yellowstone volcano unless if there are many signs of dying and dead birds, fish and animals or plants that killed by gas fumes released. That would be a very concerning sign to watch for possible mega quake and supervolcano. I’ve monitored and very little or some death animals but not on supervolcano area. Also watch for dead fish, birds and whales, dolphins, sharks, large fish dead upon the west coast of USA. Just monitor to the very best for early signs of coming up incidents. I’m not seeing aNY major death of animals yet.

    Just relax and no need to panic. I’m not worried…


      Anyone in NZ know or aware about the pigeons’ death?? Has anyone heard any latest or most recent report of death whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, etc upon NZ and Australia beaches? Pleasw let us know so we can follow up to watch for signs and find out what caused death. It can be anything what caused death and may not be related to signs of earthquake or volcano. Keep eyes out for news surrounding your areas and let us know. Thanks.


    Updating today quakes around the world….no major quakes but under 6 magnitude in different places. It showed on the map. Please let us know any new updating on volcano and earthquake activiTues from around the world. Would love to hear from you as not always shared on the world news for whatsoever reason. I believe we can work together by sharing a link on information from your area. BLESSING TO YOU ! ♡


    I can’t believe this. …the Yellowstone needs leave the snow pack and ice alone to keep it cool down. Once the snow pack and ice lifted then the heat rise on geysers. Rather leave the nature alone then human beings clear out the snow paths for visitors. It needs to keep cold ice on top of the grounds to minimum the heat down. I wouldn’t touch the snow and ice to leave it alone and let the nature takes it course.

    1. Thanks! I was wondering about that and didn’t watch the news. It’s very unusal calm and warm here in Dallas yesterday and tonight. It’s now 2:30am. Errie feeling in the air. I feel that a big tornado coming soon. I was in F6 ( then changed back to F5 ) monster tornado in Del City (just 10 miles east of OKlahoma City) with my daughter aged 2 on May 3, 1999. My parents home where I grew up wiped out. Will keep eyes out….this is not to mess around with. It looks really bad.

      1. Hi lossie you are welcome!🤗 I lived in North West Arkansas for a long time so agree…nothing to mess around with. My son and daughter in law were caught up in the 2013 Moore OK tornado (took about the same path as 1999) having to outrun it and that one changed directions on everyone. Very scarey when you don’t have an underground shelter with an EF5 barreling down on you. Missed their home by a block. Anyway I know you all are a hearty bunch and can sense when they are coming. Please stay safe and keep a look out through Sunday. Sending prayers your way.🙏🏻🌟

      2. Thanks Jules, glad it just missed their house by just one block. The May 3, 1999 was huge news from all the world. Loved the expeirnces..the power of tornadoes where I grew up and born in Del City (close by OKC) . My new neighbor (from Calif),rang the door bell asking if she could use the next door shelter. She was shaken freaking out. I was calm cuz I grew up and used to Okla tornado. Nor did I know this one was exceptional. I saw on all 4 channels on news from different angels…gosh such a beauty to see so large and wide slowly moved. It was awesome as rarely seen that super size of tornado. It was awesome. I wasn’t scared but my “concious” was concerned that made me little nervous that I should take this seriously. Fine, I thought. I grabbed the diaper bags, phone, money, (forgot to pack medicines) didn’t think it would hit our home maybe just slighly damaged. Just less than 5 minutes, the huge hail sized was thrown everywhere ( I was in front holding my 2 years old daughter) I could stay inside to find the shelter but in my head said “GO…GO!!” Okay it’s hailing so I took my chance. I covered my daughter’s head with nothing covered me. I ran to next door and finally they opened door after I knocked 2 times…they were scared to open at first cuz the tornado was directing into our path. Saw the large dark (black) cloud coming over my parents home…wow it’s here please open rhe door…then we got in. Just less than 2 minutes experienced then it began…everything awesome powerful sucking up from above ground like a vacuum cleaner. Covered my daughter’s ear wirh my elbows /arms and mine with hands as it feel like popping our eardrums (it was painful thinking it’d erupt ). Sorry it’s a long story. I could write a book from this awesome experience. Got out the shelter with about 20 pepole from 8 by 8 room downstair storm shelter. Wow….our entirely neighborhood I grew up and born was gone. I was 30 at that time. My parents were in Chicago celebrated her mother’s surprised 80th birthday. We just flew back to Okla from Chicago that day around lunch and the monster tornado came around 7:30 that evening. What the hell…my hometown, my neighbors I knew and my birth home (my parents home) gone. We made the new chapter in our life after this tornado. My parents loved their new home were little bigger and recieved many donation of furnitures. No bitterness toward this monster tornado. Just moved on and live day by day. They too were surprised cuz dad grew up on a farm in Yukon, Okla with 8 siblings. They worked hard on a farm. Dad was shocked.

        Sorry. I better stop chatting. Jules, I can related experience with you and your family. Take care and NO ONE should mess around the monster tornado. It can take your life in split second. Stay safe and find a shelter. God bless!♡♡

    1. Jules, is this the similar “monster ” tornado like on May 3, 1999. It was F5 that stayed on the grounds for miles and miles (forget how many was many) like a pencil that slowly erased the path. I need to take another look into this one of its so alike the one I had on that event of May 3, 1999. It was powerful. Need to find a shelter…we don’t have one in our backyard in Dallas, so that’s not good if it’sn F5 category. Please keep us posted on coming up tornadoes report, Jules. Yikes “the monster” is coming back soon. :/

      1. Hey lossie, I’m replying here since your other comment didn’t have a reply box. Oh thanks so much for sharing your story with me! How powerfully moving. That sounds like it was a real life changing event for you and everyone there. I’m so glad you and your daughter went next door to the underground shelter. Not much else a person can do to survive those EF5s other than go below ground. You made a good decision and I know You were being watched over by Spirit on that day.
        I do believe those two different tornados though in different years were both in the same area of Moore OK. Thanks for the kind words for son. I was on the phone with them while watching the Doppler radar trying to navigate he and his wife out of that mess and the tornado turned all of a sudden pretty much doing a 180. There were lots of people on the highways trying to get out of its path since they had no underground shelters. Arkansas had already put into place years prior underground shelters in all of the elementary schools for the communities and neighborhoods. I wish OK had done that prior to it hitting that elementary school there where so many were affected. Very sad.
        Thanks again for sharing. I found that so inspiring lossie.☺️Please stay safe, will be praying for you and yours to be surrounded by angels. 😇🙏🏻🌟

      2. Thanks Jules for the video of Moore Okla. Unbelievable.

        Can you imagine if we have a tornado that can do 5 miles wide on ground? That’d be way freaky! Yikes…it probably won’t but can happen. :/

    2. Jules, I tried to enclosed the picture of the huge tornado and it didn’t work on my phone. No worries. 😉

  22. sun 20th of Taurus,the earth will shake mightly,to darken land sea and sky,the great theater filled shall be ruined,then the infidel shall pray to god and the saints…Nostradamus century 1x quatrain 83..Eric i think its this sunday……i follow astrology..bad lineups for quakes especially sunday..with transiting moon on n node..tom pizer

  23. the giants play thur 17th until sunday the 20th ,then they leave town…the spirits are giving you a hugh clue..giants statium..the great theater filled shall be ruined

  24. Eric, SWC,
    The implication was this was a part of a larger body flying thru space, a piece of something. There was also a concern over someone next to the area of impact, in the visual they were in a white car. The fragments where metal or iron. However I believe these odd messages could be symbolic.

    Botswana 🇧🇼
    Fragments found of asteroid that collided on June 3 with earth..

  25. Eric,SWC,

    Meteor strike…July 25th, ’18

    The implication was this was a part of a larger body flying thru space, a piece of something. There was also a concern over someone next to the area of impact, in the visual they were in a white car. The fragments where metal or iron. However I believe these odd messages could be symbolic.

    A meteor hit the earth and exploded with 2.1 kilotons of force last month, but the US Air Force has made no mention of the event.

  26. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::The implication was this was a part of a larger body flying thru space, a piece of something. There was also a concern over someone next to the area of impact, in the visual they were in a white car. The fragments where metal or iron. However I believe these odd messages could be symbolic.


    Depressurization at International Space Station..
    Caused by Micro Meteorite impact..

  27. deep 4.4 quake wanganui new plymouth area
    Wed Sep 19 2018 10:11 AM
    Magnitude: 4.4
    Depth: 187 km

    wait a higher coming.
    any very deep quake like this a higher more shallow one will follow.

    1. James ,
      I put it on several threads..
      New Zealand Earthquake.
      New Zealand coming soon,

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