Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike

I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
That implies an earthquake
I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
We have a previous prediction about San Francisco, a very dire prediction, but its possible they are unrelated events:

Notes on 10-14-14   “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

I also asked about the meteor prediction. Where would the meteor land?
“In the location of the Portuguese” — Spirits Voice
At first I thought, Spain. Then as we tried to narrow down the location to a city they mentioned the scope of land was very large to cover. I realized they must be talking about Brazil.
“Destructive to the town, such a sad loss of life.”
I had a visual of glass being swept up. There was glass and debris everywhere.

The previous predictions:
Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

We need to refocus our attention on this prediction. A meteor will strike a town, but where? I am assuming 2 represents two different meteors will strike different locations.

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

To be clear, the Asteroid will not be hitting the earth. The Asteroid is the precursor to the meteor strike.  It shows the timing of this event. When the Asteroid arrives so does the meteor strike, they might be related or unrelated.

Fox News reported on 10-20:    A skyscraper-sized asteroid will fly by Earth on Halloween, according to scientists, who say that the object was only discovered 10 days ago.
Asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered Oct. 10 by the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System 1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii. Quoted by:

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  1. Eric, another posting from 10-20-14 ? Also mentions Meteor….
    Regarding “I had a visual of a newspaper that looked like the ‘yahoo’ site. The headline showed a picture of a meteor racing through the sky
    That area around Warsaw (Are they saying Poland?)
    ‘Zero’ (That means they either don’t know when, or a timeframe of now)
    Flakes will fall from the sky, such awe from the people, excited, shocking, an easter hunt of meteor pieces, as they search for ground zero.”

    1. I fear for Puerto Rico. I don’t know where I read that like less than a year ago.

      I remember reading that meteor strikes Puerto Rico then it flooded the east coastal, especially Florida.

      1. As for meteor, I doubt it will struck the earth this time. It will be similar as it occurred in Russia in 2013 but much bigger visible. The glass will shake and shatter. Maybe around Halloween eve.

      2. Harvey was it this person Jodie Senkyrik? A Psychic’s View, The Rainbow cards blog or something like that? I think that was talking about an undersea volcano though, not sure, may have been multiple things going on.

      3. Hi Jules, my memory comes n go as I’m getting older. I don’t really remember who wrote that. I read all different blogs that are respectful. Some got it correct and some didn’t. I struggled trying to remember where I read about meteor strikes Puerto Rico. I think it was the light of Mary sometimes ago. She kept telling all to pray and can make the difference to alter the events.

        As for Eric’s prediction of SF that losses 500…I knew it may take a year or so to occur as it did others. Mother Mary did mentioned that all four corners will shake as it did last year in Nepal. Not just earthquakes, also volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc that is all in four corners. It’s the atmosphere shaken. The biggest one will be in SF perhaps in 2016. This year should be small. ..maybe losses 500 as predicted but not sure. Just pray. It’s amazing what the Spirits telling Eric with the world to be aware of our surroundings. As for red 54 in older post of SF earthquakes. I’m not sure what that means. It could be anything and will reveal what’s the numbers mean. If we all stay with Eric’s prediction then learn from this and will pick it up later what it might means. Jules and Star48 even others did a great job as they are loyal to this blogs.

      4. hey Harvey where did you read this from? I have been having visions, of florida flooded, most of the state, but I do not know the year, or what caused this, but a huge amount of water, then, the sinkholes started, since I live in florida, it concerns me, but , I believe, sending prayers, that this does not happen, hopefully will change this……..

        1. They have consistently brought Florida up, the million dollar question are they talking about this October/November or next year. I will try and bring clarity to the situation.

      5. To Allen, stay with Eric and his Spirits. They will tell you when time comes for Florida. Not sure when but when Eric says anything about Florida that when you need to be prepared. I think it should be the time of pumpkins, perhaps end of Oct or early Nov but honestly not sure. Tune in for daily weather and Pat attention to hurricane, cyclone and tropical storms.

        As for meteor hits Puerto Rico, my opinion as Eric mentioned of Brazil but not 100% sure. I don’t think it will hit the earth. It will be similar as Russia in 2013. Eric will let you know in urgent when time comes.

        Pray daily and it helps.

      6. Allen, as for sinkholes are common in Florida cuz it is like spreading the leg out of the USA. It mostly have the caves underneath and caused sinkholes.

      7. Allen, I looked at several blogs. It was old news and apparently a hoax like it said that will occur in Sept which is last month. It’s a hoax.

  2. See….I Knew it! 500 losses.….maybe next Wednesday. :/ oh my….Pray SF be safe. It almost mentioned 1907 like repeating history??

      1. It is but doubtful. I think it’s bigger visible than in Russia Feb of 2013. It may shattered the glasses of windows. Praying for Brazil.

  3. Eric this matches up with what the man Michael Janitch, on the Dutchsinse site is saying also. He forecast the possibility of an earthquake in the Northern CA area within a seven day time period. Forecast on the 20th Oct I believe. He also talked about Northern India getting a 6.0 range earthquake within this time period. Just thought it interesting. I hope people are paying attention. Also haven’t the Spirits mentioned the number 28 (and 27) previously? This coming up Wednesday is the 28th. Praying for both areas.

    1. Oh I forgot this one. He speaks of Chili also. He bases his on the science he uses, while Spirit just knows far in advance. That’s what I find so interesting…the two match up.

    2. Your dead on Jules. Follow the USGS site and its been ramping up in the 3.0 magnitudes and higher in and near vicinity of San Ramon, CA. Challis, ID, various Nevada cities, off coast of northern Cali….the list goes on. The earth’s crust is releasing pressure. As for the meteorites, quite fascinating and scary at the same time. Eric you have an amazing gift from God:)

    3. They actually did! the number 27, but its unclear if they are talking about this prediction or one of the many others. Why do you bring up that number.

      1. I was thinking of the possible day they said as being “wed” (Wednesday), which this coming up Wednesday is 28th Oct. Nothing specific though. It just seems like I recall the numbers 27 and 28 coming up in the past.

    1. Tonyabrooks306, thanks for trying. No, this is not the one I seen. It was maybe 6 mos to a year ago.

      Are you talking about strikes Puerto Rico that you wanted to know where I seen that? Okay, let’s me dig up and see if I find it and link it to you. Again, I’m not picking up any energy toward Florida being flooded yet. I believe that Allen mentioned that he had a dream. How long ago did you have a dream, Allen?

      I had a dream about SF huge earthquake and red mud color flooding about 2 or 3 years ago.

      Okay, again I will get back soon.

      1. I had seen that prophecy where Efrain had a vision or a dream of a meteor hitting around Puerto Rico. Many years ago, I dreamed of one hitting the Atlantic ocean and the flooding was so bad, that people had to climb into the mountains to escape the water.

        I am hoping that none of them come true for many eons to come.

  4. Eric, this is a different topic. The 18 years old graduated student from Dallas was murdered found dead in her crashed van in the bed of creek. I’ve been working on her case since October 12th. My daughter knew her thru same school. Her name was Zoe Hastings from Dallas. I’m working on finding her “killer”. It’s awkward for me to ask you if the Spirits can with this case. What street to look for, who is this person name, is he homeless, etc I’m looking for few clues. I have gut feeling he may be homeless and not too far from the murdered scene. I respect your opinion. Thank you!



      1. Anthony, thank you and he’s the scam artist. He is not a real psychic, just scam.

      1. The good news Eric. The federal found the killer of Zoe Hastings in East Dallas this morning. I sent you email yesterday. May Zoe rest in peace. (She never met the killer. He just pick up any lady at the red box at walsgreen. The bad news that the walsgreen doesn’t have the surveillance camera outside the building.

    1. unless the girls family has specifically asked you for help it is not something you or any people should be involved in. Many reputable people will never respond to a request from anyone but family in such a matter.

      1. Respectfully I disagree. Any chance to remove a murderer from our society should be pursued with vigor. To say we should not be involved puts us all at risk of becoming this killers next victim. We have an unwavering obligation as humans to stand and oppose everything that is wrong with this world, and if we have the tools to change it, we should.

    2. I have done case work, so it is something I am familiar with. Please forward the information via email, (I believe you did already). I can’t make any promises. But as they say, the worst that could happen in your request is.. Spirit says no. Hopefully they can shed some much needed light on the tragic situation.

      1. I’m surprised. May I ask….why did the Spirit say no? I’m happy that the federal found the killer this morning.

  5. The most powerful hurricane in history is heading towards Mexico. Category 5 with winds over 200mph. This hurricane will level everything in its path.

  6. in the name of god reduce this hurricane patricia to a tropical storm. So it shall be and so it is.

    1. this planet is a rather intelligent being, it knows where it needs the natural events it causes and what strength they need to be. Humans needs to stop thinking they should interfre with such things. Hurricans are long known to be very healing for the oceans, and also the planets way of healing. Step aside from your human ego’s of what you think should happen and let the planet do what it needs to do.

  7. think this Mexican storm is a direct hit on Mexican drug lord judging by his last location along with the people that support him

  8. Hi Eric ..Spirit..and all…sending much live and healing light to San Francisco Mexico….Chile my thoughts are with the plane too….blessings always….

    1. Yup…is that in Eric’s prediction?

      Corsicana is an hour south of Dallas. It’s a mess and good news, no one is hurt.

  9. Re meteor strike in ” the land of the Portuguese” Could be Goa region of India they are talking about
    It’s a former Portuguese colony

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  11. Eric, is 5 months…May?
    See..METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual eta Aquariid meteor shower. Although the shower does not peak until later this week, a radar in Canada is already detecting strong echoes from the debris zone. This bodes well for sky watchers who could see 30 or more meteors per hour in the nights ahead. Visit for updates

  12. Eric, Rhona,Jules104,
    EQ in CA? i have never had any physical reaction like this (good health ) but last night up late due to flashes of pain in hands, ( comes and goes) never exhibited this before .
    Could not sleep…
    This morning.. Was still unsettled … Feel something is going to manifest…I hope I am wrong…
    Did some inner work…let’s see what unfolds tomorrow ,if anything..

    1. Sorry to hear about the pain in your hands Star48. I hope it’s not a sign of a California earthquake. I to have not been able to sleep the last 2-3 nights. It seems like I wake up between 2:30-2:45am. I have just chalked it up to my brain being on over drive but you never know. It does seem like there are still some more predictions left to come from a while back though. Praying your wrong and that your hands feel better tonight. 🙏🏻. Blessings

      1. Jules104, I thank you…I have never had anything like it before..- it has gone..strange and strange..
        I have been getting up ..not sleeping ..if you note the time of some posts..early morning..similar to you timing.,plus a few hrs.,

        Note on some subjects..,(1)did you know about Gamma alert report for N.Y
        (2) the FBI arrested man in Illinois for putting poison on open food in stores?

        Also navigating through Strange reports of Different sources of information ,
        Sites.having posts redacted? I happened to be looking at alternate sites for the first time to see what they were flogging. — never having been acquainted with “far out sites”
        I checked back —in a matter of a week… This is where it turned bizarre
        Hundreds of people were discussing..on these sites EQ ‘s not being reported..
        Certain live streaming sites…have been shut down,taken offline.or have denied access to people ..that have used the sites for years..
        One site okay..—2 sites strange but okay…–however it is almost like a wave..?
        I refuse to consider ” conspiracy plots” it is strange..- perplexing, and disquieting..
        Hopefully there will be a explanation …Blessings..

        1. Hi Star48. Well that is weird about the sites all messed up. I wonder if others are hacking into different sites causing trouble. I saw Rhona’s name as Rhonan on here once. I asked her about it but I didn’t see an answer that I remember. My wordpress says that I am signed onto another account other than my own and that’s why I have to keep signing in each time. I may have to change to another account or something. Just strange stuff. The EQs, I’ve heard that from the dutchsinse guy before. He will have gotten screenshots of EQs when they initially happen but then they are removed right away. Hmm all very suspicious. I read the article on gamma rays. I wonder what caused the spike there in NY. The poison on store shelves I missed that one. But just great. And just saw you added something on an IED under bridge in TX. Brother huh. Everyone’s gone crazy I think. Just watching the politics on the news is crazy enough for me lol. I’ve sort of tuned it out now. I keep changing channels expecting to see some “real” news but….I give up. I’m going to have to search it out I suppose and look for the “Star48 Updates” I am glad to hear that the pain in your hands went away. That can’t be fun in the middle of trying to rest. I wonder what that was about. I hope there are no big EQs coming soon. I really worry about the whole “beast” post and Nazis. I have felt it’s inevitable though for a while now. Remember the coin with swastika and they are coming back from and old prediction? Ugh not what the world needs right now or ever again. Blessings Always

          1. Jules104, if it was just Dutchsinse…I would have dismissed it as oookay..
            But it was by happenstance I cruised through two other sites..
            On who is tremendous knowledge on Geology..and can read charts..a pro..
            The second is retired spook..( never mind what he says right now..) that is why it caught my attention,,as I am not an active participant on their sites…wait there was one more..
            All I say on the 4 th..he sounded deluded..( maybe somebody put something in his water?)
            Except he was somewhat saying 40% what the others had..
            That is the strange part..they are all on differant channels
            ,they do not collaborate . They actually have data showing missing data,etc.
            Oh well it is almost to much.

            Funny you mentioned the Nazi’s…one lady stood up to around 300 neo- nazi,s
            .”.The lone protest of a woman defying a march of 300 uniformed neo-Nazis is set to become an iconic image of resistance to the rise of the far-right in Scandinavia.

            A photograph of Tess Asplund, 42, with fist raised against the leadership of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Borlänge, central Sweden, on Sunday has gone viral in the country.”


            At least one is making a statement…

  13. Eric, is this precursor for meteor?
    Space Weather News for June 2, 2016

    SMALL ASTEROID EXPLODES OVER ARIZONA: During the early hours of June 2nd, a 3-meter wide asteroid struck Earth’s atmosphere over Arizona. The resulting explosion shook the ground and blinded cameras with a flash of light 10x brighter than the full Moon. Meteorite hunters are now scouring the landscape north of Tucson for fragments of the space rock. Visit for more information and updates on this developing story.

      1. Eric, yes,
        very active period..
        More coming.,I am sure..I will keep you in loup.

  14. Eric,
    Ref:::To be clear, the Asteroid will not be hitting the earth. The Asteroid is the precursor to the meteor strike. It shows the timing of this event. When the Asteroid arrives so does the meteor strike, they might be related or unrelated.

    Over Brazil 🇧🇷
    Timing before meteor? Spirit mentioned 2..
    Very bright fireball over Grande do Norte.

    1. Star48- Is it possible not mentioned on news because it was not a meterorite but space junk? Nuclear testing? Alien source? Other military testing of some sort?

      1. R2d2
        A curious and credible Tweet from the Director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists, Hans Kristensen, on August 1, 2018 at 5:14 PM Washington D.C. time claimed that a, “Meteor explodes with 2.1 kilotons force 43 km above missile early warning radar at Thule Air Base.”

        The Tweet apparently originated from Twitter user “Rocket Ron”, a “Space Explorer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory”. The original Tweet read, “A fireball was detected over Greenland on July 25, 2018 by US Government sensors at an altitude of 43.3 km. The energy from the explosion is estimated to be 2.1 kilotons.” Rocket Ron’s Tweet hit in the afternoon on Jul. 31.


  15. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::To be clear, the Asteroid will not be hitting the earth. The Asteroid is the precursor to the meteor strike. It shows the timing of this event. When the Asteroid arrives so does the meteor strike, they might be related or unrelated


    A depressurization in the international space station possibly caused by Micrometeorite impact.

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