Predictions 9-15-18

I had a visual of a fool of a man and his partner selling stolen weapons of mass destruction. As he was beginning his sell both of them fell sick, they were poisoned and this slithering snake took the weapons off their hands acknowledging that their sickness was his or her doing. Then the weapons left to be sold elsewhere.i

Iran uprising.. their government begins to crack 20-24

Rioting Germany.. racism beaten down.  They showed many bloody faces.

I had a visual of California’s coast line turn black. Perhaps a contamination like oil? Again! November

One massive storm strikes Hong Kong and Shantou Area. The flooding was extensive, flooding everywhere.

Yemen: I had a visual of aircraft in the air dropping bomb after bomb. Then massive bombs fell.

We are working on the next set of major storms. We have visuals of what’s coming but still have missing pieces.





32 thoughts on “Predictions 9-15-18

  1. Eric, “One massive storm strikes Hong Kong and Shantou Area. The flooding was extensive, flooding everywhere.”
    Won’t miss much.
    The super typhoon Mangkhut, strongest in HK history, will arrive Hong Kong tonight, in a few hours. Almost everything will shut down tomorrow.
    We are ready. I think Macao will be much worse.

  2. I sure hope this Iran uprising doesn’t have “US-CIA coup” written all over it since we all know America’s Middle Eastern foreign policy is whatever Israel and Saudi Arabia wants — in terms of removing leaders/dictators who won’t be Saudi/Israel’s puppet. John Kerry testified that Saudi Arabia said they would cover the cost if we started a major war in Syria and sent troops in to fight and die to have Assad removed. Wikileaks revealed Clinton saying in her leaked emails that Israel wanted Assad removed because they thought a Shia-Sunni civil war — like happened in 2nd Iraq War (Netanyahu was pushing the WMD lie before the Gulf War) — would benefit Israel and hurt Iran.

    And during the Iraq War the Saudi’s were funding the al Qaeda insurgency killing our troops, then funding ISIS, and then funding ISIS/al Qaeda to overthrow Assad.Just recently it was disclosed that this administration met with some sketchy characters in Venezuela plotting coup who have a laundry list of criminal and murderous activity.As for Yemen, those who are upset with civilians being gassed in Syria should also be outraged by the fact that the bombs Saudi Arabia’s dropping school buses, hospitals, schools, etc. are American made. Those US-Saudi weapons deals are a real human rights killer.

  3. This storm that is going to hit Hong Kong and Shantou….is it the same one that is expected to hit any minute now (Mangkhut) or are they going to be hit by another storm/typhoon later.

  4. Eric is there a way to find out who the slithering snake is who buys these weapons? Better yet, the fools who are selling them so that the destruction and deaths can be averted. Also, is this related to Iran then? Thanks.

      • Thanks Eric. I hope we can foil this. Does this one seem to be one that can be averted then? I’m so tired of all the despicable people out there. 😤 But I do know for everyone one despicable person…there’s a trove of loving compassionate kind and caring souls out there who want to change our world for the better.😇🌟❤️

    • Blue and White are the colors of Penn State University……located right in the middle of the Commonwealth of PA. The football season has only just begun.
      Huge following, a gazillion alumni….

      • That’s what I thought too Sara. I hope we can foil these and catch the fools trying to sell the bio weapons.🙏🏻🌟 People will do anything for money it seems anymore…I don’t get it. 😤 Somewhere something went wrong in their lives. Praying for love to enter into their hearts and minds and souls. 🙏🏻❤️

    • Thanks Jules, it’s so sad and glad the 5th person escaped to stop his killings. That’s dark evil under his badge and mask. 😦

      • I agree lossie2020 and Sara. So glad the 5th woman escaped and exposed him. Really such an abuse of power but that seems to be almost the norm anymore for some. Praying for love and compassion and peace.🙏🏻

    • Good thing the fifth woman escaped. This man abused his authority and murdered four innocent people. I hope he spends his life in prison, where he’ll never hurt anyone again.

      I’ve noticed that killers seem to target prostitutes, as if they aren’t important. That always makes me mad; they’re still human beings. And people turn to prostitution because of desperation and serious problems in their lives, not because they really want to do it.

  5. Eric,
    It sounds like the “snake” represents a worse threat than the men selling the weapons. Could the snake represent a particular individual, or an evil group like ISIS or Neo-Nazis?

    Also, what kind of weapons were being sold? Missiles? Bombs? Chemical weapons? And were there any clues about when we have to keep an eye out for this or where the “snake” plans to target?

    P.S: Thank you for deleting the earlier comment I made when I accidentally put an E Mail address instead of my name. I was all like “damn it!” when I saw my mistake!

    • The visual implied a nuclear component. However that might just be symbolic. Snakes in the past have represented a very deceitful person, someone who could not tell the truth at all. I am expecting another prediction at a later date to tell us what happens next.

  6. I am going to link an article giving an FBI officer’s opinion about the probability of an attack on US soil by a terrorist with a weapon of mass destruction. This article is from back in 2011 and I don’t know if it still holds true but it is eye opening. The article is titled, “FBI Official Sees 100% Likelihood of WMD Strike on U.S.”

    But he does emphasize that there are many people working hard to stop such an event from happening.
    He says that the odds of radioactive material or weapons being stolen are pretty low since they are very difficult to prepare or move…that would suggest chemical or biological as being much more likely.

    • The Spirits predict a global famine caused by climate change, the summers are overwhelming hot, winters overwhelmingly cold and the food is just not growing. But that’s not expected for awhile.


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