Predictions 3-22-18

“Trump.. the answer is no.. you can’t” I had a visual of a train in motion coming to a last stop. Either they are talking about Mueller or McCabe. Someone is stopping or reversing a decision the president is making. 

Stormy Daniels is the first, then a second, now a third.

“I don’t like being in the hospital it gives me the creeps.”

There is a concern over Trumps health and his heart. They are predicting a health issue, they also implied all would return to normal.

The threat that is coming.. the problem is your president acts like a troll.. he hunts down individuals to verbally hurt.. which in turn creates a tone that it is acceptable to be cruel to one another.. which leads to upheaval.. which leads to violence.. violence will flourish happily in your own country. The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US. 

He will say I didn’t know.. but not only did he know he sent out his talking points to those involved. His hands are on all the workings of his surrogates. While Spirit said this I had a visual of someone preparing a pie pan? A pun on making sure something doesn’t stick?  Then it shifted to show ‘The staff and him don’t get along, don’t like one another.”  Then I had a visual of people in the white house yelling at each other.

A serial killer on an Island.. similar to the acts of the fictional character Hannibal Lector. In the visual the island was Puerto Rico, however they might have just being using that as an example. 

I had a visual of an explosion or mass raging fire.

They said Baton Rouge, however in another message it was an event in France. In the visual it was huge.

As I slept at night I felt the ground shake around me, I honestly thought an earthquake was happening, but again they are implying an earthquake. We are still expecting a California and Mexico earthquake by the bay. I am also reminded of this old message, is march the number 3? :

The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

The bridge will fall into the ocean.. on purpose.. then.. monuments to the dead.  Are they talking about a bridge by the earthquake, could this be related to one of the many old predictions about a bridge attack on the west coast? 






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  1. Anything on the upcoming New Zealand Quake? Another slow-slip event underway along east coast, and the last big one has added stress to adjacent faults like the Wellington/Alpine and Megathrust.

  2. Just a comment on the part about Trump, “hunting down” folks. That’s not actually the case, they come to him. There is not one incident of him going after someone in a verbal attack, until they’ve come at him first. That goes for “Rocketman”, down to Cruz (whom I support), Rubio, etc. They all made negative comments or aggressive actions toward him first. For far too long, Americans, by our nature, have been ones to turn the other cheek or bite our tonges, which has gotten us absolutely no where, other than run over and bullied. Trump has made it acceptable to fight back. We are already in the midst of a very real ideological civil war, which the Left isn’t winning and THAT is why we will begin to see more and more violence. The real bloodshed will start when the Left pushes Middle America and the “silent majority” to the point we fight back.

    1. texasbelle,
      With all due respect, there is a difference between fighting back and being unnecessarily divisive. Trump has said divisive, unprofessional remarks–about being able to beat someone in a fight, calling names, insulting women, etc.

      I know he has an unorthodox personality…..but presidents need to set an example by their behavior, and his behavior and divisive rhetoric are not setting a good example and are not helping calm things down.

      You’re definitely right about the left having the same problems, though….recently Biden said he wanted to take Trump behind the schoolyard and beat him up, and Trump responded in kind.

      They both may have been trying to sound tough, but they just came across as childish. Neither one of them did anything to encourage dialogue or calm down tensions between parties.
      Sadly, politicians on every side don’t have much to be proud of…. not just lately, but since the three presidencies before Trump, too.

      1. texasbelle – Trump isn’t stopping anything, he’s made it worse. I can’t honestly believe what we have witnessed since Trump taking office. He is as unprofessional as it gets. Fight fire with fire? How’s that working for him?

      2. I agree with you Karben. Spirit gave a very accurate description of Trump’s behavior and of what we all have been witness to, which will sadly lead to very unfortunate

  3. Eric, I think the reason you might be getting France is that Louisiana was a colony of France It was named after French King Louis XIV. Perhaps the event happens in an area that still has strong French roots In Louisiana or perhaps the French Quarter or perhaps it just means Louisiana in general.

  4. Eric,
    Is “the flags at half-staff” because of the earthquake tragedy, or does it mean another tragedy happens around the same time as the earthquake?

    Baton Rouge was part of French territory way back in the 1700s. I don’t know if there’s a Baton Rouge in France, too, but maybe the vision means a French place connected to the city in Louisiana.

      1. So I take it that Spirit showed you the U.S flag and flags at half mast to represent the Parkland school shooting and the resulting March For Our Lives on the 24th. “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”
        Makes sense.

  5. “Trump.. the answer is no.. you can’t” My guess is Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller. He’s already gotten rid of McCabe. Sounds like he’s getting scared. Stormy Daniels lawyer is beating him at his own game and Trump is no match for Robert Mueller.

    1. Makes me wonder now if “the answer is no, you can’t” was referring to Trump wanting to veto omnibus. He didn’t get what he wanted with his stupid wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for…yeah right) so he threatened to veto and, of course, blamed the Democrats for everything. I also read there were Russian sanctions in there too. Trump didn’t read it, he just signed it.

      1. Well, Trump did get what he wanted. $1.6BN to start building the first leg of the wall. And Mexico is going to pay for the wall from all the jobs they are losing to the U.S. when they move to the states. And any tariffs that might result from the new taxes Trump is imposing. The money Mexico loses will amount to more than the value of the wall,

        And Trump only had 40 hours to read 2200 pages of legislation. It’s not his fault that he was only given 40 clock hours, (not working hours) to read the bill because Congress could not come to an agreement earlier. He signed it to avoid a government shutdown.

        Whatever was in the Bill was approved by both Houses. It was not Trumps’ fault. He signed what they sent him.,

      2. Raymond,
        I never thought about it that way–but you’re right, I can’t imagine reading 2200 pages in less than two days! That’s probably the downside the politics–when they have to read all the long, drawn out legal documents.

        “Les Miserables” is a big book, and it’s only 1,000 pages; I’d read that any day over 2,000 pages of political papers.

        Maybe the “no, you can’t” thing is a reference to the nation’s collective attitude towards Trump’s policies, symbolic of people saying no about his actions.

    2. Trump got enough to do 33 miles of a 2,000 mile wall. None of which we (taxpayers) should have to pay for after being told otherwise. He read enough to want to veto because he didn’t get what he wanted. Many Republicans have turned on him because he signed it.

      1. Yes, he did upset some of his followers. But if he had waited to sign the bill, then there would have been a shutdown…..national parks closing, federal workers going home, lots of negative events happening.

        The story is not about Trump. It’s about Congress waiting til the last minute to send the bill up for him to sign. If I recall correctly, every bill has a 30 day waiting period to be reviewed before being signed. That certainly did not happen,

        Congress knew that ……that is why they waited to the last day to send it up so there would be no time to veto and line out the boondoggle and politically favored expenditures like $500 MN for Planned Parenthood, $50MN for economic development in China (WTF?) ………..$15MN in tuition assistance for college students in Lebanon…….and if I recall several million dollars was allocated for spending on agricultural research in South Korea and Japan.

        Those are the ones I remember. But there were several examples of wasteful and unnecessary spending.

        It’s Congress, not Trump.

  6. Had a strange feeling (premonition) that the island they are talking about might be one of the Bermuda islands. There have been mysterious deaths and disappearances of young people there reported in the news.

      1. A college kid died over the weekend. He was found at the base of a high cliff. But they determined it was an accident, nothing malicious.

    1. Victoria, I didn’t know that if it happened recently. Do you have a link please? Thanks.

  7. ls this threat in US last a lifetime? I just can’t fathom at the thought of this explosion of upheaval and violence lasting long. I really hope it flames out.

  8. Wow Eric. I sat up till 3.30am writing up Spirit’s latest for my Blog. I woke up about an hour ago and posted it at my site, then read your latest. Boy there are some similarities there, especially this bit that I got:
    “I’m seeing major civil unrest in the US, especially during the summer months.
    The youth fighting for gun restrictions will be triggered again by a serious shooting incident and that will have a very powerful effect on the greater America psyche.
    However the NRA and pro gun lobby financiers will rouse the pro guns supporters with lies and Fake News. Donald Trump will weigh into the debate in favour of the Fake News story that claim the protesters want to remove all guns.
    This will build into a perfect storm.
    I see the killing of innocent protesters and it will get quite ugly.”

      1. I was referring to the bit: “The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US.”

  9. Terror attack at a usa base in California. Truck with propane tried to ram gate.

      1. Just wanted to mention that a month ago Jesse Bravo talked about a scary vision that was so awful that his family insisted he blog it even though he normally wouldn’t post that kind of thing. Like you, he saw a big bridge plunge into the ocean, but he thought it was a NYC bridge. He’s from NY so maybe that’s why he thought it was a NYC bridge.

        Eric, are there any prior predictions about a NYC bridge collapsing? Maybe it’s not California.

      2. Mhb,

        Sorry to hear he had terrible dreams. I really think it’s Calif bridge, not NYC. There is and was predicted about the attacks in NYC such as bombing but I doubt the bridge will be affected. The Calif bridge probably will collapse due to mega earthquake. Just a matter of when. :/

        Pray for peace and calm upon you and yours.

        1. Hi Lossie2020, I mentioned Jesse Bravo because he’s another notable psychic who makes predictions but normally about more frivolous stuff like celebrities. He rarely predicts tragedies even if he sees them. He may be picking up a completely different event that his own guides told him about than Eric saw. I view both Eric’s visions and Jessie’s visions (not dreams) as valid predictions.

          I just mentioned it because we need to keep an open mind about the location until the guides say where it is and tell Eric. It may very well be California because of prior predictions, but I want to keep an open mind instead of trying to second guess TPTB.

          I’m personally not near either coast or near a big bridge and am not really a worrier – when my time comes, then I’m gone. I hope you didn’t interpret my question to Eric as me or my friends being worried or scared, as that’s just not who I am.

  10. Eric,SWC,
    France 🇫🇷
    Updated info

    What we know about the attack so far

    The unidentified gunman shot at off duty officers jogging in Trebes, Carcassonne
    He allegedly screamed ‘vengeance for Syria’ as he fired six shots at the cops
    Remaining cops gave chase but the shooter accelerated to Super U store
    He killed a butcher, one other person and wounded at least 12 people
    The shooter then took eight hostages, seven of whom have been released
    Attacker reportedly demanded the release of Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam
    He is believed to be holed up in the supermarket with another policeman
    Armed police have surrounded the supermarket and blocked nearby traffic
    French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said it “seems to be a terrorist act”

    1. SWC Star 48
      ery vexing to hear people going about their days and this happens .
      prayers live and light to victim’s family and the Brave policeman who used his moblie phone so authorities could hear inside hostage situation. .prayers for a speedy recovery for him

      1. Eric,
        I agree…I am concerned that acts like that will cause untold misery for the innocent who have looked for succor…and turn public opinion against the all refugees.

  11. Eric in relationship to the “flags at half mast and Americans gathering” the “look as it happens the North CA earthquake is next”. If you look up American holidays in the US where the flag is flown at half mast…there are only five….unless there is something new which occurs inbetween or prior like an attack. So maybe this could help with a date for the EQ?
    These holidays are:
    Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th 2018 or the week of. Huge event in DC. amongst other places.
    Memorial Day, May 28
    Patriots Day, September 11
    National Firefighters Day, Oct 07
    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Dec 07
    This would not include any holidays such as DDay in Europe though. There are a lot of ceremonies overseas involving the US Military and Veterans. The ceremonies in Normandy, France where they are buried.

      1. Wow thanks for sharing. Does he ride all the way from CA to DC Star48? What a great way to honour all Veterans, POWs and those stilling missing. Praying for a safe trip to the Wall, for him and all of the others participating this year.🙏🏻

  12. Could the passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush be the prediction here with Americans gathering and US flags flying at half mast and North California earthquake is next and 3 is key 3?

    1. Jules 1o4
      There is synchronicity for you ..I was just about to post that prediction ..yes I do believe the marker is for nth CA quake actually states its next ..3 is the key could that be 3 days later ..I know Eric usually puts a 7 after it for days but this time maybe not..
      If I get a flag I will let you know ..
      Cant c singer missing this opportunity .
      At least I hope not .
      One flagger will do ..I mentioned ed to him .

      1. Thanks Rhona. My guess would be the flags at half mast for after the upcoming attack but just in case. Yes hope Singer chimes in. 🙏🏻

  13. Eric,
    Serial killer….Michigan..

    The body of a young girl who disappeared nearly 40 years ago — and the remains of perhaps four other victims — could be uncovered Tuesday as authorities continue a desperate dig at a vacant Michigan farm that officials believe may have been a burial ground for a potential serial killer.

  14. Eric,
    Ref:::A serial killer on an Island.. similar to the acts of the fictional character Hannibal Lector. In the visual the island was Puerto Rico, however they might have just being using that as an example.

    Mexico 🇲🇽
    Serial killers husband and wife..
    10 killed—dismembered…child sold from one of victims? More of them?
    —– ——- ——-
    A couple has confessed to killing at least 10 women in a gritty Mexico City suburb and selling the baby of one of the victims.

  15. Eric,
    Ref::A serial killer on an Island.. similar to the acts of the fictional character Hannibal Lector. In the visual the island was Puerto Rico, however they might have just being using that as an example.

    Off Washington State…(many Islands 🌴)
    One of many..feet in shoes .found…Dozens..

    A human foot found inside a boot that washed up on an island off of Washington state last month belonged to a man missing since 2016, authorities said Tuesday.

  16. Eric,
    Ref:::A serial killer on an Island.. similar to the acts of the fictional character Hannibal Lector. In th

    Serial killer on Island

    NICOSIA (Reuters) – Cypriot police searched on Friday for more victims of a suspected serial killer, in a case which has shocked the Mediterranean island and exposed the authorities to charges of “criminal indifference” because the dead women were foreigners.

    Police were combing three different locations west of the capital Nicosia for victims of the suspected killer, a 35-year-old army officer who has been in detention for a week.

    Police sources said the suspect had confessed to seven killings, making it by far the worst peacetime crime committed against women on the island in living memory.

  17. Eric,
    Another serial killer…Texas
    Plano police Chief Gregory Rushin said at the time that Chemirmir used his health care experience “to his advantage in targeting and exploiting seniors, some of the most vulnerable people in our community.”

    Police said then that investigators were reviewing about 750 unattended deaths of elderly women for possible links.

    11 identified so far….

  18. “DOJ blocked report showing white supremacists responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018”

    “The Trump administration has known since at least April that alleged white supremacists were responsible for every single act of race-based domestic terrorism in the U.S. in 2018, yet not only took no action to combat the growing right wing violent extremism, but actually substantially reduced or even eliminated funding and programs that combat white supremacist extremism, violence, and terrorism – and then blocked the data from reaching the hands of Congress.”

  19. “The staff and him don’t get along”

    Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat-out disregard for human life’ during pandemic

    President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic showed a “flat-out disregard for human life” because his “main concern was the economy and his reelection,” according to a senior adviser on the White House coronavirus task force who left the White House in August.

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