Notes 10-9-13

“Earthquake! Cracker! Earthquake!” They showed a cracker box on the top shelf.

“Not ready.. not good.. consequences.. Rage” Unclear if it is related to the earthquake or perhaps the shutdown.

My comments:
The spirits seem driven on this subject of earthquakes, something is coming and there not budging. Recently California has shown several magnitude 3 earthquakes. I let you look over the several predictions below and come up with your own assessments. I do need to stop assuming that each number they present is a date.

Notes on 9-30-13 “We have a problem.. earthquake.. Argentina”
Are these predictions below still talking about the earthquake or working on predictions posted 9-28 which was the plan? Sorry for the confusion.
“Saturday is key”
“The government is beaten down, screwed” (They mean verbally)
“Its red” Red is bad, similar to a red alert.

Notes on 9-9-13 I had a visual of a large crack with sizeable hole in the ground of a sidewalk. It then switched to show me a bay area with a large city in the background. Followed by these coded numbers. They never said earthquake but that would be my guess otherwise it would have to relate to a damaged structure of some type.
3 circled and 7-3 – A countdown from 3 or the 3rd.
1:12 – The 12th? December? In about 3 days it’s the 12th?? – It seems to imply to possible dates 9-12 or 12-3
A crack in the ground would imply an earthquake, if you recall when they talked about the Mexico earthquake there was a small crack in the wall of a building, clearly this seems larger.
I asked later to clarify the prediction.. when? They showed mini US flags all lined up which could represent 9-11. As always feel free to give your ideas on its cryptic meaning

Notes on 9-12-13 Earthquake in San Francisco update: “3 is your number, 3″  Also they presented a very clear indication that this was a North California earthquake. They want to squash the idea that this would in any way be the ‘big one’ ..its not. Its is a large and damaging earthquake, but its large in how far reaching the earthquake will be. Again they implied this earthquake would be right after “A gathering of Americans” honestly that sounds like 9-11.

Notes on 10-2-13 A picture of Portugal and Spain. “Here Eric, Here is an earthquake”
Another earthquake, wow, in some ways its sounds like they might be correcting a previous message.

Notes on 10-7-13 “WAR is coming.. I had a visual of a seismograph running wild, this time it had a line through it, off to the side was the letters AU. An earthquake perhaps around Australia, more likely New Zealand because it has a fault that runs straight through it.. I also had that shaking under my feet that would imply an earthquake is coming very soon, it could be two separate situations.. 108, the 8th perhaps.. Eric, your wrong on your opinion.. Millions will be affected when the clay plate shatters, TIDE..” — Spirits Conversation

Notes on 8-22-13 Another earthquake prediction: I had a vision of a seismograph again darting blue lines. Then the word “Italy” – I am not sure why the lines are blue, perhaps a message of an earthquake in or around the ocean?

17 responses to “Notes 10-9-13”

  1. Karen Lauler Avatar

    “They showed mini US flags all lined up which could represent 9-11. As always feel free to give your ideas on its cryptic meaning”

    Could this mean that the earthquake could be in this area of the United States?

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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its something to do with timing: “When the Americans gather”

      1. mystic Marjorie Avatar

        Americans ALWAYS “gather together” on Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November. This year it is on November 28th.

      2. lilcalichick86 Avatar

        thanksgiving—- gatherings. gathering to give thanks. no other country has thanksgiving besides the U.S. , so specifically americans are gathering.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It could be? Just a quick fun fact though we aren’t the only one with thanksgiving, There are a handful of other countries, Canada just had theirs.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Lets not forget Halloween. That could be a gathering too.

      3. lilcalichick86 Avatar

        yes- true others have thanksgiving, but mostly i would think thanksgiving is specifically american because it celebrates the new colony in america. Also just read an article about comet ison. It is supposed to peak in november 28th @ 1:41 pm …when a lot of people will be gathered. if anything could cause disaster, a comet could….. i guess we will see. Ive just been watching the “ring of fire” going off with earthquakes lately.

    2. t-hest Avatar

      on the news tonight, they did a special on veterans day and showed a huge cemetery where people gathered to place mini american flags on each of the grave markers. There were mini flags covering the place!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Very good point, thank you.

  2. Luke Avatar

    Perhaps ‘gathering of Americans’ ties in with the gov shutdown. So after people start protesting the earthquake happens?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yep, my initial though was thanksgiving.

  3. benmadigan Avatar

    Tend to agree Eric. Thanksgiving was the first thought that sprang to my mind.

  4. Curious Avatar

    Why not Veteran’s Day? November 11th, flags, americans gather.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very much could be.

  5. […] with line, is in the islands, next week” Marked dates:  12-13..  18..  11:15 or 15 Notes 10-9-13 “Earthquake! Cracker! Earthquake!” They showed a cracker box on the top shelf. Notes […]

  6. Julie Avatar

    Something in my dream last night was flashing the number 3 over and over again, telling me not to forget. It was a warning for all it felt, like an earthquake warning. With a few Ore fish washing up in Southern Calif last week, maybe an earthquake on a date with 3 in it?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow thanks Julie, I will check out the Ore fish see what they have to say.

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