Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane

“Another Hurricane strikes Florida.. beyond horrific.. its so massive in size.. the tide so high it will reach very deep inland.. the eye will cross Florida.. EVERYONE.. EVACUATE.. no place is safe.. none.. the trifecta is now complete.”

Trifecta could be a reference to an earlier prediction: Predictions 8-14-16  “Three major storms will strike the Gulf, the third will be unimaginably horrible.”
We have two different predictions about the Gulf, the Louisiana flooding expected to hit the shoreline and New Orleans in the worse way, and the other is a Hurricane or Tropical storm that strikes north Florida. They specifically mention Jacksonville.  The visual implies that one of these predictions are looming.

Spirit also presented two complete countdowns, two predictions are about to happen.

“The earthquake happens now.. San Jose.. damaging.”

Spirit also showed the second event by saying ‘7’. I need to look at several of the old predictions to see if 7 is apart of the message the only one that comes to mind is: Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7.. The bombing is coming. The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.   The port under attack”

Then Spirit showed a clock that read 4:00

I had a visual of two trains racing down the tracks. I had a visual of a train stopping and then going. I had a visual of multiple train cars laying across the tracks, some of them smashed.

Castro will pass soon.

They also showed the 18th.

You can’t get any worse than that. Such horrible news. The timeframe is incomplete however if you follow the original message the second Florida Hurricane unfolds at the end of October/ beginning of November. We need to verify the timeframe.

The earthquake message has changed again, they are still saying California but that message goes right back up to the bay area. They seem uncertain of which side of California is hit. The earthquake is expected today or tomorrow at the latest. Then there is a timing of afternoon to late afternoon. Please California take precaution.

Another prediction with the clue of ‘7’ is also expected today or tomorrow. They are also expecting a train crash sometime this month, but we need to get the details on the location and more accurate timeframe.

I would encourage you to share this prediction with anyone who might be affected by this. We must prepare those who might be in danger. I would encourage you to share this post which includes our message below that accurately predicts Hurricane Matthew:

I had a visual of Florida an area crossing mid to lower Florida was highlighted as a path. The location is very similar to an old prediction: Sum of the Florida Hurricane
I had a visual of a flight of stairs water was filling up the stairs so quickly. Eventually it reached the top.
“A massive hurricane will consume Florida in the worst way.. everyone.. everyone in the southern and mid section needs to leave.. LEAVE! There is no part that is safe.”
“Tide.. Tide.. even the inlands will suffer.”
“10    513”
Spirit what does 10 mean? I asked
“October.. in 20 minutes (days).. in less than 1 hour (month).” — Spirit Responded
20 minutes would imply a timeframe between the 10th-12th of October.
There seems to be a question of timing unless they are talking about two different storms back to back. October is the month, in one message they talk about a timeframe around the 12th, but in other messages it happens at the end of October.

Predictions 8-14-16  “Three major storms will strike the Gulf, the third will be unimaginably horrible.”
Predictions on 11-16-15  J A C K S O N was spelled out, then a voice said ’10 minutes’ (10 days)
I had a visual of a massive tide hitting a beach front.
This is a reminder that this older prediction is about to happen.
Notes on 6-10-15
I had a visual of a hurricane,  it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.: Hurricane? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of a city, the spirits told me that the real threat of this storm was any location near the shoreline. The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
Where am I? What city is this?
“Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.



53 thoughts on “Prediction: Second Florida Hurricane

  1. Thanks Eric, I’ll need to watch the earthquake in San Jose for my folks….. Thanks for everything you do on your blog!

      1. hi my ciz lives in San Jose. I told her about the prediction yesterday. Today she tells e there were 2 moderately small quakes in san Mateo? They were newsworthy. She now believes me

  2. Thank you for all the warnings Eric. We are very worried here in the Carolinas as well. Prayers please !

  3. Is the third storm predicted for this month or next year, as you said in a previous post?

    I hope people will not be complacent because Matthew wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

    Hurricanes will just get worse and worse as sea water temperatures rise.

  4. Eric – they’re talking about the surge on Jacksonville Beach right now. Your accuracy is spooky. The third storm sounds frightening.

  5. So scary as I look T this….missed us v the first time…this latest is terrifying…this time I think I will leave

  6. Thank you for all the warnings Eric – I am truly hoping and praying, that as with the recent example of the New Jersey / New York prediction of violence that was minimized, and with Matthew moving a little out to sea that has helped some areas avoid the worst – our prayers will help diffuse these frightening predictions. I am reminded of some sayings – “a prophecy fulfilled is a prophecy failed” – meaning the intent of the prophecy is to raise awareness so it can be avoided. And “Psychics predict, Sensitives diffuse” – or words to that affect.

    1. I’ve been watching for this all day. At 1:06 am on 10/8, Matthew spaghetti models are taking it out to see now rather than the wrap around; however, out to the East is another named hurricane–Nicole. It concerns me that they could merge, or that she could take the remaining Matthew energy into herself and hit FL straight on. She was headed straight for it.

  7. If the 3rd storm is in 20 days, 1 month. That places it at the end of October early November. Correct? Not this coming week. That being said, hurrican Matthew appears to be circling back around to strike FL again next week. So that might be why Spirit is providing mixed messages.

      1. From your messages above – “Where am I, What city is this?” “Jacksonville, Florida… looks like the storms are back, the break is over”, the young man replied.

        Could mean the “break” between Mathew and the next storm.

        Or, it could refer to the long break since the last storm to hit Florida (Wilma in 2005) and Matthew (now) and not referring to another storm to hit Jacksonville.

  8. Oh Eric…son of a bitch this is all so overwhelming..guess we should head to the Georgia mountains…
    …..I am far and beyond stressed

    Praying so darn hard. To God and to spirits….

    1. So sorry Linda – we are all praying with you. Pray it won’t be as bad as predicted. Anything can change…… Nothing is set in stone.

  9. It did hit Florida and Jacksonville is in its path. That’s Hurricane Matthew.

  10. Geez. I’m supposed to fly to Florida on the 24th. My poor dad.

    I just saw where storm surge for Jacksonville is supposed to reach 9 feet. Three feet is life-threatening.

  11. If any of you prayed for us here in Fl about Hurricane Matthew I want to say thanks. It worked.

    1. Awesome. …please the worst part is not over yet. The next hurricane is the much worse than hurricane Matthew. Be prepared to leave.

    1. Been watching that as well Francine and praying for no more damage…my heart breaks for Haiti. I checked with my dad (Ft. Lauderdale) and sister in law ( Orlando) and both have no damage except for power outage. I’m very grateful. My papa is here with us on the west coast (he evacuated) so we are able to spend some quality time with him which is a good thing 😉

      1. Luna tic,
        the silver lining!
        You are so fortunate….I lost mine at age 20.. Blessings…

  12. Eric, 2 trains., in this post?
    Long Island Rail Road..,NY.
    Officials: Multiple people injured in Long Island Rail Road derailment near New Hyde Park, NY; injuries not believed to be life threatening – NBC New York

  13. Yep. An LIRR passenger train somehow hit a work train and derailed partially..smashed up couple of cars. 29 hospitalized. Service is still suspended. While the work train would be stopping and going, it is unlikely that it would have been speeding like a passenger train.

  14. USA Today reported this yesterday re: Hurricane Nicole, which is apparently the third hurricane (excerpt).

    “Meanwhile, forecasters are keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm Nicole, now located 900 miles east of Miami. Nicole is expected to strengthen into a Category 2 hurricane with 100-mph winds, potentially threatening Bermuda by the end of the week.

    “Swells associated with Nicole and Post-Tropical Cyclone Matthew should increase on Bermuda during the next couple of days,” the National Hurricane Center said. “These swells will create dangerous surf conditions and rip currents.”

    Nicole poses no threat to the U.S.

    There are no other tropical storm or hurricane threats anywhere in the Atlantic, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico Monday, the hurricane center said.”

    I wonder if they are underestimating it or if there is/will be one that they don’t see yet.

  15. Im in Florida. Maybe if you read for me the hurricane possibilities will become more clear. I will pay for a reading.

  16. Could the 10 minutes have meant 10 months? 10 months from November 2015 (year of prediction ) is September 2016. Perhaps spirit was telling you a major storm will hit Florida during the month of September, year unknown.

  17. Hi Eric, a while back you posted you were getting ready for bed and earthquake hit. so maybe it’ll hit tonight or tomorrow night.

  18. Eric, SWC,

    Flooding in Florida..?..King tide.+
    Streets in the Shore Acres neighborhood of St. Pete started flooding Saturday as the Tampa Bay area experienced abnormally high tides. The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood warning for parts of the Bay area this weekend due to unusually “high tides” caused by the moon, which are also being influenced by Hurricane Nate”

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