Notes on 6-10-15

The previous list presented by Spirit on Notes on 6-8-15 , and the new details they presented:

I had a visual of a wooden cross:  Spirit wooden cross? “The cruel ones will desecrate the Christian faith over the internet.”

I had a visual of a hurricane,  it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.: Hurricane? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of a city, the spirits told me that the real threat of this storm was any location near the shoreline. The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
Where am I? What city is this?
“Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.
Spirit when?.. ’31’
That sounds like one month. (July)
I had a visual of a rock star screaming in a mic, his face was painted with the British flag. 
I had a visual of the Sears tower, perhaps a prediction about Chicago.

I had a visual I looked down at a sidewalk, then the sidewalk had a crack. (Earthquake message):  I asked about the crack: I had a visual of several Japanese people dressed in radioactive wear checking on the Fukushima power plant. A moderate earthquake questions the security of the already dangerous power plant.

Also: I had a visual of scared people running out of buildings and houses. I heard a large bang. I then had a visual of a crack crossing one area to another. Then spirit showed a nation that had a thin strip of land.  “South West” that it implies Chile, or Baja California.

I had a visual of a large Tarantula spider crawling on the ceiling.
I had a visual of the word “Boston” being spelled out:  Spirit what is happening in Boston? I had a visual of people running in all directions. I heard several gun shots at one time. I had a visual of a massive amount of bullet shells fall to the ground as the weapons were unloaded.
“It’s a team.. we already know the team.. at the end or beginning tainting the celebration.”

Also:  A future circumstance : “Its going to be hard to convince people we need to invade Iraq, but that is what we are going to do.”

“In the last few years..  societies drug plague has shifted from heroin to synthetic bath salts.. but now the new drug of choice in the youthful society will be hallucinogens.

“Its coming soon.. in 27.. 11-4-8”
That implies that the prediction below will happen in 2 days which is either the 11th or 12th.  The numbers 11, 4, and 8 can be viewed in the prediction below which is why I think that is the prediction they are talking about. Perhaps 11 was always a date, it could be seen that way:  “11.. casualties.. shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”  ’27’ could also be seen as two weeks or the 2nd but that doesn’t entirely go with ‘coming soon’.

The Prediction I believe they are counting down too: Notes on 6-3-15

I had a visual of a spider crawling on the face of a young man.  The visual switched to show different images of a handful of teenagers at a school cafeteria. The last image showed a man with a shallow empty look. Then Spirit drew a box with the number 8.
“Rebellious, rejected teenager will commit horrific acts.. June” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a persons hands rummaging through crude sketches, perhaps his plans.
I had a visual of a clown ceramic doll whose face was destroyed, nothing was left but a shallow hole where the face once was.
“Such an evil tragic act.” — Spirits Voice
Later they would add: “At 4″
The location was an issue, I asked several times. They presented a rectangle shaped state, for instance Kansas is like that. They also implied a city with a similar name, like Kansas City. Unfortunately there are several states and cities that fit that description.
Previous Prediction, perhaps related  Notes on 5-30-15  : “Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”

53 thoughts on “Notes on 6-10-15

    1. Hey Eric,
      I think the prediction of the spider-faced man and “Boston” has happened–it seems maybe the Spirits weren’t saying Boston but Charleston (SC). where a young white male shot up a church and killed 9 people on 6/17/15 @ around 9 pm.

      Also, your prediction of a hurricane that would rain and rain and rain–seems like Tropical Storm Bill is a good fit. Has been raining for nearly 48 hrs now (will be in the morning of 6/18) over many of the same places. Has rained 10 – 12 inches in places in TX and the Red River will crest again in LA.

      I got an overwhelming feeling of sadness and now that I think about it, death, this evening. Didn’t know why. I f’ing HATE to feel death, but it lets me know when it’s around. So, I guess I know why now–more death to come I’m sure in the next few days. Say your prayers, but say them in your closet.

    2. Hi Eric,
      Could this be: Link:

      be related to the following prediction?

      I had a visual of a spider crawling on the face of a young man. The visual switched to show different images of a handful of teenagers at a school cafeteria. The last image showed a man with a shallow empty look. Then Spirit drew a box with the number 8.
      “Rebellious, rejected teenager will commit horrific acts.. June” — Spirits Voice

      Absolutely disgusting that humanity is so messed up!!!

  1. do any of these parades stick out for boston area.july 4th.Fireman’s Parade, Rockport, July 4, 6 pm.

    Independence Day Parade, Manchester, July 4, 12 noon

    Highlands Horribles Parade, Danvers, July 4, 9 am

  2. Concerning the school. Could it be a charter school? There is one in Denver Colorado called the “Colorado Charter School Institute” located at 1580 Logan Street. There is also a Roots elementary charter school in Northeast Park Hill in Denver which is the site of prior gang violence that torched the mall. This school is either being built on the site or has already been built. Wish spirit could show you street signs.

    1. Hi Cheryl. You reminded me of the past predictions for Boston, fire works, black socks scattered, sporting event, sacred holiday… If you look at Notes on 8-30-14 for “Boston”… Maybe it was for Boston College or another event though and not specifically a Boston Red Sox game.

  3. The Rolling Stones will be playing in Kansas City June 27. When I read the bit about a British flag painted onto the face of a screaming rock star, they came to mind.

  4. Here is a site where you can put in a state and find the charter schools there.

    There are eight states that don’t participate in charter schools…Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Vermont

    There are only so many rectangle states left.. Kansas, Colorado, somewhat like a rectangle are… Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, Connecticut, maybe Oregon and Washington? I can’t see anymore that would look rectangular, and I’d say the closest is Kansas.

    I’ve been wondering if it could be like a High School but with another states name? Washington High School in Kansas? That sort of thing. Wish we could figure it out and stop it from happening.

    1. Jules104, on Eric post today …spirit told him Tennessee ..please note 6-19-15 post

  5. 1000 people 100 yards away from turkey boarder as a turkish soldier looks at isis and does nothing. I guess turkey recognizes isis as a sovereign nation.

  6. Could this be the killing at the Charleston (charter?) Church. It was in a Bible study room. Nine killed, one adult survivor, one child survivor who played dead. That makes 11.

    1. Unfortunately yes I believe this is the prediction, we are waiting for all the details to come out. Are we wrong on certain points, or is some of the information missing??

  7. Eric, terrorist bombing attack UK. Excerpt..

    “LONDON — British authorities said they are stepping up security at events marking Armed Forces Day across the country amid a news report that officials foiled a bomb attack by the Islamic State group on a military parade in London.”


  8. Eric, regarding wooden cross…
    Excerpt. “MOSCOW: A Russian atheist social networking page was blocked Monday on the back of a court ruling that it insulted the feelings of religious believers.
    “The group called “There is no God” on the VKontakte networking site – which had over 26,000 followers – went offline for users across the whole country.”

    1. Hi Star48, that reminds me of the past prediction with the clown in it. Think it was the one having to do with the Tenn shooter.

    2. It was on 6-3-15. The ceramic clown with no face left only a hole. The teenager who commits horrific acts. Wasn’t that suppose to have happened already though?

      1. Jules104, I know. That what I remember…
        ..this could also be a overlay? Another horrible teen or more than one?

  9. Eric, from this post
    “.In the last few years.. societies drug plague has shifted from heroin to synthetic bath salts.. but now the new drug of choice in the youthful society will be hallucinogens.”

    Excerpt. Homeopathy conference ends in chaos after delegates take hallucinogenic drug – Health News –


  10. Eric, SWC,
    Still ongoing..Flakka added with bath salts..terrifying behavior.
    “We had multiple incidents this past weekend of people on some kind of substance acting out of their minds,” Sullivan Police Lt. Patrick Johnson told the Sullivan Independent News. “Barking like dogs, running up and down the street, or other farm animals, entering people’s homes, breaking into a business, yelling outside of local businesses.”

    Read more here:

  11. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::In the last few years.. societies drug plague has shifted from heroin to synthetic bath salts.. but now the new drug of choice in the youthful society will be hallucinogens.

    As many as 76 people overdosed on what’s believed to have been synthetic marijuana at or near a Connecticut city park as fellow parkgoers watched in horror.

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