Predictions 8-14-16

I had a visual of three jets crossing the sky, then one of the jets was shot down, I could see its dissent.

The visual did not show it but I believe he tried to eject before it crashed.

I had a visual of the word Indonesia with the Indonesia land mass sitting behind it. Then it shifted to the words “Earthquake.. water.. now”, then the visual switched again and I had a visual of the number 19 in a box.

“Three major storms will strike the Gulf, the third will be unimaginably horrible.”

Predictions we are working on:

I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption.

I had a visual I was inside what looked like a train station, at each corner was a British flag.

“The earthquake will be massive” (I believe they are talking about another earthquake, unrelated to Indonesia)


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  1. Eric, the phrase in the jet shot down prediction, “he tried to eject” indicates to me a pilot at a military air show… As “he” indicates solo pilot, and I don’t believe passenger jet pilots can eject. Also, an air show in San Diego or Whidbey in Wasington State might use an approach over the ocean for dramatic effect plus convenience, launching off an aircraft carrier. And now I’m thinking of Long Beach, CA too. The USS Iowa is right there.

    1. Re-reading it I see the prediction did not say the jets were in the sky coming in over the ocean. But my mind showed me that scenario… Perhaps because of all the Ca and “port” clues from prior posts.

      1. Eric,
        What war are you talking about? Is war expected to break out soon somewhere?

      1. Eric, thank you for the clarification. It’s so helpful to adjust the focus! Also, I really appreciate all the spirit work you’ve done in the last few days. It has to take such a toll on you! You sacrifice so much to provide a “safety net” to humanity. SWC, we all need to keep Eric in our prayers to lift him up and protect his health!

      1. Rhona, thanks for the research. Did you see this in meditation, then find the link? That matches my first thought, but I think ERIC was thinking war… Which I didn’t think of, probably because the idea of war scares me. But fighter jets have eject buttons. There’s so much that Eric’s spirits are showing him which involve attacks. I just hope everyone’s efforts can avert much of it!

      2. Hi Sonndra yes I saw it in meditation first …i asked to show info on jet prediction and a location…
        i saw 3 jets covered in orange slices ..
        they play like cherades with me and thought orange county then researched it ….I like you and all dint want to see it as war ..but we are fighting one in so many levels …try not to worry and spread that beautiful precious light you have burning within you ..
        blessing to you and yours stay safe

      3. Sonnda
        on reflection maybe your right ..when looking at Saudi Arabia prediction ..
        excerpt..” in sky looking down at ocean and smoke ” I did see ocean in the meditation so I guess that makes the oranges non sense…..hmm now im wondering ..
        thanks for asking …

      4. Rhona, Eric, swc, this is a real long shot and may be more suited for the multi attacks that include California: Disneyland has a second theme park adjacent called California Adventure. You enter under a smaller replica of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is located in Orange County, Ca. There are miniature orange groves in a ride next to it: Soaring Over Ca where you fly over several notable areas (reconstructions) of Ca. There are parades everyday in Disney/ Ca Adventure. And Disney is an epitome of American culture, which is always a target of Radical Islamic terrorists.

  2. Eric could you give us the timeframe about the earthquake? I live in Indonesia and I found that prediction really chilling..

      1. It could be an explosion of a volcano. I did see this in my dream of this area. I saw little fires everywhere. Thats why i didnt think the devastation wasn’t caused by earthquake.

      2. Hi kelly
        Thats weird because quite a
        while back i thought could be a volcano that could ne seen from
        a ship or from a port so maybe
        it is a volcano. Prediction was
        something about orange and yellow filames like a fire going out and a ship but i cant
        remember exactly when it was posted.

  3. I believe the pilot relates to Garuda airlines. or asian airlines.
    I have a timeframe of the 17th-23rd august. Bear in mind I may be one days difference as we are at the bottom of the world here (New Zealand)

    Nga Mihi – Great love

  4. Of the many dreams I had this morning one that may be pertinent to this post is I was in a mountainous region like West Virginia standing on an asphalt road. I saw the road roll up like a small wave and settle back down with cracks and breaks in the asphalt. I saw this 2 times and them on the third time a bubble formed in the asphalt. If this was a prophetic dream then I would say within 3 days but still unsure of the location. I don’t know why West Virginia comes to mind but it could be any of the surrounding states I suppose as they all have mountainous regions.

  5. Swc Indonesia watch
    Java 4.7
    Simeulue 4.9
    Timor 4.8 …this is not too far from Dilli where my guide gave me a flag for a couple of days ago Banda sea is near which is highly siezemic …
    It is also under land mass of Indonesia in the map as eric described ..this 4.8 was in the ocean ….

  6. Eric, SWC,
    Regarding UK, in this post–train ceiling collapse..

    Southern train ceiling collapse between Purley Oaks and South Croydon in London leaves commuters shaken- Guardian

    1. Star48, Eric… I had noticed about a week ago when searching the South Sandwhich area that there is an island called, “Bird Island”. It made me think about the old prediction of where the bird sits, and the prediction of the rubber band breaking, and now for the upcoming massive EQ. Though I can’t remember if the bird sits above or below where the EQ happens. I’ll go back and look. Also lots of penguins and albatross there. Here’s a link for the Bird Island in that exact area that just got hit.,_South_Georgia

      1. Eric, Updated model information on storm behind Fiona ..
        — Florida target..
        Map: Majority of tracking models indicate formation of Tropical Storm Hermine in the Bahamas Friday on Saturday – @EricHolthaus

  7. Preliminary 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Italy; Major Damage Reported
    Aug 23 2016 10:30 PM EDT
    . . Major damage was reported in the town of Amatrice, a town of about 2,700 in the province of Rieti. Mayor Sergio Pirozzi said the quake was “a tragedy,” and added that there was no electricity in the town that had been reduced to rubble.”I’m trying to contact the services. The town doesn’t exist anymore,” he told Radio Rai, as reported by the Telegraph. “The ancient doors have come down. We need help from the civic protection.” . .

  8. Eric,
    there were two (2) EQ’s in Iceland…not one..

    2 earthquakes hit Iceland’s Katla volcano, largest since 1977; Met Office sees no indication of volcanic activity, flooding – Iceland Review

    1. Star48, isn’t that one of the signs from Dutch that there’s going to be movement coming? There’s a lot of higher 4 EQs popping up on my phone app lately.

        1. Dutchsinse seems to still be pretty right on target. I wish for everyone’s sake they’d all get together and share. Is that a volcano right in Tokyo? I need to look at that again. Just got a 5.2 for Chili. Been awful busy bouncing back and forth between Indonesia area and South America.

        2. Alright Star48, I have awoken from my…stupor? Volcano in Tokyo, hmm… Went back and looked again. VAAC Tokyo! Oh my. Well there certainly are a lot of volcanos. It’s making me wonder about that big V. Also I believe its yesterday’s dutchsinse 9/6/16…he talks about the Salton Sea. You should take a look. He also has a warning for Gorda Escarpent North. Blessings

    1. Thanks Star48. I saw on the dutchsinse update last night he was forecasting a possible EQ for the Sumatra area amongst others like PNG, N Zealand, Italy (was worried a lot about) and Southern CA (it had to do with west of the Salton Sea area), but only mid 4 unless there were a bigger EQ in North CA. because it would cause pressure in south (which I found interesting that he made a mention for N CA.). Anyway Thanks for updates. My sons vaca in Bali may be extended. As long as there’s no tsunami with that extension. 😁🙏🏻⛱

  9. Eric, SWC, Iceland.
    .Katla Volcano- has not erupted since last century.- very dangerous one.
    Recent EQ ‘s – have Icelandic Monitoring spooked.

    Iceland moves aviation alert to 2nd lowest level of 4-color scale after 2 earthquakes shake Katla volcano – Reuters

    1. I’m beginning to wonder about that big capital V since so many volcanos are active right now. Ugh. Hope it calms down there. Thanks for the info Star48.

    1. That’s a really beautiful picture on your link Star48. Sure hope it’s just letting off steam and no eruptions are coming their way.

  10. SWC,
    Regarding Colima Eruption..
    At least 400 people in 3 remote communities evacuated due to increased activity from the Colima volcano in Mexico – El Economista

  11. Eric, British train stations
    More: London transit officials say power outage has halted service between Camden Town and Kennington via Charing Cross; Euston station also shut – @northernline

    Also alerted Kings Cross !Hampsteadnd others too….will monitor.

  12. Eric, SWC, followup
    Failure at local substation eyed as cause of outage that closed several London Underground stations; transit officials say Euston, King’s Cross reopened, rest expected to follow soon – Standard

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