Notes on 9-10-14

I had a visual of a paper folded over several times becoming unfolded. “Europe”

“Earthquake coming by a coastline
right above the location sits the bird
where the land sticks out.”
I had a visual of a duck or goose cartoon character right above the area that was hit with a quake.

They showed a digital clock and on the minute side was the number ’12’ then they showed the hour and it read ‘9’.– The 12th of September?

“Abortion finds itself in front of the news.”



126 thoughts on “Notes on 9-10-14

    Hi Eric. There is the “Boston Duck Tours”. There are also the “Anaheim Ducks”, which is California I believe, you’d probably know that one better. Then “The Mighty Ducks”, Walt Disney features animated cartoon series. Just a few, will keep looking though. Did you have any thoughts on where it would be by chance?

  2. I didnt realize Disney Land was in Anaheim. The more I think about it now the more I am leaning towards the LA area, the Palos Verdes Penninsula area that sticks out of California. Anybody else have thoughts on this ducks cartoon possibilities area?

    • this was exactly my thought too as I read “Duck cartoon character” relating to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA just outside of LA and right on a fault line. This quake, I believe, is coming for LA, as it coincides with my vision as well a year ago.

  3. Hello, my name is aldo and I’m from Argentina,hope you keep doing prophecies not stop doing prophecies please!

  4. Hi Eric, you previously mentioned Chile, the Chilean national mascot is a condor. I wonder if this might be a significant clue?

    Just cant get over the cartoonish duck character you saw Eric. What about the fictional area called “Duckburg”, in the Disney series with Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. “Life in the Duck universe centers around the city of Duckburg in the fictional U.S. state of Calisota. The world is also a parallel universe and characters sometimes visit real-world locations and meet historical figures.” This area is based on an actual cartoon map which resembles an area in Northern California near the city of Eureka in Humboldt County. See the map included in the link for “Duckburg”. Also the “California Aquaducts” came to mind.

      • Yes that makes sense. You know your Spirits best. Well that’s a relief, but it just means some other place will get hit. I wonder what the goofy duck could be about.

      • Spirit speaks in rhyme and I personally believe may not have pointed directly north of you. As we both live in San Diego. As you know, I was told to move to San Diego and not San Fran or LA (as I really wanted to) because both would be ‘destroyed’ in my dreams and visions. Several of our fellow friends on here who live in Cali or have friends in Cali who have also had dreams that LA was next. But hoping it is elsewhere. I am not ready to feel it in San Diego.

  6. I forgot to mention in a previous post of Eric’s that in my earthquake dream of earlier this week, I was in a horrible earthquake – the only person I knew in this awful dream was a guy who works in London, England; I rarely communicate with him, so I thought it odd that he was in this dream. He is in the financial industry there. Could the Europe reference mean something?

  7. If you look at a map of New York, you’ll see how Long Island sticks out toward the east, there is the North Fork, and the South Fork, We are the island surrounded by a body of water.

  8. Hi again, Eric. Maybe this is not in the U.S.? How about Canary Wharf in London – I did not even know that it’s a financial center (I don’t know London at all). Also, it was formerly one of the largest “docks” in the world before its closure. Read about this on wikipedia link

  9. Perhaps it’s a reference to Canada (Canadian geese)? Vancouver Island does stick out from the rest of the land and there have been references to flooding in the Vancouver area before in your predictions, if I remember correctly.

  10. Eric can you look back at Notes on 10-09-2013, and under Notes for 9-9-2013. It seems to imply an earthquake for possible 9-12 date, possibly Australia or New Zealand. The Kiwi is the bird for New Zealand. It seems like sometimes there is a pattern with the same prediction being for the next year also sometimes. Just a thought.

  11. Eric, and colleagues — there is a Goose Bay, South Island New Zealand.
    Also .. Goose Bay, B.C. Canada..


    Hi Eric,

    Not very good at posting links, etc but I did a little practical trail following from yours and others comments and this is where I ended up.

    There is such a thing as The Cascadian
    Subduction Zone. (link included) Coos County in Oregon. If taken a bit literally, the land does stick out there or at least protrude. Eugene ( University of Oregon / cartoonish duck mascot) is above and to the right.

    The Duck is the mascot of the University of Oregon – Eugene. Tried to paste some pic links (May not work). Perhaps the mascot may look familiar?

    Just thought I would share this with you to see if it helps. I don’t know.

  13. There is also the town of “Duck, North Carolina”. It’s right on the coast above Wilmington, North Carolina. The area of Cape Hatteras, Nags Head and Kill Devill Hills area. It does stick out somewhat. There is a pic of the cartoonish duck associated with the city in this link below. Praying for this earthquake wherever it is to have a minimal impact on the surrounding area and people who live there.

  14. I grew up in the Seattle area. We hear all the time about the Alaskan way viaduct and how dangerous it would be during an earthquake. Commonly pronounced viaduck, this structure sits on top of where major earthquakes can happen. There are animations posted on youtube of what could happen to the viaduct during a major earthquake. Could this be the bird that sits on top of where the earthquake will happen? if its a Cascadia quake, it would strike off the coast where the land sticks out forming the Olympic peninsula and Vancouver island.

  15. Eric, Goose Bay, BC is right above Vancouver Island..
    Goose Bay, NZ is above Christchurch..
    Both have areas that stick out. And are Near Plate boundaries..

    Jules 104
    Yes,, South Carolina was also an option.. I thought about faults..
    Lots of earthquakes in West Virginia, some in Tenn….
    Charleston has a Duck Island, and a Goose creek in Northern part of Charleston, SC

    • Hi Star48. I am thinking it’s going to be from a previous prediction maybe? Did you look at Notes for Eric I commented on previously? A prediction from last Sept and Oct 2013. There was a prediction for NZ or Australia. Sometimes I think their predictions are partly for a year later or something. Also the BC area is a possibility. I am leaning towards, if Eric isn’t feeling it is for the US it probably isn’t. But yes want to put all of the info out there for him just incase. There are a lot of goose and duck areas out there…it’s the odd cartoonish character that I am wondering about.

  16. I just wanted to point out that a pair of earth directed X-Flare and CMEs erupted on Sept. 9 and 10 and is supposed to arrive on the 12. So we have a chance of seeing geomagnetic activity in the atmosphere in north and/or south America. The date is what stuck out for me.

    Here is the link:

      • Eric, Missie commented today on this. You must have missed it.
        Missie says:
        September 11, 2014 at 6:44 AM
        There was a 4.4 earthquake late last night just west of Goose Bay, B.C., Canada. It seems like there has been an increase of activity greater than 4 over the last 6 months compared to normal levels in that area.

  17. There was a 4.4 earthquake late last night just west of Goose Bay, B.C., Canada. It seems like there has been an increase of activity greater than 4 over the last 6 months compared to normal levels in that area.

      • Hi Jules104. I wishfully agree with you but unfortunately not the reality for that area…not a matter of if, but when…hopefully not in our lifetime.

      • Missie , I understand that a paper came out, and geologists and NW planners are putting plans together for a potential 9.0 for the Zone..

      • Yes, Star48, you are correct. Unfortunately, what it says is that the Northwest is horribly underprepared for a quake of such magnitude. Much of Seattle is built on fill so during liquefaction, would be destroyed. The US is woefully unprepared by comparison to Japan if that’s any indication of just how grave it would be.

      • Yes…but most are unfelt. This is due to its proximity to the Cascadia Subduction Zone. As I understand, they now believe that the Juan de Fuca is locked under the North American Plate much further inland than previously thought….within 60 miles west of Seattle. Also, the city is quite close to the Cascades (I.e. St. Helens & Rainier). The Cascadia has had quite a bit of ‘larger’ activity lately at both ends (M > 4) in the last 6 months. Goose Bay, B.C. Is roughly parallel to the top of the zone & Eureka, CA at the bottom. Currently the most worrisome fault line on the ring of fire. The belief is that all of the so called smaller quakes actually increase the locked pressure rather than relieve it. Obviously, there are several large cities that lie within its boundaries (Vancouver, Seattle & Portland) making it a very dangerous fault when (not if) it finally decides to unleash a megaquake.

      • Eric,
        I feel this prediction ties in to the one about the huge amounts of water that both you and I saw.. I commented to you in this back in May… I still feel this will happen and perhaps this prediction is tied to it? What do you think?

      • Sorry… Furthermore to the last post I sent, I forgot to mention the Vancouver area for the large amounts of water flooding in.. It was the HUGE waves that were presented to me.

    The political commercials have been bombarding us here in Colorado for at least a month now. Ugh. The Senate race between the encumbant Dem Senator Mark Udall and Rep Cory Gardner is coming up and it seems everything is being based on the anti choice “Personhood Laws”. These are important discussions but it seems nothing else matters or gets mentioned anymore.

    • Popi Hi,
      I understand your message.. It will/would be an earthquake when Scotland is free…
      After hundreds of years.. And all the souls lost in battle wanting it.,eg(Culloden)
      The Celtic symbol of the goose and it’s Scottish (Celtic )meaning you posted would have to be in play..

  19. This is stretching it but, what about the AFLAC Duck character. Metzer Farms, a Gonzales, California goose, duck, and gamebird hatchery, supplied them with the initial ducklings that each grew into the famous duck. Gonzales, CA sits further in from the coast and below Monterey Bay.

  20. The Southern Shetland Islands had a 5.1 earthquake. Cities closest to it would be in Argentina and Chili, (never knew that till I read it on the USGS and looked at the globe/map). There is something called a “goose beaked whale” in these waters and a TON of different birds, geese etc. I don’t know how normal it is to have quakes that size in that area.

  21. If the minutes are hours and days are months, 12 days and 9 months to give birth to the September 10 …

  22. Hi, thought I would share what I read on my Facebook page. An australian psychic dud a reading for someone going on a trip to New Zealand in October/ November and the psychic saw that there travels will be interrupted by a big earthquake. There will be a series of tremors. She felt it is south of Auckland,but may be in the South Island. She said to let others know. Kiwis are birds, so could be there.

      • Eric,
        all the locations Vancouver,Southern CA,New Zealand, Turkey, and Greece..etc.
        Are all going to have huge earthquakes…it is not a matter of if —-but when..—and in which order
        As you noticed earthquake and volcanic activity is escalating. It is happening in waves.,,
        Also deeper earthquakes.. Worldwide….another chapter..

      • True, Eric….because the North Anatolian fault line stretches to the western part of Turkey, “where the land sticks out” towards Greece islands in the Aegean Sea.

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      • Jules 104,
        I wanted to take it off the table as a possibility. Need to have everyone to take a look.
        I am not filtering., I still feel this is not ” the one” need to test if that is true..
        I laughed when I thought how you cook and prepare Peking Duck….

    • Thanks Star48 any birds. On another note, I am asking everyone of you guys to help us share the “Most accurate predictions” page. We need to get the word out and expand our community. Please do what you can.

  25. Eric, the bird reference is the pelican – sometimes called the Mexican Air Force . See the antics..

    • Hi Star48. Glad to hear from you. Thanks for putting out that info. Very interesting indeed. Hope your house is getting finished up for you to move into and all is well there in Idaho. Blessings Always.

      • Jules104, you made me laugh –
        Not yet, — I have one person doing a novena for me, and a prayer group praying for me. –I am doing 4 major affirmations a day plus prayers! My contractor is getting everyone’s positive thoughts and good wishes..(he has had personal issues that have impacted my project..). So I keep saying to myself..
        Even the leaf of the tree does not move without the will of a God.. Thank you so much for your thoughts and blessings..

      • Well it sounds like your house should be finished tomorrow with all the prayers, novenas, and affirmations going on there. LOL. Hopefully yes your contractor will be feeling the love to. Blessings.

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